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September 2001 Magazine

Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of unwanted birds who are being sold, given up for adoption or abandoned by their owners.

This has been a common problem with dogs and cats. But until recently, it has not been a major issue with birds. Unfortunately, the situation may continue to get worse. Why have things changed and what is the cause? What can be done to prevent or reduce the problem? How can we help the unwanted birds? And what are the pros and cons of adoption organizations and sanctuaries.

What is the Cause?

There are a number of things which contribute to this problem.

What can be done to prevent or reduce the problem?

Obviously education is a major factor. If prospective birds owners were made aware of parrot needs, behavior and the commitment required, perhaps those unable to provide a good environment would decide not to purchase a bird. For those with birds, making information on their care more available can help in avoiding or correcting problems.

How can we help the unwanted birds?

Whatever is done to improve the care of companion birds, there will still be birds who are in need of a new home. Whether they have been abused and need rescue, are no longer wanted by their owners, or are suffering from an illness, they need and deserve suitable homes. What are some of the possible options?

The Pros and Cons of Adoption Organizations and Sanctuaries

Those who can no longer keep their pet bird, often seek help from adoption organizations and sanctuaries. There are many of these who provide excellent help, but there are also some who are not what they seem. When deciding to give a pet bird to one of these organizations, it is important to determine if it is reliable and to understand its policies. Unfortunately there are some people who disguise themselves as such organizations solely for the purpose of obtaining free birds. Others are legitimate, but may operate under policies which are in conflict with your desires. Investigate before choosing an organization. Check references and policies and get any agreements in writing.

Winged Wisdom Note: Carol and husband Kenneth have owned pet birds for over 13 years and are co-creators of the Birds n Ways, Winged Wisdom and Cockatoo Heaven websites.

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