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Adley's Bird House

Breeder of Exotics
Hand fed and tamed babies from our home to yours. We do ship weather pemitting at buyers expense. We breed: Conures - Blue Crown, Green Cheek, Sun, Jenday, Nanday, Gold Capped, Brown Throat, Dusky and more! Email: Dixfield, ME

B&G Aviaries and toy makers - ships

Handfed Baby Birds -we Ship Wholesale And Retail Pricing
breeders of macaws large and small, greys, amazons, cockatoos and more wholesale and retail pricing. PPP neg aviary and full health guarantee babies. located in maine. we only sell unweaned to qualified wholesale that have demonstrated they do know how to handfeed, all others are wea Email: Central, ME

Sams Exotics

We are currently looking for a mature male congo african grey if you have or know anyone who has an african grey to sell, please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks Email: Patten, ME.

VIP Aviary

Coming soon,, Handfed Nanday babies.. raised in a family situation.
Chicks are hatching as of March 1, 2002, , will be handfed starting at 3 weeks, If interested contact now please. Only three expected. Also have one Mitred conure(reportedly male) has feather picked since losing mate.. breeder. 3 Gray tiel cocks, split to other colors, breeders 5 yrs. old Email: Corinna, ME.

Whistling Wings And Sanborns Kennels

Pet birds wanted-Cockatiels, Parakeets, Finches, and Lovebirds
Looking for young breeder birds of all types, not looking for old worn out breeder birds. If you are a wholesaler looking for small family breeders please contact us to get premium stock birds. You will reap what you sow. If you are willing to invest in providing good breeders we will provide premium babies. Email: West Baldwin, ME.



Hobby breeder
We are hobby breeders that raise lovebirds and parrotlets of all color also breed Lady Gouldians, Society, Zebra and Owl Finches. We hand fee so they are tame and sweet. Contact for availability. Email: Mt Airy, MD

Aunt B's Birds N more - ships

Small breeder of exotic birds
Breeder of English budgies, Cockatiels, Green Cheek Conures, Indian Ringnecks, currently have baby ringnecks and cockatiels. Green Cheeks on eggs. Also have 3 s/s female green cheeks for sale, one pr. spect. parrotlets and a male bronze wing pionus. And breeder pairs of cockatiels. Email: Washington D C, MD


Birds for sale, cockatiels (hand fed) love birds(hand fed) Green cheeks (hand fed) Sun Conure (hand fed) Latino Indian Ringnecks (hand fed) African grey (Hand Fed) Blue Crown (hand fed) Parolets (Hand Fed) Senegal Parrots (Hand Fed) White belly caigues, black cap caigues Email: Silver Spring, MD

Birdtek - ships

private breeder
parrotlets, sun conures, maroon belly conures, plumb headed parakeets, lovebirds and cockatiels Email: Ellicott City, MD.

Breeder Of Exotic Birds - ships

Breeder of Exotic Birds
African Ringnecks, Sun Conures, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Parrotlett Babies For Sale, Handfed, Sweet and Loveable (Maryland area) 301-743-7357 Email: Indian Head, MD.

Chesapeake Exotics

Hobbyist Breeder of Companion Birds and Exotic Pets
Cockatiels, PF Lovebirds, Green Cheeks & Ringnecks in many mutations. Also Budgies, Rosey & Pink Bourkes, Scarlet Chested Parakeets, Diamond Doves, Parrotlets (blue, yellow & green), Quakers (blue & green), Sun Conures, Severe Macaws, Senegals, Greys. Sorry, no shipping. Email for pricing & more info! Email: Harwood, MD.

Cockatiel Castle

Baby cockatiels all varieties
30+ cockatiels plus one proven pair Indian Ringnecks. Also male Meyers Parrot Email: Cumberland, MD

Exotic Birds - ships

Bird Breeder
Lesser Jardine Baby, Very Sweet and Loveable, Handfeeding now, ready in a few weeks (301) 743-7357 Email: Indian Head, MD.

EZ Aviary - ships

Breeder of Exotic Birds - Baby Birds Available
Taking deposits on African Grays, Blue Front Amazons, Sun Conures, Scarlet Macaws, Quakers, Pacific Parrotlets, Cockatiels and Lovebirds Photos are Available upon Request. Please Call for Appointment. 410-687-2560 -- Baltimore, MD

The Feathered Coop

Closed Breeding Aviary in Frederick, Maryland
Specializing in Hand Raised Bourkes, English & American Parakeets, Parrotlets, Cockatiels, sun, gc, jenday, brownthroated, blackcap, maroonbelly Conures, Finches, Scarlet Cested Grasskeets, Lovebirds, & Quakers Email: Fredeick, MD

Featheredbrains Aviary - ships

Breeders of large to medium parrots
All of our babies are hand-fed to make for a perfect pet. Hand-fed with lots of love. Amazons, Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers. Email: Waldorf, MD

Flutterby Feathers

Small Hobby Breeder Of Handfed Baby Birds Raised With TLC
A hobby breeder that raises handfed babies with special TLC due to our small size. I guarantee my babies health and excellent socialization. I raise beautiful lovbird color mutations, quakers, parrotlets, green cheeks, brown throat conures, senegals and blue head pionus. Ph# 443-772-1804 Email: Baltimore, MD

Harland's Eggsotic Birds

Private Breeder of Loving Tame Birds
Rare cockatiels! White Face and Pastel Face in may color mutations; Blue Crown Conures occasionally available. Black Masked and Blue Masked Love Birds also available. Email: Edgewood, MD.

Jess's Greys - ships

African Grey Parrots - Congo & Cameroom ( Big Silvers)
Specializing in African Grey Parrots. DNA tested for diseases, viruses and sex. Pellet feed. Email: Columbia, MD

Karen's Parrotlets

Breeder of Parrotlets
Small breeder raising healthy, happy, loveable blue parrotlets. Pull at 10 days handfed and raised around children. Beautiful colors. In MD close to VA, and DC. Email: Huntingtown, MD.

Kits & Kaboodles - ships

Quality Babies & Occasional Breeder Birds
We raise parrotlets, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Sun Conures, Green Cheeks, Quakers, Rosellas, Mini Macaws, Macaws, Umbrella Cockatoos, and more. Raise on Roudybush, Harrisons, & Fresh foods. Socialized with kids and other pets. Email: Mechanicsville, MD

Kristin's Green Cheek Conures

Small home breeder of Green Cheek Conures
We raise baby Green Cheeks in a very loving home environment. All of our babies are handfed around the clock from day 3 and recieve tons of attention! We have a single breeding pair, yet babies are almost always available or on the way. You cannot find better cared for babies. Must see to believe. Health guarantee. Email: Elkton Newark, MD

Laura Lee's Birdies

Domestic Exotic Birds-Home Raised
Specializing in parent raised domestic baby and young birds.Cockatiels, Lovebirds, and Parakeets.Non related parakeet pairs available.Cages available.All birds are handled daily as babies.Home raised in a smoke-free setting.E-mail for pricing and availability. Email: Wells, ME

Lindas Precious Parrots - ships

One of Maryland's finest Avian Breeders
Blue Crown, Sun, Crimson Bellie, Pineapple, Turquoise, Turq. Split, Black Cap, Yellowsided, Cinnamon, Parrotlets (Lutino, Albino, Blue, Green), Amazons (Orange Wing), Quaker or Monk Black Head Caiques, and Senegal's Email: Indian Head, MD

LMH Tiels

Hobby breeder- Cockatiels
Specializing in beautiful cockatiels. Handfed, sweet, for pets or future breeders. Raised in home setting. Whitefaces, lutino, pastelfaces, cinnamon, pearls, pieds and many combinations. No shipping. Email: Taneytown, MD.

M&T Exotic Birds

Licensed, Professional Maryland Avian Breeder Of High Quality Pets!
As available are the following hand fed, TAME / SOCIALIZED BABIES: Cockatiels, Princess of Wales, Indian Ringnecks, Eastern Golden Mantled & Crimsom Rosellas, Grays, Amazons & Senegals. We also sell TAME BABY PARAKEETS, Crested and Violet Parakeets and English Budgies. Email: Frederick, MD

Misty's Nest Aviary - ships

Quaker Parrots - Exotic colors
We are a small home based aviary dedicated to raising beautiful, healthy and well socialized quaker parrots. We specialize in color mutation quakers: green, blue, pallid (dark eyed cinnamon) and pallid-blue . Email: Ellicott City, MD

Nancy's Treasured Tiel's

Breeder of Handfeed cockatiels
I am a hobbey breeder who has been breeding for 10yrs now. At this time I breed from Pieds and Pearls to DYC and Pastel Face. I am located on the Eastern Shore of MD, but will meet at a resonable distance. E-mail Easton, MD

Pampered Parrot - ships

We are specializing in family-raised babies
We hand-raise our babies in a family situation. We have African Greys and Cockatiels: grey, cinnamon, normal, pied, whiteface, lutino, albino, yellowface, pearl. We also rehome rescued birds. Email: (301)-680-3663 Silver Spring, MD.

Parrots Plus Inc - ships

Marylans's Finest Selection Of Handtame Birds & Quality Cages!
Over 45 Years Of Bird Keeping/Breeding Experience At Your Service! Handfed Babies, Adult Breeder Pairs And Singles Always Available Fresh Seed And Pellets Seed Discounts to Volume Buying Breeders (200lb.min.) BIRDS- BOUGHT-SOLD-TRADED-GROOMED WE MAKE HOUSE CALLS! Email: Glen Burnie, Maryland (410) 760 8999.

Randjbirds - ships

a hobby breeder got to find another hobby due to health
we must sell our aviary 100 breeding cockatiels 60 handfed babys 2 cockatoos 5 conures 100 parkeets 2 quakers love birds finches all our birds are great pets besides the breeding birds.we got to sell these birds due to my health its not fair to these birds not to get the attention they use to get Email: Baltimore, MD.

Sam - Local Breeder

Local Canary Hobbyist & Breeder
Canaries- American Singers, Red Factors- very healthy young babies 2-5 month. Have singing males & females as well- Very reasonable $$- to local Good Homes Also selling 2 proven breeding pairs with cages & all (down sizing) Sorry will not ship Email: Bethesda, MD

SBB 'tiels

Small Hobby Cockatiel Breeder
Loveable well socialized cockatiel babies. From our family to yours. All babies are raiswd with lots of love and attention weaned to roudy bush pelleted diet as well as fresh fruit and veggies. Email: Baltimore, MD

Tiny Stars - Parrotlets

Breeder of exotic Pint-size Parrotlets -Also cages and supplies
Specializing in domestic hand-raised parrotlets. Babies have 24 hour loving care. A selection of cages, toys, food and supplies. Email: Columbia, MD

Unruffled Feathers

Judy Garonzik
Cockatiels (All mutations), Parakeets, Finches, Love Birds, Parrotlets, Senagels, English Budgies Email: Monrovia, MD


Baby's Castle

Breeder of Top quality BIG Cockatiels!!
We are a small hobby breeder, breeding for excellence we have recently decided concentrate on Just Tiels (and occasional baby Bourkes!) WE have a variety of Mutations, white-face, Cinnamon, cinnamon pearls, Lutino, pied and more! No- one puts as much love and care into hand-raising as we do!!!!! Email: East Longmeadow, MA

Bay State Birds

Small hobby breeder of Pacific Parrotlets
Hand tame babies. I breed Blues, Yellows and Greens. All babies are handled daily. They are fed a diet of seeds, pellets and fresh fruit and vegetables Email: Oxford, MA

Baystate Gouldian Finches

Breeder of Gouldian Finches
We have Gouldian Finches for Sale in Massachusetts. Excellent prices and quality See our site for information and availability. Click "Baystate Gouldian Finches" (above) to see our site. Email: Hull, MA

Bigguy Aviaries

Breeder of Cockatiels, Senegals, Mini Macaws
Handfed tame baby cockatiels available, normals, cinnamons, pearls, ranging from $50.00 to $65.00 Breeders available @ $25.00 each. Email: Westport, MA.

The Bird House

Small home based breeder of exotic birds.
Handfed baby birds, parent raised birds, and some breeders from time to time. Milligold and greenwing macaws, jenday conures, masked love birds, and all kinds of cockatiel mutations. Coming soon S.I. eclectus, lories, and quakers. Email: Pocasset, MA.

The Bird House In Saugus

Breeder Of Quaker,lovebirds,parakeets And Cockatiels For More Than 13 Yrs
Specializing in hand-fed Quakers, lovebirds, parakeets, cockatiels all birds come with free life time wing and nail clipings open seven days a week .contact persons-pete or heidi Email: Saugus, MA

BJ's Tropical Delights


C&B Tiels

Breeder of Show Quality Cockatiels
I breed show quality Cockatiels. I breed most mutations . All our babies are handfed with TLC . My breeders come from Champion and Grand Champion lines from the top breeders in the country. Please call or email me for avalibilty. Sorry no shipping Email: New Bedford, MA.

C&M Exotic Birds - ships

Bird Breeders in Fitchburg,Ma
We specialize in quality feathered friends. Cockatiels, Conures, Lovebirds, Parakeets, Parrotlets, Quakers, Ringnecks and Rosellas. We make our own bird toys. We carry cages, books, food, and other bird supplies. Email: Fitchburg, MA

Clover Valley Aviary

Hobby Breeder
Exotic bird breeder of over 20 years. Parakeets, cockatiels and small parrots. Will adopt unwanted birds. Bird grooming small birds to large parrots. Email: S Easton, MA

Critter Cottage

Small bird breeder
Breeder of parakeets, love birds, cockatiels, parrolets, quakers, and congo african greys. All babies are hand fed and well socialized. Phone # 508-947-3114 NO SHIPPING Email: Middleboro, MA.


Specialty breeder
Magnificent pair of MM .Vet chek, sexed, on organic pellets and organic fruits and veg. laid for the 1st. time 4/2003. Moving to a Condo apt.. Must sell.Closed banded .Peter H .Boston, MASS. 617-797-8715 Email: Boston, MA.

Exoticfinches - ships

Breeder of Show-quality Bengalese (society) finches
I breed, sell, and ship show quality bengalese (society) finches from Japanese, British, and Belgian lines. All know mutations including albino, creamino, gray, fawn, chestnut, dilute, pearl, pied, and frilled. My web page is Email: Montague Center, MA.

Feather Friends

Lady Feathers has hand fed baby Cockatiels to sell
The Hand-Fed Cockatiels come with hatch certificate Email: Newton, MA.

Hamelin Aviary

Hand-fed baby birds
We specialize in raising very tame and well-socialized Pacific Parrotlets - blues, greens, fallow and yellow. Cages and toys also available. Email: Dracut, MA

Heidi's Birds

Happy Handfed Babies
small breeder of parrotlets, congo greys, sun conures, jenday conures, and blue head pionus. Each bird gets individual attention. Weaned to a healthy diet. Sometimes breeder birds available. Email: Somerset, MA

Hovig's Color & Song Canaries - ships

Color & Song Canaries & Hybrids / Mules / Crosses
Color & Song Canaries & Hybrids / Mules / Crosses American Singers, Spanish Timbrados, Colorbreds & mosaics (lipochrome & melanin) European Goldfinch X Canary crosses/hybrids/mules 508-836-4372 Westborough, MA

Ivo's Lovies

Hand raised lovebirds
Hand raised lovies. Socialized and raised in my home with the family. All types of mutations. I only focus on one type of bird so that I can you get the best bird possible. Visit our website for more info! I will not ship. Located in Franklin, MA. Email:

Jeannies Jungle

Small breeder of Parrotlets
Breeder of pacific parrotlets. Hand fed in the privacy of my home. Babies are well socialized in a family enviroment to make the best pets possible. Email for availability of babies or breeders. Forestdale, MA

JTM - ships

Canary & Gouldian Finch Breeder
We have an array of young 2005 yellow canaries and red factor canaries for sale. We also have an array of young 2005 gouldian finches (normal, yellow, dilute, blue and white) for sale. Please e-mail me at with your order or with any questions. Fairhaven, MA

Kim's Birds

Breeder Of Cockatiels and Lovebirds in MA
Baby ccokatiels and Lovebirds. Hand tame and very sweet. Whiteface cockatiels and seegreen pied lovebirds. Price: $50+ Sorry, do not ship. Email: Central Ma, MA.

Kiwi Aviary

Breeders of Whiteface Cockatiels
Located in Western Mass. Whiteface mutations, Pearl, Pied, Pearlpied, Cinnamon, Albino. Normal, Yellow pied, Cinnamon, Lutino, Pearl etc. Sex-linked males all varieties. Proven breeder pairs, Singles, Babies. Breeding cockatiels only since 1998. Closed aviary. NO INBREEDING. Email: Springfield, MA.

Martin's Birds

Breeders of Top Quality friendly Hand Raised Birds
We breed many types of cockatiels, Bourke Parrots, Scarlet Chested Parrots, and Gouldian Finches All birds are Handraised (except finches) We only breed a few clutches at a time to ensure the best of care, all breeders are treated as pets, we are always available for ?'s Email: East Longmeadow, MA

Mills Aviary

Hobby Breeder-offers babies for sale
Offering hand fed babies. Cockatiels, Lovebirds, and Indian Ringneck Parakeets Also parent raised American and English Budgies, Java rice and Gouldian Finches No shipping . Will help with delivery in New England . Quarterly trips to Philly Email: Wilmington, MA.

New England Canary & Songbird

Breeder of quality colorbred and song canaries also gouldian finches
We offer an array of beautiful colorbred birds as well as wonderful singers, Spanish timbrados, red factors, bronze, American singers, German rollers and white-breasted red and black headed gouldians. We are priced competetively. Email: Spencer, MA


Massachusetts Breeder selling parrots & supplies
Selling all breeders (macaws, amazons, grays, quakers, senegals, nandays, 2 female ringnecks, 1 male sun, 1 male jenday), cages, brooders and manzanita wood Email: Plainville, MA.

Ringneck Doves For Sale

Ringnecked Doves
Ringneck doves for sale.. Many types to choose from. Pied, Fawn, peach, other combinations. All handraised. Are great pets alone or in pairs. $15 each. I do not ship, but will drive within reasonable distance from Boston/Framingham area. Raised with kids. Email me for pics. Email: Framingham, MA.

Rowan Exotic Birds - ships

Specializing in sweet, hand-fed babies from our loving home to yours
Red Belly parrots, hand fed, tame. Likes to give kisses. Green parrotlets, Greys, canaries, conures, Quakers, macaws, eclectus, lovebird, etc. Soon will start hand feeding our chicks. I'll take 1 We're expecting! I'll take 10. Email: Ludlow, MA

Sara's Gouldians - MA

I am a small hobby breeder of gouldian finches, Please see my web page for available birds. I am located in the north-east corner of Mass. If emailing me please put "gouldians" in the subject line. No shipping... but I am willing to meet within a resonable distance. Email: Haverhill, MA

Sunshine Aviary - ships

Small breeder located in Mass. - Closed Aviary - Parrotlets - Timnehs
Conures...Greencheeks, Greencheek Mutations, Pacific Parrotlets & Pacific Mutations, Timnehs, Senegals, Lineolated Parakeets, Red Bellies, Love Birds, Cockatiels (Pastel face, Silver (recessive), Whiteface, Pieds) Email for current babies available @ OR Spfld, MA.

Suze Q's Birds - ships

I BREED THE FOLLOWING ...Parrotlets, Mutation Parrotlets, Lovebirds, Greencheek conures, Quakers, Senegals, English Keets, UM2's, Rosey (pink) Bourkes, Tiels and soon White Fronted Amazon and Black Capped Conures Email for Pictures and Refs. Will ship weather permitting. =) Email: Spfld, MA.

West Chestnut Aviary

Breeder of Affectionate Hand Fed Baby Tiels & Parrotlets
Specializing in hand fed tiels (most mutations) and parrotlets, (pacific , greenrump and spectacles). I also breed fischer lovebirds. Brockton, MA. 508-583-3966 or e-mail at


5th Day Creations - ships

Breeder of Beautiful baby Eclectus, African Greys, Macaws, and Amazons
Specializing in hand-fed well socialized baby birds. We breed Eclectus, African greys, Macaws, Amazons, and some smaller birds. We spend the time needed to develope a loving life-long companion. (810) 735-6301 email Linden, MI

Abercanary & Finch

Finches and Canaries
Beautiful Canaries and Finches only! Red Factor, Yellow and multi color Canaries. Fawn, Silver, White, Grey and pied finches. Contact by e-mail . Saffron in Grand Rapids, MI

AJ Breeders

Small But Growing In Home Breeder
We specialize in love birds, cockatiels and quakers, All of our babies are hand fed and socialized with our children so that we can produce the friendliest babies possible. All of our babies are fed pelleted food as well as fruits and veggies. DNA sexing availible. Email: Davisburg, MI


Aldella Doves Breeder
Breeder Of Ringneck Doves And White Doves And Diamond Doves Email: Det, MI.

Angela Private Home Hobby Breeder - ships

Homebased Hobby Breeder Handfed, handtame babies Prespoiled for you!
I raise normal, fancy and rare Cockatiels, can handfeed or if you request let parents raise chicks. Also have Green Cheek Conures, normal and Cinnamon. GreenCheeks will be DNA sexed, Cockatiels can be if I do not know gender from parents. Hatch Certificate, all babies banded, handfed and abundance weaned. Email: Canton, MI

Angels With Wings

We specialize in hand fed,well socialized, abundantly weaned, baby birds.
Macaws, Cockatoos, eclectus, conures, senegals, quakers, and more... Large selection of toys, perches, Crazy Corn, Beak Appetite, folding travel cages, Carribean Soul T-Shirts, First-Aid kits, Bird Harnesses, speech training tapes/ CD's, Singing Canary CD's, etc. PH : 1-877-322- 2786 Email: Jackson, MI.

At Feathers End Aviary - ships

Hand fed, abundantly weaned & fledged babies
Conures - (blue crown, white eyed, mitred, red throat, patagonian, austral, sun, cherry head, dusky, green cheek, & Voren black cap mutation) & Lineolated Parakeets all color mutations. I am able to occasionally take in unwanted parrots particularly conures. Email: Eaton Rapids, MI


Green Cheek Conures, Parrotlets, Green Wing Macaws
Healthy handfed babies, young adults and breeders sometimes available. Located in mid Michigan. Please contact us for availability, reasonable prices, raised with love. Birds are weaned on to a pelleted diet. Email: St Johns, MI

B&T Parrolet Breeder

Breeders of hand fed tame (spoiled) Parrolets
Specializing in tame hand-fed Spectacled and Pacific parrolets. These small loving birds make great family pets. Please call before 8pm EST to see what we currently have available. Livonia, MI (734)632-0153 email:

The Bird Guys - ships

Specializing in Hand Fed, well socialized baby birds
We raise Blue & Gold Macaws, Umbrella & Moluccan Cockatoos, Double Yel Amazons, African Greys, Sun & Nanday Conures, Cockatiels, Senegals, Green Quakers, Lovebirds, Canaries, & Finches. Email: Lansing, MI

Birds of Paradise

We specialize in breeding African Greys and Quackers
We are a small breeding home for hand feeding African Greys. The birds get all the attention unlike large breeders. We also sell green Quacker parakeets, unweaned to experienced handfeeders and weaned. The Congos are $999 weaned, Quackers $100 unweaned and $175 weaned Email: Dearborn Heights, MI

Blue's Exotics - ships

Small Breeder of Quakers, blue's, cinnamons-also Eclectus
Hand fed babies raised in a loving home-Quakers, Blue Quakers, Cinnamons Splits. Vos and Red sided Eclectus. If you have any questions please call evenings. Cell phone 989-621-5955-Home phone 989-775-8428 Email: Mt Pleasant, MI.

Brandon's Birds

Small Breeder of Lovebirds, Cockatiels and parkakeets
I have a large selctions of Cockatiels. lovebirds and parakeets with a large selections of colors and mutations, I hand raise and socialize all of my of my babies unless they are going to be used for breeding. Questions call Brandon 586-201-4031 Email: Armada, MI

Button Quail Heaven - ships

Breeder of Button Quail and Fancy Finches
I specialize in hen raised Buttons in many colors including Splash, Pied, Darth Vader, Pearl, and Curly Feather. I ship eggs and adults(4 weeks plus) all over the country. My hatch rate is very high. I also have just started with Finches including Gouldian, Strawberry, Cordon Bleu, Society, Java, Owl and Canaries, . Email: Grand Rapids, MI

A Canary For You

Canaries in Michigan - American Singer and mosaics
Beautiful, young and healthy close banded American Singer and clear red lipochrome mosaic (red and white) canaries for sale in Michigan. Great singers. Pictures available upon request. Brooklyn Irish Hills, MI

Canary Tales

Hobby Breeder of Red Factor Canaries
Small in home hobby breeder of Red Factor Canaries. Lovingly raised and well cared for so they make outstanding pets. Email: Vassar, MI

Capitol City Exotic Birds - ships

Breeder / Certified Avian Specialist-Tame, Hand Fed Exotic Baby Birds
We are a small, habby breeder with a Certified Avian Specialist on board. We are a closed aviary and are equipped to incubate and feed day 1's. Specializing in Macaws, Cockatoos, African Greys, Amazons, Conures, Quakers & Cockatiels. All weaned babies come with a 72 hr. Health Guarantee and a Hatch Certificate. Email: Lansing, MI

Choppys House Of Parrots

Breeders Of Healthy Happy Exoctic Birds
we are located in mid michigan and have congos, timnehs, and suns year round. all babies are hand-fed , banded and raised to a diet of pellets, fruits, and vegatables. also raised to water bottles. lovingly raised in our home. Email: Burton, MI.

Cockatiel Babies By Renee

Sweet Hand-fed Baby Cockatiel Troy Michigan (Great Pets For Any Age)
I'm a small hobby breeder of Cockatiel. I pull the babies at two weeks of age & hand-feed & socialize them. They make wonderful pets for any age! Lutino, Pied, normals. Located in Troy, MI. Sorry no shipping. Those who put a deposit down are welcome to bond with their baby when time allows. Babies ready at 12 wk Email:

Debirdlover - ships

Small very social Breeder of Vos & SI Eclectus, Cockatoos and Blue Quakers
We have only a few pairs of each breed, so we spend alot of time socializing w/ our babies. Cockatoo species are Goffins and Ducorps. They are all very friendly and loving. Make great pets. All babies are very healthy and sell very quickly. They all have great talking ability. They would make wonderful gifts... Email: Bridgman, MI


Various mutation cockatiels.
Small breeder, with handraised NCS banded, reasonably priced. All abundance weaned to a variety of foods. Please contact, or see web site for available babies. No shipping at this time. Email: Stanton, MI.

Emerald Isle Aviaries - ships

breeder of show type zebras many colours including black cheek/brested
also breeder of australian parakeets many mutations including red rumps lutinos /pieds/cinnamon / scarlet chested in blue /silver/cinnamon/ elegants lutinos/cinnamon pieds manycoloured adding more mutations all the time as they become available also breed rainbow lories several subspecies Email: Inkster, MI.

The Exotic Egg

P Parrotlets Mutations-White Bellied Caiques
Quality hand fed Babies raised with cats, dogs and kids. Green, Blue, Am.Yellow, White, Albino. Split, and Double split. All birds are fed and raised by me. I don't go to bird fairs and don't sell unweaned babies or ship. Older birds sometimes available--313-535-4953 Email: Southeast Mich, MI

Exquisite Exotics Aviary

Exclusively Congo African Grey Parrots!
EXCEPTIONAL hand raised babies with EXCELLENT pet potential. We offer EDUCATIONAL guidance to assist you in developing a loving lifelong companion. Email: Phone: (989)631-9019 Midland, MI Visit us on the web.

Feather Heaven - ships

Breeder of many type of birds
I raise Rosella's Golden Mantels, Pennet's Crimson's, Blue Crimson, Mealy's, Stanley's, Adeline's , Yellow's, Also Rock Pebbler's. Scarlet Breasted, Turqize's , Rosey Bourke's, Cockatiels, Indian Ringneck's Senegal's, Barabands & Finches of all types. Email: Cedar Springs, MI

Feather Merchant - ships

Amazon breeder, hobbiest offering guarenteed, vet-checked babies.
Beautiful blue front male, 5 mos. old ; gorgeous orange wing male, also 5 mos. old with brilliant cheeks. Both babies hand-fed, have been surgically sexed. and blood tested negative for poly. & psitt. by Dr. Scott McDonald. Contact

Feathered Friends

Chris Sweat, Amazon owner/breeder
Specializing in spectacled Amazons. 6330 South M-33 Hwy Onaway, MI 49765 Email:

Feathered Friends Aviaries

Breeder in Michigan
Timneh Grey, Green Black-masked Lovebirds, Blue and Gold Macaws Email: Benton Harbor, MI.

Feathers 'n' Wings

small bird breeder, breeding birds for 10 years. Located in Bay City, MI
We breed Congo African Greys, African and Indian Ringnecks, Bluefront Amazons, Whitecapp Pionus, Java Rice Finches, and Vosmaeri Eclectus. We currently have a Male Eclectus for sale....$700.00. If you need info please contact Kim at or call 989-893-1639 Bay City, MI.

Frank & Denise Birds

Small in home breeder
We specialize in tame handfed Cockatiels - Lovebirds WE also raise Rare varieties of Parakeets(budgies) Birds available at Discount Prices NO SHIPPING------Will meet within reason Email: Waterford, MI

A Friendly Flock Aviary

We are a Michigan based domestic bird breeding Aviary
We breed Lineolated Parakeets & Parrotlets including color mutation. We have hand fed, family socialized sweet future family members. We also specialize in Breeding Show Quality canaries Mainly Frill and Gloster Canaries. Check out our website for prices & availability. Email: Clinton Township, MI

Gabby's Nest, Inc - ships

We raise them with lots of love in our home to get them ready for yours!!
We are a small hobby breeder in SE Michigan. We raise greenwing macaws, blue and gold macaws, yellow collar macaws, greys, blue crown conures, sun conures, green cheek conures (regular and mutation), black caps, and parrotlets. All of our babies are handfed and raised in our home with lots of TLC. Email: Southeast, MI

Gouldian Fever Aviary - ships

Breeder Tammie Hurley
Lady Gouldian Finches! Most Mutations! Happy, Healthy and Beautiful! NFSS close banded! Email: Lapeer, MI.

Great Lakes Parrot

Babies raised by my family to become a part of yours
Small home-based breeder of Vos Eclectus, Black Headed Caiques, Blue and Green Quakers, and Severe Macaws. Email: Grand Rapids, MI

Great Lakes Parrot Connection - ships

We Raise most species of hookbill birds rare and common sweet babies
sweet handfed babies from parakeets through macaws call for current list of babies and breeders or singles for that special bird you are searching for give us a try! Email: Snover, MI.

Happy Home Aviary

Breeder and Exhibitor of American Singer Canaries
Exclusive breeder of American Singer canaries. All birds bred from show quality stock. Birds available for pets or for breeding. Male singers and hens. Visit website for more details. Email: Davison, MI

Hills Cockatoos

Goffin cockatoo breeder
Handfed & weaned Goffin cockatoos Email: Flint, MI

Hobby Breeder

Parrotlets, Rosellas, Red Rumps, Others
Parrotlets in greens, blues, yellows, fallows & splits. Red rump parakeets in lutinos, opalines, cinnamons & pieds. Rosellas, pairs & pennant babies Email: Westland, MI

Horse Feathers - ships

A place where a love of Birds is combined with Love and patience
Muskegon, MI Cheek conures, sun conures, peachfront conure, African Grays, Macaws, and etc. (doves) starting at $20 and going up. Take consignments to. Email:

House Of Goulds - ships

Breeder of Beautiful Gouldian Finches & Society Finches
I breed most colors and mutations of Gouldian Finches. They are loved and raised in our home. We also breed Society Finches. Visit our web site for more information! Email: Interlochen, MI.

It's A Small World

Handfed babies and breeder birds
Offering for sale handfed baby Cockatiels and Quakers. Also a big selection of baby Lovebirds: Pieds, Lutionos, Blue Black Masked and Fischers. Many types of Finches: Pied, Fawn, Crested and Black Cheek Zebras and Societies, Java Finches . Canaries! All types of Parakeets. Diamond and Ringneck Doves. Email: Wallace, MI

J & J Aviary

Breeding quality birds
Specializing in Indian Ringnecks and Orange Weaver Finches. I also have one quaker and one Mustache parrot for sale. Email: Richmond, MI

J M G Aviary

Small, in home breeder & handfeeder - Tiels, Quakers, English Budgies, etc.
Adorable, Cute and Cuddly baby Birds. Socialized and weaned onto a diet of pellet, fresh fruits and veggies. Water bottle trained. Closed banded. Will drive to meet. Call for current availability. Member NCS, ABS, QPS. Janis - JMG Aviary 989-453-2118. Email: . Pigeon, MI.

Jackson's Birds

Exotic Birds, Bird Toys and Gifts for Bird Lovers
Breeder of macaws, cockatoos, African greys and other parrots for more than 20 years. Shop online for hand fed babies, bird toys and gifts for bird lovers. We have acrylic and wood toys, toy making supplies, parrot jewelry, magnets, picture frames and lots of other items to check out! Email: Cassopolis, MI.

Kalamazoo Parrotlets

Parrotlets available twice a year
Small time breeder of Pacific green parrotlets. $125.00 each. Handfed and tame Email: Kalamazoo, MI

Katztiels - ships

Fine breeder of cockatiels, lovebirds, parrotlets, macaws, parakeets
Hand tame baby lovebirds $35 and up. Hand tame baby cockatiels $55 and up. Baby parrotlets hand tame $100 and up. baby american parakeets hand tame $25. Baby macaws when in season $900. Email: Wateford, MI

KB Parrots

Breeder-Specializing in Timneh African Greys and Red Bellied parrots
Handfed Baby Red Bellied parrots-Young babies sold to those with handfeeding experience only. Price list: Age-4 weeks, $275 each-Age-6 weeks, $300 each-Age 8 weeks, $325-Weaned, $350 each. Michigan and surrounding states only, babies will need to be picked up, I do not ship. Babies sold between ages will be $10 more. Email: Lansing, MI.

Ken's Conures - ships

Breeder of exotic birds
We specialize in raising hand-fed and heavily socialized Sun Conures. Contact us for current availability. Questions are encouraged before and after adoption. All of our babies are guaranteed. Email: Macomb, MI

Little Wings Aviary - ships

Located in Mid-Michigan, selling abundantly weaned and fledged babies!
Small home breeder of White Face Cockatiels, Green Cheeked Conures, Crimson Rosellas and 2 Sub-species of Eclectus. Member ACBC, AFA, ASA, GLAS and NCS State Rep. Proper Nutrition and Socialization are the keys to well adjusted futur Email: Onondaga, MI

M & M Aviary

Small, Family Aviary , Zebra Finches
zebra finches 10$, Downriver, MI Email:

Michigan Parrots - ships

Family aviary
We raise sweet healthy babies in a family environment. We cover the U.P. as well as in Grand Rapids, MI. Our babies are weaned fresh fruit, veggies, pellet and seed diet. Socialized with kids and other birds. Quakers, congos, timnehs, blue&golds, greenwings, military, moluccans, umbrellas, goffins, senegals, meyers, redbellieds, blue crowned, sun & greencheek conures. Email: Crystal Falls, MI

Nature Hutch - ships

Breeder of Common-Crested-Diamond Doves & Finches in Michigan
Specializing in Common Frosty and Pied; Crested White & Pied; Cinnamon and Blue White Tail Diamonds. Finches are on the way very soon; Bronze Wing Mannikins. All birds banded w/pedigree paper. ADA registered member. Email for availability or preorder. Will ship USA via USPS only, your expense. Email: Traverse City, MI

Oak Meadow Aviary

Breeder of beautiful canaries
Wonderful songsters! Large selection of colors. Some red factors still available. No shipping. Located in Ida, MI 313-410-2739 Email:

Our Birds

Hand fed Babies
We lovingly hand fed and spoil the following babies: Quakers, Cockatiels (Pearl, Pied, Grey, Lutino &White Face) African Grey Congos & Timnehs, Goffin Cockatoos & Blue Front Amazons Call or email for prices. Email: Grand Rapids, MI.

Painted Lady Aviary

Gouldian Finch Breeder
My goal is quality, not quantity. Email: Jackson, MI

Parrot-Dice Aviary - ships

Breeder of Pacific Parrotlets and their mutations
We specialize in both hand fed babies that are socialized from the start as well as parent raised young that are extremely well suited for breeding purposes. We are currently working on pieds and will hopefully have them available later year. Greens, Blues, American Yellows and Whites currently available. Email: Belleville, MI

Parrots In Motion Aviary - ships

Breeder of Love Birds, Cockatiels, Budgies, & Parrotlet's
Specializing in hand-fed domestic baby birds. Quakers, Indian Ringnecks, Senegals, Finches, Amazons, Conures, African Greys. Boarding and grooming available. Cages, toys, and supplies too. Open 7 days a week. Sparta, MI. 616-318-1214


Breeder Specializing in Vos Eclectus
Handraised Vos Eclectus in a family enviroment. Handfed, to a variety of foods, including pellets. Raised around children and other animals. Email: Lansing, MI.

Peaceful Feathers Aviary

We are a small Aviary in MI that raises different colors of Zebra Finches
Michigan based aviary that breeds zebra finches in normal, white pied, white and many more, check out our website!, dicounts, healthy babies and adults for sale NO SHIPPING at this time! we are located in St. Clair Shores, Michigan 48081 Email: St Clair Shores, MI

Pennysbirds - ships

Breeders For Sale
1 Pr Of Lesser Crested Toos Proven $1300 1pr Ctrons Proven $1300. 1pr Of Dyh Proven $900. 1 Pr Of Orange Wings Proven $700. All In Good Feather, Prices + Shipping E: MAIL Email: Whitehall, MI.

Pyrrhuras in Michigan - ships

Greencheek Conure mutations, including pied, and other Pys
Handfed greencheek conures; pied, yellowside, turquoise, pineapple and combinations. Also fiery shoulders and rosiefrons with new pys added as my addiction to them grows. Willing to trade. Email: Lansing, MI

Quirky Quakers - ships

QUIRKY QUAKERS AVAIRY is a small Family run Home operation
We only breed Quakers so that they get are main attention and we specialize in different color mutations.We have Greens...Blues...Yellow face...Pallid...Ice Blue..Cinnamon Blue and a occasional White face and all different type splits All healthy and in good feather, we only deal in a Open, Honest and Ethnical way Email: Chesterfield, MI

Rainbow Aviary

Breeder of various lovebirds and parrotlets
Specializing in handfed abundance weaned lovebirds and parrotlets. Please contact us for prices and availability or be added to a waiting list. We breed Black masked, Fischers, Peachface and their mutations. Pacific parrotlets in blue or green/blue. Paypal gladly accepted! Email: Milford, MI.

Rainforest Menagerie - ships

Hand-fed with loving care only a small breeder can give.
I am a breeder of Scarlett, Military, Blue & Gold, Severe, Illiger, Greenwing and Yellow Collared macaws. I also breed Moluccan Cockatoos, Eclectus, Quaker, and African Grey parrots. For more information email

Rea's Birds

Breeder Of Exotic Birds
Hand=fed babies, Eclectus, Amazons(blue fronts), Senegals, Goffins, Grey Congos, moluccans, pionus, and Timneh. e-mail: Cedar Springs, MI.

Registered American Singer Canaries

American Singer Canaries
Now available: registered, close banded, pedigreed American Singer Canaries. Healthy, robust and happy show quality birds from top bloodlines. Sold by appointment only. No shipping, but can meet at song shows in the Midwest. Email: Davison, MI


over 15 years dealing with birds i love tham all and take in all unwanted
i breed cockatiels lovebirds parakeets quakers bourke/grasskeets english bugies green ringnecks parakeets and canaries Email: Owosso, MI.

Spruce Hill Aviary

Small Hobby Breeder of Lovebirds, Tiels & English Budgies
Have Lovebirds in Orangefaced & Dutch Blue, Whitefaced Tiels in various colors and English Budgies. All babies are handfed, abundance weaned and well socialized. Sorry, NO SHIPPING, located in Howell, MI. Email:

Stacey's Parrotlets

Handfed baby parrotlets, including mutations
Sweet and playful handfed baby parrotlets. Pacifics, including mutations, blue, yellow, splits. Greenrumps. Birds are socialized by small breeder, weaned to varied diet of pellets, veggies, fruit, pasta, seed. Health guaranteed. Kalamazoo, MI, will drive to meet.

Sugar-n-Spice Aviary

small hobby breeder
Happy Healthy Parrotlets. Hand fed, closed banded. One male blue visual 4 mo. old. Finger trained. Would make a great pet or breeder - $225.00. Yellows and split to yellow coming soon. Bellaire, MI.

Sugar Maple Aviaries

Breeder Of Quaility Handtamed Cockatiels
We breed white face pearl pieds, and whiteface lutino cockatiels. All babies are hand tamed by my kids and I. We breed big show quaility birds. My males measure sixteen inches long from top of crest to tip of tail, and females measure fourteen inches. Also have ocassional breeders for sale. Email: Fenwick, MI

Sunny Day Aviary

Small home based breeder of hand-fed, healthy, well socialized exotic birds
We specialize in green cheek conures (nl, yellowsided, cinnamon), all mutations of cockatiels, lovebirds, zebra finches and society finches. All birds (other then finches) are hand-fed from healthy breeders and are well socialized. Baby bird with cage and setup (toys and food) also available. Email: Monroe, MI

Sweet Greys - ships

African Grey breeder (Congo & Timneh)
Beautiful Congo Babies. Hand Raised with lots of TLC very sweet babies will be weaned soon, & ready for loving family. Both parents are talkers & friendly. Reserve your baby today. Free Shipping Visa & Master Card Accepted Email: Port Huron, MI

T&S Exotic Birds Ltd

My names Tim, I'm a bird breeder getting out of the business due to health
Selling all! cages, birds, seed, EVERYTHING! Quakers, African Greys(Congo and TImneh), Solomon Island Eclectus, Sun Conures, Blue Front Amazons, and Lilac Crowned Amazons. Contact for more information.... Email: Coleman, MI

Teds Parrot Place

Parrots Raised In A Home For A Home
Consider owning a Parrot as a pet. Parrots are becoming the most popular pets in America. Our Nationwide Organization Raises All Species of Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons and Greys. We also raise smaller birds: Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Sun Conures, Green Cheeked Conures, Quakers, Diamond Doves. Email: Howell, MI

TK's Lovebirds

Specializing In Sweet Hand-fed Colorful Lovebirds
Sweet Peachfaced Lovebird Babies In All Mutations. All babies are hand- fed and well socialized. Many colors: Peach, White & Orangefaced. :Violet, Blues, Lutino, Creamino, American & Aussie Cinnamon, Pied, Turquoise, Slate. 72 hour health agreement, References, PICS, DNA sexing, available. Breeders at times. Email: Rochester Hills, MI

TMV Treasures - ships

Michigan Parrot Breeders of the U P
We have all kinds of birds to offer, if we don't have what you are looking for we will point you in the right direction to find the perfect bird. We currently breed Quakers (blues and greens), African Grey Congos, Senegals and Blue and Gold Macaws. Greencheekes and Eclectus soon. Email: Crystal Falls, MI

Tweety's Bird Emporium

I Breed Cockatiels
I Have baby cockatiels Email: Munith, MI

Unique Exotic Birds - ships

Breeder of exotic birds Using the " Do No Harm Method"
AFRICAN. Congo Greys, Meyers & Senegals. COCKATOO'S. Goffins, Moluccans, & Umbrella's. AMAZON. Spectacled. ( White Front ) Evelyn & James VanDerschaaf. 810-743-7248. Small in home aviary where our bids fly in there flights. Email. . Burton (Flint, MI.

Valueperch Premium Parrots

Premium Handfed Parrot Babies, Well Socialized, Abundance Weaned
Our babies are raised in a loving home environment, well socialized & abundantly weaned to a variety of healthy foods. All birds sell with a health guarantee. We breed Amazons, African Grey Congos & Timnehs, Blue & Green Quakers, Lovebirds, Blue Head, Maxi, Dusky &White Cap Pionus, Cockatiels, Senegals, Macaws. Email: Riley Twp, MI.

WNW Aviary - ships

Green Cheek Conures
Green Cheek Conures & more. Different types of conures bred in my home. Yellowsides & cinnamons just weaned $225 each. Pineapples will be surgically sexed in June, 2006. On eggs, Brownthroats & Suns. Located in Michigan Email: Westland, MI

Yang aviary - American Singer canaries - ships

Specialize in show quality American Singer canaries (ASC banded)
Stock available such as pets, shows, and breeding. Shipping available whithin the USA. I am located in Southeast Michigan. Email: . Hazel Park, MI

The Zoo

Breeder Specializing in Mini Macaws
Handraised Mini macaws in a family enviroment. Handfed and weaned to a variety of food including pellets. Currently have Yellow Collar Mini's will be adding Hahns very soon. Email: Lansing, MI.


Carmen's Feather Farm - ships

Small, State Licensed Avairy               carmensfeatherfarm

Full time, stay-at-home mom raising finches, exotic parakeets and small to medium parrots. All breeders are given daily attention and fresh food. Handfed babies are well socialized and participate in family life.

Our species include Green Rump and Pacific Parrotlets, blue and yellow Quaker mutations, Gouldian and Society Finches, various Cockatiel mutations, Bourkes and dutch blue Lovebirds. We are a growing aviary and are adding new birds.

See our web site at for current species available. Shown by appointment only. Call 605-757-7200 or email Located in Valley Springs, a small community near Sioux Falls, SD.

BareFoot Aviary

Home based breeders of Peachface Lovebird Color Mutations
Handfed and handraised baby PF lovebirds! Abundance weaned, sweet and well socialized! Prices are $50-$110. No shipping but will deliver for small fee. Soon to be offering BH Caiques. Occasional supplies for Email: Bemidji, MN


White Face Cockatiel Breeder in Duluth, MN
Specializing in hand-fed baby Cockatiels in Duluth, MN Albino $150, White Face Cinn. Pearl $125, White face pearl $ 125 Contact Steve Mahlberg or call 218-728-2554 Absolutely NO Shipping

Blue Earth Aviary - ships

Green Cheek Conures, Senegals, Red-Bellies, Jardines, Congo Greys
Hand-fed Green Cheek Conures, Senegals, Red-Bellies, Lesser Jardines, Congo African Greys. Hand fed and socialized in our home as part of the family. Health guarantee offered on every baby bird. We only sell fully weaned and fledged baby birds. Please visit our web page for more info. Email: Mankato, MN

EMW Aviary

Breeder of exotic birds in Mounds View, MN - Also makes cages
Handfed baby sun conures for sale. Fully weaned. Very affectionate and enjoy being handled. Email: Mounds View, MN

Fancyflight Aviary

Handraised baby parrots
Baby parrots raised in home atmosphere, well socialized and loving. Mollucan & Umbrella too's, Congo & Timneh Greys, S.I. Eclectus, Caiques, Suns, & Tucuman Amazons. a possibility in the future Greenwing Macaws, RosebreastedToo & Vosmari Eclectus. 11 years exp. No shipping. call 763-560-2370 Email: Brooklyn Park, MN.

Feather & Furry Breeder

We enjoy raising diffrent finches
We raise Lady gouldians, Java, Red Rumped Parakeet, splendid grasskeeta, Euro Society, american self, diffrent types of Zebras, diamond doves, silky ringneck doves and English budgies. Email: St Cloud, MN

Feathered Cuddlers

Domestic exotic birds raised with lots of TLC!
Eclectus, Suns, Senegals, Meyers, Pionus, Macaws, Amazons, and WF Cockatiels all handfed and handtamed in our home. Email: Fairmont, MN

Feathers 'N Fun

Breeders of softbills & hookbills We make Parrot Spheres & Toys!
Hand fed cockatiels and lovebirds. Very sweet babies raised with TLC! Parent raised diamond doves, zebra & society finches, and canaries. We make parrot spheres for all sizes of birds! (see website for pictures) We DON'T ship birds, but DO ship toys and spheres. Also have finch leg bands. Email: Oakdale, MN

Ginny's Cockatiels Too - ships

Rare Mutation Cockatiels - Handfed babies
Handfed babies. Older babies and breeders occasionally available. Ships in the US. Yellowcheek, Pastelface, Emeralds, Whiteface, Fallows, Dominate and Resessive Silver. Call Ginny at 763-753-2829 or email for more info. Email: Ramsey, MN

Jones Aviary

Handfed lovebirds, parrotlets and some conures raised
We have a variety of colorful, handfed young lovebirds raised in a loving family setting. All young birds are well socialized and encouraged to try new foods. We also are expanding with new breeding pairs of parrotlets, some conures and Quakers! Check for availablilty! (218) 837-6349 Email: Sebeka, MN

Kitty Kats Kuties

Home raised baby birds for you!
We breed home raised baby cockitiels . All our birds are well socialized, hand trained & healthy when addopted. We do not ship birds at this time. Some toys & breeding boxes also available. Available at any hour of day. Truman, MN. (507)- 776 -7957 Email:

Lewis Aviary Plus - ships

Parrot and Finch Breeder
Specializing in handfed babies: conures:greencheek, , cinnamon, yellowsided umbrella cockatoos, blue and golds, maximillion pionus, caiques, english budgies, parakeets, zebra finch, society finch. Email: Mabel, MN.

Northstar Aviary

Small hobby aviary in northern mn
Breeding Cockatiels, Peachfaced Lovebird Mutations, Masked Lovebirds and Indian Ringnecks. Email: Bemidji, MN

Perfect Parrot

Breeder's of exotic baby parrots
Handfed, super sweet babies- African Greys, Blue-Crown Conures, Painted- Conures, Green-Cheeck Conures, Yellow-Naped Amazon, White-Capped Pionus, Cockatiels, Parakeets. Pet Stores welcome. Call or write for current availability. Joe or Deb 507-448-2959 or e-mail

Petrie's Parrotlets - ships

Breeder of Pacific Parrotlets
We raise parrotlets for breeding and pets.Please call or E-mail for prices and availability.8031 narcissus lane north, Maple Grove, MN, 55311. (763)-420-5959 e-mail

Platinum Parrot & Chew Too Toys - ships

Breeder of Companion Parrots & Bird Toys
For over 29 years we have offered sweet hand fed babies to Bird Specialty Stores and now they are available to you. African Greys, Timnehs, Senegals, Meyers, Conures, Cockatiels, Parrotlets and our favorites Black Head Caiques and White Belly Caiques. Plus a full line of bird toys that we manufacture Email: Ham Lake, MN

QT Aviary - ships

Breeders of Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Amazons and Blue Quakers
We are a small Aviary located in Isanti, MN, (30 minute drive fr the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul) specializing in rare and mutations of Lovebirds. We also breed several mutations of Cockatiels and blue fronted Amazons. Email:

SkyBound Aviary

Starting aviary with cockatiel babies expected
I have three pairs of cockatiels. One is a cinnamon pearl pair. The other is a whiteface pair. The final is a whiteface lutino or albino pair. Email: Bemidji, MN

Solivest Birds

Gouldians (breeders and singles) and Shaftail for Sale! Great prices! Will not ship. I live in MN. Email: Saint Paul, MN

Summers Birds and Chins

Hobby breeders in Minnesota
We raise conures as well as budgies, lovebirds, IRNs and caiques. All of our babies are hand-fed and handled frequently by children and adults. We feel that by being a part of our family when a baby, they will become a better part of your family. We do not ship but maybe able to meet. Email: Brainerd, MN

Sunny Hollow Aviaries

We specialize in tame baby Budgies
We will soon have Black Masked Lovebirds & Green Cheek Conure babies as well. Email: Andover, MN


I Have More Baby Cockatiels For Sale And They Are All Hand Feed And Hand Tame. I Have 6 Of Them For Sale. And I Have An Couple An Adult Breeders Cockatiels Also. Email: Goodhue, MN.

Wild Prairie Exotics

Well socialized, vet checked babies ready to love you! We do not ship.
We specialize in Solomon Island Eclectus! African Greys and White Bellied Caiques. We have excellent local references and EVERY baby is vet checked before they leave our home. We will NOT ship babies, please don't ask! Email: Zimmerman, MN.

Zippy's Finch Nest - ships

Breeder of quality finches for 15 years
Breeder of Lady Gouldians, Redfaced Star, Owl Finch, Shaftail, Euro Society, Self Society and Masked Grass Finch. Prices, pictures and shipping information on website. Email: St Joseph, MN


Bluff Creek Aviary - ships

Specializing in Rose Breasted Cockatoos. Handfed singles & pairs.
All babies are handfed, closed banded and polyoma vaccinated. Small aviary ran by stay at home mom. Lots of TLC. Large macaws, cockatoos, eclectus, congo greys, ringnecks and some amazons. Photos and references available. Located on the Gulf Coast of MS. Email: Vancleave, MS.

Feathered Companions

Spoiled African Greys
Specializing in hand fed/people friendly African Greys. Babies receive a lot of one on one attention from this empty nest Mom. All babies are Polyoma vaccinated and cultured before they leave here. Check out my web site and see how I do things. Olive Branch, MS Email:

Magnolia Aviary

Magnolia Aviary
Handfed babies of some kind almost year around. Conures:Suns, bluecrowns, nandays, and mitreds, African:Timneh, congo, camaroon Greys, senegals, & meyers, Amazons: Bluefronts, red-lordes, spectacles, Cockatoos:Umbrellas, citron rose-breasted, and S.I. eclectus. E-mail: Petal, MS.

Mike Douglass, Dvm

Blue Throat Macaws, Blue and Gold Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, Rose Breast Cockatoos, African Greys. Memphis TN area. Prefer local pickup. Email: Nesbit, MS.

Parakeet Farms

Breeder Of Parakeets And Parrots Also Cages
Parakeets And Cages To Pet Stores And Flea Market Vendors. Serving North Mississippi, Arkansas And Memphis. Will not ship but will meet half way. Sometimes we have parrots, finches and lovebirds. Contact us for current prices. Email: Cruger, MS.

Parrotise In The Pines - ships

Breeder of Exotic Parrots Since l987
Offering high quality,hand-fed,hand-raised macaws, congo african greys,eclectus and Amazons. Guaranteed with support after sale. References available. Vicki Trotti l254 Wills Trail, Brookhaven, Ms. 3960l (60l)835-l423

Ravans Meadow

Blue Front Amazon Babies
Blue Front Amazon Babies Hand Fed, Close Banded, Socialized, Affectionate, Health Check Included Buy Directly Out Of Nest Or Weaned Email: Olive Branch, MS.

Sams Feathered Friends

Breeder of small and medium exotic birds
Specializing in domestic hand-fed sun conures, quakers, ring-necked parakeets, yellow-sided greencheeks, cockatiels, and rosy Bourke's parakeets. All babies are closed banded and DNA sexed and are given lots of love and attention. Email: Hattiesburg, MS


Alane's Cockatiels - ships

Breeder of Rare Mutation Cockatiels
Small breeder specializing in rare mutation tiels including Dom. and Rec. Silvers, Olives and Fallows in Normal, Whiteface, Pastel and Yellow cheek mutations. Also have other Yellowcheeks and Pastels. Contact me for more information. Thanks! Email: St Louis, MO.

All Birds (Feathered Treasures)

Small breeder of Hand-Fed Babies from our loving home to yours !
Hahn's Mini Macaws, White Bellied And Black Headed Caiques, Congos and Timneh Greys, Conures: Suns, Half-Moons, Blue Quakers and splits. Breeders : Male Senegal, Male Hahn's, female Sun , Proven Our babies are weaned to a healthy diet and well socialized! Email: St Charles, MO

Auer Aviary - ships

Gold Mantle Rosellas
Young Gold Mantle mutations: 2 Firey GOld Mantle males - $275 ea, 1 Cinnamon Firey male -- $400, 1 Firey hen -- $275 Email: St Louis, MO.

B & K Daydream Aviaries - ships

Small Family Owned Aviary Finches to Macaws We Love Them All
We breed Finches, Love birds, Cockateils, Quakers, Conures all kinds, Indian Ring Necks, Buying ALL kinds of Babies Out of Nest, We feed Kaytee Exact and pellets Some seed, fresh fruits and veggies, as well as Pasta Our aviary is closed to the public for health of our birds. Photos Available. Email: Farmington, MO

Barb's Babies

Breeder of hand raised lovebirds
Hand raised Lovebirds, peach face and dusk blues. All are hand fed. email: or call 636-661-5053. St. Charles area. Old monroe, MO.

Barron's Kennel And Aviary - ships

Scarlet Chested Parakeets, Bourkes, Mulgas, Green Singing Finch & Samoyeds
Will hand deliver to most areas, house raised and handfed birds. Scarlet Chested (Splendid) keets & mutations, Bourkes keets & mutations, Many Colored (Mulga) keets, and Green singer Finches. Also Samoyed show & pet dogs, all lovingly home raised with care. Inquiries invited. Email: St Charles, MO.

Bennies Birds

Breeder of healthy handfed Lovebirds
Babies and young adults, some s/s. Black mask blues,green and dilutes. Peachface varieties. Austrailian Cinnamon and Danish Violet from show stock. Fischer yellow dilute splits. Located in scenic Steelville, Missouri, rafting capital of Missouri. or 573-775-3422 Bennie

Bird Freak Mama's Aviary - ships

Hobby breeder of Cockatiels and finches
Contact me for available birds. Only looking for forever loving homes for my baby birds. Email: Independence, MO.

The Birdlovers

Central Missouri Breeder
I breed cockatiels, conures, parrotlets and canaries. I also host fairs in St. Charles Missouri. Please check our websight. Email: Troy, MO.


Canaries. Singing males or pairs.
Healthy stock for sale. Singers or pairs. Must pick up from Kimberling City, MO which is near Branson. $50 each. Clean birdroom. Email: Kimberling City, MO.

Birds Unlimited

David Roe
WE have babies cockatiels cinnamons, pieds, lutinos, cinnamon pearls also we breed quakers Email: Centralia, MO

Blichmann Training Aviary

Small breeder of Peach face, Fischer and Mask Lovebirds and Parrotlets
I have Green, Blue and Pied Peach Face, Blue and Green Masked, Fischers and Parrotlets that are blue and green/blue. Parrotlets are hand fed days, love birds are parent raised but handled daily. Email: Lebanon, MO

Cags And Lovebirds

small family breeder specializing in quality CAGS
Family project to raise quality pet congo african greys, socialized with kids, dogs and other pets. DNA sexing for all chicks. currently handfeeding a female chick who will be weaned in january 2005. we also occassionally have lovebirds. Email: Near Kansas City, MO

Calling All Birdlovers

Reserve your special baby today!!
Specializing in handfed cockatiels and lovebirds. Cockatiel mutations: cinnamon (pearls, pieds), whiteface (cinnamon, pearls, pieds), fallows and pastels. Lovebird mutations: violets, violet pieds, slates, dutch blues, pieds and a few normals. At times, will sell out of nest to EXPERIENCED handfeeders. Email: St Louis, MO.

Cary's Aviary

Breeder in Missouri
Blue & Gold Macaws. They are handfed and loved daily for taming. Picture upon request. Asking $1200 each. Email: Alton, MO

Crane's Birds

Small birds for the big hearted
Not everyone needs a giant parrot to recieve a great bird experience. specialize in small birds. I can create a custom aviary for you, or find perfect small bird of your dreams. Small birds so much more to offer. American Budgies, Finches, Lovebirds - peachfaced, American, dutch blue. I have beautiful colors, so call for questions Email: Joplin, MO

Dreamsalot Aviary

Breeder of Quality Budgerigars
Fine quality budgies! American mostly, English occasionaly. I have also crossed English into my Americans to obtain nice big budgies! No small, pin-head budgies offered for sale. Email: SW, MO

Feathered Treasures

Specializing in hand fed babies
Quakers, Senegals, Cherry Head Conures, Sun Conures, Green Cheeks, Cockatiels, etc. My babies are raised with a lot of TLC so they will be the best possible companions for you and your family. Email: Poplar Bluff, MO.

Forever Spring Aviary

PARROTLETS- green $150, blue $275; green split to blue & blue pair $350. CANARIES- young yellow males $75; young yellow females $55; also baby yellow birds and varigated. $50 Pat 636-528-4620 OR 636-462-4821 EMAIL: no shipping will meet reasonable distance. Troy, MO.

The Gouldian Man

Gouldian Finch Breeder
Raise gouldian finches as a hobby in my home. Wide variety of colors including Yellow & Green-backs & dilutes. Will email photos upon reque Contact: by phone after 6pm on weekdays or anytime on weekends or by email Email: St Louis, MO

Granny's Bird House - ships

Exotic Bird Breeder
Hahns Macaw Cherryhead conure, sun conure, Nanday conure Double Yellow Head amazon Budgies and lovebirds and finches and Quakers Email: Rolla, MO.

Ironwood Aviary

Hand Raised Tame Babies
We raise Zebra Finches, Society Finches, Parakeets, Love Birds, Cockatiels, Parrotlets, Sun Conures, Indian Ringnecks, and Quakers. All babies hand raised and very tame. Springfield, MO call Johnna at 417-759-9535 or 417-770-1324. Buffalo, MO

Jamie's Birds

Young singing Canaries, verigated yellow and bronze. Male 65.00 Unsexed 50.00 .Their daddy is the best singer ever! Will not ship Email: Minneapolis, MN.

Just-Us Birds LLC

Exotic Birds, cages, toys, supplies. seed & feed and Sandy Perches.
We breed, raise and sell parent raised finches, canaries and parakeets, as well as hand fed cockatiels, lovebirds, conures and african grey parrots. We also sell cages, bird toys, a wide variety of supplies, fooed and Sandy Perches. E-mail us at Raytown, MO

Just Feathers

Hand Fed, Tame, Baby Cockatiels.
We have baby cockatiels, just weaned and ready to find homes. Limited supply. White face, cinnamons, a few pearls, gray's, and one albino. Ages from 2 1/2 months to 3 months old. A few still being hand fed and will ready in 6 to 8 weeks. Email: St Louis, MO.

Lady Gouldians

Beautiful parent-raised Lady Gouldians for sale
Breeder specializing in Lady Gouldians. A variety of colors and all parent raised. I DO NOT SHIP! Located near St. Louis, MO. Email for more information, availability & pricing. Contact: Saint Charles, MO

Lady Gouldians By Lorraine - ships

Lady Gouldians by Lorraine
Specializing in Lady Gouldian finches. I raise normals, lilacs, yellow backs, and blue backs. Society finches also available. All birds raised indoors and are in excellent health. Will ship if necessary and weather permits. 25min. from St. Louis. Discounts for wholesale purchasing. Email: Wentzville, MO.

LMC Aviary

Breeder of exotic birds
Sweet hand feed babies. Will sell to experinced hand feeders at 3 week Most babies are handfed from day one because parents will not feed. contact me for more info on what we have at this time. Congos, Amazons, Cockatoos, Macaws, Pionus, Quakers, Derbyans, Eclectus, Hawkheads, Conures, etc. Email: Meadville, MO

Love Em All Aviary & Lindy Bird Toys - ships

Beautiful Healthy Birds And High Quality Bird Toys
Birdtoys to give your birds hours of enjoyment. Healthy baby birds. Breeder birds for sale or sometime trade. Always looking for distributors to carry our toy line. Email: Bloomsdale, MO.

Maneke's Bird House - ships

Canaries Bred for Song
American Singers, Hartz and Colorbred Lipochromes, We specialize in yellow and white ground canaries. See our website for photos and prices. Email: St Louis, MO

Medicine Hat Aviary - ships

Hobby Breeder in Northeast Missouri- Will Ship
Coakatiels, Nandays, Patagonian , Cherry Head, conures, Goffin, Yellow Collar Macaw. Some pet birds and some pairs. Will Ship in US only. E-mail for pricing and availability. Email: Caledonia, MO

Mellzer's Menagerie

Kansas City, MO Breeder
We are a small home Aviary who enjoys raising nice pet birds. Cockatiels, Green Cheeked Conures, Quaker Parrots, African Greys We know many reputable Breeders so if we dont have it they WILL! Cash, Paypal, Trades Accepted, Wont Ship but will deliver for Extra $$ Email: Kansas City, MO

Mojo's Birds - ships

Breeder of Amazons, Conures, and Macaws
Specializing in Pyrrhura Conures, Green Cheek, Maroon Belly, Black Cap, Painted, and more; Yellow Nape and Double Yellow Amazons, Blue & Gold Macaws, and Hyacinth Macaws. We can also locate other species from reputable breeders in our area. Cages and supplies. Email: St Clair, MO.

Perfect Parrotlets - ships

Parrotlets - sweet hand fed babies! Poplar Bluff, Missouri
We breed parrotlets in a loving home environment. Babies are hand fed socialized from 10 days old. They have been around children and will m a wonderful pet or addition to your breeding program. Greens, blues, y and dilutes available. Will ship at buyer's expense. Located in Missou Email: Poplar Bluff, MO

Quaker Parrots Plus+ - ships

Our specialty is Quaker Parrots focusing on Blue, Pallid & Cinnamons
We carry Quaker parrots, Macaws, eclectus, african gray & Sun Conures. We also carry a great line of affordable cages. From Breeder cages to Large Parrot cages. Give us a call or drop an email anytime. Email: Cameron, MO

Rmenendez Birdys (Robins Nest)

Parrotlets specialist since 1977
Beautiful parrots for sale with cage and babys. See website Email: Saint Louis, MO

Rock Creek Aviary

Breeders of handfed Soloman Island Eclectus babies.
At Rock Creek Aviary we focus our efforts on raising the most beautiful, best best natured and hand-tamed Solomon Island Eclectus babies we possibly can. King's Cages also available. Email: Fredericktown, MO.

Rosalita's Birdhouse

Domestic exotic birds - babies, breeders and some toys
Specializing in handfed baby birds. Cockatiels, greys, timnehs, differe species of conures. Also snuggle tubes. Email: or Wentzville, MO

RSM Birds

Specializing in hand-fed domestic baby birds
We raise happy, healthy, and spoiled baby birds right out of our home. have a couple of babies at a time so we can devote all our time and at them. We carry Cockatoos and Macaws. Occasionally we have Conures and Check our website for current babies and pricing. WE DO NOT SHIP MUST Email: Kansas City, MO

Rudy Pluschke

Breeder of Lady Gouldians for over 40 years - Just south west of St Louis
For Sale: Young Lady Gouldians raised by own parents in my bird room. My bird room is clean and airy. The birds have large cages and flights. All birds to best of my knowledge are healthy. Once you buy they are yours. No Shipping. Cash Only. Do not call after 9 pm. (636) 375-0079 Email: House Springs, MO

T And L Birds - ships

im a hobby breeder i only yhave a few babys at a time.
i have zebra finchs and sociaty finches. i have lots of budgie colors (parakeets).all babie hand tammed. i have cockatiels nothing fancy yet but all babys hand tammed. i will soon be getting other breeds so if your looking just ask i might have it. Email: Noth Central, MO.

Wings Of Love Aviary

I am a small, personal hobby breeder located just outside of St. Louis
I specialize in super tame, super sweet handraised cockatiels. I have been breeding for over 10 years, and take pride in what I do. I have cockatiel chicks in numerous colors from grey through albino and occasionaly pastel. Breeders sometimes available. E-Mail High Ridge, MO.


Amazons including Honduran Yellow napes. Macaws including Severes. Babies and some breeders. Email: Butler, MO


Mariah Aviary - ships

Breeder of Quakers, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Mini Macaws, Goffins
We hand feed our parrot babies. We also ship weather permitting. We can sometimes put unrealted pairs together. Will DNA sex on request. e-mail : phone 406-264-5203 located in Fort Shaw, MT

Renee's Best Birds - ships

Breeders of Healthy Hand-fed Baby Birds. Cages Available.
We raise well socialized hand-fed baby birds. Sun conures,Blue-crowned conures and cherry heads are seasonally available. We also have quakers and cockatiels. We ship and offer after sale support. Located in Great Falls, MT. Call (406) 453-9612. e-mail
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