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Too Speak - Terms & Abbreviations

by Carol Highfill

Ever wondered what those strange looking collections of capital letters you often see are referring to? No its not alpahabet soup. It's shorthand for many often used abbreviations for cockatoo species and terms used by Too lovers. Some of the more commonly used ones are found below. You'll see these abbreviations used on many of the pages of this site. So take a moment to look them over. If you know of any others email us and we'll add them.

BE2 - Bare Eyed
C2 - Citron
E2 - Eleanora
G2 - Goffins
GSC - Greater Sulphur Crested
LB2 - Leadbeaters (Major Mitchell)
LSC - Lessor Sulphur Crested
M2 - Moluccan
MSC - Medium Sulphur Crested
P2 - Palm
RB2 - Rose Breasted (Galah)
T2 - Triton
TOO - Cockatoo
U2 - Umbrella
Umbie - Umbrella
Velcro Bird - HEAVY cuddler

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