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News - April 1, 2003

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Winged Wisdom Ezine
In This Issue

Toys for Feather Plucking and Other Birds
by Melinda Brooks

Stopping (or reducing) feather plucking by providing the bird with toys designed to look like feathers, encouraging the bird to preen the toy.

ABC's of Potty Training
by Carol Highfill

Because parrots are among the most intelligent of the animal species, it is easy to understand why they can so easily be trained to go potty.

Jardine's Parrots (Poicephalus guliemi fantiensis)
by Don Harris

Experiences in breeding Jardines. Caging, nestboxes, nesting materials, handfeeding, weaning, problems and more.

Avian Ear Part I Anatomy
by Linda Pesek

The anatomy of the avian ear, an organ of hearing and balance, is composed of three parts - an external, a middle and an inner part.

Is Having A Bird Club Important?
by Dick Ivy

Many bird clubs are folding but they have benefits for bird owners.

Toy Idea of The Month
  Branch in a Vase
by Katie and Percy

Bird toy can be used for Small&Medium Size Birds

I found a branch with many off shoots on the ground in the woods. I took it home, rinsed it off, and baked it in the oven to sanitize. Then I just stuck the end in the narrow neck of a vase and -ta da! a lightweight portable perch! You can also anchor the branch in a pot filled with stones.

I added one of those disposable aluminum trays by just cutting a hole in the tray and putting the branch through it. I like this perch because my birds can not climb down off of it.

More toy and gym ideas at The ToyMaker

Recipe of The Month
  Mineral Blocks - chalky kind
by Judy

This recipe is from one of my Australian National Cockatiel Society newsletters.

Ingredients: equal parts of,
Plaster of paris (available at craft shops or Pharmacy)
Calcium Carbonate (my vet got this for me)
Garden lime

Mix these together with enough water to make mixture similar to pouring custard (don't have it too wet). Pour into containers/molds and add a piece of wire shaped like a U. Have about 2" protruding from the top, this is used to attach the block to something in the aviary. For molds you can use plastic cups, muffin tins, empty fast food containers. Allow to dry before removing from the mold.

You can also add your own vitamins or minerals or maybe a little grit to this mix. note : the calcium MUST be "calcium carbonate".

(Lots more recipes at the Recipe Xchange)

Newcastle Disease Outbreak
Latest status on the disease outbreak, history, symptoms, diagnosis and prevention
Mineral Blocks
The chalky kind.
Branch in a Vase
Free gym
Free Stuff
Bird related and other free items available on the Net

Winged Wisdom - March/April

Lots of New Articles in the Library

Newcastle Disease - History and Current Outbreak


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