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Name Description
Aaron Birenboim's Bird Photos Aaron has pictures of the late Avogadro, a male bronze-winged pionus and Merlin, a goffins cockatoo
Allegra's Home Page Allegra is a red headed eclectus getting a new bare eyed cockatoo sister. Her friends are Crimson, Clover, Desi and vosmaeri Charlie. Good article on eclectus and diet. Pictures
Amber's Home Page Visit Amber's pets, Riley, a green cheek, Deacon, the cockatiel, Sweetie, a citron and Rudy, a double yellow head. Lots of pictures.
Animals I Live With Kathleen shares her home with her umbrella, Jupiter and her cockatiel, Timmy.
Becky and Joe's Page Visit Autumn (umbrella), Keeta (red-sided eclectus) and the tiels Nala and Cee-Cee. Enjoy the pictures, recipes and petnames page.
Bernadette's Pets Home of Squirt (sulphur cockatoo), Zazu (blue&gold macaw) and Sapphire (hyacinth macaw). Pictures
Charles Birds Page Pets Tasha, lovebird, Chewy, moluccan, Merlin, senegal, Nikki, cockatiel and Honey, lorikeet. Pictures and artwork
Chucks Home Page Home of Casey, a yellow-naped amazon and Cody a moluccan cockatoo. Pictures and information
Computers are for the Birds Learn about Buttons (african grey), Domino (umbrella cockatoo), Chicken (goffins cockatoo) and Bingo and Woodstock (cockatiels). Pictures and info on Zachary
Doug and Catherine's Home Page Our three kids are Groucho (quaker ), Alex (congo african grey), and Miss Magnolia Kaye (citron cockatoo). Pictures
Elaine Jordaan's Pet Parrots Ruby and Shamrock (vosmaeri), Boo (triton), Princess (umbrella), Addison (moluccan) and Copernicus (blue and gold) are great pets. Pictures and articles.
Eve Gallop's Bird Kids Enjoy pictures and a stories on Chantilly (moluccan), Samantha (blue&gold), Rojo (greenwing), Rosie (goffins), Pandora (cockatoo), the cockatiels, quakers and lovebirds
Heavenly Feathers This flock includes Prissy (umbrella), Mojo (congo), Scarlet (SI eclectus), Billy (blue fronted) , Homey (yellow naped) and the cockatiels. Pictures.
Heike's Page Heike's pets include Lulu (noble macaw), Bear (quaker) and Jazz (Citron). Pictures of all.
King Crayon's Court Many great pictures of Crayon the jenday conure and his Court. Lovebird Treetop, umbrella Maxie, peach front Digit, parakeet Lucky Bird, French the finch and dusky head Baby.
Meg and Frank's Pets Visit Dunkin the red lored amazon, C.C, a congo african grey and Clarence an umbrella cockatoo. Enjoy their pictures and the info on first aid and converting birds to pellets
Michael and Sandy's Parrot Page Pictures and information about pets Saba, green cheeked amazon, Sparky, an umbrella, Scarlett and Beau, peach faced and Tony and Cleo, fischer lovebirds
Oasis Visit the Oasis, home of Sassy and Andreas (moluccans), Shanti (congo grey), Rainbow (scarlet), Lolita (sun), Suzu (senegal) and George the lovebird. Pictures and bird stories
Our Feathered Family Home of Bido, a double yellowhead, Buddy, an umbrella, GiGi, a blue&gold, Jake, an african grey, Little Bit, a nanday, Kizby a senegal and more.
Popcorn's Page Pictures of Popcorn, an umbrella cockatoo owned by Roy O'Grady.
Roc and Mickey's Page Jill Peters has rescued Roc, a moluccan and Mickey an umbrella. View before and after pictures.
Rusty's Page Visit Rusty, a moluccan owned by Jen and Luke. Enjoy his pictures and story.
Sandra Dobb's Pet Birds Pictures of Baby, umbrella, Squeak, moluccan, Dundee, eleanora, Bunson and Beaker, bare eyeds, Jade, green cheek, Ginger Pickle, quaker, Cosmos, timneh and Billie, blue front.
Shirley Lawhorn's Pets Get to know Tangerine(blue and gold), Cuddles (congo grey), Sydney (umbrella) and Mr and Mrs Pearl (cockatiels). Pictures
Siva's Home Page Siva, an entrancing umbrella cockatoo, lives with Cado, a blue front, Dorian a congo grey , Opal, a lovebird and his owner, Su. Pictures and information about the flock
Skye Weber's Flock Meet Domino (umbrella), Lolita (double yellow head), PC (sun), Pogo (vosmaeri), Tikki (scarlet) plus cockatiels and more. Lots of Pictures.
Skye's Birds Skye is the proud owner of birdybrats Mohawk (cockatiel), Simon (redheaded amazon) and Abby, an umbrella. Pictures coming soon.
Static's Home Page Static is a citron cockatoo. See pictures of me and other 'toos. Hear cockatoo sounds
The Flock Home of cockatoos Angel and Louie, macaws Huey and Redd, african greys Bubba and Vito, amazons Chili and Peanut, senegal Edgar and canaries Preston and Brisco. Lots of pictures
Thor the Cockatoos' Homepage Meet Thor a sulphur crested cockatoo. Pictures and sound files
Tsunami's Home Page Pictures of conures Jade (blue crown) and Sam (cherry head), goffins cockatoos Button and Bobbin and blue&gold macaw Trumpet

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