Holistic medicine, herbal remedies are being used for pet birds.
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holistic medicines, herbal remedies, health, cures, birds pets pet bird parrots parrot magazines ezines e-zines

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June 1998 Magazine

 * Article II - The Kitchen Physician V- Herbal Remedies For Parrots

"After the hen recovered fully and resumed her role as part of a prolific producing pair, I started recommending Aloe Detox in cases where antibiotics, anti-fungals, and other treatments had failed. The results were so startling that I became more and more convinced that we had stumbled onto something. Sometimes the favorable responses could be seen within two to three hours. We have given it to babies as young as one day old, and to adult birds, with no side effects.

We are now using it prior to antibiotics, which so far has resulted in no need for the antibiotics, which can have damaging effects on bone marrow and immune systems. We do not know how Aloe Detox works--it may be a powerful natural antibiotic, or it may be a powerful stimulator of the immune system, or some combination thereof. Initially we use it full strength as the liquid in the feeding formulation. I usually recommend a little BeneBac (probiotic) and a little handfeeding powder mixed well and fairly liquid. Sometimes we have had to dribble the fluid into the side of the beak as the chick was no longer responding at all. (If possible, tubing would be a good approach.)

After a positive response, we reduce the strength of the Aloe Detox by adding water to make up the difference. Then over a period of two days we gradually eliminate the detox gel and replace it with water. Two of my vet friends, initially very wary of "herbal cures", were convinced to try it and they now keep it in stock in their clinics at all times. (It is a very good vehicle for delivering oral medications in dogs and cats and is absolutely fantastic for canine and feline simple enteric disorders and diarrhea.) This stuff really does work!!!"

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Holistic medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, and herbal remedies are being used for pet birds.