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Bird Wholesalers
- ships


All Babies Are Handfed Lovingly By One "Human Mama"!!

We raise the following, HEALTHY, HAPPY BABIES: African Greys: Congos and Timnehs; Amazons: Yellow Napes, Yellow Shoulders & Hispanolians. Triton Cockatoos, Sun Conures & Green Aracaris. Macaws: Beautiful large Blue & Golds, Scarlets, Red Fronted, Severes and Rubies.


Occasionally mature birds available. Email: Miami, FL.

# 1 Bird Street

Hand Fed Baby Parrots
I have been breeding parrots for eighteen years and specialize in the African Birds and in Conures: Congo African Greys, Timneh Greys, Jardines, Red Bellies, Meyers & Senegals. In Conures We Raise Mitreds, Green Cheeks, Suns, Jendays, Peach Fronted & Blue Crowned. I do sell to pet shops too. Email: Ft Worth, TX.

1 - 2 Tweet Parrot Breeders - ships

1 - 2 Tweet Parrot Breeders
Breeders of african grey parrots, cockatoos, eclectus and macaws. Also Amazons, Lovebirds, Caiques, Budgies Quakers Parrotlets. Site contains species descriptions, pictures, videos, comparison charts, parrot care topics and more! Brandon, FL

A & A Aviary - Ships

Breeder of Exotics Finches
We breed all Mutations of Gouldians. Also , Star finch , Parson's , Owls finch , and Parrot finch. E-mail : , Davie, FL

Aaa Bird Lover's Paradise

Breeder of Parrots
Small breeder specializing in tame hand-fed baby birds. We sell lovebirds, Cockatiels, Quakers and Macaws. Other species availiable at times. Our birds are healthy, tame and treated with TLC. Contact us at or call Michelle at (786) 286-4920 / (305) 274-9200 Miami, FL.

AAA Parrot Ranch

Small exotic bird breeder with quality birds We have handraised cockatoos
greys, chattering lories, rosy bourkes, conures, blue crown and suns, green cheek conures, Call us for prices, 850-547-3250 Email: Bonifay, FL.

AFA Aviary

Home Breeder Of Cockatiels, Green Cheeks, Parakeets And Lovebirds
Have breeder tiels for sale, singles and pairs. Email: Port St Lucie, FL

African Einstein's - ships

Congo African Greys
Wild Caught parents producing exceptionally BIG, beautiful babies. Parent's extremely calm, non neurotic & adaptable. Babies inherit these qualities, and are very sweet birds. Looking for a smart beautiful grey baby, but don't want a adult featherpicker? Email us for availablity! (Licensed) Ft Myers, FL

Alexander's Aviary

Lady Gouldian Finches
We breed all Gouldian mutations, prices starting as low as $50. Also owls, society and stars. E-mail for more info. Email: Miami, FL

All Exotic Birds & Pets - ships

Adult Pairs & Singles---Super Sweet Hand-Fed Babies, Tame & Talking Birds
African Greys, Macaws, Amazons, Cockatoos, Eclectus & rare hard to find birds, Hyacinths, Golden Conures, Hawkheads, Rosies, Mynahs, Toucans & more. We Specialize in Healthy, Tame & Talking Birds of all Types. Babies to Adults. phone#239-574-9141 **Buy - Sell - Trade** Email: Cape Coral, FL.

ALoHa Manu Aviary - ships

Private Breeder of Opaline Lovebirds and other rare lovebird mutations
Specializing in hand-fed baby lovebirds. Opalines and rare lovebird colors Established in Hawaii and relocated to Miami, FL. Breeding stock is from the best of Hawaii's breeders. Orangefaced, Opalines, Lutinos, American Yellows, Violet, Cinnamons, etc... Email:

An Itty Bitty Aviary - ships

Small breeder - breeding for quality and disposition
Breeder of Parrotlets, all mutations, Scarlet Chested Parakeets, Red Rump Parakeets including pastel blue and pieds. All birds are banded and hand-fed. Shipping when weather permits. Email: Indiantown, FL

Art's Birds - ships

Opaline Lovebirds and Pacific Parrotlets!
I breed Opaline Peachface Lovebirds in many different colors. Also Cobalt Violet Whiteface and Orangeface Cinnamon and Lutinos. I also breed Pacific Parrotlets in Green, Blue, Yellow and White. See my website and check out pictures of all the newest babies! I also have Albino Budgies.... Email: Merritt Island, FL

ART's Flyaway Aviary

Domestic Handfed babies
Specializing in hand-fed babies and ocassionaly breeder birds. Lovebirds, cockatiels, greencheeks, parakeets, finches, and parrotletts. Located in Port St Lucie, FL. Email:

At Tweet Things - ships

Breeders of Eclectus and Congo African Grey Parrots
Specializing in young birds, hand-fed and parent raised. Hand-fed babi weaned and socialized for pets. The parent-raised babies are raised wi human contact for about 4 months then put into a large flight cage for The parent raised chicks with no human contact make excellent future b Email: Deltona, FL

Australian Connection

Australian Grasskeets, Rosellas etc
ROSELLAS - Blue Crimson, Yellow, Pennant, Golden Mantle, Fiery Red, Cinnamon Golden Mantle, Northern, Mealy, Stanley. Barrabands, Australian King , Port Lincolns, Cloncurry, Hooded, Mulgas, Scarlet Chested, Turquoisine Rock Pebbler, Princess of Wales, Barnard, Pileated, Red Lory, Sun Conure Email: Glen St Mary, FL.

Australian Parakeets and Mutations - ships

Breeder from exotic birds
Eastern Rosellas in red, lutino, rubino, crimson in blue, yellow, orange, paid brown's, yellow, paleheaded, bernard's in blue, red-rumped in opaline, rubino, cinnamon-opaline, blue, princess in blue, lutino, albino, barraband, rock pebbler, red-capped and much more. Email: South West, FL

Avi Xotix Inc - ships

Quality handfed babies since 1994 Primarily wholesale
Congo Greys, SI Eclectus, White Bellied Caiques, Black headed Caiques, "Capes" Brown necked (P. fuscicollis fuscicollis), Senegals, Red Bellies, Jardines, Sun & Blue Crown Conures. Melliny 352 796 5557 Email: Brooksville, FL Shipping from Tampa

Avian Jewels - ships

Handfed Babies raised with lots of TLC in a family environment
Our birds are bred in a natural setting in the Florida sunshine. Many species- macaws, cockatoos, amazons, greys, hawkheads, conures, eclectus, pionus, long tailed parakeets, caiques & senegals. Babies, singles & pairs sometimes available. References & Health garantee. Will ship at buyers expense. Email: Miami, FL.

Avian Xotics - ships

Specializing in rare Asian & Australian parakeets and there mutations
Asians, Alexandrines, Blossom heads, Derbyans, Moustache, Plum heads, Slatey heads, Malabars, Intermediate parakeets, (Many sub-species) Australians, Port lincolns, Twenty eights, Blue bonnets, Hooded, Rosellas all species, Red capped, Rock pebblers Barabands, Mulga parakeets.Other, King parrrots, Amboina, Australian kings Email: Tampa, FL

Aviary & Zoo Of Naples - ships

The Aviary of Naples is a full line supplier of birds and bird accessories.
We offer well socialized, healthy baby birds from lovebirds to macaws. On exhibit in the Park are over 200 birds, 50 animals and reptiles. Open to the public Sat. Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. 10 am - 4 pm. Visit our website for detailed information: Email: Naples, FL.

Aviary of Winged Treasures - ships

Veterinarian owned aviary specializing in weaned socialized parrots
Will Ship Healthy, Weaned Baby Parrots. Cockatoos: Umbrella, Moluccan, Triton, Citron and Major Mitchells. Pionus: Blue heads, White Caps. Macaws: Blue & Gold and Greenwings. Lady Lake, FL. (352)-793-4402

Awsom Macaws

small breeder of macaws
I have 4 cluches a year 3 in each cluch blue and gold macaws hand fed 800.00 at 2 feedings a day more info. 561-339-3998 Jupiter, FL.

B & ED Birds Aviary

Part Time Breeders
Pacific Parrotlets, Lovebirds (Fischers, peachfaceds, slate, creamino), Java Rice Birds, Redrumps Email: Inverness, FL

Baby Blue Aviary - ships

We are a small closed avairy specializing in hand-fed babies.
Will be pulling from nest box 3 baby African Congo Greys on 2-16-04. All will be sexed. Prices at 4 weeks of age are $625.00, 6+ weeks $650.00, weaned $750.00. Only ship when babies are at least 8 weeks of age at buyers expense. Email: Ormond Beach, FL.

Baby Blues Exotic Birds - ships

Hand Fed Baby Birds In Florida
Baby Blue's Exotic Birds offers hand fed babies at wholesale prices. We sell Canaries, pastel blue Parrotlets, Cockatiels, cinnamon, yellow and blue split Quakers , Conures, Greys, DYH Amazons, Cockatoos, Mini Macaws and Macaws. Please call 386 774 0471 or e-mail us at Orange City, FL

Backporch Aviary

Hobby breeder of tiels, loves and zebra finch
Small hobby breeder offering healthy, handfed pets, young proven breeders, Email: Fort Myers, FL

Belz Avairy - ships

Breeder of Exotic Parrots
African greys and Blue-Throated Macaws babies. We hand raised our babies We also nest raisied for future breeders Email: Southwest, FL

Best Little Bird House

We breed with love & raise sweet & healthy babies!
Want a sweet adorable hand raised baby bird? We specialize in Macaws, but love them all & raise a good variety. If you think you would make a good birdy parent, contact us at 863-465-3299 or e-mail us for more info. Email: Lake Placid, FL.

Beth's Birds - ships

Hand-fed Baby Birds in Tampa
A small breeder who gives our birds the best of everything. Offering loving weaned hand-fed chicks from Rubino Bourkes to Green wing King parrots. We have Derbyans, Blue Princess of Wales, Splendids, litino Turquisines, Crimson wings, Australian Kings, Alexandrines, African Greys, DYHs, Rosellas, ect. Our Babies are spoiled rotten. We can arrange delivey up Hwy.75 to Macon, Ga. Email: Tampa, FL

Betty's Beautiful Babies - ships

Yellow Collars, Senegals, Ringnecks, Green Cheeks, Love Birds & More
Breeder of baby Yellow Collars, Ringnecks, Green Cheeks Love Birds, Cockatiels, Scarlet Chested, Red Rumps, Rosie Bourkes Quakers, Senegals & Pionus & budgies. Email:

Bird Friends - ships

Specializing in wonderful hand fed Exotic Birds.
I have Macaws Scarlets and Blue &Golds, Cockatoos Umbrella, Goffin, and Moluccans, Electus Solomon Island, Greys Timenh and Congo, Amazons Yellow Napes and Blue Fronts. All very sweet and lovable. Email:

Bird House Of Montague

Spoon Fed, Hand Friendly, Completely Weaned Baby Birds
Must see & hold to appreciate! Bonding before purchase is encouraged. 3487 Gulf Breeze Pkwy (Hwy 98), Gulf Breeze, FL 32563 , 850-916-3234 Hahns Macaw, BC Conure, BF Amazon, Lovebird (Normal and Masked), Parakeet (Budgie, English, Red Rump), Quaker, Dove, Canary Email: Navarre, FL.

Bird of a Feather

Breeder of med to small birds Hand fed, vet checked, many years exp
We offer 3 kinds of pionus. blue hd, maxies, cheeks. yellow side, pineapple, cinnimon. love birds, lennies, parrotlets, quakers. clip nails and wings. sexing for added price. Email: Silver Springs, FL

Bird Man Of Ybor

ABS Banded English Budgies Rosellas Mulga Parrots Bourkes Email: Tampa, FL.

The Bird Zone Fl - ships

Hand Raised Babies
Specialiaing in hand raised birds! Their health and happiness comes fi Our birds are cuddled with love and are subjected to variety of toys a foods. All our birds come with a full Health Guarantee. We also issue a Certificate of Hatch at time of sale. Email: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Birddaddys Exotic Parakeets

I am a breeders who loves what I do All my birds are well taken care of
I have Bourkes, Redrumps, Scarlet Chested, Ringnecks, Rock Peddles, Mustaches, Lineolated ( linnies )..Red Cappeds, Princess Of Whales, Plum Headeds... English Budgies..Crimson Rosellas...... Email: Defunaik Springs, FL

Birdman Of Tampa Aviary - ships

Bird Man Of Tampa Aviary
Specializing in all Pyrrhura conures & Parrotlet Mutations We also breed macaws, amazons, cockatoos, eclectus, african greys, grass keet mutations, Please visit our website for a complete list of all the mutations that we breed. and handfed babys that are avaliable. We are located in sunny fl. Email: Tampa, FL

Birds 4 you - ships

Birds 4 You Is A Small Group Of Hobby Breeders
We have been working with each other for years. all of our birds are hand raised indoors with children & other pets. you may see our birds photos on line @ or call 727-236-6712. Lic. Florida Fish & Game. We ship in US. only ! cash / credit card Email: New Port Richey, FL

Birds And Bullies - ships

Lady Gouldian and other exotic Finches
We specialize in breeding show quality Lady Gouldian Finches. We also breed other types of finches such as zebras, swee, strawberry & goldbreasteds. Email: Middleburg, FL.

Birds B&B - ships

Proven Pairs-singles -babies
Babies and proven pairs dyh, blue head pionus, military macaws, red fronts macaws yellow naped, orange wings, congos, sun conures. Also cockatoos, eclectus and jardines. Email: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Birds By Us - ships

South Florida Cockatoo--Macaw--African Grey Breeders
All our babies are closed banded and handfed. Prior to sale all babies do receive two Polyoma vaccinations. Buyers do receive Polyoma certificate with each purchase. Sexing available upon request via Avian Biotech We ship from West Palm Beach or fort Lauderdale Email: Palm Beach County, FL.

Birds For Less Florida - ships

Cockatiels, Indian Ring Necks, Love Birds, All Babies Are Hand Fed!!!!!
Beautiful Baby Cockatiels many colors to choose from, Lutino, Pied, Cinnamon Grey, All our babies are hand fed. Great pets! We sell our birds below retail! We also specialize in Love Birds and Indian Necks! Call or email for current photos! Email: St Petersburg, FL

Birds of Parrotise - ships

Everything from conures to macaws, quality made bird toys & supplies
Hand Raised Baby Birds. We have everything from conures to macaws! Safe, quality made bird toys, cages, playstands and supplies. Shipping available. Email: Palm Bay, FL

Blue Ribbon Pet Farm - ships

Breeder Of Exotic Birds/Sold To Pet Stores Only.
All Types Macaws,Amazons Conures,Cockatoo,Parrots Pionous Lories All Are Babies And Some Prs.Call 305-387-5234,FAX 305-3875349 EMAIL IF we do not service a shop near you, we will help you.

BMJBirds - ships

Breeder of Exotic Birds (Macaws)
Specializing in hand-fed domestic baby Macaws. Greenwing, Blue and Gold, Military, Yellow Collar and Scarlets. Located in N. E. Fla. I will ship at cost anywhere in the U.S. 904-845-4373 lv. msg. I will return call....New email address Hilliard, FL.

Bouncing Bird Having - ships

Gouldian Normals Yellows Blues
Breed Only Gouldians Outside In South Florida Big Health Happy Birds Email:

Bradley's Exotic Birds, Inc - ships

Aviary in north central Florida, near Gainesville We ship via Delta connection only
Small family run aviary that has been in business for 17 years. All birds are on a pellet diet. Specializing in: Congo African Greys,Senegals,Sun Conures, Blue Crowns & Gold Caps Email: Bell, FL

BriLu's Baby Birds - ships

Hobby Breeder In South Florida
Blue and Gold Macaws, Parrotlets, African Greys, Cockatiels, Quakers Contact Brian for Prices and Availability. Margate, FL


Breeders of Exotic Parrots for Pets
Specializing in Macaws, Cockatoos, Congos, Caiques, Blue Quakers and others. We are located in No. central FL. and will ship on Delta. Email: Trenton, FL

Buddy's Birds Aviaries - ships

Exclusive Breeder of Solomon Isle Eclectus Parrots
Hand Fed Solomon Isle Eclectus Parrots available for shipping via priority Air. Plantation, FL 33317 954-938-5100 E-Mail:

Buy Buy Birdies - ships

Queen of bavarias (aka golden conures)and quakers all colors coming soon
Get on our waitlist now to secure babies Email: Okeechobee, FL

Canaries 4U

Hobby Breeder Of Belgian Waterslager Song Canaries
Males $100.00 - Hens $75.00 Unsexed chicks available in mid-March. All birds from excellent stock with pedigree. Email: Vero Beach, FL

Carl's Canaries - ships

Breeders of Staffords and Colorbred Canaries
We offer a large selection of canaries from award winning stock. We invite you to visit our aviary in Port Charlotte, FL. We ship to locations in the USA Contact us for prices Email:

Caylo Exotics

Long Time breeder Quiting
Baby Greenwings in the nest. Blue and Gold babies due to hatch in 19 days No reasonable offer refused within this week. Adults for sale. Greenwings B&Gs Scarlets , Congo greys .. Napes ...DLB Yellows Email: Clewiston, FL.

Cherane Pefley Heaven On Earth Avian Acre - ships

An Avianitarian of the Exotic Birds, describe by the Wild Bird Conservation
Act of 1992. Go to to learn more about the Desgination. My specialty are the Hyacinth Macaws, Blue Throated Macaws, Blue Headed Macaws. Buffon Macaws, Military Macaws, Greenwing Macaws and Scarlet Macaws. Email: Loxahatchee Groves, FL

CJ's Birds

Bird Breeder
All Babies are handfed and tame, Parrotlets, Lovebirds, Sun Conures, Indian Ringnecks, Princess of Wales and Rosella's. We do not ship Email: Orlando, FL


Babies African grey Congo Hand feed Closed banded we take credit cards
Babies African grey Congo Hand feed. Closed banded we take credit cards Email: Horse Country, FL

The Cracked Egg Aviary

Breeder of hand tame sweet Lovebirds
Small hobby breeder of White Face pieds, Seagreen pieds, Lutinos. Blue series and green series pallids, Opalines and more. All babies DNA'd unless sex linked. ALBS close banded. Email: Melbourne, FL

Cross The Skies Aviary

Small bird breeder
Green Cheek Conures, Cockatiels, Peachface Lovebirds, Ringnecks - African & Indian, Bourke's Parakeets, Quakers, Mulga Parrots, Canary Winged Parakeets, All birds are handfed and tame, Sorry no shipping of birds, Pictures Avalible. Email: Tampa Bay Area, FL

Diamond's Farm - ships

Breeders of mostly macaws
specilazing in baby birds mostly macaws, but have congo grays & sun conures pet shops and brokers are welcome, will ship at buyers cost West Central Florida breeder, Email: Floral City, FL.

Don' S Birds

Hobby Breeder Of White Belly Caiques
Also Has Amazons, Blue Parrotlet And African Grey Breeders tel 561-477-5993 Email: Boca Raton, FL.

Dragonbiz Wings

Small hobbyist breeder of macaws, cockatoos, Alexandrine Ringnecks
We usually have Alexandrine Ringneck babies all summer long. Our pair prolific! Occasionally our macaws or cockatoos will bless us with a ch they are divas and very unpredictable. We do not ship birds. Visit our website: Email: Eustis, FL.

Dunnellon's Exotic Bird Farm - ships

Professional breeder of exotic parrots - Bird supply
We breed over 60 species of exotic birds, including Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, Conures, African parrots, Eclectus, Lories, Quakers, All of our babies are hend fed, well socialized. We ship. E-mall with cages, toys, food, books, bird lovers gifts.. Email: Ocala, FL

Enchanted Exotics

Breeder of Exotic Birds
Congo African Greys-Large beautiful babies, silvers and greys, (red factor and pie d gene) also cockatoos, Indian ringnecks, conures, english budgies, Grey babies available year round, contact for more info. Email: Ft Myers, FL.

Falling Feathers Aviary - ships

Breeder of hand feds babies, FL will ship
Congos, Timnehs, Eclectus, YCA, Senegals, Quakers Blue & Green, Caiques, Jardines, Citrons, Rose breasted, & Blue & Golds Macaws, will sell to experiented hand feeders only. Email: Naples, FL

Family Birds

We are a small family operation in the Orlando Area (Altamonte Springs)
We offer hand raised cockatiels and parakeets of every imaginable color. All birds are breed in large flight cages, no crowding permitted. Babies are raised in our home, along with our kids and dogs. ***Great videos and pictures available on our website!!! Email: Altamonte Springs, FL

Fantastic Feathers

Licenced Breeders of exotic birds / Retail bird store
Breeders of quality exotic birds such as Hawk Heads , Golden Conures , Macaws, Africans, Amazons , Cockatoos & Conures. Please visit our bird store in Port St. Lucie, FL. Email: Port St Lucie, FL.

Faro Exotics Aviaries - ships

More than 50 years of experience breeding exotics.
Specializing in : Cuban Melodious Finch, Cuban Olive Finch and Cuban bullfinches Also breeders of Pacific Parrotlets (normal and mutations) Blue Wing parrotlets, Green rump parrotlets and Siberian Goldfinch- We cater to breeders. Email: Miami, FL.

Feather Acres

North Central Florida Breeder Producing Macaws, Mini Macaws, Cockatoos, Congo Timneh Greys, Amazons, Conures, Cockatiels, and Budgies. We no longer ship birds because of 9/11/01 and because a bird can be left outside. PLEASE, enter the word BIRDS or the species name in the RE: line when Emailing. Email: Cross City, FL.

The Feather Rainbow - ships

Breeders of Handfed Exotic Birds...On Line Store with 1000 items
Quality only. Handfed Macaws, Cockatoos, Conures, Pionus, Poicephalus, Greys, Quakers, 'Tiels, Asian 'Keets, & Lovebirds. Toys, Supplies, Novelties, Leather Strips , Plastic Chain...Visit our Web We ship anywhere. Allan + Linda Whitman 239-693-2180 Email: Fort Myers, FL

Feathered Cuties

Blue Quaker's!!
Blue Quakers. Each baby comes with Closed Band, Hatch Certificate, DNA Certificate, Health Guarantee, Binder Full Of Informati on, Photo Album w/pictures from hatch date until now, All are very Sweet & Cuddly, I Spoil them for sure.. Email: West Palm Beach, FL

Feathered Frenzy

Breeder of Yellow Collar Macaws,Yellow Crown Amazons and Sun Conures
Babies available soon!! Email: Ocala, FL

First Coast Feathers - ships

Located near Jacksonville, Fl We have Bright Beautiful Birds !!
We strive to produce healthy beautiful birds. We carry many breeds of birds. We have love birds in many colors, quakers, cherry head conures, green ringnecks ornage canaries and finches. Visit our website for pictures and prices, and feel free to call or email. thank you Email: Bryceville, FL

Five Gates Exotics - ships

Breeders of Quality Handfed Baby Parrots. Also Distributor of Poop-Off!
We Ship! NE Fla breeder, licensed, 13 yrs experience offers various species HF Babies Large to Small! Now Offering Bolivian B&G Macaws, Red Bellied Macaws, Yellow Crowned & Mexican Red Head Amazons, Indian Ringneck Mutations, 13 Species Conures, Quakers, 'Toos & More. Barbara; 904-284-7464

Flight School Aviaries

Divorce Forces Bird Sale!
We offer macaws, cockatoos, Amazons, conures, Africans, Eclectus, Caiques, Ringnecks and a wide variety of Asian parakeets. Visit our website, to request a list of available birds, or call us at 561-795-3402. Email: Loxahatchee, FL

Florida Babies

Finch Breeder
Lady Gouldians 75.00 150.00 a pair society finches 15.00 each 25.00 a pair Email: Port Charlotte, FL

Florida Bird Breeder - ships

Healthy And Beautiful Birds - Sociable With People And Animals
We breed fancy birds in SE FL, including Quaker/Monk Parrots, Cockatiels, Parrotlets, Lovebirds and Conures. Email: West Palm Beach, FL.

Florida Bird Nut

Specializing in handfed baby parrots
Blue&golds, Eclectus parrots, Derbyian, Indian Ringnecks. Breeding proven Pairs for sale. Blue Front, YC, DYH Amazon Babies, Blue Crown and Sun Conures. Baby Quackers Email: Tampa, FL

Florida Canary Breeder

Breeder Of American Singer Canaries
AMERICAN SINGER CANARIES FOR SALE. Also redfactors. Young american singer canaries males are $85.00 each females are $60.00 each all are ASC banded.pick up in Ocala, FL Email:

Friendly Bird Aviary - ships

Small breeder of super sweet pet birds and quality breeding pairs
Specializing in hand-fed baby lovebirds, parrotlets, pinapple green cheeks and peachfront conures. Will e-mail pictures and will ship from Orlando, FL. For more information contact Rosela at 407-3813520 or visit our web site. Email:

Fruits and Feathers - ships

We are a family run farm breeding parrotlets and growing tropical fruits
Pacific parrotlets blue, american white, yellow, pastel, lutino, albino, fallow, pied and others to come. Tropical fruits Lychees, longans, mango, jack fruit, and many others. Availibility changes often check the web site. Email: Grant, FL

Gainesville Parrotlets

Hobby breeder of Greenrumped parrotlets
Offering babies and occasionally unrelated pairs. All babies are home raised with lots of love. No mass breeding. I only have 2-4 clutches a max and pairs are not permitted more than 2 clutches max. No shipping. Located in Gainesville, FL. See site for current availability Email:

Giovo Brotogeris - ships

Breeder of Quality Brotogeris: Grey Cheeks, Canary Wings, White Wings
We breed brotogeris only, and are always looking for new blood lines to add to our stock. Email: Gulfport, FL.

Gramawbirdies - ships

Breeding sweet hand fed well socialized babies
Caiques, Bl Hd Pionus, Suns, Grn Cks (Normals, Cinn & Pineapples) Yellow Sided, Opaline/Fancy Peach Face Lovebirds. Pics available by email: Hollywood, FL

Granny's Bird Barn

Breeder - Eclectus, Amazons, Conures, Pionus, Rosellas, Cocatiels, Quakers
1-M Tucaman breeder (dna), Breeders & babies Quakers, Tiels, Lovebirds, Conures Ringnecks, Looking for breeders single or prs : F-Tucaman. F- Whitecap Piones. Slatetail Lovebirds, F-Paleheaded Rosella, Orange Troated Conures Email: Ft Lauderdale, FL.

Greencheeks R Us Aviary - ships

Breeder of Greencheeks
We breed top quality greencheeks. We have most colors available .We ship to the entire US and wholesale to pet shops and to the public. Let us know what you are looking for and if we don't have it we will send you to someone that does. Email: Orlando, FL

Haddads Aviaries - ships

ECLECTUS Solomon Isle Handfed Babies and Domestic Pairs.
Ask about our handfeeding video. 14KT gold bands are available. Visit our Website at by clicking on our name. Contact Sandi, Plantation, FL. Ph: (954)-938-5100

Hatch & Match Exotic Birds & Toys - ships

26 Years Breeding Birds
We have Babies available now to to experienced hand feeders or reserve for future delivery. Moluccan Cockatoos, Greys, Blue & Gold Macaws, Small Toos, Cockatiels, Conures, Amazons and more. All have had Polyoma Vacc. Will Ship Email: Ocala, FL

Gulf Coast Exotic Birds - ships

Breeders of Hand-fed domestic exotic birds
Specializing in Hand-fed domestic exotic birds. S.I. Eclectus, Lories & Lorikeets, Amazons, Caiques, Conures, Cockatoos, Macaws and African Greys. We ship anywhere in the U.S. In business since 1989. web site: Email: Panama City, FL

Heavenly Wings Aviary - ships

We raise birds in a Godly environment surrounded with an abundance of love
We specialize in mutation breeding and behaiovor modification. Currently raise African Greys, Amazons, Caiques, Sun Conures, Albino, Lutino, American Yellow Parrotlets, Mutation Masked and Fischers Lovebirds, Mutation Indian Ringnecks and Pallid Ringnecks, Moustache & Mutation Quaker Parakeets, and Mini Macaws. Email: Williston, FL

Horne's Feathered Haven

From Our Home To Yours
We take great pride in offering you with a wide variety of baby birds. Macaws, Greys, Cockatoos, Amazons, Caiques, Eclectus, Conures, Lovebirds, Contact us for prices and availablity. Pictures also available. Website coming soon!!! Email: Dunnellon, FL

Impressive Exotic Birds - ships

Hand fed quality baby birds for the individual and wholesale buyer
We specialize in: Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, Conures, Eclectus and Congo African Greys. Our babies are lovingly hand fed and well socialized to ensure they make the best pets. Health guaranteed. Shipping from Tampa ph# (813)-476-9796 Email- Dade City, FL.

J & A Birds

All handfeed babies
lovebird & cockatiels of every color. Email: Miami, FL.

J A D E Aviaries

Breeders of exotic birds.
Small family run aviary for 10 yrs. All babies are hand-raised in our home., We have keets, cockatiels (wh. face & mutations), lovebirds, conures, quakers, ringnecks, amazons, and african grays. Some breeders avail. Email: Lake City, FL.

J & M Enterprise

Domestic Exotic Birds
Babies For Sale Blue/Gold Baby, Chattering Lories, Blue Front Amazon, Red Lords, White Face Pied Tiel And More Pair Proven Golden Mantels Email: Panama City, FL.

Jamie's Nest

Mutation Breeder of Lovebirds and Green Cheek Conures
Peachface mutation including: Whiteface, Opaline, Violets and more. Green Cheek Conures:Yellow sided, Normal, Cinnamon, Pineapple & Splits. Member of the ALBS , Licensed & Certified Avian Specialist. All babies are handfed and closed banded unless otherwise stated. Email: Melbourne, FL

JC Best Aviary - ships

Handfed Quaker Parrots
When our babies are removed from the nest, they are immediately relocated to closed nursery where they are individually dropper fed until weaned. Pet shop inquiries welcome. Quantity prices are available. Email: Davie, FL

Joy Dykes Aviaries - ships

Florida licensed, full-time professional aviculturalists since 1978
Our collection includes Macaws: Hyacinths, B&Gs, Scarlets, Greenwings, Cockatoos: Umbrellas, Citrons, Moluccans, Rosebreasteds, Eleanoras, Amazons: DYH, Napes,BF, Mealy, African greys and eclectus. Unrelated pairs available. Vet supervised in-house cultures. Call (321)-632-8000

Julie's Parrotdise - ships

Handraised & health guaranteed parrot babies in Florida
Pacific Parrotlet mutations. Sun, Green Cheeked & Painted Conures. Hahns & Severe Macaws. DYH Amazons. Handraised & health guaranteed! We also have Mute Swans, Mandarin Ducks & Ornamental Pheasants. Nationwide shipping available. We are a closed aviary, private sales. Spring Hill, FL

Jungle Enterprises of Miami - ships

Proffessionals in aviculture since '78 Congo Greys & much more
Jungle Enterprises has provided baby birds and breeding stock to breeders, wholesalers, and pet stores throughout the United States since 1978. We are a closed facility; selling only babies hatched on our own farm. (305)-248-6817 Email:

K. Z. Aviary - ships

Hand-Fed Exotic Baby Birds - Special Pampered Babies from the Florida Sunshine.
Asiatic Parrots Now available - Price Range based on 2 Feedings a day and weaned. Call Mornings 10:00AM - 12:00PM or Evenings 5:00PM - 7:00PM. Contact Marie, Jupiter, FL Ph: (561)-744-6680

Kim's Aviary - ships

Hand-fed Congo African Grey Babies!
Super sweet baby Congo African Greys. All babies banded and health guaranteed. Visit our Web Site at: for pricing and other information. E-mail us at: or call: 813-596-4258 Largo, FL (We do ship.)

Kim Hanover

Breeder & Loving home for unwanted birds!
Breeder of Cockateils, Finches & Lovebirds. I will take unwanted birds and give them a loving home. I will be putting an ad up soon for bird toys to purchase at wholesale prices. South Florda Area. Ft Lauderdale, FL.

Kingjava - ships

Breeder of Java Rice Birds, excellent stock, whites, pieds (Superior) normals. Also have other finches for sale. Ocala Florida (352)-595-4677 Am open to swapping for finches & softbills or will sell outright. Call anytime, evenings are best. E-mail will ship

Korbet's Bourke Parakeets - ships

Bourke parakeets,cream,pink and rosey, and splits,dna sexed,close banded
98,99 hatch,large size,great color,unrelated pairs,will ship. Located in orlando florida.1-407-647-4419or1-407-510-1583. $100 to $150 each . e mail

KRC Exotic Birds - ships

Specializing in Hand -Fed Birds & Accessories
Macaws, Goffin Cockatoos, Conures Suns, Jendaya, Greencheeks, Quakers, Indian Ringnecks , Lutino , Splits, Greens, Lovebirds lots of colors, Eclectus, African Greys Congo, Timnehs, Senagals , Meyers, Amazons-DYN, Napes, Yellow crowns.ect! Cages and bird accessories! Email: Winter Springs, FL.

Kristen's Lovebirds

Beautiful Hand Tamed Lovebirds in Florida
Hello! I am a small in-home breeder of seagreen, dutch blue, green peachfaced, and creamino lovebirds. I will not ship, but travel between Miami and Gainesville often, so I can deliver. Prices range from 75-100 dollars. They are well socialized and weaned on pellets, seed, and sprouts and love people! Email: Miami, FL

Lazy Hollow Farm - ships

Breeder of Mutation Peachface Lovebirds & Severe Macaws
Breeding orangeface lutino, orangeface australian cinnamon, whiteface violet, whiteface violet australian cinnamon, and many others, as well as opaline in all the above colors. Also, severe macaw chicks available occassionally. Email: Lakeland, FL

Leighs Place

Breeders of Caiques
We are a small hobbyist breeder offering hand-fed babies to good homes. Babies get lots of attention since we are small and they are very loving. Email: Hudson, FL

Linville's Avairy - ships

Earl Linville Parrotlet breeder since 1990
Mutation Parrotlets - Blue, American Yellow, Lutino, Albino, Dominant Pied- Blue & Greens/to Blue Coming in the spring Green Cheek Conure Mutations - Cinnamon, Yellow sided Pineapple & Turquoise Email: Miami, FL

Little Peepers

Specializing in Black Cheek Zebra Finches
Big, healthy close banded birds. Can make unrelated pairs. Email: Fort Myers, FL

Littletweet - ships

Orlando Florida breeder of sweet handfed Pacific Parrotlets
Greens and mutation colors, Babies and Young Pairs Heath guarantee and closed banded Email: Oviedo, FL.

Love & Quaker Birds - ships

Certified License Breeder Of Quakers And Lovebirds
We have beautiful quaker babies and lovebirds that we are certified to breed. We breed all types of quakers green yellow cinnamon blue. and we also have every type of lovebird from peachface to black masked. Email: Hudson, FL

Lovebirds By Me

My Aviary is dedicated to show/pet quality Lovebirds in many mutations! I
***LOVEBIRDS*** Specializing in quality mutations in Fishers:blue, lutino, whites, dark eye yellow. Masks: Dark Blue, cobalts(soon!), blues:Peachfaces:pieds violets, orangefaces(olive), lutinos, cinnamons, seagreens, whiteface, and many more! To name a few!!! Very AFFORDABLE prices!!!! No Shipping! Email: Port St Lucie, FL.

Lovebirds Plus - Ships

Small breeder specializing in straight breed and hard to find sex-linked mutations of lovebirds. Have Peachface, Fishers, and Masks. Ship.via airlines only. Contact Linda, Seffner, FL

Lovely Lovebirds Aviary - ships

I LOVE specializing in Peachface, Fishers, and Mask Mutations.
I try to breed for quality in my birds, big robust lovebirds in colors of the rainbow. I have babies and breeders for sale I also have Pacific Parrotlets and Button Quails. I am always open to buying rare mutations!! Shipping at buyers expense from West Palm Beach Inter. For more info, email or call me =). Email: Port Saint Lucie, FL.

Lu-Chow Aviaries - ships

Breeding Exotic Birds for over 35 years
Macaws, Indian Ringneck Mutations. Closed banded H/F Babies Email: South Florida, FL

Macaw's Plus

Specializing in Baby Blue and Gold Macaws , African Grey Congos & Amazons
African Grey Congos, Blue & Gold Macaws, Blue Fronts and Orangewinged Amazons Custom Made outdoor Flight cages and nest boxes, prices vary depending on size Local pick up only. on the Web@ Email: Tampa, FL

Mackenzie's Bird House

Breeder of Finches, Cockateils & Lovebirds
We also build bird Tiki hut cages along with swinging tree perches for the huts and cages. We will have a complete line of toys for your bird to enjoy. We will take unwanted birds and care for them. Email: Ft Laud ,, FL.

Margie's Marvelous Birds - ships

Breeder of exotic birds
Congo/Timmeh grays, Poicephalus and conure babies. All babies are handfed and raised in a loving family atmosphere, vet checked and fledged. References and pictures available. Can ship Email: Pompano Beach, FL.

Marian's Birds - ships

I am a small breeder of exotic birds
Breeder Cutting Back, B is for bonded, P is for proven, Amazons DYH B $1000.00 Conures, Blue Crowns P $300.00, Suns B $450.00, pr.Cockatiels, W F $50.00 each normals $40.00 each, Timnehs P $1100.00, pr, Ring Necks GR/BLU/INO B $250.00 pr. Blue Headed Pionus male $400.00 or buy Female. Email: Naples, FL.

Marty's Birds

Art Martin
Whiteface cockatiels..pearl and gray.. more. located in Port St Lucie F Email: Port St Lucie, FL

Mirror Lake Exotics - ships

Incubator hatched , handfed and closed banded baby birds since 1984
Timneh & congo African Greys, orange wing salvin bluefront DYH YN & Yellow lored Amazons, blue&gold, greenwing & scarlet Macaws and umbrella Cockatoos Email: Altha, FL

Moonstonetiels Aviary

Rare Cockatiel Mutations in SW Florida
Cockatiel breeder specializing in the rare tiel mutations. Also offering descriptions and photos of current rares. Email: Bradenton, FL

The Mutation Station - ships

Breeder of mutation cockatiels, quakers, greencheeks and parrotlets
I have dom, and sexlinked yellowcheek, emerald, silver, pastel and whiteface tiels. Green, blue, pallid, cinnimon and iceblue quakers. Green cinnimon, yellowsided pineapple and turquoise greencheeks. Green, lutino, blue, yellow, white, blue and yellow pastel, fallow and pied parrotlets. Email: Orange City, FL

My Little Bird Nest

Budgies Canary Cockatiels Conures Finches Meyers Parakeets Quakers Redrumped parakeets Rosy Bourkes. All my babies are hand feed and are very gentle. Call for availability.(772)-567-7620 Email: Vero Beach, FL

Mystery Pickles Parrots - ships

Lovebirds, Green Cheek Conures, Rosebreasted 'Galah' Cockatoos, Parrotlets
Hand-fed babies & breeders. *Peachfaced Lovebirds* Exhibition Quality, all colors including Opalines! *Pacific Parrotlets* Blue, Yellow, White, Pastel, Dominant Pied. *Green Cheek Conures* Cinnamon, Yellowsided, Pineapple & Turquoise combos. *Rosebreasted 'Galah' Cockatoos* Best Pet 'Toos! Email: West Palm Beach, FL

Ninfas Aviarys - ships

Cockatiel breeder.
Specializing in rare cockatiels.Fallows, silvers, emeralds, whitefaces and yellowcheek. Email: Riverview, FL.

Oakridge Aviary - ships

Specializing in handfed lineolated parakeet and parrotlet color mutations
All babies are handfed, tame. Raised in closed indoor aviary in West Central Fl Linnie and parrotlet babies for sale. Linnies DNA'd most colors, male and female. Parrotlets include green dilutes, double & triple splits American yellow greenrumps spectacles Email: New Port Richey, FL


Breeders of Beautiful Pacific and Specticled Parrotlets
We are licensed hobby breeders, hand raising our babies right in our own living room one clutch at a time. Our specialty is beautiful normal green pacifics and lovable specticles. We only sell weaned babies and we do not ship, but are willing to travel reasonable distance. We are located 1 hr North Of Tampa, FL Email:

P And C Aviary-your Lovebird Connection

Lovebird Babys At Wholesale Prices Year Round
Lovebirds-Lovebirds-22 Plus Color Varieties-Masks-Fischers-Peachface Varieties- All at wholesale prices -no shipping-located near Melbourne, FL.-5 minutes off I-95 at exit 71-stop by and have a look -I am sure you will see something you like thank you-P and C Aviary-your lovebird connection in Florida Email: Near-Melbourne, FL.

Padilla Bird Farm - ships

We Specialize In Finches!
We have an excellent selection of Finches, Spice, Weavers, Orange Cheek, Bronze Wing and much more. Boxes and certificates are FREE with order! We ship any where in the USA collect. Discount prices! E-mail orders please. (407) 970-3369 Email: Orlando, FL.

The Pampered Parrot - ships

Baby Birds, Breeder Birds, Toy manufacturer
Raise 75 differents Species of birds and have breeder birds available also. We are also a manufacture of bird toys as well as a distributor. Email: Tampa, FL

Parrot Birds 4 U

Quality family pets and good breeders
We hand raise a big selection of parrots with love and 24 hour care. Cockatoos, Yellow Napes, Blue Fronts, White Front Amazons, Red Lord Amazons, Amazon greys Ft Myers, Florida 239-731-6081 Email:

Parrot Kingdom - ships

We ONLY breed Congo & Timneh african greys & Crimson Bellied Conures
We ONLY keep congo, timneh african greys and crimson bellied conures. We give them good diets with pellets, nuts, seed mix, fruit and veggies. Their aviary is huge with shelter area for their extra protection in a surrounding tropical paradise plants. Will ship at buyer expenses & weather permitting. Email: Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Parrot Ranch

Small breeder with lovingly handfed birds
Conures, sun, blue crown, peachfront, dusky, cockatiels, parakeets, most varieties, cockatoos Rosy Bourkes Normals. All our babies are socialized. Occasionally have congo african greys, umbrella and goffin cockatoos Ph:(850)-547-3250 Email: Bonifay, FL.

The Parrotlet Aviary - ships

Breeding Pacific Parrotlets exclusively for over 15 years
We specialize in Clean Green Parrotlet lines (no splits). We also have Blue and Lutino mutations. Hand fed babies and unrelated pairs available. We ship, continental U.S. only Email: Pensacola, FL

Parrots R Us - ships

Rare and exotic Parrot breeder
We are breeders of all types of macaws , cockatoos eclectus and African Grey Congo .We have baby birds year round and We also sell cages. Email: Miami, FL

Paw And Feathers Aviary - ships

Domestic exotic baby birds -breeder cage building and boxes supplies
African Greys- Cockatoos- Macaws, Amazons , Conures, quakers& cockatiels custom Breeder cage building and supplies available at all times and types. Hand fed baby birds available all the time. Pacific Parroletts Email: Hudson, FL

Peek-A-Boo Parrot Aviaries - ships

Spoiled rotten hand fed baby birds
We specialise in Amazons, Blue & Golds, Derbians, Alexandines, Ring Necks, Quakers, Sun Conures. Black Headed Caiques, Pionus and Parrotlets. We are always adding to our birds check with us for availability. We ship and we do sell wholesale to pet stores. Email: Gainesville, FL

Pirate's Parrot

All birds are hand raised and spoonfed with lots of love and attention.
Cockatiels (whiteface all color variations, albino, lutino, normal), Ringnecks(blue, silver, albino, lutino, alexandrine), Lovebirds (fischer), Greenwing, Blue&Gold, Hahn's Macaws, Parakeets all colors, Some adult pet and breeder parrots available at times Email: Cape Coral, FL.

Planetparrotlet - ships

Mutation Parrotlets
I breed Mutation Parrotlets exclusively. Blue, Yellow, American White, Pastel, Blue Pastel, Lutino and Albino and all combinations and splits. Shipping Available. Email: Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Private Breeder - Manon

Exotic birds family raised.
All my birds are hand-raised and very tame. I do this as a hobby because I love birds. I have Eastern Rosellas, African Greys, Eclectus, Mustache Parakeets, White-Eyed Conures, Cockatiels (all colors) Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Budgies and Blue-Front Amazons. Proven pairs of Mustache and Amazon are for sale. Email: Ft-lauderdale, FL. - ships

Breeders of Mutation Quakers, first to breed Dark eyed White and Yellow Quakers
Dark eyed whites. Special: Yellow quaker, $8000, splits, $4000ea, Choice of Blue, grn/blue/cinn. Cinnamon hens, green males split to cinnamon. $400ea. Unweaned grn quakers $60, weaned $100 we ship. grn/blue hens, $125 Free shipping on orders over $1500 on Continental. Email: Ocala, FL.

Rainbow Jewels Aviary

Breeder of Lady Gouldian Finches
I breed all colors of Lady Gouldian Finches in N. Florida near Jacksonville. Please look at my website or email me for details. No Shipping Email: Fleming Island, FL

Rare bird farm - ships

Exotic bird breeders.
We have hand feeding birds, Baby Blue&Gold ofr $595, African Grey $550, Sun Conures $175, Umbrella $650. We have specials every month or you can email. Please contact Paul, 13101 South Calusa Club Dr., Miami, FL P/FAX: (305)-387-5234

Reg-Mar Aviary

Domestic Bred Quality Babies
Specializing in hand-fed domestic baby birds. Cockatoos, Macaws, Congo Greys, Sun Conures, Blue Quakers, Amazons, We ship anywhere in USA. Email: West Palm Beach, FL

Riverside Corns and Lovebirds

Breeder of Lovebirds and occasionally Budgies
Peachface lovebirds, green series and blue series birds in many colors. Available babies will be listed on the website. All babies will be handfed and weaned. No shipping. Email: Port St John, FL

Rock Bottom Farm - ships

Rock Bottom Farm
Cockatoo babies hand fed from day one. Lesser sulphur crest, Eleanora(medium sulphur crest), Umbrella and Moluccans. Austrailian king parrots and Amboina king parrots. Several blood lines.Unrelated pairs and singles. Crimson and Eastern mutation Rosellas. All birds closed banded. Husband and wife owned and operated. In Bus.27 years in central Fl.(863)285-7042 Email: Fort Meade, FL.

Rosemary's Parrotlets

Parrotlets Mutations Pairs and Singles
European bloodlines. Diversity of bloodlines. Exclusive out crosses. Florida licensed. No diseases, Ever. Vet references available. Celestial mutations and and their splits. Green Rumps & spectacles. 954-564-4859 ask for Rosemary Will ship or local sales. Ft.Lauderdale area! Email: Ft Lauderdale, FL.

RT Avairy - ships

sweet hand fed babies
i have 1 blue and gold , 2 lilac crown amazons , redfacter canaries, colony of finches, 1 ringneck left for sale Email: Jax, FL.

Running Bird Ranch - ships

White Bellied Caiques, closed aviary, six bloodlines.
We have all ages for sale most of the year. With over 400 White Bellied Caiques we can fill your needs. We offer the best pricing and healthy, happy Caiques. We ship weekly from Orlando, FL Contact Jeff Mann at 407-349-2533 or Geneva, FL.

Sandy's Birds

Breeder of FInches, Canaries, English Parakeets, Cockatiels, and Grass Keets
We are a small aviary that produces quality birds. We breed finches, Australian grass keets, parrotlets, Cockatiels, Green cheeck, English Budgies and Rosellas. E-mail or call (904)635-5020 Located in Jacksonville, FL

Sarafimtiels - ships

Handraised Baby Cockatiels, Pet or Show
Small, closed aviary occasionally has lovingly hand fed babies and show or breeder stock. Will ship at buyer's expense. Raising normal grays, pearls, pieds, cinnamons, pearl pieds, and cinnamon pearls. Photos and pedigrees availablefollowing deposit. Top show lines. Email: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Shady Pines Aviary - ships

Specializing in Caiques & Brotogeris Parakeets!
Caiques: Black-head & White-belly Brotogeris: Canary-wing, White-wing, Orange-chin, Golden-wing, Cobalt-wing.  Rarer species available to serious breeders only! All babies hand-fed, DNA-sexed, Polyoma vaccinated (Caiques only), many bloodlines, young unrelated pairs. MAP certified, experienced shipper. (561)753-8018 Lake Worth, FL.

Shady Wings Aviary - ships

Domestic bred, Hand-fed Baby Parrots & Softbills
Handfed fabulous feathered friends! Our babies are lovingly weaned, family raised and highly socialized. We guarantee that our birds will make healthy, beautiful, satisfying companions with excellent temperaments, for those who are true parrot lovers. Email: Belleview, FL.

Shafter's African Greys

African Grey Congo Babies Serving N Florida and S Georgia since 1994
Africian Grey Congo Babies, Domestic Hand Fed Sweet Babies. Fully Weaned, $675.00, No Shipping Email: Jacksonville, FL

Sierra's Feathered Friends

Small hobby breeder specializing in pacific parrotlet mutations and greenrumps. Below competitive prices. Pictures upon request. Email for availability. Email: Largo, FL.

Southeastexotics - ships

Breeders of Exotics Finches
Gouldians, Parrot finches, Owls, Cordon Bleus, Orange Weavers, Societys, Zebras, Shafttails, Spice, Orange Cheek waxbills, etc...... Email: Tampa, FL.

Sunset Bird Ranch

North Florida Bird and Rabbit Breeder
Handfed baby birds: Orange Wing Amazons, Suns, Indian Ringnecks, Quakers, Cockatiels, Lovebirds (Black Masks and Peach Faced). Call for availability and pricing: Dean (904) 838-3943. Ask about our bunnies, too. Email: Sanderson, FL

Sunshine Aviary - Lakeland

Handfed Cockatiels cared for in my home
I have been breeding cockatiels for a year now and have had 4 successful clutches. I wean my babies on fruits and vegetables as well as seed. All of my babies are loved and cared for extremely well. They are part of my family, so that one day they can be apart of yours. Email: Lakeland, FL

Sylvias Feather Friends

Domestic exotic birds quakers and conures, tiels, amazons, macaws hand feed
Raise Birds For The Last 18 Years. Sweet all hand feed, private area, raised clean and healthy, good prices too! also take in unwonted pet or breeder birds. Email: Summerfield, FL.

T&B Aviary - ships

Exotic Parrots
Plumhead Parakeets, Parrotlets, Black Cap, Blue Crown, Dusky & Sun Conures, Goffins, Alexandrines, Moustache, Senegals and Congo Greys. All Hand-fed Babies and breeders live in the fresh air of Florida. Email: Highlands County, FL

T's Exotics - ships

We offer hand-fed Macaw and Cockatoo babies
We are a small, family owned, aviary located in Pensacola, FL. We specialize in hand-fed Blue & Gold Macaws, Umbrella, Goffins, and Moluccan Cockatoos. Our babies are hand raised from day one, in a warm and nurturing environment. Visa/MC accepted. Payment plans available. Email:

Timbrados - Billy - ships

Timbrado breeder
Breeding timbrados for song Email: St Augustine, FL

Tom's Birdhouse - ships

Breeding Quaility birds, nadays, blue crown, white cap pionus
I breed the follows kinds of birds conures- sun, jenday, patagonions, green cheeks, peach front. congo and timneh greys, parakeets- mousetache, baraband, princess of wales. solomon island ecetus. cockatoos- elenora, citron. amazons- orange wing, blue front. senegals, cockatiels, rainbow lories, pionus lovebirds Email: Thonotosassa, FL.

Treasure Corner Aviary - ships

A Family owned and operated Aviary Fully certified Breeders
We have several adult and couples available for sale All our birds are polyoma vaccinated, Fed with pellets, fruits and veggies We have amazons, Conures, Caiques, African Greys, Etc available Email: Miami, FL

Treasure Island Aviary

Hobby breeder mainly of Eclectus but have others including chinchillas
I carry the following species African Grey Congos, Parrotletts, Blue Headed Pionus, Timnehs; mainly specialize in Eclectus (Vos Marie,Red Sided and Soloman Island) will ship at buyers expense and will sell out of nest to experienced handfeeders. Email: North Port, FL

Tropical Beauty Birds - ships

Breeder In Southeast Florida
We have been breeding for over 10 yrs and specialize in handfed babies Macaws, Greys, Cockatoos, S.I. Eclectus, Parrotlets, Lovebirds. Please email for current availability: or call 954/943-5455 Pompano Beach, FL

Tropical Birds - ships

florida breeder of various birds
we have cockatiels, love birds, several variaties of conures and amazons, african greys, and pionus located in tampa, Fl 813-986-9467 Email: Tampa, FL.

Tropical Birds Inc - ships

Breeders of Exotic Birds.
Beautiful Hand-Fed babies. Specialize in Blue and Gold and Hahns Macaws. Also available Macaws, Conures, Cockatoo, Caiques, African Greys, Eclectus, Pionus and Quakers. Tel. 305-232-5272 Email: Miami, FL.

Tropical Gardens Aviary - ships

Lg. Breeder with to many spares need to buy opposite, sell or trade.
M. Blue&Gold, F. Myers, M. Nanday, M.Wt. EyeConure, M. Peach F Conure, M. Tucuman Amazon, Medium Sulfur Crested Cockatoo, Blue Crown Conure Joy Ruhe (904) 275-3075 Florida (refferences)

Tweet Dreams - ships

Exotic Bird Breeder
We raise Eclectus, DYH Amazons, Congo greys, White belly caiques, Mini macaws, Moluccan cockatoos, conures, ringnecks and lovebirds. All birds are handfed, closed-banded and Email: Lake Placid, FL.

The Tweetery - ships

Breeder of Exotic Birds
We are a small aviary speciallizing in hand fed baby birds. Moustache parakeets, nanday conures, cockatiels, lovebirds, indian ringnecks, and american parakeets. Please e-mail for more info Email: Baker, FL

Tweeties By Diane

Breeder of exotic birds
All babies are hand-fed and raised with great care and love. Cockatiels, lovebirds, quakers and Sun Conures. (352) 343-8850 e-mail: Leesburg, FL

Unique Mutation Ringnecks - ships

Spoon Fed Breeders And Pets
All spoon & pellet fed. Dna sexed. Most colors, splits & varaitions. Singles, Pairs.Closed aviary. No Trades or Imports. Lower prices on birds picked up.please state color and sex prs or single when asking for price . 941-624-5406 john Fl; Port Charlotte, FL.

Visual Wings Aviaries - ships

Breeder of fine quality Australian Grass Parakeets
Scarlet-chested, Turquoisine, Bourke, Elegant Parakeets; normal and mutation; Lineolated Parakeets; also great books on Grass Parakeets imported from Australia; Visual Wings, PO Box 612214, Miami, Fl 33261 call (352) 357-8712 or e-mail:

Volusia County Birds

Experienced Breeder Handfeeder Pet Owner
Baby Conures, Parakeets, Budgies, Cockateils, currently available! Others senegals, caiques, parrotlets, some hand fed some breeders. Amazons & Alexandrian breeders for sale.Please Email to

Wajay Birds - ships

Mario Bosque Retired Bird Lover
Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Parakeets Best Prices + Highest Quality We have everything from simple to fancy. Birds are healthy and well taken care Email us to Get on our monthly sales list called Jax Bird Lover Starting at 10 dollars and up Email: Jacksonville, FL

Wells Bird Ranch - ships

Elwood Wells teacher and hobbyist breeder
I currently raise congo Greys sun conures, ringnecks, moustache and greencheeks. Suns are generally available year round. I can ship. Email: South West, FL.

Wendys Love Birds - ships

Breeder of Rosebreasted Cockatoos ;Queen of BarvariaConures and Lovebirds
Rosebreasted Cockatoos, Queen of Barvaria Conures, Lovebirds Opaline, Pied, Blue. Whiteface, Slates, Lutinos, splits to Amer. Yellow. Ships or meet in Miami Email: Big Pine Key, FL

Who's A Pretty Bird

Beautiful Hand Fed Cockatiels Raised with Love Not as "Breeders"
We consider our Breeders more than Machines popping out eggs each day. We care and nuture our birds and give them love, adoration, and spoil The babies are pulled and medically cared for from start to finish. We don't sell to just anyone either. We interview for the "perfect" fi Email: Saint Petersburg, FL

Winged Babies of Wellington Aviary

HANDFED BABY Tiels, Lovebirds and Keets (Budgies)
Small breeder with experience selling small lovable tiels, loves and budgies to good homes who can give their new friend love and tenderness. If you are a bird lover and want friendly birds, pls contact Wellington, FL

Wings 4 Wisdom Aviary - ships

Small hobby breeder with well socialized handfed babies
NW Florida location, closed inspected aviary. Shipping weather permitting. Citron, DuCorps, Moluccan, Goffins & Umbrella Cockatoo's, BF, DYH & YN Amazons, Severe & YC Macaws, Caiques, Timneh & Cameroon Greys. All babies are well socialized and come with a quarantee.Sexing available Email: Marianna, FL

Wings Aviary - ships

Wings Aviary
All of our babies are hand fed and very socialized, we breed Macaws, Amazons, African Grays, Cockatoo's, Indian Ringnecks, Quakers, and Conures We ship nationwide, all babies come with a health guarantee and an info packet. 904-823-3329 Email: St Augustine, FL.

Yshua Pets - ships

Hobbist Breeder
Home-school Mom raising lovable hand-fed babies. Conures greencheekeds, blackcappeds, yellowsided, Pineapple, Cinnamon. Lovebirds peachfaceds, violet, cinnamon, slate, splits. Email: Hollywood, FL

Ziggy's Avian Ranch - ships

Specializing in hand-fed domestic babies
Greys, cockatoos (umbrellas, goffins, galahs, tritons, mollucans) eclectus, sun conures, golden(queens)conures (Fla.Only), vasas, caiques Macaws (hyacinths, blue and golds, scarlets), senegals, ringnecks Will ship or drive 1/2 way in Fl.- 727-819-9839 Email: Hudson, FL
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