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Angies Birds

Pets And Breeder Birds
Breeder cutting back on a few of my birds.. Cockatiels, Lovebirds, english budgies, budgie/parakeet splits, green cheeks, and indian ringnecks. Also some supplies- some cages, seed, toys, millet, and formula. Please visit our website for pictures, and contact info. Email: Knoxville, TN

Bird And Bird - ships

Bird And Bird
finches (pintail whydah full color, orange cheecked, spice finch, bronze winged, orange weaver color, silver bill)(lovebirds lutino, blue mask, black mask, fisher)(parakeets) Email: Smyrna, TN

The Birds Nest

Breeder of Domestic Exotic Birds
Cockatiels, African Ringneck Parrakeets, Indian Ringneck Parakeets, Alexandrine Parrakeets, Senegal Parrots, Sun Conures, Mexican Readheads, Blue Front Amazons, Congo African Greys. 1270 Macedonia Road McKenzie, TN 38201. Phone: (731) 352-7450 Fax: (731) 352-1496 E-Mail:

Birds Of Pearl Aviary

I'm Pearlene I raise birds and am licensed. I have a closed Aviary
I have baby parakeets & budgies at this time and Goffin TOO's on eggs I will meet in reasonable distance of NC, TN, KY & VA Email: Luttrell, TN.

Birds of the World - ships

Finches for sale
Gouldians-Normal, Yellow, Blue. Shafttails-Normal, Fawn, Cream. Stars-Redface, Yellowface. Javas-Normal, Fawn, White, Silver. Parsons-Normal, Fawn, Cream. Owls-Normal, Fawn. Masked Grass. Email: Gatlinburg, TN

Fabulous Finch - ships

Lady Gouldian Finch Breeder and Bird Care Products
Specialty Breeder of Lady Gouldian Finches. Bird Care Supplements and Medications for all species. Gouldian artwork merchandise. Proud sponsor of "Save the Gouldian Fund." Call (877) FINCH-FF or (877) 346-2433 Open 9am-7pm Central (Closed Sunday) Email: Murfreesboro, TN

Fall St Aviary

We Have Been Breeding Birds For More Than 50years
we breed macaws, cockatoos, cockatilles, finches, parakeets, doves and lovebirds. Call 615-227-6327.........Thank you ....... Email: Nahville, TN

Feather Frenzy - ships

Feather Frenzy...Handfed cockatiels
We will be running short on birds soon. THe end of the season is comming. Get your birds soon, before the wait gets long. Will ship. Sweet weened OR handfed baby cockatiels Email: Clarksville, TN.

Hookbill Haven Aviary - ships

Breeding adorable baby birds for over 23 years!
We raise happy, HEALTHY handfed Amazons, Conures, Goffin Cockatoos, African Greys, Pionus, Senegals and ALBS banded Lovebirds. Excellent refs. Visit our web site at: Breeder pairs and pets avail. Ph.: 615-325-5752 NEW email: Portland, TN.

Iron Mountain Finches

Breeders of Australian and African Finches
NFSS banded Blue Gouldians, White Shafttails, Plumheads, Owls, Pied and yellow faced Stars, Blackcheek Zebras, Goldbreasted, Redheaded Finch, Sydneys Waxbills, White-bellied African Canaries, Societies, and much more. call 423-538-4344 or e-mail. Email: Bristol, TN.

Lotus Birds

Breeder of Finches, Lovebirds, Tiels, Keets and Lets
Peachface babies, Normal and Blue Black masked Lovebirds, Fishers all Cockatiels, Parakeets, many Finch varieties, Parrotlets, BH Pionus. All, hand fed abudance weaned and very tame Email: Decatur, TN

Papis Aviary - ships

Bird breeders for quality not quantity
Gouldian finches and Gloster canaries. Pacific parrotlets. Email: Knoxville, TN

The Parrot Patch - ships

Exotic Birds, Cages & Supplies
We offer a huge selection of Exotic Birds, Cages and Supplies. Amazons, Cockatoos, Conures, Lovebirds, Macaws, Parrotlets, Ringnecks & Senegals. All hand fed and raised with love and attention. Diffrent spec available at diffrent times so check our web site or E-Mail us Newport, TN

Parrotlets and Friends - ships

We raise all kinds of birds
Parrotlets Splits, Double Splits, Blue, Yellows Whites. Ring Necks. Green Cheek Mutations. Love Birds and Lineolated. Also looking for female Linnies. Email: Manchester, TN

Pet Birds Wrhse & Aviary - ships

Breeders of Exotic Birds and Bird Food Distributors
Specializing in Hand Raised, Home Grown Congo African Greys, Amazons and Macaws, etc. Carry complete line of L'Avian Plus food and other brands. We ship anywhere. 22910 Main St. E. Huntingdon, TN. 38344 Phone 731-986-1271 Fax 731-986-2583. Email: Huntingdon, TN.

Ptf Aviary And Bird Rescue - ships

Breeder Of Exotic Birds And Finding Great Homes For The Ones That Can't
specializing in hand fed baby birds. i have several breeds and will continue to broaden my familey. i am getting set up to do boarding and grooming also. i am doing bird rescue to help with unwanted or problem birds to find good home i spoil my birds as best i can. and more with the ones that need it more. African Greys, Amazons, Caiques, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Conures, Eclectus, Lories, Lovebirds, Macaws, Parakeets, Parrotlets, Pionus, Ringnecks, Senegals. Email: Greeneville, TN

Quality Baby Parrots - ships

Quality hand-fed baby parrots
Healthy, Handfed, Pampered Baby Parrots. We specialize in amazons, african greys, cockatoos, eclectus, conures, and meyers. All babies ar well socialized, abundance weaned, and come with a health gurantee. We are a small private aviary where only the best will do for our feather Email: Clarksville, TN

Ramblewood Farm

Hand Fed And Hand Raised Babies
Cockatiels, all color mutations available. Lovebirds, mostly peachfaced or pied some whitefaced and blackmasked also available. Finches we have a wide variety, parakeets of all colors. Green Cheek Conures. Canaries and Rosellas . Very affordable. Email for more details. Email: Spring City, TN

Rebecca's Aviary

Small closed aviary
Now offering Bronze Wing Pionus babies and Congo African Grey Babies. Due to pull from nest on June 11th. You must be able to hand feed. Babies will not be shipped. Email: Church Hill, TN

Rising Isis Loft - ships

Rocing / Homing/ Pigeons. High Quality Bloodlines
These birds are first rate, some are from parents costing $1000 per pair.They have the motivation to win, i.e. get home ASAP!!!!!! I have also used some of these birds as incubators for McCaw eggs , and cockatiel eggs with successful hatches... So they can be useful to exotic breeders... I am overstocked, CHEAP$ Email: Bluff City, TN.

Schermars Tropical Birds & Kennel

We are a small Aviary in North Tennessee
We breed and hand-feed Cockatiels, Jendays, Parrotlets, Parrakeet's and Finch We sometime have breeders for sale and buy breeders. We are in North Tennessee. Email: Lafayette, TN


1 Perching At The Ritz - ships

Texas Pride in Raising Our Baby Parrots since 1977 Also Consulting
We handfeed every baby parrot Our babies are weaned to a healthy pelleted diet w/variety of fruit & veggies.We currently raise Cockatoos, Macaw, Conures, Hawkheaded, Cameroon Congo Greys, Amazons. Would like to help consult with you on boosting your avian production. I have almost 30 yrs experience Email: San Antonio, TX

A&A Birds

Small breeder of birds I located in New Braunfels TX
we have some babys and some breeders for sale at this time . we breed any thing from finches to macaws Email: New Braunfels, TX

A C 's Exotic Dove Site - ships

We have over 10 Acres of breeding pens full of exotic doves. Take a look!
If you are looking for doves than stop by a take a look. If you do not see what you are looking for email me. I have a large variety, including; Daimond Doves Mountain Witch, Lace Neck, Wonga Pigeons, Barshoulder, Bronzewing Crested, and many many more! Hope you drop by!! Email: Wharton, TX.

AA Aviary

All birds/parrots are hand-raised in a family atmosphere.
We hand raise all our birds/parrots. Conures, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Greys, Amazons, Pionus, Parrotletts, Quakers, Eclectus and more. Email: Brookshire, TX.

Allen Aviary

Breeder of Rare & Endangered Species
Breed Hyacinths, blue throats, major mitchells, queens, rosebreasted, w/b caiques, yellowshoulders & panama amazons. Large selection of macaws, mini macaws, cockitoos, greys. and other african birds. I sell wholesale and retail. Call Shay at 214-597-9291 Email: Irving, TX

Angel Wings Aviary

Specializing in Parrotlets, Lovebirds and African Greys
Green Rumps, Pacifics and Fallow Parrotlets. Lovebirds (Blue/Black Masks, Violets, Cobalts, Peach face, Dutch Blues, and Dutch Blue Violets.) and sweet smart African Greys.. Bird boarding and grooming available. If I don't sell the bird you want, I can find one for you. Professional Bird Locator. Email: Corpus Christi, TX

Avian Angels - ships

Specializing in hand reared parrots
We offer african greys, rosebreasted cockatoos, caiques, eclectus, and canaries. All of babies are raised with the utmost patience and love. They are only shipped to thier new homes after fully weaned. Email: Elgin, TX

Avian Companions

Breeder Of Special Cockatoos
Specializing in all White Cockatoo Species, with Information on Care, Training, Photographs, Species Descriptions, Videos, Links Rockwall, Texas E-Mail

Aviaries Of South Texas

Breeder of Gouldian Finches & Bourkes in South Texas!!!
I raise all mutations of gouldians including yellow backs, dilutes, and white breasteds. I also raise bourke mutations such as normal (splits), rosie, and rainbows. Please email for more info: Sinton, TX.

Aviary Perfections

Breeder of exotic pet birds
We raise many birds, most our babies are hand fed. We offer many mutations of Budgies, Cockatiels, MANY MANY types of finches (please ask we probably have it) rosellas, diamond doves, scarlet chested grasskeets, vos Eclectus, Grosbeaks, Honey Creepers, Canaries, Quakers, Ringnecks Bourkes, and many more! Email: Wichita Falls, TX

The Back Perch - ships

Breeding the most lovable, handfed baby parrots
Goffin's Cockatoos, Yellow-naped Amazons, Sun, Gold-capped, White-eared Emma, Green-cheeked and other Conures, White-faced Cockatiels, Bourke's mutation Parakeets. Email: In The Heart Of The Hill Country, TX.

Bayou Bird Nest

Family Owned & Operated SE Texas Aviary
Caring experienced tropical breeder, emphasis on tame friendly pets. Hand-raised exotic babies. Greys, Amazons, Budgies, Tiels, Suns, Nandays, pineapple GCs, Patagonians, Lories, Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Quakers & Senegals, Bourkes etc. Raised in climate-controlled environement. Will make a well-adjusted, smart & happy pet to join your family. Visit our website. Now updated regularly. --See you soon.! Email: Beaumont, TX

Beaks and Paws Aviary and Kennel - ships

Quality Exotic Birds, Cages And Supplies
We are a Central Texas based aviary and kennel and we specialize in quality exotic birds. We proudly raise lovebirds, cockatiels (various mutations including rare emerald), quakers (blue and green), congo african greys, macaws. Cages and supplies are also available, (254) 213-4942, Killeen, TX

Bill & Sandy Olsen - ships

Breeders of 7 varieties of hand-fed lories
We raise Chatterings, Red Moluccans, Duskies, Green Nape Rainbows, Swainson Rainbows, Violet Napes, and Black Caps Email: Hamilton, TX.

Bing's Wings - ships

Bing's Wings Bird Aviary and Breeder
We are a closed aviary breeding large and medium sized Parrots - African Greys, Amazons, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Conures, Lovebirds, Macaws, Quakers. All breeders are in outdoor flight aviaries with partial protection for the elements. All breeder birds recieve a very specialized diet with fresh fruits and veggies everyday. All babies hand fed with TLC!! Email: Katy, TX

The Birdman

Breeder of Exotic birds. Macaws, Amazons, African Greys (Congo and Timney) Email: San Antonio, TX.

Birds For U - ships

Birds For U Aviary
We are small aviary specializing in handfed, sweet, babies, that are well socialized. Babies are weaned onto a natural pellet, fruits and vegetables. Babies are taught proper play times both in and out of their cages. Cockatoos, Greys, Macaws, Amazons, Lories, Softbills, Caiques, Eclectus. Email: Houston, TX

Birds Of A Feather Aviary - ships

Breeder Whiteface Cockatiels and Indian Ringnecks
We are a small aviary that specializes in breeding Whiteface heavy pied cockatiels and Indian Ringnecks. Babies are handfed, socialized, and abundance weaned. We strive to match our birds with buyers who will give them a Email: San Antonio, TX.

Birds Of A Feather Aviary Dallas - ships

Experienced Pet Birds Breeder Based In Dallas
cockatiels, amazons, greys, cockatoos, eclectus, macaws, finches, parakeets hyacinth macaws, blue and gold macaws. simply email for more details Email: Dallas, TX

Birds Of All Colors

Small Private Breeder
Hand fed, Loveable, Tame, Child friendly Cockatiels. We raise many different mutations of Cockatiels. Split to blue Quakers, Split to blue Indian Ringnecks, Peach face Lovebirds, and more. Please check out our site for more info. Thank You, Chris Email: Bridgeport, TX

Black Orchid Farms - ships

Breeder of Cockatiels and Bourkes
Specializing in hand-fed babies all the way up to breeders. Contact Black Orchid Farms, P.O. Box 412, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482 P:(903)-885-4096 or Em:

Black Stump Hollow Farm - ships

Breeder of hand fed companion African Grey babies
Our weaned babies bond readily to men and women. We accept a deposit of $200 to hold a baby until ready to ship. We ship by air depending on weather conditions. Congo baby $800 Timneh baby $700 Shipping additional. Email: Canyon Lake, TX

Blue Mine Birds - ships

The best pet parrot breeders you can find. The sale is never over.
We raise over 22 types of parrots to fit your needs. All our babies are loved, socialized and beautiful. We are always there to help you and teach you. Our customers become life long friends. 24 hours a day 365 days a year our family is dedicated to helping you do it right with your new parrot. Call on us first. Email: Azle And Ft Worth, TX.

Branding Iron Aviary

Texas Breeder
Babies for sell most of the time. Quakers, several types of conures, White capp pionus Yellow napes, Grays. Meyer Also have lovebirds but, do not hand feed them Will sell out of nest on any of theses birds to exp. handfeeders.Sorry I do not shipp. Email: Ft Worth, TX

Bright Acres

Breeder of Quaker and African Grey Parrots near Houston, TX... 979-865-5282
Unweaned chicks to experienced hand feeders, weaned chicks, & occasionally adult birds. Unrelated DNA sexed chicks usually available For more information see Email: Sealy, TX.

Canary Connection

The American Singer Canary - Breeder and Exhibitor
Quality banded American Singer Canaries. Limited number available. Will not ship. Located in the Heart of Texas Email: Bedford, TX

Cele Birds - ships

Breeder of quality Lineolated Parakeets
We have a closed disease free aviary. Our birds are abundance weaned, allowed to fldge, and bonded if paired with a partner. We specialize in the Lineolated Parakeets. We deliver across the US, and will meet within one hour's drive of Austin, TX. E-mail:

CenTex Feathered Friends

Wholesale prices! Not a breeder, Just a handfeeder Quality Pets!
Wanna know where I get Hand fed Greys as low as $500, Amazons $350, Macaws $400, Quakers $45, C-toos $600 & much more @ whole sale prices? Adults & breeders even cheaper! Iíll give you a Name, Location & Phone #. Not a scam and I'll prove it In Person. Email me for details! Email: Kempner, TX

Classical Cheeks - ships

Breeder of hand-fed and well socialized Green Cheek Conures
We hand raise our birds. We have Yellowsided, Pineapples, Turquoises, Cinnamon and many other mutations. They are well socialized with kids and other animals. We ship at buyer's expense. All our birds are DNA Sexed. Visit our website or email us for additional information at Corpus Christi, TX

Cloud Dancers

Baby Lovebirds raised in family home
Many colors: peachfaced, pied, creaminos, latinos, dutch blues and violets. Raised with love and care. Feed on seed and fresh vegtables. will not ship but will drive up to 60 miles. Email for colors in nursery. Sometimes tame handfed babies. Email: Austin, TX

Concord Aviary

Sprcializing in Grasskeets
We are a small breeder in Waco, TX. We specialize in Scarlet Breasted Grasskeets and Pink Rosey Bourke Grasskeets. Also Lady Gouludian, society and zebra fiches and American singer canaries. Email:

The Creator's Critters

Providing The Creator's Critters To You At An Affordable Price
We offer cockatiels ($35-70), quakers($60-250), african greys ($500-1200), macaws (800-1500) to you at an affordable price. Other birds available on request. We will discuss price and payment options after you have contacte us. We are looking forward to serving your pet needs. Email: Fort Worth, TX.

Dannyella's Birds

Specializing in hand-fed domestic baby birds in Corpus Christi Texas
Black Haed Caique, Green & Blue Quaker baby, African Congos Baibes Eclectus Redside & Vos. Also some breeder birds. " No Shipping" DNA available. Form more information please call 361 993-8740 Email: Corpus Christi, TX

Daybreak Aviary

East Texas Bird Breeder
Located between Tyler and Canton. I raise and breed parakeets, finches, lovebirds, cockatiels, quakers, ringnecks, and doves. Will trade. Will take in any unwanted birds. Bird sitting services also. Email: Ben Wheeler, TX

Dam Birds - ships

Hand fed domestic baby birds-Parrotlets to Hyacinth Macaws
Certified Avian Specialist . Extreamly large selection of birds to choose from. Macaws, Mini Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, Rare Amazons, Grays, Eclectus Rosellas, Asians, P.O.W.'s, and Parrotlets all hand fed. Some breeders also available. Will ship any where. Ph. 512-273-2451 8am-8pm central time only. Email: Blue, TX.

Davids Canaries & Finches

Canary Gouldian Finch Breeder
canaries red factor and gloster $75 gouldian finch $60 to$125 Houston, TX 713-320-6667 Email:

Dian's Colorbred Canaries

Colorbred canary breeder and parrotlet breeder
Young premium quality colorbred canaries. Pet male singers and parrotlets Dian Clark, (972) 492-2213 Carrollton, TX 75007. VISA & MC accepted. Email:

Donna's Feathered Friends - ships

Breeder of Lady Gouldians and Society Finches
Breeder of Lady Gouldians (all mutations) and Society Finches. Shipping is available. Located near Houston, TX. 713-502-3116 or email me at Blues, Split to Blues, Yellow Backs and Normals

Doug's Birds

Breeder of Mixed Color Cockatiels in The Austin Texas area
I am a small breeder of cockatiels, please check my webpage for pictures. I will have babies ready for sale right around Christmas time. Email: Austin, TX

DownUnder Aviary - ships

Breeder of smaller exotic parrots, specializing in Australian Birds
Handfed Birds - Red-capped, Barrabands, Rock Pebblers, Princess of Wales, Rosellas, English Budgies, Yellow Lored Amazons, Mulgas, Red Rumps, Bourkes, Rose breasted Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Hoodeds, White Cap Pionus. Bluebonnets - Contact me for availability. Email: Dripping Springs, TX


Parrotlets, Gouldians
Handfed babies or breeders for sale - Prices from 150.00 and up. Please call 214-333-1499 Email: Dallas, TX

Fancy Pets

Fancy Pets - Your Small Parrot HeadQuarters!
Specializing in hand-fed/hand-tame Lovebirds: Orange-Faced, Orange-Faced Lutino Dutch Blue, Peach-Faced, Pied, Budgies, Blue Pacific Parrotlets, Cockatiels: Lutino, Grey, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Pearled, Pied, Conures: Green-Cheeked, Yellow- Sided, Double Splits, Quakers. Visit for further details. Email: Killeen, TX

Feathered Angels Aviary

Breeder of conures and finches
Green Cheek Conures for Sale. Zebra finches and more. Email: Dallas, TX

Feathered Companions Aviary - ships

Handfed, home-raised babies and adults usually available.
Specializing in Indian Ringneck and Green Cheek Conure color mutations, as well as black capped, sun, and painted conures. Healthy, handfed and socialized youngsters, abundance weaned and flight fledged. Ship via Continental Airlines. Email: Austin, TX.

Feathers and Fur Pets - ships

Dennis and Terri Rocheleau - wholesalers of small animals and birds.
Breeders of exotic birds including lovebirds, all colors, Senegals, Red Bellies, White Cap Pionus, Quakers, Cockatiels, Hahns Macaws, Yellow Collar Macaws, Double Yellow Headed Amazon, Ringnecks (green), Grey Cheek Parakeet, and Black Headed Caiques. Also offering locating services.. Irving, TX. Ph:(214)-408-6947 Em:

Feathers With An Attitude Aviary - ships

Specializing in Pyrrhura Mutations for pets or for breeders.
Specializing in hand-fed Greencheek Conure mutations, Yellow-Sided, Cinnamon's, Pineapples, Splits, and Blues. Available as pets or breeders as well as several other species like Sun Conures ect. Please visit out Web site for current availability and prices. Email: Liberty Hill, TX.

Fids Only - ships

Small aviary closing so owner can travel A few pairs of birds left
Quakers, Green Cheek Conures, Female White Eared(semi-tame), Female Senegal(tame and talking. Needs beak trimmed monthly) Email: Elgin, TX

Floyd's Baby Birds - ships

Breeders of domestic hand fed baby birds
Specializing in cinnamon cockatiels, sun conures, senegals, quakers green and blue, petz conures, green cheek conures cinnamon and yellow sided. We also sell unweaned babies to experienced hand feeders. Email: Fort Worth, TX

Flying High Aviary

Babies for sale
Quakers, Lilac Crown Amazons, Blue/Gold Macaws, and Cockatoos reasonable price on babies or willing to trade for equal value. Email phone 903-522-2000 Kilgore, TX

Friesenhahn's Aviary - ships

wholesale available
I have cockatiels, lovebirds, finches, and quakers for sale Email: San Antonio, TX.

Full Nest Aviary - ships

Breeder of exotic birds Distributor for cages, pet foods and pet supplies
We hand-raise sweet and well socialized parrot babies: African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Conures, Eclectus, Blue & Gold Macaws, and Hahns Mini Macaws. Large selection of cages, toys, supplies available. We ship anywhere in the USA . (512) 990-0833 Email: Austin, TX

The Gouldian Lady - ships

Breeder of Lady Gouldian Finches, Retailer of The Birdcare Company Products
Breeder of Gouldian Finches, all mutations and shipping available. See my newly re-designed website for pictures of birds. Retailer of The Birdcare Company products of the United Kingdom. Available, Daily Essentials #1&3, Calciboost Sansiclen, Feast, Guardian Angel, Feather Up, Pro Boost Super Max and much more Email: Houston, TX.

Gouldiangal's Gouldian Finches

Beautiful, healthy finches for sale
Small time breeder--Raising gouldian finches is a hobby for me so I do have babies to sell from time to time(normals & mutations). I simply can't keep them all so I sell the young goulds when they color out. If you are looking for gouldians in this area then please contact me. Email: Fort Worth, TX

Grey Feather Aviary - ships

Breeders of Exotic Birds- Ph 281-930-1797
We specialize in Congo and Timneh African Greys, White Bellied Caiques, Black Head Caiques, Eclectus, Greenwing Macaws, B&G Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, Military Macaws, and Sun Conures! We ship anywhere in the US. Health Guarantee on weaned babies. Discounts available when purchasing multiple birds. Located near Houston Texas. Email: Pasadena, TX

Growing Things - ships

Growing Things
~~Specializing in Pallid Blue (aka Cinnamon blue aka Ice blue) Quakers~~ I'm a hobby breeder so my prices are very reasonable. I have green quakers, pallid blue quakers (aka dark-eyed cinnamon quakers) and blue mutation parrotlets. Email: Near San Antonio, TX

Hillside Aviary - ships

Specializing in hand fed baby birds
Muloccan Cockatoos, Umbrellas, SI Eclectus-Vose-Red Sided Eclectus, African Greys, greencheeked, sun, peachfront, cherryhead & halfmoon Conures, blue&gold, scarlet, greenwing & hahns.Macaws, Caiques Email: New Braunfels, TX

Home Breeder - Rose

Home breeder- small exotic birds
lots of hand feed love birds reasonably priced 281-300-9577 Spring, TX 77373 Email:

House of Feathers Aviary - ships

Breeder of beautiful hand fed babies and some breeder birds
We currently breed; Indian Ringnecks (many colors & mutations), Alexandrines, Sun Conures (some Red Factor), Cinnamon GC Conures, Princess of Wales, Meyer's Parrots, Rosey & Fallow Bourkes and English Budgies (some violets). We can be reached at :713.302.8661, Mon. - Sat. 10:00am - 5:30pm. Email: Houston, TX

K G Aviary

Small breeder of many different species. From quail to conures!
I am a small breeder of many different species located in SE Texas. We own and breed finches, doves, quail, lovebirds, parakeets, quakers, cockatiels, senegals and much more! contact Kyle at or 281 350 4529 or visit my website at Spring, TX.

L & M Aviaries - ships

Breeder Of Caiques and Congo African Greys
Specializing in Parent reared / Hand fed babies birds. White Bellied & Black Headed Caiques and Congo African Greys. Email: Tyler, TX.

L & T's Aviaries - ships

We breed, hand raise, and rehabillitate cockatiels.
We hand raise cockatiels from the age of 2 weeks. They beg to be with you. Grey, Pieds, Pearls, and Lutinos. Breeder and pet quality. Blood sexing is available for $20. If the bird is purchased in town, we do offer boarding for our babies. We also like to keep tabs on our babies to find out how things are going. Email: Houston, TX.

Lees Wings

Breeder and Conservationist for long term survival.
We specialize in parrot husbandry. We offer a limited amout of offspring a year. Possible trades or purchases for our programs survival.All parrots in need of a home are accepted regardless of disposition.23 years experience with Psittacines Seminars avialiable. E-Mail: Fort Worth, Texas Fort Worth, TX.

Little Birdies - ships

Breeder of Exotic Birds
I handfeed and sell baby birds. Parrotlets. Green Cheeked, Sun, Crimson Bellie Black Cap and Emma Conures. Red Rumps, normal, pied, and Opaline. Rosellas, Crimson Wings, Rubino, and Stanley. Mulgas. Goldies Lorikeets. I ship. Email: Austin, TX

Little Elm Parrots - ships

Family Owned / Operated breeder of large macaws to cockatiels
We hand-feed / hand-raise our babies in our home. We breed large macaws, african greys, cockatoos, cockatiels. We also carry a huge assortment of cages, playstands and toys. We ship domestic only. Free shipping on all cages, playstands, toys. Email: Little Elm, TX

Lone Star Bird Farm - ships

Wholesale Parakeets
No. 2 birds and adult's. Email: Honey Grove, TX.

Long Branch Aviary - ships

Breeder of African Birds
Specialzing in african greys , lovebirds , red bellies , and meyers. I have hand fed babies, parrent raised babies and some that were hand fed and put out with other birds to be future breeders . Email: Azle, TX.

Lorelei's Keets

Lorelei's Keets
Lorelei's Keets Availiable colors sky blue, turquoise and violet. Future colors sea foam green, white, green, yellow, and aqua. Experienced breeder for 15 years. Call anytime @ 903-465-2492. Occasionally other birds and exotic animals available. Email: Denison, TX.

Mancuso Farm - ships

Exotic Birds, Game Birds, and Poultry
We raise parakeets, cockatiels, quakers, ring necks , whites, diamond doves, double yellow heads, and cockatoos, conure's and love birds Also available pheasant, quail, chuckers, peacocks, poultry, and rabbits. Hand fed babies and breeders available Email: Baytown, TX.

Maricede Birds - ships

I am a retired biologist breeding birds for a hobby
Black-headed Caiques; Lineolated Parakeets, Scarlet chesteds. Fully weaned; DNA sexed; closed banded; friendly and love attention. Will ship by Delta from Houston, TX. Email: Galveston, TX

Marigold's Fancy Finches

I am a Hobby Breeder of the Lady Gouldian and Crested Society Finches
I breed, raise and sell Lady Gouldians and Crested Society Finches. Many different Head Colors, PB/WB Normals. Raised in a large Community Aviary. Individual cages for special color breeding of Lady Gouldians and Society Finches. Our birds are raised in an AC and Heated Bird House. Email: New Caney, TX

Marshall's Aviary

African Grey Breeder & Hobbyist
Devoted entirely to raising Congo African Gey Parrots. Hand fed & pampered babies usually available Spring & Fall Birds, cages, manuals, feed and free advice! Pictures and descriptions available thru e-mail Email: San Antonio, TX

McDonald Bird Farm - ships

Large volumes of parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds and finches
Wholesale Parakeets in large volumes. Also wholesale cockatiels, lovebirds and finches. Excellent quality birds since 1975. We ship nationwide. 830-895-5864 Email: Kerrville, TX

Melbirds Aviary

Breeders of exotic birds & supplies
Handfed babies , will also sell babies out of the nest , must be able to buy the whole clutch. Congo Greys, Amazons, Macaws, Alexandrians, Mini- Macaws, Blue Crown Conures, White Cap Pionus, Parraletts, Sun Conures, Quakers & Blue Quakers, also food supplies and cages.817-726-4660 Email: Hurst, TX

Munch Ranch Exotics - ships

We host internet sites which specialize in exotic birds, animals, & pets has many bird clubs, private aviaries, pet organizations and businesses. We host artist, magazines and veterinarians. Besides birds, we have animals such as miniature horses and mini kangaroos (wallaroos), Chinese Crested hairless & powderfuff dogs, hypoallergenic Russian cats, Serval cats, & Cavies. Email: Eustace, TX.

My Pet House - Texas

Quality Breeder of Feathered Friends
Finches: Gouldians, Society, Fancy Zebra, Java, Shafttail; Fancy Cockatiels, Green Cheek Conures, Quakers: green, blue, pallid, Senegals Lovebirds, English Budgies and American Parakeets and Bourkes: cream, red, rosey, fallow Email: Newton, TX

Old World Aviaries - ships

Hand-fed, fully weaned babies--Eclectus, Greys, and Poicephalus.
We specialize in Eclectus, Greys, and Poicephalus. We have Red-sided, Solomon Island, Grand, and Vosmaeri Eclectus. Congo and Timneh Greys. Our Poicephalus include Capes, Jardines, Meyers, Senegals, Red-bellies and Brown-heads. Cape Parrots are a key focus of our aviary. We're a Roudybush distributor and offer wholesale prices. Scott, Austin, TX. (512)-928-1200 or Em:

Parrot Passion - ships

Hand fed Baby Parrots- Highly Socialized
Hand fed babies- WB & BH Caiques- Congo African Greys- Red fronted, Blue & Gold, Green winged Macaws- Goffin's, Ducorp's, Citron, Umbrella, Triton & Moluccan Cockatoo's- Eclectus RS & SI - Hawk headed Parrots. Deposits- Visa/MC & PayPal Welcome - Discount Cages Available Email: Tyler, TX

Parrot Pets

small to medium birds hand raised and socialized
Available at any given time are Finches, cockatiels, lovebirds, canaries Eclectus, (various)Conures . All babies are hand fed and tamed with lots of love and care. Prices are below retail and all babies are fully weaned out. Will take deposites on any birds being fed out. Email: Dallas, TX.

Parrotbreeder Com - ships

Wholesale Hand Feeding Babies * Nationwide Shipping
Please visit us for current price list and availability. We offer weaned and unweaned Macaws, Amazons, Cockatoos, Greys, Eclectus, & Conures. We also provide sexing, shipping, and customer service. We accept deposits and payments. 1-903-759-0800 Email: Longview, TX.

Parrotphernalia Plus

Black headed caiques and blue quakers
Small, specialized breeder offering the cutest black headed caiques and blue & split/blue quakers. Babies are loved and played with every day and weaned to a healthy diet of pellets, fresh vegetables, fruit, etc. Also check out our website for unique toys, food and more! Email: Richmond, TX

Perching At The Ritz - ships

Perching At The Ritz
We take pride in being able to provide birds at a reasonable price to those who are intrigued with their intellectual uniqueness as we are We hope you find the world of parrots as interesting and exciting as we do. Congo, Timneh & Camaroon African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos and more. Email: Arlington, TX

Pet-planet Aviary

Breeder of Exotic Finches & Grass Parrots
Located in Southest TX, we have a large outdoor aviary with over 30 species of exotic finches, as well as many breeds of Grass Parrots. We also have a full line of bird care products available. Janice & Bob Door Sweeny, TX. (979) 345-7387. e-mail Sweeny, TX.

Pineywood Parrots - ships

**** Hand-Raised Baby Birds ****
We offer African Greys, Eclectus, Cockatoos, Amazons, & Hahns McCaws! We take great pride in the love that we give each baby bird to prepare them for a family environment. We provide plenty of hands on attention for each baby. For more info check us out on the web - Email: East, TX

Pink Bird Place

Specializing in Rosy Bourke's "The Pink Parakeet" and Splendid Grasskeets
Rosy Bourke's Grasskeets (Rainbows & Sunshines and other mutations) and Splendids (the Scarlet Chested Grasskeets) in Cinnamons & Normals. Over 30 years breeding birds. No shipping, but visitors welcome to aviary in southeast Fort Worth. Birds for sale year round. Email: Fort Worth, TX

Priscilla's Feathered Friends

A stay at home Mother who loves to watch and raise baby birds !
We are a small aviary of little lovebirds . These birds are smart , playful , and lots of fun . They make excellent companion birds . We suggest you buy a pair of them if you dont have alot of time . Many colors and mutations to come After sale support , health garanteed 281 592-5445 Email: Cleveland, TX.

Quality Birds - ships

Pacific Mutation Parrotlets and Green Rumps
I have handfed and parent raised mutation parrotlets in yellow, blue, fallow, lutino and albino. Also splits and double splits of the above. I have Green Rump Viridissimus and deliciosus and Spectacles. Also Conures: sun, black capped, crimson bellied & green cheek, Lories, barabands, mulgas, redrumps, Rosellas. e-mail: or phone Phyliss 512-459-5014. Austin, TX.

Queen's Pride Aviary - ships

Breeder of Hand Fed Amazons, Caiques, Greys and Pionus.
Specializing in Amazons-Blue Fronted, Doub. Yellow Head, Green Cheek, Red Lore, White Fronted and Yellow Nape.Caiques-White Belly.Greys-Timneh & Congos. Pionus-Blue Head,Bronze Wing,Coral Billed, Dusky, Maxi's and White Caps.We ship in the USA. Contact Bob,Twin Sisters, TX. ph:830-885-6189

Rainbow Realm Aviaries - ships

Breeder of Companion Exotic Birds
We offer handfed, well socialized sweet baby birds from our Closed Aviary! Our focus is on a wide variety of Macaws including the Hyacinth and Blue Throat. We also take pride in our more unusual or rare species including Bourkes, Princess of Wales, Quakers and Conures. Visit our web site at or call (817) 456-5623 Email: Rhome, TX

Rain Forest Exotics Inc - ships

Long time breeder of Grays, Cockatoos, Macaws, Amazons etc
I have been in business in Texas for 21 years. I have babies almost year round, mostly Umbrellas, Grays and Greenwings. I raise a few DYH Amazons, Sun Conrues, Citrons, Tritons, Moluccans, B&G and Military Macaws. I have safely shipped birds to several pet shops for more than 15 years. I also sell retail. Email: Conroe, TX

Ringo's Treehouse

Breeder of Exotic Parrots
Breeder of Lilac Crown Amazons, Indian Ringnecks, Nanday Conures, Sun Conures and Gold- capped Conures Email: Pasadena, TX

Rockport Roost - ships

Breeder of Conures, Quakers, Senegals and Amazons. A;so toys, cages, books,
We are a small breeding facility in sunny South Texas near Corpus Christi We specialize in raising hand fed sweet conure parrots, Also available: Quakers, Blue Fronted Amazons and Senegals Bird Talk magazine at 71% savings, books at discount prices, toys, cages Email:

Round Top Aviaries - ships

Breeders of quality, parakeets, lovebirds, zebra finches, cockatiels, more
Closed open air aviary, breeding parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, zebra finches, green cheek conures, white ringneck doves and more! Birds are sold wholesale to the pet industry only. Large selection of pet bird supplies available to all bird owners at discount prices! Email: Round Top, TX

Small Talk Aviary - ships

Breeder - Quakers Of Color
blue male quakers weaned hand fed from three weeks old and banded. Individual attention. Live in Wichita Falls, TX. will deliver half way or ship weather permitting. Email:

Solely Solomon Aviaries - ships

Specializing only in Solomon Island Eclectus. We ship
We operate a 2000 sf closed aviary, breeding pure-bred solomon island eclectus. We hand feed babies starting at 3 weeks old till weened. We have the ideal cage and toys for eclectus parrots. We carry OTT lamps for natural lighting supplement. Email: Beaumont, TX.

Song of the South

Song of the South Canaries - top quality reds and rose ivories !
I am a small breeder of only top quality red factor and rose ivory canaries, I have a select few outstanding birds available for sale each year, Our birds are our pets and live a life of luxury and cleanliness. Many years have been spent perfecting our stock. Contact us for all of your canary needs ! Waco, TX Email:

South Texas Aviary - ships

Small homebased aviary, specialing in baby Senegals and African Greys
We rear our birds in our living room, they are exposed to tv, vacumn cleaner, radio, our pet birds and our dog. This results in very well socialized birds that will fit most any household. Dealers Welcome We Ship!! Email: Pasadena, TX

Sun Valley - ships

White Doves, White Silkies, Pigeons, Lovebirds, etc.
For Sale: Show Quality Silkies, Black OE Game Bantams, Pigeons: Figuritas Pet Quality - Love Birds: Peachface various colors, Fishers: Normals. White Ringneck Doves, Coturnix Quali: Chocolate & Manchurian Golds Email: Weatherford, TX.

Sunrise Aviary - ships

Specializing in small and large companion birds and handfed babies
Love birds, cockatiels, parakeets, finches, quaker parrots, We have handfed babies well socialized, available to hand feed or available weaned. Closed aviary. Banded at owners request. We ship at buyers expense Email: Kemp, TX.

Susie's Birds And Gifts

Small, homestyle aviary
Raising different types of birds including African greys, Indian Ringnecks, Red Rump parakeets, and Lovebirds of all types including the rare blackcheeked lovebird Canton, Texas. 903-848-0717

Tejas Birds - ships

Small breeder of exotic birds - Lots of TLC
Breeder of Hawk Heads, Solomon Island Eclectus, African Greys, Galahs, Scarlet Chested Grasskeets, DYH Amazons. Shipping available. Central Texas location Near Austin. Birds raised with loving care. Email: Coupland, TX.

Texas Pride Aviary - ships

Breeder of Finches, Softbills, & Grass Parakeets
Breeder of over 30 species of exotic finches & softbills along with many varieties of hand-fed grass parakeets. Distributer for MorningBird line of suppliments as well as a source for all your birdcare needs Email: Sweeny, TX

TLC Aviary

Small Aviary with lots of Tender Loving Care given
Blue & Green Quakers, Peachfront, Patagonian & Half Moon Conures, Caiques, Lilac Crowned & DYH Amazons, Bluemasked Lovebirds, Severe & Blue&Gold Macaw babies available at appropriate times of the year. Reserve your "Special Baby" early !!! also some adults available occasionally. Healthy, Affectionate, Hand Fed Babies. Photos sent on request. Email or call for availability and prices. Carol Burkburnett, TX

Tony's Aviary

Breeder of The Lady Gouldian Finches
We raise most mutations of the Gouldian Finches. Please look on our website for available birds. Thanks! Email: Richardson, TX

Tweet Treasures - ships

Breeders of exotic birds Also cages and supplies
Specializing in hand-fed domestic baby birds. Cockatiels, Conures, Macaws, Parakeets. Large selection of cages and supplies. Will ship. 1131 CR 515 Brazoria, TX 77422 979-824-0333 or

Twin Pines Aviary

Breeder of lovebirds and finches
We are a small breeder of peach-faced and Fisher lovebirds. Also society and zebra finches. Healthy birds raised indoors. San Antonio, Texas area. Sorry no shipping. EMail: Lavernia, TX

Txparrots - ships

Loving lifetime companions, parrots without partners, cagemates, singles
Health guaranteed. We feed our flock pellets, fruits, vegetables, pasta, grains & a small amount of seed. Distributor for Phoenix Unlimited essential products for keeping birds healthy. We carry Flight suits and Play Stations for parrots. Email: Corpus Christi Area, TX.

Us Aviarys

Us Averys
we have cockatiels all verietys from day old to breeders. also white face, greencheek, quakers blue and green too many to list just call or email Email: Bullard, TX

Wendy's Parrots

Beautiful, Well Socialized, Hand Raised Baby Greys, Macaws & More
Raising Wonderful Companion Parrots w lots of Love & Nurturing Guidance. Babies played with daily & exposed to a variety of situations. Abundantly Weaned, Fully Fledged, Routinely Showered. Harness trained on request DNA sexed, Health Guaranteed. We do all the Extras! Wendy 817-594-7322 Email: Weatherford, TX.

Wild Feather Aviaries - ships

Breeder of Indian Ringnecks and Rosellas
Specializing in hand-fed Indian Ringnecks. Several color mutations, also Golden Mantle Rosellas, Rosie Bourkes, and Ornamental Pheasants Will ship anywhere in the U.S. Email: Buna, TX

Willow Creek Aviary

Willow Creek Aviary
We raise hand fed babies cocketiels parrotletts english budgies rosey bourks black mask fishers quakers (blue / green) also raise finches java & zebras Email: Weatherford, TX

Wilson's Wings Aviary

Breeders of Beautiful Exotic Parrots
We are currently breeding the following birds; Quakers (Normals, Splits, Pallid Blues, Pallids, Normal Blues, Cinnamon Blues, Greencheek Conures, all mutations including turquoise. Email us for up to date info as we also have other birds set up but no babies yet. Email: Dallas, TX

Wings 'n Things Aviary - ships

Small home based breeder
Specializing in handfed, well socialized domestic baby birds. Parakeets, English Budgies, Pacific Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Quakers, Sun Conures, SI Eclectus, Umbrella Cockatoos, Blue Front Amazons Not the cheapest but the best. Health Guarantee Email: Plano, TX
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