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There are many WebRings for pet parrots & exotic birds.
Find other pet birds & pet parrots sites

What is a WebRing?

A WebRing is a group of websites with something in common - such as pet parrots & exotic birds - which have joined together to form a chain. When you visit any site on a Ring you can follow this chain forwards or backwards to visit the other bird websites on the ring.

It's a wonderful way to find new Sites of similar content. It's also a way to bring new people to your web page.

Joining a Bird WebRing is easy.

  • Be sure you meet the criteria for the Ring you want to join.
  • Fill out the online form required to join the ring.
  • Place some code and graphics on your web page.
  • Notify the RingMaster that your site is ready to be activated.
  • And away you go!

Amazon WebRing
Learn about different species, nutrition, how to care for amazons, behaviors, etc.

Avian Enthusiasts WebRing
For all Bird Societies, Clubs, Breeders, and Owners.

Avian Friends WebRing
Focusing on education and the proper nutrition, care and handling of our feathered friends. Avian rescue and support/education sites as well.

Aviary Ring
Aviaries, bird breeders, breeding supplies, breeding information, bird classifieds. Focus on bird breeding and finding a bird.

Birds of a Feather Ring
From finches to macaws!! Information, advice, and heart-touching stories about our birds.

Birds of Africa WebRing
Poicephalus parrots, African greys, lovebirds, vasa parrots, and more! Any African parrot or bird website.

Brotogeris Ring
Sites for any of the Brotogeris parrot species. Grey Cheeks, Canary Wings, White Wings, Bee Beesr Tovis, other Parakeets, etc.

Budgie WebRing
Aimed at educating, informing, and entertaining people about budgies (parakeets) the fogotten parrot.

Canary Lovers Webring
A collection of Web sites of canary owners, breeders, and those who love these wonderful little songbirds.

Cockatiel Circle Webring
Ring of 'tiels homepages, clubs/organizations, & breeders/suppliers. Dedicated to the proper care of cockatiels and breeding.

Cockatoo Crazy
Pet bird, breeders, lovers, everyone with a page on their Too can join.

Cockatoo Lovers' Ring
Cockatoo information, breeders, supplies, photos, and websites for (and by) our special pet cockatoos.

Conure WebRing
Ring for Conure Parrots. Link up to other conure pages to learn about behavior, nutrition, etc.

Eclectus WebRing
Sites pertaining to eclectus parrots - such as photos, stories or information.

Exhibition Budgerigar Breeders Ring
Aimed at encouraging and promoting the exhibition Budgerigar worldwide. Contains Society and personal sites to assist all Budgie Breeders.

Exotic Bird Rescue Ring
Sites whose purpose involves rescue, rehoming and "lost and found" for exotic birds.

Exotic Pet Ring
If you own any unusual or non-traditional pet - not a dog, cat, hamster, horse or goldfish and want to share.

Finch Breeders Ring
For those who keep and breed any species of finch. Australians, Parrots, Mannikins, Waxbills, Whydahs, Warbling Finches, Cardinals, etc.

Finch Ring
For finch lovers. Pet finch homepages, finch breeders, finch suppliers, wild finches and more.

Galahs Ring
For websites about galahs or those with a pet galah on the site.

Gloster Fancy Webring
If you love the little birds and if you have a home page about canaries.

Green Cheek Conure Ring
This ring was created to inform people about Green-cheek conures and their care.

Grey Parrots Ring
Sites of people who own Grey parrots and have a homepage with information or photos concerning their pet birds.

Indian Ringnecks
Indian Ringneck Parrots; their personality, care, breeding, pets, avian care, mutations and genetics.

Lovebird Ring
Sites with information on lovebirds and small African parrots.. Masked and peachface species featured. Both breeders and pet owners.

Macaw Ring
This is a Ring for people who own Macaws and would like to show them off!

NCS's Notable Cockatiel Sites Ring
A collection of NCS Member Sites.

Parrot Rescue Ring
Any parrot rescue and welfare sites. So that anyone looking for a specific parrot rescue and/or welfare might find it.

Parrot Ring
Sites dedicated to the care and breeding of psittacine (parrot) birds. Both pet bird owners and commercial parrot-related sites are invited.

Parrotlet WebRing
Parrotlet sites. Breeders and Pet owners alike.

Pyrrhura Conures Ring
Greencheeked, maroonbellied, painted, pearly, crimsonbellied, blackcapped, fieryshouldered, bluethroated, rosecrowned conures owners and breeders.

Quaker Connection
sites that are owned by those who breed, raise, keep or have an interested in quaker parakeets!

Quaker Connection
Sites that are owned by those who breed, raise, keep or have an interested in quaker parakeets!

Screech Plus Macaw Ring
For people interested in learning more about large birds before they undertake the commitment and responsibility required in owning one.

Sun Conure Lovers
Breeders, pet owners, clubs, everyone with a sun conure site is invited.

Wings Around the World WebRing
For anyone who has pet parrots and a home page about their birds.

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