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In-Touch Aviaries - ships

"In-Touch Aviaries" Offers Healthy Happy Hand Fed Baby Parrots & Breeders.

We raise loveable healthy baby macaws, cockatoos, eclectus, african greys, amazons, several different conures and a few cockatiels. Also availiable are single breeders that need a mate or to find a new home. And several pairs of Amazons.

I guarantee the birds that we sell. I will supply references upon request. Distributors and breeders and pet stores are welcome to contact us. Shipping is available.

E-Mail us at or call 801-444-9824 and ask for Brenda. Kaysville , UT.

Birds4Love - ships

I am a small bird hobbiest living in Sandy, Utah I breed the following:
Cockateils$50-150, Rosellas, Red Rump Parakeets$125-45, Indian Ringnecks$150-300, Princess of Wales$200-450, Orange Wing Amazon $600, Lilac Head Amazon $700, WB Caiques $800, Goffin Cockatoo $850 Email: Sandy, UT

Bullocks Birds - ships

Hand Fed Baby Parrots For Sale
We raise Macaws (blue & gold), Quakers (green, blue, & split to blue), Conures ( mitred, jendays, sundays), Princess of wells. We sell unweaned babies to experienced handfeeders only. Babies available all year: Carl Bullock Hooper, UT. 801-985-3744 email:

KayC African Parrots - ships

Breeder of African parrot species only as pets and breeders.
Specializing in hand-fed Congo African greys, P.r.f. Capes (brown-necked parrots), blackwing and lesser Jardine's, red bellied parrots, senegals, meyers, brownheaded parrots. Call or e-mail for available babies, breeders. Written health guarantee. Will ship. 801-255-2170, or Email: Sandy, UT.

Natures Radiance - ships

Breeders of exotic birds - Trainer - Food and supplies
lovable, friendly, hand fed green and blue quaker parrot and cockatiel babies. If interested please contact Sarah @ 801-859-6069 tha Will ship Email: Riverton, UT

Tiel Obsessions Avairy - ships

Breeder of Quality Healthy Cockatiels (Hand-fed & Breeder Birds).
Specializing in Hand-fed baby cockatiels and Breeder age Cockatiels. Also a supplier of quality feeds and supplies for birds. Contact Mark, West Jordan, UT. P:(801)-968-1314 Em:

Tiels2be Avairy

Sweet handfed baby Cockatiels
Fancy tiels Yellowcheek, Fallows, Silvers, Whiteface, Cinnamon, Pearl and Pied. Handfed and raised with tender loving care in my home. No babies sold unweaned or shipped. Delivery available for a fee. Email: Herriman, UT.

West Point Aviary - ships

Small Hobby Breeder of sweet handfed babies!
We raise-cockatiels, lovebirds, English budgies, White Bellied Caiques Maxi, Dusky, White Capped Pionus, Lineolated Parakeets Green Cheek Conures(mutations also). All of our babies are hand-fed. Raised in family environment. Email: West Point, UT

Winged Nuts Aviary

Cockatoo Breeder
Hand-Fed Cockatoo babies, Weaned and Socialized. Goffins $600, Umbrellas $900. No Shipping! Call Ron, 359-0940 Email: Salt Lake City, UT


Angel Toes

Birds for sale
Cockatiel babies - hand tamed July-August $85.00 each. Green Pacific Parrotlet babies - hand tamed $125.00 each. Parakeet babies later when I finally find a good breeder female. No shipping! Sharon @ Orange, VT

Feathered Friend

Parrot Rescue
Parrots live in our home, want to adopt a parrot, application, refrences check, rehoming fee. I also have a few pet/breeder birds of my own and babies i hand feed for sale contact me for availability. donations of cages, and other supplies welcome. Email: Southern, VT

Flag Hill Farm - ships

Handfed, family raised Vermont baby parrots!
Double Yellow Headed, Parvipes Yellow naped, Blue Fronted and Red Lored Amazons, Timneh and Congo Greys. Over 20 years experience, Health guaranteed. Check out our website. Email: Vershire, VT

Old Knob Farm - ships

Veterinarian owned aviary producing small numbers of high quality pet birds
We breed: Cockatoos - Umbrella, Moluccan, Major Mitchells; Amazons: Blue Fronts, Yellow Naped; Hawkheaded Parrots; Macaws- Blue & Gold, Military, Hyacinth, Green Winged, & Yellow Collared. All babies are heathy and well socialized. Will ship Email: Poultney, VT.

Private New England Bird Breeder - ships

Vermont Bird Breeder
Offering Hand-Fed Baby Birds. Healthy, Happy, Well-Socialized, and Banded Pet Birds who will easily become a member of your family !! Check Out Our Website Waiting list is Recommended !! Quakers, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Ringnecks, Sun Conures, Cockatoos. Email us. Would Love to hear from you. Email: Springfield, VT.


DJ Feathers Aviary
- ships Cockatiels, Conures, Caiques, Gouldian Finches, & More

Hand fed babies raised in our home. We spend lots of time socializing our babies and getting them well adjusted to fit well into family life.
DJ Feathers Aviary

Extensive depth in cockatiel and gouldian mutations including whiteface, pastelface, yellow cheek, fallow, pearl, pied, SLYC, cinnamon, gray and lutino. We also breed white bellied caiques, black headed caiques, sun conures, blue crowned conures, society finches and more.

We carry food, cages, toys, supplies, and other items we use in our aviary in our online store. Large assortment and we ship nationwide. We ship birds nationwide from Dulles Airport (we're located in Northern Virginia near DC). Visit the website at or email

Nesting Treasures
- ships
Specializing in the breeding of Cockatiels, Finches, and Canaries.

Nesting Treasures
We specialize in the breeding of Cockatiels, Gouldian, white and grey Zebra and Society Finches, Red Factor Canaries and greencheek and bluecrown Conures. We give our birds the best love and attention they could ask for.

We raise our babies around our kids, dog, and chinchilla, so they are well aware of other animals and of kids when they go to their new homes.We love all our animals and would love to bring the love of these wonderful animals into your home.

Please come and have a look at what we have available. We are located in Springfield, VA. Just e-mail for an appointment. E-mail address is Or come out and visit our website at

5th Day Aviary

Hobby breeder of Hand - fed cockatiels
Whiteface, Cinnamon Whiteface babies. Hand fed and played with. Raised around kids and other animals. Will be great pets. No shipping. Will negotiate delivery to local area within 100 miles. Email: Richmond, VA.

Aarons Bird House

We breed finches and can find any type of bird, reptile you want
I breed society and zebra finches. If I dont have it, I can find it for you. I work with many breeders. I also can find you any bird or reptile you are looking for. Please email me or call. My # is 540-649-1974 email me at THANKS AARON Waynesboro, VA

Abeds Aviary - ships

Specializing In Babies Out Of The Nest
I sell all babies out of the nest at 3 weeks old. Species available include African Grey Timneh, Blue Front Amazons, Blue Head pionus, White Capped pionus, Sun Conures, Nanday Conures, Black Capped Conures, Mutation Green Cheek Conures, Quakers, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Parakeets. Email: South Boston, VA

Amazin Greys

Exclusive breeder of African Grey (Congo) parrots and sale of bird supplies
Specializing in raising well adjusted African Grey parrots as well as supplying these babies with bird supplies to include cages, bird carriers, toys, and pellet starter kits. Email: Woodbridge, VA.

Angel's Bird Connection - ships

Hobbyist Breeder For The Fun Of It!
Goffins 1100.00 Umbrellas 1500.00 Congo Greys 1700.00 Timenh Greys 150 B&G's 1400.00 Scarlets 2500.00,Tucamen Amazons 1600.00(rare find) "Let me help you with your request this is fun for me " call Bill Aviles 757-838-3639 or at work 757-833-8001 Email: Hampton, VA

Apple Creek Aviary

Breeder of Peachfaced and Masked Lovebirds in many colors
Breed Peachfaced- Cinammons, Creaminos, Slates, Opalines, Violets, Pieds in many colors. Masked-Dilute blue and violet. Discounts on multiple birds purchased, just ask!! Located in Spotsylvania, VA Email:

Avian Addiction - ships

Breeding in free flight aviaries
Lineolated parakeets, goldies lorikeets, gouldian, owl, and red headed parrot finches, Pacific parrotlets. Socialized, sweet hand raised babies. Will ship when weather permits. email: Norfolk, VA

Basically Budgies

Specializing in hand-fed English Budgies, parakeets. I also have lovebirds, bourke , cockateils, greencheek conures, Quakers (blue & green )& congo greys. Email: Covington, VA

Beaks And Paws - ships

small at home aviary with lots of love
finches, parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, quakers, conures small and large amazons, cockatoos, congo greys all babies are well socialized with kids, adults, dogs, cats and other birds. occasionally have breeders for sale/trade. Thanks, Michelle Email: Roanoke, VA.

Beaks N Featherz - ships

Small breeder emphasizing in the socialization of baby birds
Quakers, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Conures, Amazons and more. Our babies are raised in a family environment and abundance weaned. We offer a guaruntee and have references from many happy customers. Email: Churchville, VA

Bird Buddies Aviary

Hand raised with love to make the best buddy!
Hand feed all babies! Parrotlets:†Green, Blue, and Split, Sun Conures,†Quaker Parrots:†Green, Blue and Split.†Cockatiels, Rosey Bourkes Parakeets, and American Budgies.†I live in the area around Roanoke, Lynchburg and Danville. Can meet buyer. Can send GREAT photos! Email: Gretna, VA

The Bird House

I breed mostly Conures & Parroletts
All our babies are handfeed.We have Sun Conures at 300.00,Parroletts at 50.00,Green Cheeked Conures at 300.00,Cherry Head Conures at 300.00 These babies are raised around other types of animals & lots of diffrent noises , and they like to watch T.V. when you are not around. Email: Martinsville, VA

Birdhaven Canaries - ships

Breeder of quality Gloster Fancy and Rose Ivory Canaries
Distributor of Avi-Culture, avian probiotics & bird keeping supplies Email: Cumberland, VA

Birdie Brains Aviary - ships

Family owned aviary specializing in exotic hand-fed parrots
Our aviary is intentionally small so that each baby will receive the attention required to become a well adjusted companion. The babies are accustomed to child ren, other pets and normal household chaos. GW, B&G, & mini macaws, DYH, CAG, Moluccan, Goffin, Umbrella 'toos, Parrotlets. 804-276-4759 Give us a call! Email: Richmond, VA

BJ's Exotic Birds - ships

A small hobby breeder specializing in handfed baby birds
All of our babies are hand raised with alot of TLC. We specialize in Quakers (green, split to blue and blue) Eclectus, Lovebirds, Parrotlets and Sun Conures. Email: Huntington, WV

Blue Budgie Aviary

Breeder of English Budgies and Spanish Timbrado Canaries
I have beautiful birds for sale. Contact me at Mclean, VA.

The Canary's Nest - ships

Breeder of Canaries and Lady Gouldian Finches
Many types of Canaries and Lady Gouldian Finches to choose from. Red Factors, in many shades from light to dark in melanins and lipochromes. American Singers, Spanish Timbrados, Rollers. Normal Lady Gouldians and many mutations available. Will Ship!! Email: Virginia Beach, VA.

CLJ Aviary - ships

Baby Pied Parrotlets and Opaline Lovebirds
Please see my website for availability and pricing. Email: Chesapeake, VA

Colonial Aviaries - ships

Colonial Aviaries Specializing in Rare Cockatiels, Canaries and Goulds
We specialize in rare mutation cockatiels, emeralds, dom silvers, yellow cheeks, pastelface dom. silver, fallows & slyc emeralds. we also do canaries, American Singer and Glosters, and Gouldian Finches. Check out our site or e-mail us to see what is avaliable or comming up. Thanks Email: Williamsburg, VA.

Dillow's Aviary - Domestic Exotic Birds - ships

Exotic bird breeder in Virginia, Dillow's Aviary
Grasskeets, turquoisines, scarlet chested, port lincoln parakeets, caiques. Many more varieties, please visit our web site for complete details and prices. Shipping available, please inquire. Troutville, VA

Feathers Of Flight Aviary

Small Private Breeder Now With Too Many Babies
white face lovebirds, cockatiels, parakeets, rosey bourke pair and green quakers, , now avail..4mo male with DNA papers raised with lots of sunlight, activities, ,, fed some seed with pellets lots of love... Email: Stanley, VA

Finches At Home Aviary - ships

Specializing in Zebra Finches, Cockatiels, Javas and Bourke Parakeets
Breeding Black Cheek and Crested Zebras, Javas all Mutaitons, Bourke Parakeets- Normal, Rosey and Yellow. Cockatiels Hand Tame and Breeders Many Mutations, Many Colors. All Close Banded. Please visit the web site for complete list or call Stephanie at 757-461-4989 Email: Norfolk, VA

Ftd Aviaries - ships

Breeders Of Exotic Birds
Specializing In Incubator Hatched, Hand Fed Macaws And Cockatoos Since 1976. Will Ship Multi-Bird Discounts Contact Frank Or Pam 540-672-0740 Email: Radiant, VA.

J & A Aviaries

Breeders of Cockatiels in Yorktown, VA
We are breeders of Cockatiels, specializing in Fallow, Silver, Pastelfaced and Whitefaced Tiels. We are a small breeder and are selective of what we breed and how many. Our babies are handfed and hand-tamed. Our babies eat a variety of foods and are weaned to a pelleted diet. I encourage you to check us out. Email:

J and B Birds - ships

J and B
2 Bonded pairs Yellowsided Conures $500.00 for each pair --- Female White Bellie Caique she is 2 years old will make a great breeder asking $600.00 No trades e-mail teekie Email: Winchester, VA.

KG Kat Aviary

Breeder of Cockatiels, Lovebirds and Quakers -- Hagen Tropican Distrubitor
Society Banded - Well Socialized handfed babies. Info packet included. Multi mutations of all species. Hagen Tropican is totally natural and nutrition pelleted food. Contains NO artifical colors or flavors. Only preservatives. Eliminates waste. CO2 sealed air barrier bags for optim Email: Chesapeake, VA.

KLM Aviary

Specializing in sweet and cuddly lovebirds! Cages also available
Handfed, handtamed handloved, handspoiled babies. All mutations of Peachaced including blues, greens, whitefaces, violets, orangefaces, pieds and american yellow. We also have greens, blues and dilute Masked lovebirds. And coming in 2006 Black Cheeks and Fischers! Email: Chesapeake, VA

Lisa & Ken's Tapestry of Birds

Specializing in Peach Face Lovebirds
Small hobby breeders of beautiful Peachfaced Lovebirds and their mutations. Also available zebra finches and American Budgies. Educational packets available. No shipping. Do not sell to pet stores. Only sold to good home. Breeders: Lisa &Ken Phone:(757)850-0734 Email: Hampton, VA

Lone Eagle Aviary - ships

>Specializing in Hand-fed babies
We have a vast array of babies. Sun & Greencheek Conures, Pachface Lovebirds, Congos & Timnehs, Senegals, Blue&Gold Macaws, Bourkes, Yellownaped, DYH and Bluefront Amazons, Ringnecks and Parrotlets. Many cockatiel mutations including Albino and Lutino. Please check for current availability. Located in Haymarket, VA, we see visitors by appointment. Please call 703-606-1884. We also carry cages and accessories. We are a Roudybush dealer. Email:

Love of Birds

Hobbyist & Breeder of finches, lovebirds, cockatiels, and parakeets
I have lovebirds, cockatiels, parakeets, gouldian, zebra & societies finches available throughout the year. I'm not a professional breeder of any sort, I just raise birds for the love of them. Lovebirds & cockatiels are handfed from 2 weeks of age. eMail for prices. No shipping, no exceptions! :) Email: Vienna, VA

Majestic Cocka2s - ships

Health guarantee, poyloma vaccinated hand-fed baby birds. Parrot supplies
Hyacinths, Green-wingeds and Red-fronted Macaws, African Grays, Eclectus Parrots, Sulpher-crested and Palm Cockatoos, Golden Conures (permit req.) 8338 Terra Grande Ave, Springfield, VA 22135, 703-644-6415 Fax 703-644-6415 Appointments only Email:

Majestic Wings Aviary - ships

Exceptional Cockatiel Breeder
Many colors/mutations to choose from. Available year round. GORGEOUS! Health Guarantee, Closed banded. Hatch Certificates, Care packages. Take deposits, Payments. Shipping. Trades. All handfed sweet adorable babies. Top Quality Tiels!! Norfolk, VA (757) 965-6999 or email Kat Email:

Melanie's Marvelous Cockatiels

Hi, my name is Melanie. I have Hand Raised & Hand Fed Cockatiels.
My breeding pair consists of a gray hen with the pied gene and a male with cinnamon-pearl and gray split lutino genes. My clutches are usually 2 cinnamon pearl's, one grey, and one cinnamon. My males talk and whistle tunes. Email: Woodbridge, VA.

Melinda Parrotlet Breeder

I breed parrotlets of various colors Email: Stafford, VA


Breeder of Exotic Birds/ All breeds/ Cages,toys, food and other supplies
Macaws, Chattering Lories, African Greys, Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Finches, Parakeets, Amazons, Eclectus, etc. Cages, toys and supplies of all kinds. Prices extremely competitive. We are open 7 days a week. 10677 Courthouse Road, Fredericksburg, VA (540)710-6500 email Fredericksburg, VA.

Mostly Macaws - ships

Macaw Breeder. Health Guaranteed.
Hand fed and Parent raised babies. AFA closed bands, DNA sexed, polyomavirus vaccinated, Vet Checked. Ship weaned birds anywhere in US. Blue & Gold, Blue-Throated and Scarlet Macaws, Sun Conures. Scott & Loryn, Va Beach, VA (757) 427-0852;

Mountain Ridge Aviaries - ships

Mountain Ridge Aviaries
Breeder of domestic handfed baby parrots. Macaws: Greenwings & Blue & Golds Congo Greys, S/I Eclectus, Caiques: B/H & W/B, Cockatoos: Umbrellas & Rosebreasteds. All babies come with DNA sexing papers, health guarantee & registed closed banded.Come visit us at Email: Mount Solon, VA

The Nesting Box Aviary & Re Homing Network

A Licensed Aviary in SE Virginia 3 years in Business
Strictly Breeding Cockatiels and Love birds Small online local store selling Bird Food, Custom made cages for breeding and fledging Email: Chesapeake, VA

NOVA Lovebirds

Breeder of hand-fed peach faced Lovebirds in Northern Virginia / DC
We have several varieties of babies available: white faced blues, normals, cinnamons, lacewings, inos and pieds Please visit us at our website. email: Fairfax Station, VA

Open Heart Aviary

Finches, Lovebirds and Cockatiels -Specializing in Albino and Lutino/wf
Finches, Lovebirds and Cockatiels - many mutations for sale year round. Rescue and adoption services! South Eastern Virginia, we will ship for a small Delivery charge within 300 miles! Great prices and Family style Birds ! Many to choose from! Chesapeake Va 23323 Chesapeake, VA.

Outrageous Pets - ships

Outrageous Pets : Hand Fed Happy & Healthy Baby parrots and Sugar Gliders
Raised in my home, very socialized used to dogs cats & people. Macaws Cockatoos, Greys, Amazons, Conures, Quakers, Mustash's Lovebirds and Trimming available. Instruction and training, Supplies, Foods, Cages, Elizabeth [434] 978-2887 Charlottesville, VA

The Parrot Domain

Central Virginia's Largest Bird Store
Central Virginia's largest retail store dedicated exclusively to birds & bird-related items. One-stop shopping for all bird supplies including boarding & grooming. Over 100 hand-fed babies in stock. Visit us online or at 4000 Lafayette Blvd., Fredericksburg, VA. 540-898-3223 Email:

Parrot Feathers Aviary - ships

We're a small home-based aviary in Centreville, VA (Northern Virginia)
We currently specialize in breeding & hand-raising sweet beautiful home-raised baby Cockatiels. Our babies are well socialized daily and loved so they will make a wonderful new part of any family. Email: Centreville, VA

Parrotzoo - ships

Small Hobby Breeder of Opaline Lovebirds, Parrotlets & Green Cheek Conures
Pacific Parrotlets, green splits, blues & yellows; Green Rump Parrotle Opaline Lovebirds; Green Cheek Conures, normals, Yellow sided & Cinnam Black Cap Conures, Brown Throated Conures ready to go to nest in 2006. Email: Virginia Beach, VA

Petals & Feathers

Breeder of small exotic birds
Baby love birds, peach-faced, dutch blue, yellow; cockatiels -- albino/lutino splits, cinnamons, greys, pearls and white-faced pearls; unusual pied doves; Glouchester canaries; and Indian ringnecks. Email: Massanutten Resort, VA.

Pin Feathers Aviary - ships

Offering hand-fed, Healthy, Loving and well Adjusted Cockatiels!
We are a home based hobby breeder of Cockatiels living in the Charlottesville, VA Our flock has been selectively picked from the top cockatiel breeders in the US. We have developed lines that will produce outstanding mutations which are pet temperament while exhibiting show quality features. Email:

Sassicat Aviary - ships

Breeder of African Red-Bellied and Brown Headed Parrots
We only sell weaned babies. Health Guarantee and Purchase Contract. All hand raised and socialized. Varied Diet. We Ship in USA only. Email: Dale City, VA

Scooter's Aviary - ships

We are a small closed aviary located in Southwest Virginia
We breed and hand raise only quaker parrots. Currently we have green, blue and pallid blue quakers babies for sale. Please email us at or feel free to call us at 276-699-2187 Austinville, VA

Shocking Aviary - ships

Lineolated Parakeets, Parrotlets, Grasskeets, Gouldians and Cockatiels
Located in Central Virginia-Shipping Available-Sweet handfed babies. Breeding Lineolated Parakeets all mutations*Parroltets-colors + pied/turquoise Scarlet-chested grasskeets*Gouldian finches all colors including yellow/blue Cockatiels-Lots of mutations breeding mostly for great handfed pets-some rares Email: Richmond, VA

Skywings Aviary - ships

Ring-neck Dove Breeder
I breed Ring-neck Doves and have many colors available at reasonable prices. I have tangerine, pied, orange, fawn/blonde, pearl, pink, wild type, and peach. I have birds available at all times. Prices are $5, $8 or $10 each. Please email me for pic and a list of birds currently for sale. Thanks. Email: Snohomish, WA

Snowquarter Aviary

Snowquarter Aviary
Hand fed baby parrots: Congo African Greys, Jardine's, Senegals, Blue head Pionus, Red Sided Eclectus, normal and blue Quakers, Severe and Yellow Collared Macaws, Cockatiels, Canaries. Email: Ashland, VA

Tametiels Aviary Of Va - ships

Exceptionally Sweet Companion Cockatiels of Superior Quality
Hand-fed, home-raised, cuddly baby cockatiels of many colors. Will take orders with a minimal deposit. Proven breeders, as well as exhibition quality tiels available on occasion. Please read **Buying My Birds**** before contacting me. Email: Lake Monticello, VA.

Totally Tiels - ships

Handfed Cockatiels and Quality Adults
Handfed babies, breeding pairs, juveniles for future pairing. Quality birds at a fair price. Well socialized birds that make extraordinary pets. Visit our website for more information. Email: West Augusta, VA

Union Springs Aviary - ships

Private breeders specializing in hand fed home raised loving parrot babies!
We have baby Amazons , Quakers, Eclectus, African Greys, Mini Macaws , Blue and Gold Macaws, Goffin Cockatoos, Lovebirds, and Cockatiels. We will ship at buyers expense (weather permitting) and accept cash or postal money orders We also offer payment plans while your baby is being hand fed! Email: Dayton, VA.

Weber's Aviary - ships

Breeder of Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, and Greys
We hand raise and sell many types or baby birds. Email: Winchester, VA

Windsong Aviary~ Cockatiels - ships

Pet and Exhibition Breeder of Cockatiels
We have several beautiful pet and show quality or breeding cockatiels Most color mutations except rares. We are very supportive of the new o Prices start at $90.00 and upward. Serious buyers, please! Airline shipping available to most states. Email: Charlottesville, VA

Zebra's Are Us

I raise and Breed Zebra Finches, Greys, Pied and Silvers, CFW's
Fine zebra finches, many mutations. Willing to trade for a pair of cutthroats. Chantilly, VA. Email:

Zebra Finch Fancy

Breeder of many mutations of zebra finch and society finch
I breed many mutations of zebra finch, including normal grey, fawn, CFW, fawn CFW, black breasted, orange breasted, florida fancy, black cheek, black face, crested and combinations of these mutations. Also crested and normal fawn chocolate, chestnut and dilute societies. Email: Richmond, VA



Home business with large avairy
Love birds, indian ringnecks, cockatiels, all with cages. cages available Email: Snohomish, WA

Alley's Feathered Palace & More - ships

Spoiled hand fed babys
We breed mini macaws, sun conures, quakers, cockatiels ECT. We can get any other breed that you want. We hand raise all of our birds with love in our home. We also take in unwanted parrots. Email: Spokane, WA.

Andie's Ark - ships

Breeder of Quakers, BH Caiques, BF Amazons and Maxi Pionus
We raise only quality, not quantity. Hand fed babies raised in home enviornments We also hand feed for other breeders and may have different species available. We also provide rescue and adoption services, if you are looking to adopt or need help placing your companion, we are willing to help. Email: Spokane, WA

Anne's Aviary - ships

Small Aviary, Quality Parent Raised Finches
Currently available Cuban Melodious Finch. Will ship free on West Coast. I also carry gouldian finch, owl finch, and strawberry finches. Please e-mail vickasak for price list! Email: Seattle, WA.

Avicultural Center of the Inland NW

Breeders Hand-Fed and Socially Nurtured Baby Parrots
Specializing in handfed, socially nurtured baby parrots. Cockatoos: Moluccan, Umbrella, Rose Breasted, Goffin's; Macaws: Hyacinth, Greenwing, Scarlet, Blue & Gold; Congo African Grey; Conures: Sun, Greencheek; and Lutino Indian Ringneck Keets. Will Not Ship Email: Veradale, WA

Awesome Creations By Jeanie

Small breeder of LB's, Masks, Fischers, PF, a few Conures & Quakers
PF Lovebird babies-Pieds, (green & pastel) Normals, Dutchblue, Violet, Olive, Fischers & Masks on eggs. Various sized used cages pet & breeder for sale Trades welcome-prices reasonable. Contact via e-mail w/birds in subject line Umbrella & Goffin Pet Too's for sale-allergy is forcing sale, cages included Email: Clinton, WA.

Bird Barn

Specializing in a variety of lovebirds in the Renton/Seattle area.
I raise a variety of color mutation lovebirds for pets, breeders, and I specialize in blue, lutino, and yellow fischers in the eye ring cate also raise double factor cobalt blue violets, austrailian cinnamons, o faces, silvers, and a combination thereof creating a variety of beauti Email: Renton / Seattle, WA.

Bird Haven - ships

Breeder of cockatiels,hand fed babies
Proven breeder pairs for sale,$40 each pair.Hand fed babies.Lost of colors.Will ship anywhere in U.S. Email:

Birdpetz - ships

African Grey and S.I. Eclectus babies
Handfed African Greys $750, Eclectus males-$700, females-$800 Sweet babies raised in a loving home environment. Will ship. Call or email for availability. Email: Toledo, WA.

The Birds And The Beads - ships

Breeder of dusky lories
For sale at this time: one DNA'd female orange dusky lory just over 8 weeks old Will sell when weaned. $350. More on the way soon. Will ship. Email: Seattle, WA.

Birds, Birds and More - ships

Breeder of reasonably priced beautiful domestic birds Many mutation colors
Green Cheek Conures, Parrotlets, Quakers, Amazons, English Budgies, Cockatiels and Canaries. We sell very sweet babies and breeding pairs on request. Cages & Supplies. located close to Spokane, WA in N Idaho 208-290-3360 Kami Email:

The Birds Nest Seattle Wa - ships

hand fed baby conures,lovebirds in seattle wa.
we have all kinds of lovebirds, and to see what we have and prices. we have masks an peachface lovebirds , sun, jendays, nandays, greencheecks, and maroon bellie conures. call 206-367-4934 kitty Email: Seattle, WA.

Calico Cockatiels - ships

Calico Cockatiels - Top All-Time NCS Breeder 50 GCH Top All-Time Exhbtr
When Only The Very Best Will Do. Philip F. Feret NCS 16P Calico Buyers Finish as Gch and Champions! Visit our Web site for the most outrageously beautiful cockatiels Email: Redmond, WA

Canary Palace - ships

These are top quality canaries bred for color and song:
Red factors, roses, Staffords, yellows, recessive whites, Glosters, and frills. They range in price from $95-$125 each plus $50 shipping anywhere in the US. They are guaranteed to arrive healthy. Member of the Columbia Canary Club, Portland, Oregon Email: Vancouver, WA

Celestial Breeding

Specializing in Lovebirds and Blue Indian Ringnecks
Currently taking deposits for lovebirds and ringnecks. Both preparing nest to lay eggs. Babies should be available in 12 weeks. All babies are tamed and hand-fed. Lovebirds are $45 each and Ringnecks are $300 each. Deposits are 50% per bird. Email: Vancouver, WA

Cheep Thrills Aviary - ships

~Exquisite Companion Parrots at Affordable Prices~
From our private collection, we are pleased to offer happy, healthy, greenwing and blue and gold babies. Saying a few words & well socialized with dogs, cats, and children. We ship! References and pix upon request. Email: Brewster, WA

D & D Exotic Birds - ships

Macaw Breeder , Over 20 Years Experience Raising Birds
Baby Macaws, parent & hand fed to be Healthy, Happy babies. Red Fronted, Severe, Yellow Collared, Green Wing, Scarlett, Blue & Gold. All our babies are parent hatched & raised for 2 weeks, then hand fed with lots of Love & Cuddling daily. Vet checked & writen Health Guarantee. Email: Olympia, WA

Day Dream Design - ships

Opaline & Peachfaced lovebird mutations
Peachfaced mutations available. OF Lutino Opaline, WF Creamino Opalines, WF Violet Opalines. OF Lutino, OF Am & Aust Cinnamon, WF Am Cinnamon, WF Violet, pieds, single dark factors, double dark factors. Handfed, healthy, gorgeous. Breeders sometimes available. Cash or PayPal. Shipping w/ Alaska. Email: Spokane, WA

DD's Farm

I'am a Breeder of all kinds of Animals. But Going out of Bird Bussiness
Patagonian conures pair for $400.00 nestbox & cage Mitred Male & Cherryheaded Female bonded for $275.00 nestbox & cage Sun Female & Janday male bonded for $275.00 nestbox Green Quakers 2 pairs for $200.00 apair and nestbox and cage Email: Blaine, Washington -Whatcom county.

Delia's Feathered Friends

Breeders of hand fed well socialized Conures, Quakers, Amazons, Greys and Cockatiels
We are a small home based aviary that are currently breeding Lilac crowneds, Cockatiels, Sun, Greecheek, Peachfront and blue front Conures, Quakers and Lady Gouldian Finch. Our birds are all hand fed and health Guaranteed. Open by appointment only 27179 Ice Harbor Dr. Burbank, WA (509)-430-1708 Email

E&E Aviary - ships

Small Closed Aviary
We breed Ringneck Mutation and Blue Head Pionus babies for the Pet Market. Our breeders are picked for their tempermant and talking ability Our breeders are in outside 8ft flight 's and fed fresh veggies daily Wholesale available Email: Port Angeles, WA.


Am a small hobby breeder of Conures & Fischer Lovebirds in NW Washington
Looking for a few pair & a few singles...Jendays &/or Suns (proven), female Mitred & female Halmoon & 2 normal Fischer females, maybe a pair of blue or yellow Fischers, & a pair or two of Rosy Bourkes. Cannot travel far, so must be willing to ship or meet part way. Will also take unwanted birds that need homes. Email: Clinton, WA.

A Feathered Obsession - ships

Mutation Color Parrotlets, Gouldians and Caiques
We are a small closed aviary specializing in mutation and color/split breeder and baby Pacific Parrotlets, Gouldian Finches and Whitebellied Caiques. Nurtured with love, lots of one-on-one cuddle time. Member IPS, PIA. Closed band. 509-967-5197 West Richland, WA

Flying S's Aviary

Even other Breeders buy our babies for pets
Greys, Goffins, Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers, Caiques, Amazons and Yellowcollared Macaws. We raise our babies in our home and give them lots of love. Check our web site for available babies. Email: Brush Prairie, WA.

Glimmer Flights Aviary - ships

Small closed aviary Specializing in color mutations and handfed companions
Pionus-Blue head and Bronzewings, Red bellies, Senegals-yellow and orange vested Meyers, Green cheeks-Turquoise, YS, Pineapple & Cinnamons Halfmoons, White eareds, black cappeds, Crimson bellieds. Lovebirds-Abbys, Black cheeks, Fischers, Masks and Peachface, Congos. We have all this and more!!! Shipping with Alaska Airlines. Email: Spokane, WA

Golden West Exotic Bird Farm - ships

Experienced Breeder of Australian Aviary Birds and Others
Lady Gouldians, 3 normal varieties and YHWB, BHWB and Blues, Crimson Rosellas, also Pacific Parrotletts, Green Cheek Conures, Ringneck Doves, Cockatiels, Alexandrines, Rosey Bourkes and more. Shipping available via airline US only Email: Goldendale, WA


SMALL FINCHES BREEDER in Seattle, Washington
Variety colors, lady gouldian finches $ 65 and up and other finches as green singer, silver bill, orange cheek and java Always welcome to check it out , Used cage avaliable for save $ 10 up Email: Seattle, WA.

Happy Birds WA

We sale Happy Birds!
We currently have baby cockatiels and lovebirds. Also umbrellas and suns. Pricing depends on shipping costs and quantity ordered. Email: Lakewood, WA

Hidden Acres Aviary - ships

Adorable hand raised parrots
We are a small hobby aviary specializing in Eclectus, Cockatoos, African Greys, Mutation Conures, Quakers and Pacific Parrotlets. Our babies are closed banded and come with a written health guarantee. Visit our website or email for availablity. Email: Arlington, WA

Jaime's Macaws

Small home / hobby breeder of large and mini macaws
Blue and Gold's and Severe's currently raised with others coming. Each and every baby is nurtured from day one. Vet checked and first shots. These babies require loving and comitted homes. Will deliver within 300m of Seattle/fee.Reasonably priced, no finer babies exist. 360-794-8501 Email: Snohomish, WA

Jolley Feathers - ships

Small breeder in Republic, WA
Birds we are breeding at this time are: Double Yellow Head Amazons, Red Lord Amazons, Congo African Greys, Timneh African Greys, Quakers and Parakeets. All our babies are handfed and raised in a home enviroment. Our babies are socialized with adults, children and other pets. Email: Republic, WA.

Joyful Feathers - ships

Small breeder of quality Pyrrhura Conures
I breed mutation green cheek conures and Painted conures. Raised with love in my home. Abundance weaned on to pellets, seed, fresh foods, cooked foods, etc. and fully fledged. Pictures available on request. Contact by e-mail at Will ship at buyers expense, weather permitting. Wenatchee, WA

Kate's Cockatiels

Breeder of handfed rare mutation Cockatiels and Budgies
Beautiful babies, raised in loving home with lots of attention. All are used to children and other birds/pets. There are Pied, Pearl, Lutino, Whiteface, Olive, and Normal Grey mutations, and pretty mixes too! Budgies are all colors. Breeders for sale at times too. Call afternoon and evenings, 7 days a week. Email: Rochester, Washinton State.

Katie's Society Companion Birds

Breeder of Companion Society Finches
Spoiled rotten society finches - pied. Beautiful and ready for homes now. Pick up only or will deliver within 100 mi. radius for add'l delivery charge. Hobby breeder. Email: Vancouver, WA.

KC's Aviary - ships

Hobby Breeder of a Variety of Species- Pets and Breeders
Specializing in Lories and Lorikeets: Reds, Rainbows, Chattering, Blackcapped, and Cardinals. Also breeding Greencheek Mutations, Africans, Mini Macaws, Blue Quakers, Rosellas, and Eclectus. We retail a small amount of supplies on our website. If we don't have it, we can refer you to who does! :) Email: Western, WA

Littlewings - ships

Specialize in WF Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers, Lovebirds
Cockatiels: Handfed babies, S/S young adults(Whiteface variety, silvers, Albino, Lutino) Conures: Handfed Suns, Jenday, Red Throat; Lovebird babies and young S/S adults; Quaker babies. Also have parakeets and Zebra finches. Email: Port Angeles, WA.

The Lovebird Nest - ships

Hand fed well socialized lovebirds,conures and others....
I am a small breeder, All my babys are hand fed and socialized in my home with small kids, dogs and cats.My babys are verey loving sweet birds.My web site is you can take a look at my prices and some of my birds.Or call (206)367-4934 Kitty Email: Seattle, WA.

Nemah Valley Aviaries - ships

Sweet, Hand-tame Companion Birds
We hand-raise our babies to be your best friend. Indian Ringneck Parak Peachfaced and Fischer's Lovebirds, Zebra Finches, Blue-Fronted Amazons and Cockatiels. Many different color mutations. Aviary birds and breed available. Check out our website. Email: Nemah, WA

OneMoreBird - ships

We raise Pacific Parrotlets for the breeder and seekers of fine pets. Blue Front Amazons, Magna Double Yellow Head Amazons, all birds handfed, social and travel comfortable. We will ship at buyer's expence. Email: Brush Parairie, WA

Our Bird House

Cute,Cuddley CAG'S . Sweet & Spoiled hand fed Babies
We are a small closed aviary , Specializing in Congo African Greys(CAG'S) our hand fed young'ns are all closed banded, vet checked & loving our goal is quality not quantity. No babies sold unweaned or shipped $700-$1, 000 We are a small home based aviary so babies get lots of TLC Email: Rainier, WA.

Pam the Birdlady of Spokane

Handraise With Love And All Differnt Ages
Lovebirds and Cockatiels Many colors including creaminos, lutinos and lutino/pearls Email: Spokane, WA

A Parrotlet Place - ships

Caring Breeder for Parrotlets, tiny adorable minature parrots
Hand fed parrotlet babies and breeding pairs looking for new loving homes. We raise Pacific and Pacific mutations, Green Rumps(several varities), Specticals, and Blue Wings. Qty. Prices available/Will ship. A Parrotlet Place, Catherine Andersen, Seattle,WA, (206)722-4637 or email at

Parrotlets by C & B - ships

Parrotlets - Pacific, Green Rump, Tourqoise Rump, Lucidia babies and pairs
Large breeder has stock of hand fed babies and youngster available for shipping. Excellent stock, vibrant colors and health records. Pricing discounts by number of birds purchased. VISA and Mastercard accepted Contact Cathy at or 206-722-4637 for message Seattle, WA.

Pets King Farms - ships

Pets King Farms: Hyacinth, Scarlet, Blue and Gold, and Military Macaws
We breed and presently sell Hyacinth, Scarlet, Blue and Gold, Military and Green winged macaws, that range from eggs, chicks, babies and breeding pairs. our birds are well kept, very healthy and always in the greatest and most comfortabl state. We also sell them in incubators and they come with all papers and docs. Email: Seattle, WA

R & M Exotic Birds - ships

A trader,Buyer,Seller,and breeder of exotic birds.
I have Severa Macaws, Goffin Cockatoo, Pantigonians, Quakers, African Grey's Timnehs & Congos, Max / Pionus.I do trading for brooders, cages, other birds, pairs or singles.I take in birds for those who can not take them with them, or has health problems and can not take care of them. Email: Hoquiam, WA.

R&M Exotic Finches

Exotic Finches
specializing in breeding gouldian finches, owl finches and society finches have the hard to find creamino society finch as well as the fawn and chocolate. some birds are are not always available, contact to be sure also have breeding pairs Email: Richland, WA

Raisin' A Racket Aviary - ships

Handfed Exotic Birds - Consignment Birds - Bird Boarding
We are a small home based business. All of our babies are handfed and socialized. We sell all species of birds on consignment and always have a wide selection of only the finest companion birds available on the market. We also run a full service boarding facility for your companion birds. Email: Otis Orchards, WA

Rodnbirds - ships

Breeders of Macaws, Cockatoos, Eclectus, Greys
We hand-raised our babies with a lot of care and love. Macaws, cockatoos, eclectus, greys, cockatiels, parakeets, finches. Will ship anywhere in USA. Email: Lake Stevens, WA

Rose's Birds - ships

Rose's Birds raise Hyacinths, CToos, Macaws, Amazons, and Greys
We raise all of the birds we mentioned. I will ship at buyers expense. I board and groom birds. Scott McDonald has a vet clinic here @x year. Email: Kennewick, WA.

Sams Santuary

I raise Doves, and i have a cockatiel and parakeets.
I hand-feed and raise baby collared-or ring neck pure-bred doves. I have a baby male that is ready right now. I am located in washington state. The mama dove is nesting right at the moment and i should have some more babies, ready in about a month. My e-mail is Kingston, WA.

Simon's Feathered Friends - ships

Specializing in sweet, hand-fed babies - specifically Conures
I breed and raise Sun Conures, Green-cheek Conures, Nandays, Indian Ringnecks, Quakers, Cockatiels, Parrotlets, Macaws, African Greys. I also have a small storefront with a wonderful assortment of toys and supplies to take home with your new baby Email: Bremerton, WA

Small Breeder - ships

Small intimate breeder
Welcome to the world of mini macaws! Baby Severe macaws. Hand fed, sexed, banded, and vet checked. $650.00 (425)418-1504 Everett, WA.

Soaring Wings Aviary - ships

Where every Conure is hand-fed with lots of love and attention!!!
We are a small, closed Aviary that specializes in Green Cheek and Sun Conure varieties.Our goal is to give our babies a good healthy start in life, and to place them in good homes to become pets or future breeders. Our web site contain tons of colorful pictures, and helpful information, Check it out! Email: Maple Valley, WA

Sue-n-zoo Exotic Birds

Specializing in Hand-Fed, well Socialized, Abundance Weaned baby parrots
We have Orange-Wing Amazons, Umbrella Toos, Meyers, White Eyed Conures, Alexandrian Parakeets, Moustache Parakeets,Tiels, PF Lovebirds, Budgies, Canaries, and Zebra Finches. Please call 509-942-1002 or email Richland, WA.

Syleste Aviary

Small, established lovebird breeder. Peachfaced lovebirds exclusively.
Will ship in accord with federal regulations. 2002 opalines, lutinos, creaminos, WF Blue and Seagreen Austr Cinnamons, WF blue and seagreen pieds. Proven breeding pairs sometimes available. Email: Spokane, WA.

Tabbi's Featherland - ships

Breeder & pet food
Breeding & specializing in Co-Parenting-handfeeding baby Congos, Timnehs & Red Sided Eclectus. All babies fully fledged & weaned before adoption. Home of Tabbi's Beak Smakin Birdie Bread Mixes Boarding & grooming. Open 7 days a week. Email: Vancouver, WA

Turks - ships

Ad For computerless friend
Breeder normal parrotlets $150.00 Breeder maxi pionus hen $275.00 Kakarikis $125.00 up Email: Edgewood, WA.

Wings & Things Pets - ships

Small Private Breeder of cockatiels, and love birds
Hand fed babies, all that leave this nest come from a loving and friendly home. Breeders may be availible at times and I am able to locate other types of birds, so if you are looking for something in particuliar email or call: (360) 275-8678 or (360) 801-0233. Email: Belfair, WA

A Wolfers Feathered World - ships

Parrot Breeder
Breeders of Blue and Gold Macaws, Goffin Cockatoo, Yellow Collar Macaws, White Bellied Caique, Black Cap Caique, Blue Front Amazon, Yellow Head Amazon, African Gray Congo, African Gray Timneh, Sun and Jendy conures. Hand fed, well socialized baby birds available. vet checked. Kent Wa.>. Enumclaw, WA.

West Virginia

Birds The Word!!! - ships

Breeders of Exotic Birds, Lovebirds,Finches,Parakeets,Conures, and Cages
Serious Breeder in Lovebirds, Gouldian Finches, Society finches, Grass parakeets, Conures, Cockatiels, and LOTS MORE!! Discount Prices!! Cages for Parakeets to Macaws, at better then WHOLESALE PRICES!! E-mail us or give us a ring!! We are here to serve you!! LOW SHIPPING COST!! Email: Beckley, WV

BJ's Exotic Birds - ships

A small hobby breeder specializing in handfed baby birds
All our babies are hand raised with alot of TLC. We specialize in Quakers (green, split to blue and blues) Peach Face Lovebirds, Black Mask Lovebirds, Sun Conures, Parrotlets and Eclectus Email: Huntington, WV

C and C Aviary - ships

Small aviay breeder in Huntington,WV
All our babies are handfed, very well socialized. They come with hatch cert, sample bag of food, and banded. Email: Huntington, WV

Davis Farm's Wings of Faith Aviary - ships

All birds homegrown and raised with love
Lady Gouldian Finches, Society's, Canary's, Zebra finches, African Grey's to Amazons Email: Ireland, WV

Habits Gone Haywire

Small Time Breeder
Parakeets Tiels Canaries African Greys Cockatoos Parrotlets and Lovebirds. Email for availability and hatch. Also English Keets and Finches Email: Colliers, WV.

Riverside Farm Aviary

Riverside Farm Aviary is committed to breeding the best quality birds!
We currently breed: Cockatiels, Rosy Bourkes, Scarlet Chested Parakeets, English Budgies, Sun Conures, Quakers, Blue Quakers, Peach Faced Lovebirds, Whitefaced Violet Lovebirds, and Black Masked Lovebirds, specializing in Blue Masked and the very rare Violet Masked Lovebirds. Email: Rock, WV


A & J's birds

Mother and daughter team who handfeeds, sells and trades birds
So far we have normal bourke parakeets yellow turquoisines. Down the line we will be having babies from scarlet chested parakeets, bourkes, and turquoisines. no shipping, Email: Milwaukee, WI

ABirdhouse Avian Sanctuary - ships

Aviculturist Specializing in African Grey congo and Timnnehs, Lovebirds
We are breeders of African Grey congos and Timmnehs, many varities of lovebirds We also have available birds for adoption in breeder homes only. Over 30 years of Bird experience Email: Milwaukee, WI

Anhalt Family Aviary - ships

My name is Melissa and Im just starting out with my own aviary
Iam breeding: sun conures, blue crown conures, green cheek conures, blue indian ringnecks, hahns macaws, eclectus, cockatiels, lovebirds and green ringnecks! Email: Manitowoc, WI

B & G Aviary

Breeder of exotic birds
Handfed babies for sale! Greencheek conures $150.00 Lovebirds $50 Creamino Lovebird $75 Java Rice finches $20, Black cheek zebras $15 Orange cheek zebras $10 ON THE WAY!!!~ Vos Ecletus, Quakers, Red Star finches, Chestnut finches! Ask how I can help with DELIVERY Email: Waupun, WI.

Bird Busters - ships

Birds are my life!!!
Bonded pair of lovebirds, $150.00. Hand-fed cockatiels, $75.00-85.00. Parakeet $10.00. Various cages for sale ranging from $10.00. Millet spray, cuttle bone, I give a 30 day guarantee on all my birds!!! Email: Green Bay, WI

Bird Eutopia

Specializing in lovebirds, conures, and cockatiels, for PETS
Currently we have four peachfaced lovebird babies, not quite ready to go, one vaired pied tiel, and two hand-fed baby peachfronts. These birds are PETS, & tame, not breeders, although they are of breeding quality, but would prefer to sell as pets. Will meet 1/2 way, within a reasonable distance. 715-478-1147 Email: Crandon, WI.

Blue & Gold Aviaries - ships

Blue & Gold Aviaries Bringing you the best of these gentle giants
Hand fed and lovingly raised, and socialized to give you the best choices when choosing a Blue & Gold Macaw. All chicks are DNA sexed within 1 wk Special requests for training , diet, socializing be considered. A+ Parrots Email: Random Lake, WI

Blue Bee's Nest

Hobby breeder of hand-fed, well socialized, forever pets
Small breeder of Blue-Crown Conures, Quaker Parrots (Green, Blue, and Pallid Blue), Green-Cheek Conures (Visually normal, yellow side, and pineapple), and White Bellied Caiques. Email: Elkhorn, WI


Lovebird Breeder
I have baby peach faced lovebirds and blue & green quakers for sale. Also I have an adult white-capped pionus for sale asking $375 for the pionus (male) The lovebirds & quakers are handfeed. 715-861-5599 Email: Chippewa Falls, WI

Carla's Lovies

Hand Raised Lovebirds
I hand raise all my babies , all have been DNA sexed, all have been banded. I raise White Faced Violets, Normal Peach face, Dutch, Blue, Aus./Cinn., Green & Blue Black Masked Lovebirds. All of the babies are very friendly and loveable they make great pets. (608)846-7336 Email: De Forest, WI.

Carrie's Wings N' Things L L C

***Get That hard to Find Exotic Finch, Cages, Seed, & Accessories! ****
We Breed most, and purchase too! We provide birds to the bird lovers. Each bird is cared for and fussed over. No over stocked cages!! No over Bred Birds! No Shipping ! E-mail for price list. - 920-382-6070 or 920-324-3826 Waupun, WI

Chirpendale Farm

Specialize in Congo African Greys--All handfed and socialized
Specialize in handfed/socialized Congo African Greys, Cockatiels, Lovebirds Also have Whitecapped Pionus, Sun Conures and Senegals. Email: Fox Lake, WI

Circle C Ranch & Exotics - ships

Breeder of parrots and other exotic animals ~ Raising Friends for Life
Specializing in all color cockatiels and lovebirds. We also have meyer senegals, rainbow lories, timneh greys, parakeets, green and blue quak We also raise hedgehogs and sugar gliders. We ship, weather permitting babies come with support for life! Don't buy from a chain, make a frie Email: Crandon, WI

CooCoos Nest

West Bend Wisconsin WI - Handfed Baby Cockatiels
West Bend, WI - Handfed baby cockatiels, grey whiteface, extremely tame!

Cristo Rey Ranch & Exotic Birds

Birds And Cages For Sale
Button Quail $10.00 Each Any Color. Zebra Finch, $5.00 Each, Spice Finch $10.00, Society Finch $7.00 Each, Lovebirds $35.00 Each Email: Oshkosh, WI.

Dorwaldts Birds

Handfeed Cockatiels Email: Marshfield, WI.

Feather Farm

** Breeder Of Friendly Colorful Avary Birds**
** Finches *** Melba, Peters Twin Spots, Owl, Fawn Shaftail, Cordon Blu, Red Star, Yellow Star, Black Masked Grass, Socieity - All White - Crested - Normal, Rosey Rump, Red Ear, Red Factor Canary Pairs Contact for more information! Running out of room! Email: Waupun, WI.

Feathered Angels Aviary

Breeder of parrots and finches.
Our birds are handfed with loving care! Specializing in Conures, Quakers, Parrotlets, and Finches. Cages also available. Madison, Wisconsin area. E-mail: or call 608-532-6488.

Feathered Kids

Family Raised, Well Socialized, Handfed Baby Birds
Currently raising Conures, Cockatiels, Lovebirds & African Greys. Each baby comes with a hatch certificate and a care & info. book, as well as continued support. Free nail/wing clippings for area residents. Now and again, adult pairs/singles may be available as well. Please contact for additional info. Email: Minocqua, WI.

Feathers For Sale: Connect To A Heart

We are a family who loves our birds and it shows in our babies
We have many breeds of large birds... all of which are superior in personality... they are well socialized... they love to travel... they love everyone... strangers as well as family members... this I believe is because we have made this a family commitment... Email: Pelican Lake, WI

First Flight Babies

Hand fed baby birds
I breed and hand feed cockatiel, lovebirds, quakers blue and greens-(split), red bellied parrots, white cap pionus. I also buy out of nest box. So I sell other babies at time such as cockatoos, Congo African Greys, Macaws, Eclectus and more. Check out my web site! or E-mail Eagle River, WI

Five J's Feathered Friends

Small hobby breeder
Hand Fed Quakers, other hand fed babies occassionaly available. Also finches. Email: Porterfield, WI

Forest Lake Parrotlets

Pacific Parrotlet Breeder
Pacific parrotlet breeder in southeastern wisconsin. I raise yellows, lutinos, blues, whites, and greens. All are hand fed, finger tame, and adorable! Greens are $100, Blues are $200, Yellows are $300, Lutinos are $400, and Whites are $500. Availability is always changing! Email: Campbellsport, WI.

Gayle's Aviary

Proven & Bonded pair of Orange winged Amazons
Beautiful pr of Orangewinged Amazons they are wonderful birds and parents Selling due to illness .come with complete setup asking $850.00 Email: Hertel, WI.

Glacier Farm Aviary - ships

Quality show and pet birds
Parrotlets and Lineolated Parakeets. All are closed banded and handfed. Raised in great home enviroment. I am available for you and your baby long after you bring it home. Reservations available on babies Email: Whitewater, WI

Handfed Cockatiels in Wisconsin

West Bend Wisconsin Cockatiels
Babies, adults, breeder pairs! Many colors, ask for availability! Email: West Bend, WI

Handfed Pacific Parrotlets

PARROTLET BREEDER: Greens, Blues, Lutinos, and Yellows
Green and Blue Pacific Parrotlets ready NOW! Hand fed and finger tame, Greens are split to lutino and $100; Blues are $175! Lutinos and Yellows Soon. I also have peach front conure pairs for sale. 4yr old pair is $300 and 10yr old pair is $100 with cage. Feel free to call (920) 533-8862 ! Email: Campbellsport, WI.

Heaven's Nest

small closed aviary
Handfed babies lovebirds, p-letts, congo greys, white front amazons, meyers quakers, white cap pionus, conures: green cheek, and wagglers english budgies, tiels and lovebirds i allow weekly visits to new parents of hand feeding babies email for price and avalibility also acceppting unwanted too's not for breeding Email: New Berlin, WI.

Jedi Impressions

Breeder small exotic birds-Cage accessories-Art work
I specialize in tiels, keets, and exotic finches. Do not ship birds. I supply made to order grapevine accessories for bird cages, play gyms, ect. I also make bird purses, take your bird along to the store, car ride, etc. Email: Indianhead Area, WI

Jovies Fine Congo Greys - ships

Small Breeder specializing in only Congo African Greys
We are very small breeder who custom raise our babies for you. we only have 4 congo grey breeding pairs so are very specialized and pay lots of attention to our babies, seldom do we have more than 3 babies at a time this allows us to raise very very sweet babies Email: Milwaukee, WI

Julies Lovebirds

julies lovebirds
I sell lovebirds. I handfed and handraise them. I sell them for sixty each. I will have them DNA testing done at your cost. I will have them banded at your cost. No shipping. Email: Madison, WI.

Kidds Kralde - ships

Certified Avain Specialist - Breeder of Macaws
Spoon fed babies: Illigers, Milligold, Blue & Gold, Catalina, Scarlets. Currently have numerous babies. Email: Green Bay, WI.

Lil' Cheap Cheeps - ships

Lilí Cheap Cheeps has friendly pet quality cockatiels and other parrots
We have friendly pet quality cockatiels, caiques, sun conures, pionus, quakers and other parrots. All babies get lots of time for cuddling & playtime outside of their cage. We believe this creates a bird that is friendly & comfortable with people. Our goal is to have our birds leave our home with a sweet and cuddly disposition Email: Delavan, WI

Little Bunny Haven

Hand-Raised Jenday Conures, Senegal Parrots. Small animal supplies, cages
We hand-raise all of our baby birds. Also, USDA licensed for chinchillas, dwarf bunnies. We sell custom cages and supplies. Email: Superior, WI.

Lori's Bird House - ships

Hobby Breeder of Finches, Cockatiels, and Exotic Parrrots
I specialize in well socialized and hand fed babies. I offer Exotic Finches, Parakeets, Cockateils, Normals and mutations, Lovebirds, Greencheek Conures, Quakers, Jardines, and Amazons. Please call (608) 539-5032 or email for availability. Trempealeau, WI

Mary's Aviary

WI Breeder of Budgies
Have a pair of breeding parakeets, has had 4 healthy clutches, laying more eggs. Female is almost all bright yellow, male is green and yellow. Many hand fed, tame babies for sale or trade, also. Breeder pair of cockatiels for sale, also, but fem. plucked feathers from male Email: Campbellsport, WI.

Mary's Birds - ships

Handfed baby birds - Cages, toys
Specializing in hand-fed domestic baby birds. Pionus - Dusky, Blue Head, Maxi, White Cap, Bronze Wing. Several Amazon species, White Earred Conures, African Greys. Large selection of new toys and used cages. Boarding & grooming available. (920) 452-8057 Email: Sheboygan, WI

Mesh Aviary - ships

Top breeder of English Budgies in ( St.Lucia. w.i.)
top of the line english budgies at a most reasonable price and ship to almost any location, so those of you interested feel free to contact me at email. and also have for sale bird dewormers and plastic rings, feather shampoo and tonics, vitamins ect. Castries, stlucia WI.

Northwoods Bird Eutopia - ships

Raising quality handfed babies, so that you have a friend for life!
We have the following birds; please check back frequently for availibility on babies and singles. We also are constantly adding new birds, so if you don't see it here, ask! Cockatiels, lovebirds, zebra finches, parrotlets, quakers, and the following conures: green cheek, sun, peach front, mitred. Email: Crandon, WI.

The Parrot Aviary

Breeder of domestic hand-fed, well-socialized baby parrots
We raise African Greys (Congo), Blue-Fronted Amazons and Red-Sided Eclectus. All babies are weaned, vet-checked and health guaranteed. Cages/Toys/Supplies available. Pigeon Falls, WI Email:

The Parrot Castle

Monroe, Wi Sweet Pet Birds!
Caring breeder of Cockatiels, Lovebirds, English budgies, Conures, Red bellies, Senegals, Macaws, Pionus., Rosellas, Ringnecks Other species available at times. Email: Monroe, WI

Pat's Pet Parlor

Baby budgies (parakeets) and handfed baby cockatiels
Located in Southeastern Wisconsin. American variety. $15 each. Cockatiel babies $75-$100 (handfed) Also available, young male cockatiels, talkers. Will not ship. E-mail

Perched on a Pickett Aviary - ships

We are a small breeder of home raised hand fed parrots
We Breed Macaws - Blue and gold, Green wing and Scarlet, Amazons, Jardines, African Grey and Sun Conures. Email: La Crosse, WI.

Quality Cockatiels

Loving Breeder
Baby Lutino Cockatiels for sale weaned, hand tamed, and friendly. Email: Milwaukee, WI

Rainbow Aviary

We are a small in Home Aviary
We pride ourselves in our breeding and taming of our Handfed birds They are loveable, affectionate companion Lovebirds and Cockatiels. We offer various color mutations in both species of birds. Check out our Website for prices and availability of birds we have at the time. Email: Sparta, WI

Riverside Aviary

WI Breeder of Cockatiels, Enlish Budgies, Rosie Bourkes
Handfed, loveable birds of rare colors. Located in Racine, WI 53404 telephone 262-639-6147 email view at

Sheydes Of Grey Aviary - ships

Exclusive Breeder of African Grey Congos and Timnehs
Hobby breeder specializing exclusively in African Grey Congos & Timnehs. All babies hand-fed, abundance weaned, socialized with family members and other pets in very loving environment. Health guaranteed. Shipping available for weaned babies. Email: Montello, WI.

Silver Mountain Aviary - ships

Responsible breeder of medium to large parrots
Hand spoon fed babies for sale, specialing in Ducorp cockatoos, African Greys, Hybrid Macaws, various Amazons and more. Downsizing breeder pairs and singles "Making avian species available for the generations that follow." Email: Near Green Bay, WI

Theropod Aviary - ships

Opaline Peachface Lovebirds
Beautiful lovebirds showcasing the opaline peachface. Various combinations available. See web page for availability. Shipping via airlines at buyers expense. Email: Watertown, WI.


Breeders of sweet home handfed birds
Handfed tiels, Eng.budgies and lovies to good families. Also some bree available to breeders only . Lisa in Richland Center, WI PHONE 608-647-3230 or EMAIL

Touch of Eden Aviary - ships

Small,home avairy specializing in companion quality baby Eclectus parrots.
Loving, beautiful, hand-fed, well socialized baby Eclectus. $900. S.I., Red side, Vos available. Breeder parents completely tested for all diseases! Babies sold w/health guarantee, supply of diet, and unlimited phone support. Will ship. References. Contact Nita @1-715-834-3949 Email: Eau Claire, WI.

Van-Miller Aviary - ships

Specializing in Lineolated Parakeets and Masked Lovebirds
Hand fed & hand raised Lineolated (linnies) Parakeets: all mutations. Breeder pairs of Masked Lovebirds: Dilute greens & blues, blues, mauve and normal splits. Email for prices & availability. Prices reflect mutations. Will ship at buyer's expense. Deposits recommended. Email: Whitewater, WI

Willow & Co

Breeder of small to medium exotic birds - Parrots foods and Supplements
Baby birds hand raised in home setting. Meyer's, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Rainbow Lories, Indian Ringnecks, Black Headed Caique's, Nanday and Green Cheek Conures and more! Goldenfeast and The BirdCare Company products. Near Milwaukee, WI 262-532-2548 or 414-453-3169 email: Lannon, WI


Camel Kountry - ships

Camel Kountry Birds
We raise a wide variety of birds, Finches to Macaws, Shipping through Airlines. Please contact us for additional information. Email: Casper, WY.

Jacque's Darling Birds - ships

Small Home Breeder
I have handfed cockatiels and parrotlets available. Email: Casper, WY

Linda's Bird House

Hobby Breeder
I have have a variaty of cockatiels (greys, pearls, cinnimons), Button Quails, Yellow Peached Faced Love Birds (some mutations, a few greens), RingNecked Doves. Tiels, & Love birds $45.00@, Buttons & Doves $15.00@. Send inquires to Sheridan, WY.
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