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Geoff & Jo's Cockatiel Aviary

Breeders of handraised pets & quality breeding cockatiels
We are a small aviary in Brisbane Qld that caters to pet owners and breeders. We sell beautiful handraised cockatiels and quality breeding birds in most colours. We sell new pet owner packs that include bird, food, cage and playgym. Boarding available. Ongoing customer service after sale. Email: Brisbane, Queensland Australia

Parrot Haven Aviary - ships

Parrot Haven Aviary is owned by Garry & Lyn Lee
We ship our Exotic and Australian parrots all over Australia. Agents for Brinsea Incubators and Accessories, Importer of videos and books on hand rearing and incubation of parrots. Large range of products available on our secure online store.Back Kootingal Rd Nemingha NSW Australia, Ph +61267609531 Email:

Parrot Jungle Aviaries - ships

Breeder Of Exotic Lories ,Conures And Eclectus
Specialising In Black Caped, Chattering, Reds And Yellow Bibs, Allso Clear Pied Sun Conures, Wa Pied Sun Conures, Cinnamon Nanday Conures And Greencheeks And Their Mutations. We Allso Keep Vosmaeri Eclectus And Red Sided Eclectus, We Allso Offer A Hand Rearing Service. Email: Brisbane, QLD AUSTRALIA.

Samino Birds Farm Ltd - ships

We are supplyers of wildcougth bids of rare live bids and reptiles
we exports .finches, fancolins, softbills, plovers, and preptiles, and amphibians if any one is interesterd with our species please contact us through our email adress we will ship them at your need Morogoro, Tanzania, AUS

Serenity Aviaries - ships

Reg Breeders of Australian Parrots, Lorikeets , Redrump Grass Parrots
Located in country NSW Australia. Always interested in exchanging ideas and thoughts on Bird Breeding E-Mail. Australian Regulations Prevent Export at present Email: Tamworth, NSW AUSTRALIA.

Werner's Asiatics And Exotics

Breeder of Exotic, Asiactic Parrots and Australian natives
We breed mutations of Indian Ringnecks and Alexandrines. We also specialise in Derbians, Malabars, Eclectus, Conures, chattering Lories, Lutino Fishers, including many colours of peachfaces and Violet Black Masks. All Ringnecks able to export abroad. Email: Sydney, NSW.


B.N.E.C. Gouldian Finch Breeders

Belgian National Exotic Bird Club e-mail:


Caritas Ltd

We represent brazilian breeders of exotic birds, specially diamond golds
We are looking forward to establishing contact with wholesalers worldwide. Email: Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo Brazil


Kens Ecological Woodlands - ships

We are a licenced facility dealing in African parrot species. We capure, breed and export, congo greys, Senegal greys and other exotic bird species (Cameroon fracolin) We only Ship With CITES Export permits. Contacts wanted worldwide Email: Buea, CAmeroon.


4s Aviaries - ships

Breeder. Importer of Exotic Birds also supplies
Specializing in rare type Finches and Softbills. We breed all mutation Gouldian, Crimson Finch B&W bellied, Parrot Finch most type, Violet-eared Waxbills, Purple Grenadiers, B&W Seedeaters, Bicudo, Curio, 40+type Finches, 15+type South American Softbills.(519)746-0772 Email: Waterloo, Ontario CAN.

Andean Aviaries - ships

Breeders of - Macaws (8 species)- Amazons (5 species) - Conures (5 species)
Specializing in hand fed and raised, well socialized babies. Cages, specialized diets and toys also available. Contact Ray, Gilford, Ontario, CAN. P:(705)-456-7520 Em:

Angelwing Aviary - ships

WE are Breeders of Excotic Birds.
We breed DYH Amazones, Galah Toos, Goffins Toos, Timneh Greys, W.C.Pionus, Eclectus, Pacific Parrotlets(Green & Blue)Bourke Parakeets, Many mutations of Cockatiels.Co Email: Dunham, Quebec.

Animart - ships

handfed parrots, breeders, exotic birds and supply: nekton, cede, bogena
Specializing in exotic finches and handfed birds: african greys, yellow head, yellow front, yellow nape, blue front amazon, pionus, blue & gold ,scarlet, green wing, & severe macaws, umbrella, mollucan, rosebreast, cockatoo, eggfood, vitaseed, ravasi, spray millet, cages syringes Email:

Apocketfullofparrots - ships

For Sale : Coming Soon,most Mutation Of Parrotlets And Green Cheek Conures
we offer young hand fed babys as well as parrent raised we also have parent raised for young bonded pairs e-mail for more info colleen franks Calgary Area, Alberta Canada

Baby Budgie Breeders

I am a small scale budgie breeder in the Hamliton ON. Can. area
I breed budgies in a home environment for lovable pets. I don't ship my birds so you have to be able to pick them up. For more information on bird availablity contact me at email , and I will give you all the information that you need! Hamilton, Ontario.

Becs Et Beaux-beaux - ships

breeder cacatoes quaker conures amazone pionus serins inséparable
blue crowned conure , crimson bellied, yellowsides, cinnamon, pineapple lilac front amazone, blue, green, cinnamun quakers, soins et conseils blue head pionus, rosebreast cocatoos, (Gallah, rosalbin)perruche collier cacatoes rosalbin, inséparables, serins , callopsite(cockatiel) Email: Jonquière (saguenay), Québec CAN.

Birds Exotic Aviary - ships

Feathered friends by Bonnie Sawyer
Located in Maple Ridge, B.C. Specializing in handfed lovebirds. Other baby birds are available. Cockatiels, Conures, Senegals, Red Rumps, Parrots, etc. email for availability on birds. Email: Maple Ridge, BC Canada

The Birds Nest - ships

Lovebird breeder-will ship within Canada
Specializing in handfed baby lovebirds. Species include blue black masked. green black masked, fischers, peach faced mutations and dutch mutations. Contact us at (250) 554-9524 . Kevin or Sally Baitz Email: Kamloops, BC. CAN

Birds of Belmont - ships

Breeders of English Budgies and various small exotic birds
We raise English Budgies, parrotlets, cockatiels, kakarikis and linnies. All of our birds are healthy and weaned onto a large, varied diet. Great for pets or breeders. Located in the London, On. area. Call 519-913-0766 anytime for details or email us. Email: Belmont, Ontario Canada

Birds R Us - ships

Canadian Bird Breeder - We Ship
Specializing in hand-raised both WF and PF lovebirds, linnies and mutation cockatiels. Will ship! Disounts on the purchase of more than one bird. Visit our website or e-mail us for a list of avaliable babies. e-mail: . Located in Toronto, ON, Canada

BlueSky Aviary - ships

Breeding, Rearing & Management of healthy, happy parrots.
Specializing in macaws, congo greys, eclectus, amazons, conures. All babies are handfed & receive individual attention, hugs, & kisses. Duane Unterschultz PO Box 396, Blackie Alberta TOL OJO CAN (403)-684-3792 FAX:(403)-684-2346 Email:

Boucher Aviary of Timmins, ONT - ships

Finches - Close Contact with local bird toy manufacturer / cages
We Breed Handfed Lovebirds; Fischers, Black Masked, Peachfaced in Timmins, ON. We also shelter exotic pet birds, under our shelter called, "Second Chance Tweet Love & Care" and, provide basic grooming. Shipping within Canada 705-264-3071 Email: Timmins, Ontario CAN

Bowes Cockatiels

Breeders of Cockatiels
Specializing in the breeding of Cockatiels. All babies hand fed, socialized and abundance weaned. Greys, Yellow Cheek, Fallow, Lutino, Pearl, Whiteface, Cinnamon, and their combinations. Email: Montreal, Quebec CAN.

Cascade Aviaries - ships

Breeder of large and medium hookbills
We have 20 years of experience in breeding and handfeeding hookbills. Hyacinth, Scarlet, Green Wing and Blue & Gold Macaws, Bronze Wing and Blue Headed Pionus, Jardines, Double Yellow and Yellow Napped Amazons. Will ship anywhere in Canada Contact via e-mail to Mill Bay, BC CAN

Cheeky Bird Aviary

Hand Raised, Socialized Peach faced Lovebirds Campbell River, BC CAN
My husband and I are hobby breeders of peach face lovebirds. All our b well socialized and very tame and raised with lots of love and attenti first baby was even a Best Pet in Show winner! Please contact for availability Email: Campbell River, BC CAN.

Cindy's Cockatiels

Cockatiel baby's
handraised, friendly, social, outgoing, healthy, home raised, fully weaned baby cockatiels, in many mutations also occassionally adults and breeders Email: London, Ontario, CAN

Classic Canaries

Local Toronto Breeder of Show and Pet Canaries
Breeder of several varieties of Canaries for sale locally in Toronto, CAN. Excellent selection of Siskens, Red Factors, German Rollers, and Mahogany. Please call Carlo at 416-242-3844. Email

Cockatiel Haven

Cockatiel breeder -in canada
Breeding cockatiels whiteface, pieds & pearls, lutino's & greys. Cockatiel Haven is a small home based aviary located in Goodwood, Ontario, CAN. All cockatiels are hand fed and hand tamed raised with lots of love and affection. Email:

Cockatiel Heven

Hand fed/tame cockatiel breeder -in canada
handfed/tame baby cocatiels great blood line and affentionate birds, pearled and pied, wormed and just started to fly and 705-726-9063 0r Email: Toronto, ontario.

Cockateil Hobby Breeder - ships

Hand Raised Baby Cockateils - also services, supplies...
I have many babies that are ready to go - as well as younger ones and future will have new cluches soon. Most color mutaions are available. These are about the tamest, brightest, fun-loving companion 'teils around. From $85CDN - cages, kits, services and more! (519)821-4291 Email: Guelph, Ontario CAN.

Cockatiels Of Niagara - ships

Breeder of Rare Mutation Cockatiels in Canada
Specializing in Hand-Fed Rare Mutation Cockatiels: Emeralds, Double and Single Factor Dominant Silvers, Fallow, Whiteface Pastelface, Sex Linked Yellowcheek, Pearls, Pieds, etc... Email: Fonthill, Ontario CAN.

Crazy Coop Aviary

Hand fed and Raised Cocatiel Babies
Small Home Based Aviary. We Specialize in preparing intelligent, loving, funloving Companion Birds. Right now we raise Normal Greys and Lutino's . Soon we will be Starting a new pair consisting of pied@pearl parents. So you if you are looking for a quality already trained companion bird send us an e-mail. Email: Scarborough, Ontario.

Cuckoo's Nest Aviary - ships

Quality breeder of Quakers, Senegals, Ringnecks, Timneh Greys & Macaws
All our babies are lovingly hand raised, hand fed and very well socialized. We only sell weaned babies and specialize in blue & green Quakers, Senegal, Blue & Lutino Indian Ringnecks, Timneh African Greys, Blue & Gold Macaws and Severe Macaws. We also have a selection of toys & supplies for your needs. Email: Moncton, New Brunswick.

Dar's Little Gems

Darlene Perkins
I have been raising hand fed cockatiels for over 25 years. All my babi socialized and I band all my babies. All babies come with hatch certif I DNA sex my babies as well, in case you are looking for a specific se White face varieties as well as normals availale through out the year. Email: Innisfil, Ontario Canada

Devaduttaviaries - ships

We Live In Ottawa CAN We Are Breeder,s Of Handfed And Tame Baby Bird,s
blackheaded caiques, kakarikis, parrotlets, blue, albino, lutino quakers blue, green, fallow, cinnamon and yellow face ringnecks blue, lutino, albinos cockatiels of all colours Email: Ottawa, ONT CAN

DJ Aviaries - ships

Healthy, Happy, Handfed Babies! Official Distributor of Roudybush products
We are a small rural aviary specialized in breeding Conures, Senegals, Lineolated parakeets (cobalt & blue) and Cockatiels. We provide our customers with tame, well-adjusted handfed baby birds. Ph: 1-800-475-2352 Email: Boisbriand, Quebec.

DreamCatcher Aviaries - ships

Pacifc Parrotlets are our specialty. Quality handfed babies available.
Cockatiels & Budgies available as well. All birds handfed and socialized. Health guaranteed. Will ship anywhere in Canada. email Always willing to trade. Whitehorse, Yukon, CAN

Feather Beds For Wrent - ships

Small home-based breeder of lineolated parakeets.
Weaned lineolated babies, handtamed / handfed or parent-raised. Will not sell unweaned babies. Possibility of making pairs. Will ship at buyers expense Email: St-hubert, Quebec CAN.

Flew the Coop Aviary - ships

Breeders of Fine Senegal and Blue-head Pionus Parrots
We are a small home-based aviary specializing in the breeding and raising of loving, trusting, and healthy Senegals and Pionus.All babies are vaccinated for Polyoma, all are close-banded , vet-checked and guaranteed healthy.Our chicks are very much loved and we take pains to provide them with only the best new owners. Email: Langley, BC Canada

Flip the Bird Aviary - ships

Lovebird and Quaker breeders!!!
We raise hand-tame quality pets. We have many mutations of Peachfaced, Fischer's and masked lovebirds. Email: Beaverlodge, Alberta CAN

Genesis Aviaries - ships

Hand-Raised Standard and Rare Mutation Cockatiels
Friendly, socialized Cockatiels - Specializing in Rare mutation & Standard Strong lines of Whiteface - Emerald - Fallow - Silver - Lutino - Pearl etc. Small number of Hand Raised Indian Ringnecks - NCS Member and AACC Member Top Quality Birds - Closed Banded - Hatch Certificates - Guaranteed Email: Acme, Alberta CAN

Glen Gyoerick - ships

Glen Gyoerick
blue and gold male$500-hanhs female-$700. 7 ringnecks-one female split to blue.At least two males in group,all birds unrelated. Phone glen at 306-922-0638 or email

Golden Creek Bird Farm - ships

Breeders of australian and asian parakeets
Our stock includes: Indian ringnecks(lutino,blue,grey,albino),plum,slaty,and blossom heads,Kakarikis(lutino+pied),Rosellas:Golden-mantle(Red,cinnamon,rubino )Adelaide,Green,Crimson,Princess,Barnards,Kings,Mulga,Bourkes,etc Contact us at (705) 689-9121 or 8722 FAX, E-mail, Ontario,CAN

Goochie Bird Aviary - ships

Breeder of hand fed birds
Specialize in Fischer lovebird and Kakariki mutations. Also have Indian Ring Neck, Lineolated, Lutino Red Rump Parakeets. Mealy and Golden Mantle Rosellas. Green Cheek Conures. Willing to ship anywhere in Canada Email: Calgary, Alberta CAN

Greyflight Aviaries - ships

Breeders of Congo African Grey's
Breeding well socialized handfed baby congo african grey's. We only sell weaned babies. Shipping in Canada only. Email: Dryden, Ontario.

Heavenly Wings Aviary - ships

We are a small home based aviary.
Currently our flock consists of a pair of Timney African Greys and a pair of Lineolated Parrots. We breed many common Cockatiels mutations and we are adding Rec. Silver in the fall of 2003. Shipping available at buyers expence and in Canada only. Email: Mississauga, Ontario CAN.

Homestead's Hatchery - ships

Exotic Parrot Breeder and Exhibitor
Small home based aviary raising handfed, close banded, naturally fledged and abundance weaned babies. Working with standard and rare mutation cockatiels and lineolated parakeets, dusky pionus, severe macaws, galah cockatoos, white- bellied caiques and Timneh African greys. Will ship in Canada. Appointment only. Email: Burlington, Ontario CAN.

International Parrots - ships

Specializing in uncommon, rare, and endangered species of parrots
Cockatoos-Gang Gang, Red-tail Black, Major Mitchell, Galah (Lutino), Slender-bill Ducorps: Macaws-Blue-headed: Amazons: Jamaican Yellow-bill, Yellow-face, Tucuman Pionus: Masenna, Plum-crown, Coral-bill OTHER: Blue-rump, Blue-nape, Muller, Great-bill, Greater VASA ASIAN: Malabar, Layards + Many Many More Email: Maple Ridge, BC Canada

J P K Aviaries

Breeder of exotic birds - Hand - Fed
Different mutations of Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Indian-ringnecks(green, yellow, blue) Plum parrots, African Greys Email: Laval, Quebec CAN

Jessica's Jungle - ships

Domestic Hand-fed baby birds for sale!
Located in Montreal Quebec in Canada. We are a home-based aviary Call for more information. Jessica (514)947-1313 Email: Montreal, Quebec CAN.

JJ Works Bird Hatchery - ships

JJ.Works Bird Hatchery Toronto
Breeder of Mutation Parrotlets, blues , Lutino, albinos, senagals.Timneh Grey. Bronzewing.Blueheaded, Maxis and Dusky Pionus, sun, green-cheeksd maroon-bellied blue crowned conures and hahns macaw. ship in canada Email: Toronto, CAN.

Just Parrots Aviary

Specializing in Amazons, Greys, Ringnecks, Senegals & Macaws
Amazons: Chaco Blue Fronts, Yellow Napped. African Greys: Congo, Timnehs. Indian Ringnecks: Blue, Green. Senegals, Severe Macaws Our babies are hand fed/ weaned and well socialized. We are located 15 minutes outside of Niagara Falls. Call us at (905) 382-5555 or e-mail Stevensville, Ontario CAN.

Keller's Aviary - ships

Breeder of Conures, babies and breeders available!
Currently breed: Conures: Cactus, Sun, Nanday, Austral, Patagonian, Blue Throated, White Eared, Crimson Bellied, Santa Marta, White Breasted, Black Capped, Brown Breasted, Rose Crowned Macaws: Hahn's, Severe, Illiger's Contact me at Toronto, Ontario CAN

Kingdom of the Little Friends - ships

Breeder of lineolated parakeets(linnies), cockatiels and blue-headed pionus
This home-based aviary, located in Welland, Ontario (Southern Ontario) features only apartment-suitable, child-friendly birds in a variety of sizes, From Lineolated Parakeets to Cockatiels, and anticipating the upcoming entrance of Blue-Headed Pionus! Email: Welland, Ontario CAN

Lady Gouldian Finch Canada - ships

Champion Breeders of lady gouldians and parrot finches ( all mutations)
Responsible breeders of: Lady Gouldian Finches ( all mutations), Parrot Finches:blue faced, forbes, pin tails, red throated ( see site 4 mutation s) Also bengalese in : chyoda, crested, and exhibition size. With javas and owl finches. We also sell seeds, nests, and supplements Email: Acton, Ontario CAN

Lettys Critter Corner - ships

hobby greys and amazons, small time breeder
small thime breeder of amazons and greys and mini horses, I love my birds and only have a few so they get spoild verry much, located in East Sherid an lake Lone Butte by 100Miles House B.C. CAN vok 1xo Email: B C, CAN.

LGL Aviaries - ships

Breeder of exotics birds. Canadian distributor of Roudybush products.
Specializing in hand-fed cuddly baby birds. Cockatiels: cinnamon, pearl, pied & mutation of white-face. Pacific parrotlet (blue & fallow), lineolated, spectacle, hahn;s mini-macaw, senegal. Greenfield Park, QC, CAN Lena@(514)-926-8780 email:

Little Darlings - ships

Specializing in Quality Hand fed Abundance Weaned Companion Parrots
Quakers in aqua, blue, green, cinnamon and cinnamon blue; Senegals; Alexandrines ; Pionus: Blue-headed, Maximilian, White-capped; Conures: Greencheeked, Painted, Crimsonbellied, Rosecrowned, Peachfronted. Visit our website. Health guarantee, care & behavior pamphlet, etc. References available. Darlene @ 519 425 0940 Email: Mt Elgin, Ontario CAN

LJRJ Aviares

Breeder of Swift parrots
--Specifically Swift Parrots (Lathamus discolor ) hand or parent raised babies and mature birds . Email: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Longo's Aviaries - ships

Breeders of Rare & Endangered Parrots
Establishing diverse gene pools for endangered parrots in situ & ex situations Current Stock: Amazons - 20 sp. Macaws - 10 sp. Cockatoos - 8 sp. White-bellied & Black-headed Caiques, Hawk-headed Parrots Conures - 10 sp. Pionus - 3 sp. We Ship Worldwide ! Email: Mississauga, Ontario.

Look Who's Talking Aviaries - ships

Canadian Breeder and Sanctuary of Parrots
Hand-fed Chicks . Web Site is CHECK IT OUT! I have a aviaries and sanctuary for exotic birds. I have been breeding for 17 years and will try to answer all questions All birds can be shipped anywhere in Canada Email: Drayton Valley, Alberta.

Love At First Flight Aviaries - ships

Exporter and breeder
We are a home based bisiness that spends lots of time with our wonderful babies. All hand fed , well socialized and handled by old and young. We also run a government inspected quarantine and export birds into the United States. Email: Ingersoll, Ontario CAN.

Love Hut Aviary - ships

Masked and peachface lovebirds
Small breeder of blue and normal black masked lovebirds as well as peachface in in the following mutations - normal green, whiteface colbalts, whiteface violets and lutino's. (506)757-2750 or email Public Landing, New Brunswick CAN.

Love Shack Aviary - ships

Lovebird Breeders- Also Cages & Supplies.
Specializing in many mutations including Opalines. Retailer of Harrison's Bird Food. Unbeatable prices in Canada! Located in Calgary, Alberta, CAN (403) 282-1539 Email:

M&L Aviaries - ships

Double Yellow Headed Amazon Breeders
Quality DYH Amazon Babies. Parent raised for 3-4 weeks prior to being pulled for hand feeding. They are DNA sexed, abundance weaned and well socialized If interested check out our web page, e-mail or phone Michelle at 450-424-9671. Located 45 mins from Ont. Boarder St Lazare, Quebec. We will only ship our birds within Canada

Mandora's Garden Aviary - ships

Hobby breeder in Northern Ontario
We currently breed African greys and Amazons. However, we are always expanding so look for new things to come! We are in beautiful Northern Ontario, and we offer quality handraised, abundance weened babies. Contact Amanda at (705) 949-6127 or through email, or visit our homepage! Email: Sault Ste Marie, Ontario CAN.

Mapledale Farm - ships

Breeders of Pheasants, Quail, Partridge, Guineas and Waterfowl
Breeders of a variety of pheasants, quail, partridge, guineas, turkeys, and waterfowl. We will sell breeder birds only, eggs available on occasion. Good quality, and good blood lines. We also raise miniature sheep. E-mail prefered. Email: Vancouver, British Columbia.

Milkwood Aviaries - ships

Parrot Breeders-Cage and pellet producers
Incubator hatched and hand reared babies of most of the more common large parrot types. May to October outdoor viewing. Will ship birds (Canada only) and pellets. Cockatoos, Amazons, Greys, Macaws, Conures and more. Phone 905-473-1735 or email

Oisellerie Berjot - ships

Breeder/Collector of popular and rare parrots
Specialized in reproduction, behavior and nutrition of over 15 species: Large and mini macaws, cockatoo, african and south american. We are proud to collect these rare species: Capes and Jardine's, Hawkhead, Yellow-collared and Illiger's macaws, Lessers and Rose-breasted cockatoo. Email: Saint-hubert, Québec CAN.

Oisellerie Fortin & Savard Ship - ships

Breeder of Handfed Lovebird, Quaker and Indian Ringneck
breeder of fisher, Mask and Peachface Lovebird, also breed Quaker Ringneck... Small homebase Aviary .. ship Canada Wide Email: Chicoutimi, Quebec.

Oisellerie La Voliere - ships

Parrot breeder in Quebec / Éleveur de perroquet
Breeder of macaws (blue+gold, military, scarlett), many species of small conures, senegals, African greys, amazons. Closed and tested aviary, polyoma vacc. Éleveur de Aras, gris d'afrique, youyou, meyers, amazones et petits conures. Oisellerie testée pour les maladies et nous vaccinons pour le polyoma. Email: Ste-julienne, Québec CAN.

Ontario Bird Exchange - ships

We breed exotic birds
specializing in hand fed babies and breeding pairs Email: Newmarket, Ontario CAN


Hobby parrot breeder
Free flying baby parrots-weaned only: cockatoos (umbrella, goffins), african greys (timnehs, congo), jardines (massaicus), pionus (maximilien), conures (jandays). . Sweet, selfconfident and athletic. No shipping. Email: Montréal, Québec.

Parrot Farm - ships

Canadian Parrot Breeder - Quality Hand-fed Babies
We breed a variety of birds chosen for their diversity, good pet qualities, and predictable natures. African Greys, Cockatoos, Pionus, Poicephalus, Caiques, and Conures. Expert on-site and in-home grooming service. Please visit (905)772-3101 Email: York, Ontario CAN.

Parrot's Nest - Canada

Canadian breeder of quality African Grey (Timneh) & Poicephalus Parrots
Home based breeder specializing in quality handfed companion parrots. Beautiful, sweet, African Grey (Timneh), Red Belly and Meyers parrots available. All babies closebanded, handfed and well socialized in my home. Email:

Parrots Aplenty Aviaries - ships

Specialists in African Greys and Cockatoos
Full time bird farm with twelve years of experience. We breed Congo Greys, Cockatoos, and Blue-fronted Amazons only. (Goffins, Bare-eyed, Umbrella, Moluccan, Rose-breasted, Lesser and Medium Eleanora and Triton, Citron) Ship anywhere in Canada, no U.S. shipping. Weaned babies only Email: P O Box 1800, Rossland, BC CAN V0G 1Y0.

Petite Exotics - ships

Specializing in Mask, Fischer, Peachface, Black-Cheeked Lovebirds
All babies are handfed and well socialized, extremely handtame & make wonderful pets, raised in my home with lots love & care. I can provide cage setup, care instructions, food & accessories to go with your new baby. For a list of available babies please email me at: Vancouver, BC Canada

Pint-sized Parrots - ships

Pint-sized Parrots - ships
Breeder of Green, Split to Blue, & Blue Pacific Parrotlets and Split to Blue, Blue, Cobalt, & Lutino Lineolated Parakeets. Pets & Breeders. Email: Edmonton, Alberta CAN.

The Pocket Parrot Aviary - ships

Breeder of pacific parrotlets
Specializing in hand-fed, socialized and abundance weaned parrotlets (green, blue, albino, lutino, pastel blue..)Phone:(705) 735-2538 Email: Barrie, Ontario CAN.

Ponytail Joe's Pet Supplies - ships

Breeder and supplier of Parrakeets, Parrots, Conures, finches and Products
Conures: Sun, Green Cheeked, Maroon Bellied, Painted, Dusky also Rosella's Parrots: Congo African Grey, Blue Headed Pionus, Black Head Caiques, Senegals Parrakeets: Turquoisines, Linoeated, Mustache, Fisher's Lovebirds, Kakarikies Parrotletts: Pacific, etc. Web: Email: Peachland, BC CAN.

Prairie Parrots - we ship across Canada! - ships

Hobby breeders of small to medium pet hookbills
We offer sweet, well socialized, abundance weaned, pet birds. Species we breed are peach face and Fischer lovebirds, Quakers, Indian Ring necks, Kakariki, Rosellas, Lineolated parakeets, and cockatiels. Email: Calgary, Alberta CAN

Proud Parrots Of Canada - ships

Toronto-Area breeder of exotic parrots. Also cages, toys and supplies
Breeder of macaws, cockatoos, greys, hawkheads, conures, caiques, senegals, amazons, pionus and others. We are also authorized dealers for King's Cages, Avian Adventure Cages, Fun-Max toys and carry a wide selection of toys, food and supplies. (905)495-1521. Email: Brampton, Ontario CAN.

R & S Avaries

Breeder of Conures, Ringnecks and Cockatiels
Hand fed green cheeks and pearlie conures, black caps, brown throats, jendays conures, plum head parakeets, available located SW Ontario,please contact Ron or Scott at or Granton, ON CAN.


Breeders of Gouldian Mutations+ Parrot Finches
We currently Breed 4 types of Parrot Finches ( Blue Headed, Forbes, Pin Tail Non Pariel, and Red Headed. We are acquiring Bamboo Parrot Finches in the Summer of 2001. We have several Gouldian Mutations including All other information inc. species list can be found at our web-site Email: Acton, Ontario.

Rhodoland Nurseries and Parrot Breeders - ships

Breeders of Macaws, Amazons, Pionus and Conures
Specializing in Parent Raised and Handfed Birds, we curently breed , Bl & G , Gr.W. Scarl. Hahn's Y. Col. Amaz. Festive, Bl.Fr. , D.Y. , Y.N. Red L., Wh. C. & Br.W. Pionus . Crims. Bel. Pyrr. Sun, Jen, GoldC. and more, Ship in Canada Nia. o.t. Lake Ont. Canada 905 262 5975 . Niagara On The Lake, Ontario CAN

Richmond Hill Aviary

I am a small hobby breeder located north of Toronto.
Specializing in handfed domestic baby birds. All of my babies are parent hatched Please contact me by e mail to see what is available. Email: Richmond Hill, Ontario CAN.

Russian Canaries from Wassim

Wassim Mekaled, hairdresser, hobby:breeding russian canaries
Young russian Canaries Free CD with Pair Purchase Email: Calgary, Alberta CAN

Safe-haven Aviary Bc

Hobby breeder
Currently breeding and handraising; Green Cheeked Conures - Normals & Blues, Black Capped Conures & Blue Throated Conures, plus White Capped Pionus Over 20 +yrs. experience with companion birds of all kinds. General care and breeding info available. Email: Coombs, Vancouver Island BC CAN.

Safe Haven - Birds R Us - ships

We are hobbyist breeders and exhibitors with well quality socialized birds.
Breeders of crimson bellied conures, green & blue quakers. Safehaven for rescued birds. Bird sitter. Please contact Lin or Vic in Edmonton Alberta CAN by email or phone (780)486-3868.

Saskatoon Finch Aviary

Australian & African Finches
Hobbyist/Breeder of Australian and African Finches. Currently: Owl (Bicheno) Finches, Gouldian Finches (RH), Zebras, Blue-Capped Cordon Bleus and Gold Breasted Waxbills. Please contact me for detailed information. Thank you. Email: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan CAN.

Sunnydale Birdhouse

Breeder of birds
Breeder of cockatiels, budgies, gouldians and other finches. Email: Hull, Quebec CCAN

SunnySkye's Aviary

Breeders of Sun Conures, Cockatiels, and Budgies
We handraise loving companions. Prefer not to ship. Also will take in unwanted birds. Call 221-5371 or email at Always here for questions. Halifax, Nova Scotia CAN.

Toews Parrot Place - ships

Happy Healthy Handfed Babies!
Specializing in Eclectus and Caiques. We are a small hobby breeder. All our hand-fed baby birds are raised in our home where they receive lots of loving attention. Our adult birds are all DNA disease tested and healthy. We ship within Canada. e-mail: Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

Tiny Rascals Aviary

Breeders of Lovebird and Lineolated (Barred) Parakeets- Custom made Cages
Specializing in hand fed and spoiled lovebirds and Lineolated (Barred) babies. Most mutations including White face Violets, Cinnamons, Ino, Silvers, Pieds Lineolated mutations include Ino, Green and Blues. Custom cages also available. Ph 506-532-3757 E-mail: 40 Fred Roy Rd,grand Barachois, N B CAN E4P 7M6.

Treetop Parrots - ships

handraised baby parrotlets, peachfaced lovebirds, quakers, sun conures,
hawkheads and large macaws. Phone or e-mail for prices and availability. Email: Strasbourg, saskatchewan.

Tropics Of The Peace Avaries - ships

Looking for just the right pet
We here at Tropics Of The Peace Avaries have just what you are looking we are currrently raising Cockatiels, lovebirds, Indian Ringnecks, and Princess of Wales. All are birds are hand fed, we also take in any unwanted birds we do only with in Canada more info email Peace River, Alberta CAN.

Tropinor Parrots

Canadian Breeder Of Quality Handfed Baby Parrots
We are a small breeder of quality handfed baby birds. All birds are home raised and well socialized. We specialize in African Greys, Goffin Cockatoos and Blue & Gold Macaws. Occasional Umbrella Cockatoos & Senegals, as well. Montreal, Canada. Sorry no shipping. Email: Montreal, Quebec Canada

Vic The Bird Man - ships

Breeder of Hand-Fed Birds
Pair of BLUE Parrotlets Cdn$350/Pair of Pacific Green Parrotlets Cdn$150/ 12 Budgies for $Cdn100/Hand-trained cockatiels from $CDN75 each/ Black Mask Lovebirds from $Cdn 75 each/Canaries from $Cdn75 each. Looking for female Senegal Parrots. Call Victor at (705) 549-4448 anytime. Email: Penetanguishene, Ontario CAN.

VIP Aviaries - ships

Breeder of Blue and Gold Macaw, Congo African Grey and mutation Cockatiels
All birds are handfed and handraised in our home. Cockatiel mutations include all variations of, Whiteface, Pastelface, Dominant and Recessive Silvers, Dominant Yellow Cheek and Emerald. Coming soon, Fallow, SL Yellow Cheek. Breeder birds avail occasionally Email: Ladysmith, BC CAN.

Volières Pluri-ailes - ships

Breeders of exotic birds. Cages and supplies
We hand-raise our babies with state-of-the-art care.We ship anywhere in Canada. Large selection of cages, supplies, toys and food Lovebird, Amazon, Conure, Kakariki, Senegal Contact us at Lanoraie, Québec CAN.

Walker's Aviary

Breeder of exotic birds
Cockatiel Breeders, Budgie Breeders, Pink Bourkes for sale. Can be reached at 403-337-3878. Email: Carstairs, Alberta CAN.

Wanderingwings Aviary - ships

Quality Breeder of African Greys, Pionus and Rare Cockatiels
Selling only fully weaned/fledged, handfed and parent reared babies. Aviary has been fully tested for Polyoma, Pachaco's, PBFD, Chlamydia and T.B. Timneh & Congo Greys, Whitecap, Dusky, Bronzewing, Maxi & Bluehead Pi's. Traditional and Rare Cockatiels Whiteface, Silver, Emerald, Yellowcheek Email: Burlington, Ontario CAN.

Wetlands Aviary - ships

Breeders of Asiatic and Australian Parrots
We lovingly hand-feed and raise all our babies. We are breeders of Solomon Island Eclectus, Alexandrines, Indian Ringnecks, Princess of Wales, Cockatiels, Budgies and a few others. Email: Chilliwack, BC CAN.

Whee b' Birds - ships

Hobby breeder of South American and African Parrots
I am attempting to raise Dusky Pionus, Hahns Macaws, Conures-Sun, Blue Crown, Red-masked, Maroon bellied, Green cheeked, Painted, Pearly and Peach-fronted also colour mutation Celestial Parrotlets. In African species I have Senegal, Red bellies and Greys. Email: Oshawa, Ontario Canada

Wild Wing Avairy - ships

We Specialize In Hand Fed Babies And Quality Breeding Stock
all types of conures, including colour mutations of green cheek conures rainbow and black capped lories, african greys, lutino cockatiels lutino and blue ringnecks Email: Keswick, Ontario Canada

Wilder Exotic Connections

Lovebirds for sale
We breed lovebirds, they're different colors from different parents. We start handfeeding them when they're about 2 weeks old. They're super tame with humans, and great pets for the kids! We are located in Brampton, ON Canada. call for more information Email: Canada

Wings Of My Heart Aviary - ships

Beautiful mutations of lineolated parakeets,cockatiels,and lovebirds
Linnies available most colours(blue, cobalt, mauve, cremino, lutino and dilute) Singles and pairs available as well as handfed pets.We guarantee health , pictures and references available.Delivery or shipping from Buffalo available Please see our web site!! Email: London, ontario.


Beijing Liheng Special Breeding Garden - ships

Beijing Liheng Special Breeding Garden---A Big Supplier of Pet Birds
Speicializing in hand-fed domistic baby birds. Musked lovebirds,cocktiels,canary agapornis roseicollis,java sparrow,zebra finches,gengalese,pason finch,gouldian finch,budgerigar,diamond sparrow and more.Competitive price and huge avaliable amount and great varity.Tel/fax:86-10-67032747,E-mail: Beijing,China

Mandai Birds Sanctuary - ships

Specialized breeders of exotic parrots and lories
We have more than 400 pairs of breeding parrots ,cockatoos and lories. We achieved the first captive breeding of blue eared lory in the world 1998 If interested please contact Della Low on fax+65-5527717 Or or Singapore


DM Aviary - Cyprus(nicosia) - ships

Hand Reared Congo African Greys Babies
I am breeding African Greys on a small scale as a hobby breeder. All babies are pulled from the nest and hand reared. They become very tame and affectionate. They usually learn to speak a few words before they go to their new home. Email: Nicosia, Cypr.

Czech Republic

Zoo Chleby

Breeders of hornbill
We are offering young male Great rhinoceros hornbill for sale. We are breeding rare birds - Red-tailed amazon, Golden eagle, Steller's eagle, Cinereous vulture Grouse, Cranes, Pheasants, etc. Email: Nymburk, Czech Republic.


Blue Parrot International - ships

Parrot Breeding Center:
Breed :Golden Conure(Guarouba Guarouba), Hyacinth,Greenwing,Blue&Gold macaws, Denmark.


Egyptian Parrots

We are breeders of parrots, especially African greys and Eclectus.
We care about the birds we sell. We offer the best after sales support. At the moment we are restricted to local trading - No Export. We sell baby parrots, please check for availability. Email: Cairo, Egypt.


A parrot breeding farm - ships

A parrot breeding Farm - France
At the only parrot egg incubation center in France, authorized by the Ministry of the Environment, we " brood " Macaw, Cockatoo, Amazon , African Greys yellow-vented parrot and King parroteet eggs. The baby parrots are hand-fed every two hours until they are weaned Email:


Email: / fax : 33 - 3 21 41 00 30
supplier of parrots, cockatoos,lories, cranes, zoo birds (cranes, eagles, vultures, flamingoes,......), finches, softbills. Origine captiv bred or import. looking for contact of breeders of pet amazons ,cockatoos,... Email:

Mevitte Birds - ships

Breeders of Finches and English Budgies
Specialising in breeding of Finches and English Budgies. Also Parakeets. Import and export. Looking for other breeders esp. Morocco. Email: Avranche, France.


Parrot Paradise/Germany - ships

We are looking for exotic birds
We are looking for all kind of parrots, macaws, cockattoo etc. to import them to germany. Also we are looking for contacts to breeders who wants domestic born birds from germany. We trade also rare species. Email:

W T A - Germany - ships

Trumpeter Hornbills (Bycanistes bucinator), Silver-cheeked Hornbills (Bycanistes brevis), Black & White tailed Hornbill (Bycanistes subcylindricus), Grey Hornbi lls (Tockus nasutus), Deckens Hornbills (Tockus deckeni)- non-CITES species. Email:, Fax +49-2452-24297 / +49-2452-904101

ZG Kasper- Müller - ships

Amazon breeder -
Since many years we keep and breed nearly 20 different species of Amazon parrots. Normal ones for pets and also special ones. Here are some of our birds: Vinaceous, Cuban, Hispaniolan, Blue crowned, Bodini, Yellow lored, Blue fronted, ... We allways look for new typs of Amazons Email: Baden- Württemberg, Germany.


Birdpark Jagrie Holland - ships

Specializing in Rare Birds and Rare Colour Mutations.
Very rare Collection of Amazons, Cockatoos, Parakeets and Macaws. We can ship with Cites and Healthcertificate. Also interested in rare Birds. Call for price and availability: J.J. Postema - Tel: 31-599-648382 Fax: 31-599-648382. E-mail: Gieterveen, Holland.

Pyrrhura Conure De Groen - ships

Pyrrhura conures breeder
I breed with diffrent kinds of pyrrhuras, like the perlata perlata, melanura souancei, rupicola, egregia, picta picta picta roseifrons, rodo cephala, leucotis griseipectus, molinae and others. Email: Enschede, Holland.


Allevamento Agata

Specializing in loris, loriculus and fig-parrots
We are breeders of loris, loriculus and fig-parrots. If intersting for import-export of loris, loriculus and fig-parrots Please contact me for e-mail : Modena, Italia.

Berry Avicultural Park - ships

Breeding - Reasearch - Conservation - Recreation
Specializing in Psittacines, waterfowl and other park aves. Closed aviary concept. Email: Castelvolturno, Caserta Italy

Pet World International - ships

Specialized in Hand Heed well socialized parrots
Large variety of parrots, softbills, waterfowl and park animals. Caselvolturno, Italy (+039) 081-5090281 Mobile (+39) 3389494119 Email: Castelvolturno (ce), Italy.


Loros Bird Farm - ships

Indonesian birdpark blood line,pure Red-side Eclectus.
We are a breeder of Eclectus, Cockatoos, Macaws, Amazons in Japan.We produce large quantity of Red-side Eclectus H/R and wish to exchange other species.If interested, please contact. Will import/export with permits. Email: Simohata, Japan.


Hatula ( Malaysia) Sdn Bhd - ships

Malaysian Breeder & Trainer Birds & Animals
All Type Cockatoos, All type lorikeets, All type Conures, All Type Parrots, Cassowary, Birds of Paradise, All types Macaw, Trained Birds for show, Magpie Robins, Peking Robin, Hill Myna, Spotted Dove, Zebra Dove Black Headed Munia's, Common Myna, All types Pheasants Email: Johor Bharu, Johor, Malaysia.

Pheasant & Peafowl Farm - ships

Asian Pheasant Breeder
Asian Pheasants for sale- Malaysian Jungle Fowl, Firebacks, Golden, Lady Amherst Elliots, Edwards, Hume-Bartailed, Kalij Pheasants, Silver, Swinghoe, Blue Peafow White, Black Shoulder. Pied, Emerald Green Spalding and limited numbers of Malaysian Phesants. Email: Ajil, Hulu Terengganu, Terengganu Malaysia.

Tanin Eh Boon

Breed and Sell Tame Pet Cockatiel
I breed and sell tame pet Cockatiel for Per birds lover. However, I breed the Cockatiel in small scale, therefore it might not avaiable through the year Please check my website for the avaiability of the Cockatiel. Email: Petaling Jaya,, Selangor.


Maltabudgerigars - ships

We are breeders and exporters of Exhibition Budgerigars.
Colours include Normals, Opalines and spangles in many colours. Albinos, Lutinos and Dilutes. Very good show quality birds. We are also interested in sharing our breeding experience with other breeders all over the world. Email: Zabbar, MALTA.


Birdpark Jagrie - ships

Specializing in Rare Birds and Colour Mutations.
Very rare Collection of Amazons, Cockatoos, Parakeets and Macaws. We can ship with Cites and Health Certificates. Also interested in Rare Birds. Call for price and availability: J.J. Postema - The Netherlands. Tel: 31 599 - 648382 Fax: 31 599 - 648216 E-mail: Gieterveen, The Netherlands.

Maracana - ships

Hobbybreeding station Maracana
Whe are breeding with Illigers macaws, Red lored amazons, African grey's. All ower baby's are handfed and exstreemly tame. Also they are good talkers, with 10 weeks they say there name's. For more info you can sen email. Email: Clinge, Netherlands.

Parrot Farm

breeder of parrots, specially Amazones
for sale: 1-3 Mexican redheads, 1-2 Spectacled amazone, 1 Blue fronted 1-1 Costa Rica amazon, 1-1 greater Vasa Parrot, 2 Blue and Yellow macaw 98, Sun Conure. URL

New South Wales

Seabreeze Aviaries - ships

Breeders of Quarrions,red rumps.king prrots, budgies, zebra finches
We ship within Australia, handraised babies available at times Ph 02-98373668 e-mail Sydney, NSW Australia.

New Zealand

Eco Nz Avian Exporters - ships

Phil & Christien Corliss
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo adult breeding pairs for sale. Exported, permits and delivered to you chosen location. Pairs are sold orders of 20 or more at a time... Email: Marton, NZ.

Pacific Aviaries - ships

Breeder of a rare type of Galah
We breed quality birds, using the best of food, we sell hand reared galahs and occasionaly breeding birds as well. For more information please view our website! You wont be disapointed! Email: Auckland, New Zealand


Afnaan Pets - ships

Land of Ringnecks & Alexandrines
Contact for ASIAN RINGNECKS ALEXANDRINES AND BLOSSOM HEADED PARKEETS e mail 0092 596 534670 P.O Box 144 Wah Cantt Pakistan

Ali And Nauman's Aviary

Breeders Of Exquisit Quality Birds
We r breeders of Lovebirds, Finches, Javas , Cockateils, Budgerigars and diferent mutations of diamond doves.We believe in the best therefore we have chosen pure and strong blood birds.We also sell bird feed and different excessories. Email: Karachi, Sindh Pakistan

Avian Friend's Net - ships

Breeders Of Lovebirds ,Cockatiels and their various mutations
We breed and sell Peachface lovebirds Like Lutinos etc, Personatas (Black masks)and their various colour mutations, Cocktiels and their Various mutations , Ringnecks and mutations, Cockatoos, Macaws , kakarikis and Rosellas and their mutations .We also hand rear (feed) Chicks for others. Email: Lahore, Punjab/Pakistan.

Awan Birds Aviaries - ships

ABA is a birds breeding and research center_we sell quality birds
We are breeding a number of exotic birds at this time and with more coming to our flock soon.We encourages breeding of exotic birds and discover new color mutations of birds within the country as well as throughout the world. we sell very good quality birds throghout Pakistan, for more information please visit our web site. Email: Islamabad, Fedral Pakistan

Khan Bird Farm

information on keeping and breeding different parrot species.
we represent the pakistani view and efforts on keeping and breeding parrot species. Email: Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

Yellow Feather

Breeders of exotic birds. Also cages and supplies
Specializing in hand-fed domestic baby birds. Lovebirds, cockatiels, cockatoos, , macaws, finches, parakeets. Large selection of cages, supplies, toys and food. Email: Karachi, Pakistan.


Aviário Neupergama

Aviario Neupergama - Specialite Hand feed birds
Every parrot or perroquet I raise for you Tax 50% Agapornis, Kakarikis, Caterinas, Red Rump, Email:

Puerto Rico

AR Aviaries - ships

We are breeders of Peachface Lovebirds in Puerto Rico
We sell Violets, Fallows, Opalines, Austalian Cinnamon Violets Orangefaced Australian Cinnamon. Email: Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Nayip Wholesale!!! - ships

Finches & Lovebirds
We Sell Finches : Orange Weavers, Pintail Whydahs, Spices, Silverbills, Orange Cheeks and Bronze Wings We Sell Lovebirds : Peachface Varieties, Lutinos, Blue & Black Mask WE Ship, Call Mr. Padilla at 787-851-3346 or 787-851-7050 Email: Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Standard to Perfection Aviaries - ships

We are breeders of world class lovebirds,cockatiel,parakeets and fiches
We has A.roseicollis all mutations, A.Fisheris (fisher) all mutations, A.personata allmutation.A.Nigrenis All mutations, A.Lilinae Some Mut. A.Nigrenis(black Cheek) some Mutations We ship world wide We can supply you from Show to pet Quality (939)579-8279 Puerto Rico Email: Juana Diaz, PR


Ara Macao S L

We are a spanish company who like import babies parrots hand tame. We want contact with breeders they can export yours babies to Spain. Email: Murcia, Spain.

Grow Import/Exports - ships

Importer and Exporter of exotics birds
Specializing in parrots, macaws, cockatoos, parakeets, parroletlets, softbills, etc. Accesories, food and cares for exotics birds. Breeding pairs and mutations. The best selection of Europe. We ship, under some conditions, around the world. Also reptiles and small mammals. Fax: ++ 34 1 357 11 52

Mundo Animal C B - ships

We are a spanish firm importing & exporting birds all over the world.
We can supply species of Amazons , Macaws , Toucans , Parrots Eclectus and Cockatoos. Also we are interested to know other firm in the world selling & buyin birds. Email: Alginet, VALENCIA (SPAIN).

St Lucia

Mesh Birds - ships

Top of the LIne exotic birds & breeding Equipment
specailizing in English Budgies, pheasants, jungle fowl & finches.with a wide range of breeding and nesting boxes for all species of pet birds. plus dewormers, breeding aids and a whole lot more.whatever your needs feel free to contact me at this email address Castries, st lucia.


Parrot Shop - ships

tamed, handraised parrots closed footrings only and w / CITES
worldwide import-export, only one professionnal quarantine station in switzerland. FAX (41) 32 852 02 79 Neuchatel, Neuchâtel Switzerland

United Kingdon

BIRDAID - ships

specialising in parrots and softbills
will provide domestically reared or breeders birds at the best prices also excha nges considered,will ship.BIRDAID,57,Gosport Rd,London E17 7LX, --- 0181-9257782,email :

Edinburgh Cockatiel Breeder

Edinburgh Breeder Of Hand Reared Cockatiels
we hand rear cuddly cockatiels of diffrent mutations, there very friendly and raised in a family home, our kids play with them every day so this makes them great little characters, they love to spend time out there cage getting petted and attention Email: Edinburgh, Lothians Scotland UK

Featherd Friends

Featherd Friends budgies and cockatiels
beautifull cockatiels / budgies, babies of all ages and sexes. Just out of nests and ready to go . Will tame easy , Email: Leicester, England.

Mel Aveyard - ships

Budgerigar Breeder With Most Colours Kept And Usually Available
Quality exhibition budgies including dominant pieds, spangles, violets, dilutes plus blues and greens in normal and opaline. Crests occasionally available. Some albino and lutino birds breeding soon. Good heads on broad shoulders. Email: Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Shipping to U.K. addresses only, at buyers expense.

Tiffs Tiels

Hand reared tiels for sale, lutinos and greys
hand reared chicks.lutinos and greys, lovely natures, south west england, £59.00 each Email: Cornwall, STA UK


Loromascot - Import And Export Parrots - Ships

Macaws, Amazon, Cockatoos, African Grey Parrots, Lovebirds.
We are importer and exporter of Macaws, Amazon, African Grey Parrots, Lovebirds, Large selection of cages, supplies, toys and food. Our parrots are hand-reared. C. C. El Trolly Local No. 4 Av. La Guairita Urb. Las Mercedes Phone / Fax: (58212) 991 4378 E-mail: Caracas, VENEZUELA SOUTH AMERICA.

West Indies

Mesh Birds

mesh birds
wanted american budgies, from breeders or dealers who will ship out of the U.S interested in pied spangles, dominant pieds, albinos , lutinos, cinnamons and gray greens, at reasonable prices Email: Castries, stlucia wi.
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