A Stitch In Time: Treating Dehydration

Two years ago, I sold Stitches to a very caring gentleman who can no longer care for him. Stitches has been barbering his tail feathers, and his owner does not feel he has the time or ability to treat him as I had suggested. So I brought Stitches home to care for him.

Stitches is very dehydrated, his feathers are brittle where they were broken off, his feet are dry, his beak is thin around the edges, and his skin is red; all signs of dehydration.

Unfortunately, here in the Midwest, some birds kept indoors are prone to dehydration after we turn our furnaces on for the winter.

We are treating Stitches with a combination of warmed Lactated Ringers Solution mixed with some vanilla flavored Ensure Plus, which replaces his water twice each day. We have also skipped the dry pellets for the time being, and instead soak them with water for his evening meal. He loves this warm mush and it is another way to get moisture into his body.

Since red skin can also be a sign of liver disease possibly caused by toxins, according to my vet, we are also giving him Lactulose Syrup and Vitamin B complex.

Stitches wrought iron cage was not powder coated as the salesman had told his owner, and is at least 50% void of any paint at this time, since Stitches has chewed most of it off. We think this may be a source of toxins in his body.

Since bringing Stitches home and treating him as outlined above, he has quit barbering and has 4 new tail feathers. However, please do not interpret this treatment as taking the place of a visit to the vet. Since my vet is 85 miles away, we speak on the telephone often.

Stitches is an excellent talker and a very loving personality. His owner wants me to find him a new home. He is asking only $750 for him. If you are interested, please give me a call.

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