Are You A Bird Addict?

Answer Yes Or No To The Following Questions

  1. Your bird eats better than you do.
  2. You end up with more “goodies” in your grocery cart for the birds than for yourself.
  3. You spend more money on bird food than human food.
  4. You’ve had to caution your family not to eat something because “it’s for the birds”.
  5. Your bird room/cage gets remodeled more than your house does.
  6. The baby pictures you show off to your friends, are of birds.
  7. You carry pictures of your birdies in your wallet with your kids/grandkids.
  8. After you get your check and pay bills you try to figure out if you can stretch it to get another bird.
  9. You’ve ever bought a bird “on time”.
  10. You think baby birds are adorable.
  11. Your idea of eating out is usually McDonalds (or some other fast food) so you can get home quickly and feed the bappies. Or if you do get to go out to a sit down dinner you check out the salad bar for goodies to take home for the birds. You also can’t seem to enjoy eating your birds favorite veggies…..without them!
  12. You make your spouse and your birds scrambled eggs and forget and give the spouse the ones with the shells in, (but it’s O.K. because your spouse is an addict too).
  13. You make unbuttered, unsalted popcorn (yuch!) so the birds can have some. (Try to sneak some butter on yours later)
  14. You let your kids talk you into taking birds to school so THEY can give a report on caring for birds, the Rain Forest, extinction, ect.. (I’ve done most of the talking, I deserve the “A” for my grade point!)
  15. You go out some where and have feathers on you or find seeds in your pockets.
  16. You’re out in public and someone notices bird droppings on you…and you DON’T freak out.
  17. You consider the Bird Club Meeting the most important event of the month.
  18. You end up eating junk food because you’re too busy/tired from making healthy bird food.
  19. You fight with your other half over who gets to read Bird Talk and Bird Breeder first!
  20. Your remote control buttons don’t work right because the buttons are chewed off.
  21. You constantly have scratches on your arms because of your birdies claws or the close encounters with cages.
  22. You consider: going hundreds of miles to bird shows. Staying up all night talking to bird people. Getting up at 5 a.m. to put your birds in boxes, chew your finger nails while they judge your birds, and usually do this for 2 days! Then drive home. And that’s your idea of a vacation!

If Your “Yes” Answers Total

0 – 4 You’ve probably just got your first bird and aren’t addicted ………..YET!

5 – 8 Be prepared the addiction is creeping up on you. You’re acquiring more birds, buying bird food in bulk and starting to attend bird show and fairs.

9 – 14 You are a bird addict! It is strongly recommended you join a bird club. While you will not be cured you will be surrounded by wonderful people suffering the same condition.

15. – + Forget it. You’re addicted for life. If you’re not already, you should be on the board and/or committees for your bird club. Because you do it because you LOVE BIRDS! YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE BIRD ADDICT. JOIN THE CLUB!!

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