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*** Free Ad ***
Enter the basic show information in the form below. The listing will appear on our show page beginning 4 weeks before the show date. It will also always be shown when a viewer does a search for a show using any of the available criteria (date, city, state, bird species, bird society). Following is a sample ad. You can see more of them on our show page. You may add a hot link to an email address or to a page at another site for a cost of $10.

August 17-18 Edison, NJ Exotics and Family Pet Showcase
Raritan Center, 97 Sunfield Ave. (215)-721-7199 Sat & Sun 9-5, Adults $6, children 6-12 $2, under 6 free.

*** Free Ad plus Link to Your Own Show's Page & URL ***
We will design a page on the NET for your show. You will get this in addition to the free ad above. However, your free ad will also contain a link to your page. In this way, anyone who wants more information about your show, can click on the link and go right to your show's page. And since you have your own page with your own URL, other sites on the NET can also put links to your page on their sites. Look at the ad below and click on the link to see a sample Show Page.

November 2-3 Yourtown, WI Bird Clubs of America Annual Convention and Bird Mart
Holiday Inn Hotel - 195 Forrest Ave. (215)-721-7199 Sat & Sun 9-5, Adults $6, children 6-12 $2, under 6 free.

We will work with you to design a page which highlights your show. By using a basic format and tailoring it to your needs, it is an easily affordable way to publicize your show on the most popular show page on the NET. Choose either our Show Page ($25 - max 20 lines) or our Super Show Page ($40 - max 40 lines) and then send us the information. It's that quick and easy!

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If you are entering a free ad only, then you only need to give us the contact information at the end of this form.
If you requested a hot link, we will add it as soon as we recieve payment. Send your check for $10 to Carol Highfill, Birds n Ways, 39760 Calle Bellagio, Temecula, CA 92592.

If you want us to design a page for you, then give us the additional information we need below.

*** Enter Your Show Page Info Here ***

Hosted, Sponsored By (optional)
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Enter the rest of your show information here. Include details of the show, events, prizes, raffles, show judges and species, seminars, etc.

For the Show Page you can enter 11 - 12 lines. For the Super Show Page, you can enter an additional 20 lines. If your information is too long, we will drop what doesn't fit.

Be sure your email address below is correct, so we can contact you with questions.

PAYMENT: The free ad portion for your show will be entered into the Birds n Ways shows database right away. As soon as we receive payment for your show page, we will design it, send you the URL for your review and approval and then add the link to your ad.

Send your check for $25 or $40 to CarolHighfill, Birds n Ways, 39760 Calle Bellagio, Temecula, CA 92592.

*** How do we contact you? ***

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You can also print this form for submission by mail or phone to:
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