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Pied Galah Cockatoo Mutations
Cacatua roseicapilla

galah cockatoo


Rose-breasted Cockatoo (USA usage), Rose Cockatoo.

by Chris Hetherington

My brother Steven and myself have been breeding the pied galah for 15 years here in Western Australia. Iit is a dominant mutation, The pied colour is very interesting, as most people know that pied is meant to delete psittacin red, But this is not true in this case, as in our pieds, it has increased the amount of pink in some of our birds.

The markings are always increasing with age. The young can take a year to two years to show signs of colour and sometimes it may be only one feather showing the pied mark.

We have found that selection of markings help to improve the appearance of the pied. It is a slow process to improve a colour of a bird that takes 3 years to mature, but this is what breeding is all about. Also, we believe it will be possible to create the opaline mutation of the galah by crossing the pinkest pied over an albino. This bird will be outstanding. You can see a normal galah on the right. Below are photos of the pied mutation.

Pied Mutation Photos

Pied Galah Pied Galah

Pied Galah Mutation

Lutino galah


A lutino Galah (illustrated right) is becoming well established in Australian aviaries, while cinnamon, silver, and grey and white mutations are also known to exist.



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Photographs are reproduced by permission of
Pied Mutation Galahs - Chris Hetherington
Lutino & Normal - Australian Birdkeeper
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