The A,B,Cs And 1, 2, 3s Of Bird Buying

1.If a deal seems too good to be true, it generally is. Shop around. Ask someone else.

2. Ask the exhibitors (breeders) questions BEFORE BUYING…..

a) Did you raise the bird? There are differences

b) Do you own the parents?

c) Is it closed banded with a traceable band?

d) Was it incubator hatched?

e) How old is it?

f) How long will it live given optimum conditions?

g) How long have you had it? If they did not raise it.

h) What does it eat?

i) What things are considered good for it to eat?

j) What kind of cage is required? Not necessarily desirable but absolutely needed.

k) How noisy is it? Noise can be relative but it could also be a lease breaker.

l) How difficult to maintain? You can’t go on vacation and leave the bird unattended.

m) Does it or will it talk? Ask for a definition of talk.

n) Does it prefer men or women? This is especially useful if buying an older bird.

o) Is it or has it been sick?

p) Has it ever been treated or seen by a vet? Get the vet’s name and phone number.

q) If so, for what?

r) What is the temperment of this species?

s) Does it have any bad habits? Nice to know before you purchase an older bird.

t) WHY ARE YOU SELLING IT? This applies to previously owned older birds.

u) Do you know the sex?

v) Where did you purchase it? This is a question for individuals or brokers.

w) Can you give me references? At least one should be from a vet, check them.

x) If an import bird, when did it come through quarantine and where?

z) Is there a guarantee? Get it in writing!!!!

3. Ask yourself questions BEFORE buying……

a) Do I have the time and dedication to give this lovely creature?

b) Do I have the facilities: Hyacinths are beautiful but do not fit apartment living.

c) Do I have the know-how, or not am I willing to learn? Will the breeder/seller be there to answer questions and guide me?

d) Do I have the MONEY, not only to purchase but to house and maintain?

4. Be careful about putting your fingers/hands in cages. They can bite.

5. Ask before you pet. Hands of affection do spread infection.


7. If you bring children, keep a close eye on them, otherwise it could be very expensive.

8. Ask the people putting on the sale to recommend someone from whom to buy a bird.

9. Don’t buy the first bird you see. Impulse buying is a way of life but you are considering buying a life. Take your time and make sure that the bird fits you and your lifestyle and that you fit the bird.

10. Have fun picking your life-long companion.

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