Through My Parrot’s Eyes: A Poem

I flip upside down in a frenzy of play,
Then call to you in my avian way.
Nothing can be more important than me!
So drop what you’re doing, and come here and see!For what I’ve done now is sure to impress,
I’m chewing your plant and making a mess!
I’m only asking for all of your time,
So come scratch my neck and all will be fine.

Life is a wonderful big potpourri,
Of color and sound – it fascinates me!
So bring on the toys and I’ll have a ball!
What is that new object? What’s that on the wall?
I see what it is…it’s a showering hose,
It was making me shake from my beak to my toes!

Humans are trainable, that much I know,
Let’s play a game of “Pick-Up” and I’ll throw.
Then take me outside; please don’t leave me home,
I need to be with you wherever you roam.

Keep others away; please don’t let them near,
Or I’ll take my revenge, and my temper will flare!
For they should know better than tamper with me,
Or my greatest possession – it’s you! Can’t they see?

Though it takes some patience and devotion of time,
To be owned by a parrot is truly divine!
My love’s unconditional, rewarding you tenfold,
I’m a pleasure to look at and a pleasure to hold!

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