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    Birds Want to Adopt
      Pet bird owners, bird clubs,
      agencies and bird sanctuaries

*** WARNING ***
Below are classified ads from bird lovers who want to adopt parrots & exotic birds
for free. We have no knowledge of their actual situation or the validity of their
claims. Someone who cannot afford a bird, likely cannot afford veterinarian
care. Larger birds also require more money in food, cages, toys, etc.
Others may be seeking a free bird for purposes of reselling it.

birds classified ads Want To Adopt

Small in-home Sanctuary accepting birds needing...
    a new home because of changing circumstances in their life. We offer cooked foods, fresh fruit/veggies daily, Roudybush/Kaytee Fruit Pellets available 24/7. Lots of love and personal attention. Still have room in our home and in out hearts...Avain vet Dr. Werwa (Plainfield Rd. Cincinnati) Email: horselady1@zoomtown.com. East Of Cincinnati, OH. (08/30)

RESCUES wanted for our list
    We are parrot rescue group and are looking for members of rescues to join us in networking. We encourage those who have adopted a parrot or wish to to join us too http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/ARP1/ Email: cherylross8x8@yahoo.ca. Kelowna, bc. (08/19)

Will Take All Unwanted Birds
    i will take all unwanted birds pets and breeders. i will pick up. or i will keep some of your breeders for some of the babys. call 770-990-0548 Email: baswellb@yahoo.com. Rome, GA. (08/12)

Will Take in Unwanted Birds in South Florida
    I am willing to take in any and all unwanted birds in florida. Have experience with most birds and have plenty of space inside and out. NOT a breeder. Have taken in other rescues- can promise a happy, healthy life being spoiled. Experienced with handfeeding as well- can take in chicks if needed. Email: b0dym0difier@yahoo.com. Hollywood, FL. (08/12)

Wanted: 2nd medium sized bird to spoil rotten :)
    I'm a stay at home mom of 3, my husband's an Engineer, We own a Lab & an African Grey I've had my Grey for 4 yrs. She's spoiled rotten. We even hand pick her food! We've moved 3 times (once cross country) w/ her & even taken her on vacations. She's one of the kids. We'd like to offer another bird this life of luxury and a forever home. Email: essarybunch@gmail.com. Copperas Cove, TX. (07/26)

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