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Aaa Birds - ships

GREEN CHEEK CONURES $175.00 Email: N Hollywood, CA.

Abba Dabba Birds - ships

Breeder of Exotic Birds
We breed many types including Macaws, Eclectus, Patagonians, Princess of Wales, Rock Pebbler. We hand feed all of our babies. Will ship in US only. We deliver from Sacramento to San Diego. Email: Visalia, CA

AJ Parrotlets - Long Beach, Ca

We sell a range of parrotlets mutations/colors from pacifics to whites
We are a private parrotlet breeder located in Southern California. Prices range depending on the mutation/color of the bird you are looking for. We do beat any advertised price on the net or any paper publication. All birds are raised in our home and are hand fed. Call us at 562-989-0398. Email: Long Beach, CA.

Almost Parrotdise Bird Farm - ships

Breeder going out of business,
Blue/Golds, Hyacinths, Scarlets, Redfronts, Militaries, Severes, M-2, U-2, Med. Sulfurs, Tritons, Lories, Mex Redheads, Bluefronts, Tucaman, Yellow Napes, StanleyRosellas, Bluecrowns, Green cheeks, Parrotlet, tiels. Blackheaded Caiques Email: Riverside, CA

Andre's Aviaries

breeder,specializing in Austalian birds. Southern Cailifornia, so. bay area
we breed pennants, crimson, yellows, stanley's, fiery's, pastel yellows, mealy's. also we have a selection of red rumps and its mutations.elegantsand others. we carrie an extensiv line of kakarikis.for complete inforamation & availabilit email us at or phone & voice at 310-768-9893 Carson, CA.

Angie's Lovebirds - ships

home breeder of lovebirds
babie peachface lovebirds hatched 10-16 thru 10- 21 Only have one pair of adults. Very healthy and cute. Only 5 available $20 each will ship Email: Albany, CA.

Anza's Australian Beauties - ships

I specialize in all the Australian parakeets, Vet on the premises
I have bred the Australian parakeets for almost 25yrs now. I have the Grasskeets Hoodeds, RedRumps, Mulgas, BlueBonnets, Rosellas(Greens, Northerns, Yellows, Adelaides, Stanleys, Mealys, Pennants, Eastern/Fierys) 28's, Pt.Lincolns, Cloncurrys, Barnards, POWs, Barrabands, RockPebblers, Crimson-wings, Aust.Kings, Pilateds Email: Anza, CA


ANZA EXOTICS * Hand-fed * Tame * Companion Baby Birds * Retail & Wholesale
We specialize in Handraised, Tame Companion Baby Birds. Moustache par Barrabands, Rockpebblers, Princess of Wales, Redrumps, Bourkes, Rosey, Parrotlets, Redbellieds, Rosellas, Eastern, Stanley, Yellow, Pennants Conures, Sun, Yellowsided, Maroon Bellied, Half Moon, Black Capped, Email: Anza, CA

April's Ark - ships

My name is April and I am a very dedicated avian hobbiest breeder
Species I breed include Military and Scarlet Macaws, Golden Conures, African Greys, Senegals, Caiques and soon Illigers Macaws. Email: Lake Elsinore, CA

Aracaris / Somis Aviaries - ships

We are Breeders of Quality Parrots from Love birds to Macaws Toucans soon!
We sell hand fed parrots to caring homes. Africans, Amazons, Lovebirds, Cockatoos and finches parent raised, and will soon be breeding Aracaris species toucans. Our web-site is updated regularly. We also have blackcappeds, suns and yellowsided, cinnamon, turquoise, blue and pineapple greencheeks. Email: Somis, CA

Ashley's Breeding Africans - ships

Breeder of Cameroon African Greys / Large Silver / Highest Quality
Top Quality African Greys raised in a loving environment. 550+ grams Huge -Must see-Photos available. All chicks parent reared to 3 wks Hand fed to weaning-Closed banded- Fully fledged -Will sell fully flighted or we can clip . If you want the very best look no futher. Senegal chicks also... Email: Pasadena, CA

Aussie Mutations & Company

Quality Australian & Other Popular Parakeet Mutations (and normals too).
Specializing in small & medium birds & their mutations (common & rare). Grasskeets:Scarlet-chested, Torqs, Elegants,Bourkes, Hooded, Mulgas, Redrumps; Rosellas:GM.Pennant, Yellow, Stanley; Pacific Parrotlet; Lineolated; Cockatiels; Green-cheeked Conures. No Email: Cerritos, CA.

Australian Express - ships

Breeder of Australian birds & Aussie Sprouts Sprouting Mix
Hand Fed Rose Breasted Cockatoo's, Grass Keets, Rosella's, 28's, Cloncurry's, Princess of Wales, Red Rumps, Blue Bonnet's, Zebra Finches and Diamond Doves. We ship Contact Rick @(530)477-7721 after 9:00 p.m. p.s.t or before 7:00 a.m. p.s.t E-mail CA. Grass Valley, CA

Autumn Moon - ships

Baby, and two 1 year olds. they are very loving, clown like personalities. Talk, very smart and playfull, lay on their backs and hang alot during play. $400.00 or best. 1-760-789-8074 Email: San Diego (ramona), CA.

Aves International - ships

Health guaranteed domestic birds- over 50 species
We raise over 50 species including Congo & Timneh African Greys, DYH, YH, YN and Panama Amazons, Caiques, Ducorps, Goffins, Umbrella and Rosebreasted Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Greencheek and Sun Conures, Eclectus, Macaws Blue&Golds Scarlets Greenwings Hahns Nobles, Pionus, Senegals, Meyers and Jardines. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.. written health guarantee. in aviculture since 1973. Gail J. Worth, owner, P.O. Box 2863, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90274 (310) 541-1180, fax (310) 544-4090 , hours 10-6 M-F Email:

Avian Adventures Aviary - ships

Breeders of large macaws and cockatoos, Will ship
Our babies are intensively socialized, polyoma vaccinated and weaned at their own pace. Health guaranteed. We raise hyacinths, greenwings, golds and bluethroateds, umbrella cockatoos. Email: Novato, CA.

Avian Avenue - ships

Not just any hand fed parrot!
Amazons: Double Yellow Head, Blue Front, Red-Lored. Senegals located in Santa Clarita, CA. Will Ship. FREE info and advice.

B/C Aviculture - ships

Breeder of Pacific Parrotlets
Specializing in hand fed pacific parrotlets. All colors available. Will ship in the US. Email: Berkeley, CA

B & C Fantasy Feathers

Special Birds for Special People
Wonderful handfed senegals, green checked conures & lovebirds of various colors. Both peachfaced & ringeyed.Will take orders for lovebird colors.All birds raised with loving care.(951)763-5454 Email: Anza, CA

Babyblue Aviary - ships

Breeder of exotic birds
Specializing in hand-fed domestic baby birds. Greenwing Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, Blue & Gold Macaws, Hahns Mini Macaws, Umbrella Cockatoos, Congo African Greys, Solomon Island Eclectus and Blue Front Amazons. Will ship anywhere in USA at buyers expense. Email: Winters, CA

The Beak - ships

Amazons to Macaws
Amazons - Panamas, Mealys, Bluefronts; Macaws - Severes, Hahns, Blue and Golds; Cockatoos - Umbrellas, Goffins, Bare Eyeds; African Greys; Indian Ringneck mutations (babies and breeders); Cockatiels, Rosellas. All babies handfed, socialized and ready for a loving home. Email: Alpine, CA

Bird Bungalow

Birds & Supplies
Breeder: Specializing in Gouldian, and Shaftail Finches; Also Double Breeder Cages With Divider, Various Nest, Petamine Egg Food, Plastic Numbered Leg Bands, Tek Fresh Animal Bedding, Show Drinkers, Syringes, Bird Claw Clippers, Twist-On Perches, Felt Nest Pads, Tube Cleaning Brush, Email: Whittier, CA.

Bird Heaven Aviaries

Specializing in raising well socialized Handfed Baby Birds.
From small birds to large parrots. We specialize in B&G Macaws, White Bellied Caiques, Hahns Macaws, White Fronted Amazons, African Ringnecks, African Greys Congos & Timnehs, Eclectus, Sun Conures, Green cheek mutations, and mutations of other species. We also ship Nationwide. Email: Selma, CA

Bird in the Hand - ships

Precious cuddly handfed baby birds
Specializing in Hyacinth Macaws. For decades we have been breeding Macaws, Cockatoos, & Parrots. Nationwide safe shipping. Toys & Cages. Breeding pairs available now! P.O. Box 1869 Ojai, CA. 93024 (805)-646-8212 email:

Birdladys Babes - ships

Parrot Breeder , Supplies & Grooming
Amazons, Greys, Cockatoos and Macaws. We handraise all our babies, and have formulated a dynamite parrot feed, available locally. Email: Atascadero, CA

Birds 2 Pet - ships

Rare & beautiful hand-fed parrots- Model Aviculture Program (MAP) certified
Dedicated to quality care and breeding of endangered species. Cockatoo: blue eyed, Ducorps, Gang-gang, Moluccan, Rosies, Macaws-Red-fronted, greenwing & Hyacinth, Conures- Crimsonbellied, Roseifron, Painted & Sun, Hawkheaded. DNA sexed, microchipped, health warrantee. Mary Ellen (408)997-3113 Em: Redwood Estates, CA.

Blackstone Aviaries - ships

Hand-Fed Domestic Macaws & Amazons
We specialize in Hyacinth & Red Front Macaws. Also Blue & Golds & Hahn's. Blue Fronted, Yellow Crown and Lilac Crown Amazons. Babies raised from day one, ship nationwide, Health Guaranteed & Closed banded. In bus. since 1980. Come see our beautiful pictures at Email: Escondido, CA.

Blue Parrot Exotic Birds

Handfed Exotic Bird Aviary - Buyer Friendly Tame Birds for Your Petstore
Hand raised...Imprinted...Companion Birds for your store...Very well socialized people-friendly Pets that will sell themselves...Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Golden Mantled Rosellas, Macaws, Amazons, Budgies, Lovebirds, etc... Located N San Diego Cty/S Riverside Cty, Ca. E-mail: Anza, CA

Bracken Ridge Ranch

Button Quail Breeder
Button Quail Hatching Eggs and Button Quail Breeding Cages For Sale. Over 27 years experience in Raising Button Quail and Shipping their eggs. (We do not ship live birds) Located in Northern California Please visit for information Email: Grass Valley, CA.

Breeder Of Exotic Birds

My name Andy Live in San Francisco
All of our babies are healthy and sweet. We have scarlet macaw, African grey, love bird, parakeet, and red rump. Please contact at (415)731-2849 or Email; . San francisco, CA. San Francisco, CA.

Breeding Dreams Ranch - ships

Handfed exotic birds, cages and all supplies
Specializing in hand-fed baby birds. Cockatoos, amazons, macaws, & conures. Everything raised with tons of socialization. Retailers welcome for wholesale sales! Cages, supplies and feed also available! Email: Red Bluff, CA

Breezysbirds - ships

Breeding Exclusively Perfect Pionus
Beautiful Pionus Babies!! Handfed, banded, DNA sexed. Bronze Wing Pionus and Blue Head Pionus currently Email: Irvine, CA.

Bridget's Birds / Upsan Downs Aviary

Specializing in pastelface and whiteface cockatiels
NCS member, handfed and parent-raised cockatiels. Whiteface, Pastelface, Recessive Silver, lutinos etc.. Lovebirds, Pacific Parrotlets, zebra Finches... Email: Fresno, CA

Brooder Box - ships

Breeder of Blue & Gold, Scarlet, Blue Throated Caninde Macaws, Congo Greys
Also breeds Pacific Parrottlets, will ship at buyers expense, Buena Park, California 714-220-2325 eves PST, email

Buuzbee's Birds

We are long time breeders of Budgies, Bourkes, Parrotlets & Conures
Handfed or Parent fed available. Email for availability. Visitors are welcome to visit the birds as babies until they are ready to go home with you! Email: West Hills, CA

Catherine's Critters

CA breeder of cockatoos, greys, eclectus, amazons etc.
Cockatoos: umbrellas, goffins, bareeyeds, rosebreasteds, citrons, tritons. African Greys congo, timnehs. Eclectus grands, redsideds. Amazons lilaccrowneds, redheadeds. Cockatiels, Finches: society, zebra, black cheek, Senegals, Rosellas. e-mail San Diego, CA

Cedar Mountain Aviary - ships

Hand raised parrots and small birds - bird supplies
Macaws, Amazons, Cockatoos, African Greys, Hawkheads, Caiques, Cockatiels, Finch, Princess of Wales, Bourkes and more! Specializing in hand-fed, well socialized and DNA sexed babies. Supplies for a well cared for companion. Shipping available throughout the US. (Formerly Cedar Mountain Pets) Email: Livermore, CA

Central Coast Birds

Breeder of Australian finches & Grass Parakeets
Breeder of Australian Finches: Lady Gouldians, Owls, Stars. And Breeder of Australian Grass Parakeets: Rosy Bourkes, Turquoisines, Scarlet-Chested Parakeets Email: Arroyo Grande, CA

Cherokee Aviaries - ships

We are a small breeder in southern california
We hand feed all of are baby birds no matter what they are.We treat are birds with love and care in are indoor aviary.If we do not have what you are looking for then we will find it for you. African Greys, Amazons, Budgies, Caiques, Canaries, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Conures, Eclectus, Finches, Jardines, Kakarikis, Lories, etc.Email: Los Angeles, CA

Circo Aves Ranch - ships

Breeders of exotic birds
We hand raise babies in our state of the art closed facility. Red fronted macaws, conures (goldens, suns, blue crowns, souance, & green cheek), greys, eclectus, goffins cockatoos and indian ringnecks (blues & normals). Email: San Diego, CA

CND Aviaries - ships

Breeder of Parrotlets, Lady Gouldians and Society Finches
We breeding Pacific Parrotlets. He have most color mutations including greens, blues, yellows, whites, albinos, Lutinos, Turquoises, Pieds, Fallows, and grey greens. We also breed Lady Gouldian Finches with green backs and yellow backs. LOW PRICES! check website for availability. Email: Hercules, CA

Cockatiel Rescue Of Contra Costa County

Home Raised Cockatiels
We are a small breeder with 2 mating pairs. We are looking for good homes for our loving baby pets. Cockatiels are high maintence pets, needing lots of daily love and attention. We do not ship, you must come by to pick up your friend. Best if you can come by during raising and get to know and trust each other. Email: Concord, CA.

Cockatiels Only

Domestic Cockatiels - Hand Fed
Specializing in care and taming of hand-fed cockatiels. Each Cockatiel has one one handling by adults and children making them ideal family pets. Large variety of colors to choose from. Prices vary depending on rarity of color. To view by appointment only call (925)753-1047 or e-mail:

Cockatoo Connection - ships

Specializing in hand-fed Cockatoos and Macaws
Cockatoos: Goffin, Umbrella, Moluccan, Medium & Greater Sulphur, Citron, Ducorps, Rose-Breasted, Major Mitchell, Bare Eyed, Red Vented & Tritons. Macaws: Scarlet, Blue/Gold, Green Wing, Red Front, Severe. Rock Pebblers, Princess of Wales, Congos. Contact: Suzanne 559)-280-2541 Email: Woodlake, CA.

Cockatoo-dle-doo Aviary - ships

Small rural southern California aviary
We raise cockatoos-seven species, macaws-two species, vos maeri eclectus, and toucans.We do not sell unweaned babies and private individual sales only. Handraised in a home environment with lots of stimulation and love. Email: Trona, CA.

Color On The Wing Aviaries

Sweet Handfed Babies and Supplies Distributor
Quality Handfed Babies: Umbrellas, Rose Breasted, Durcorps, Cockatiels Whiteface cockatiels, African Ringnecks, Mustashe parakeets and more. Distributer of Hagen and other fine products. Phone 650/315-6227 Email: Sunnyvale, CA.

Companion Bird Source - ships

MAP Cert. Quality, Ethical Breeders & Retailers
An Association of Breeders & Retailers setting higher standards. CBS offers over 100 species, health warranteed. Buy the best quality birds from Companion Bird Source.

Country Manor Ii - ships

Hand fed closed banded babies used in pet therapy
For the elderly in my board and care facility . Macaws:Greenwings and Severes. CockatoosUmbrellasTritons Eleanoras Eclectus:Redsided and Soloman Island BHCaiques, Conures Yellowsided and Nandays Cockatiels: Pastels, Emeralds Yellowface , African Greys Email: Mission Viejo, CA.

CR Aviary

Home Raised Cockatiels
We operate a small breeder program for hand fed and hand raised cockatiels, along with adult birds and pairs. Health and satisfaction guaranteed. Located near San Francisco, CA, we do not ship. Interview prior to purchase required. Email: Concord, CA.

Cupid Finches

My name is Cheri and live in So California area
Baby Owl Finches for sale 80.00 ea. Cordon Bleu Finches (deep tourqoise color) 80.00 ea. I can accept a half down deposit to hold a bird until ready for adoption. Care sheet included. I do NOT ship. Email: Orange County, CA

Cuttlebone Plus - ships

Specializing in lories and softbills
Swainson’s lorikeets, Yellow-streaked lories, Mynahs, Plovers, Kookaburras, Trumpeter Hornbills. toll free at 800 747-9878. P O Box 305 Fallbrook, CA 92088 760-591-4951 FAX 760 591-4556. Email: Fallbrook, CA.

D & S Exotics

Breeder of Cockatiels, Conures and Timneh African Greys
We breed lots of CONURES (Green Cheeks, Dusky, Aztec, Half Moon and Peach Fronts. Cockatiels (pied, pearl, normal, cinamon and lutinos. White face mutaions and ALBINO (whiteface lutino). And the best lil Timmies in town... Timneh African Greys. Email: Palmdale, CA

Daugherty Aviaries - ships

Breeder of hand-fed baby parrots.
African Greys-Congo & Timneh, Caiques, Capes, Cockatiels, Conures-Blue Crown & Halfmoon, Hawk Headed, Jardines, Meyers, Moluccan Cockatoo, Senegals, Pionus- Blue Head, Bronze Wing & Dusky. CA Call KIRK or LINDA (530) 626-1031 or email

Davis Lund Aviaries - ships

Specializing in Softbill Birds
Turacos, hornbills, mousebirds (Speckled, Red-Faced, Blue-Naped), tanagers, crakes, plovers, bulbuls, pekin robins, and more. Call for availability. Shipping by air only. Also various Softbill Species Tee-Shirts. Extensive informational website. Sacramento, CA, USA. Email:

DeBird - ships

Senegals,meyers, brownheadeds, redbellieds. African greys congos. Cockatiels whitefaced. Parrotlets. Lovebirds American yellow, violet pied. Alexandrines. Southern California area. Contact Alice, San Diego, CA Ph: (619)-469-1570 Em:

Deb's Pocket Parrots

30 Year Professional Breeder Of Peachface Lovebirds And Pacific Parrotlets
Peachface lovebirds and Pacific Parrotlets. Proffesional color breeder. To many mutations to list. Outstanding stock. NO JUNK. Email: Concord, CA

Deer Creek Aviaries - ships

Lovingly raised, hand fed day one birds
Cockatoos, triton, moluccan, umbrella, medium sulphur, goffin, citron, bare eyed African grey congo, timnah. Lories green nape, swainson, dusky, red lory Indian ring neck parakeets blue split to albino. Sengals. Princess of wales Ectectus solomon island. Lovebirds. Pacific parrotlets Rosellas mealy Email: Paso Robles, CA.

Doggett's Eclectic Parrots

Specializing in African Grey and Eclectus Babies
Choose the best - our babies are hand-fed (no gavage) on their schedul active household. They are socialized to people, pets and household noises. They are weaned on an abundance of food, allowed to fledge and sent home with a complete care package. References available. Email: Livermore, CA

Donna's Babies

Breeder of Hand-Fed Cockatiels, Indian Ringnecks and African Greys.
We hand-feed our babies with plenty of TLC to make loving pets. They are raised indoors to insure that they are very healthy. Cockatiels available in Lutino, Pearly, Pied, Pearly Pied and Gray. Indian Ringnecks available in Blue, Albino and Lutino. Email: Simi Valley, CA.

Dorothy's Exotic Birds - ships

Domestic and Exotic, pet and baby birds
Specializing in Large Parrots, Macaws, Greys, Cockatoo Goffins and Amazons also available: Contact me for Vet. approved, specialized bird food Open 7 days a week. Outside avairy. Mckinleyville, Ca 95519 Fax: (707)839-2142 Business: (707)839-2247 Email:

Eclectusville & Rosie Ranch - ships

Lovingly hand reared Eclectus and Rose-breasted cockatoos
Specializing in Vosmarie, Red sided and Solomon Islands Eclectus babies and Rose-breasted cockatoos babies. Rosies available in the Spring. Will ship within the USA, buyer to pay shipping. Please check for availability. All babies raised with love and well socialized. Email: Morro Bay, CA.

Eggs-otic Parroting - ships

We are breeders and operate under the "Closed Aviary" concept.
Cockatoo, Rose-breasted Greater Sulphur-crested Macaw , Hawk-headed Parrot Eclectus Caique African Greys Pionus Philippine Blue-naped Parrot Mullers Amazon Senegal. We have been involved in aviculture for nearly 30 years. All of our established breeding pairs have been tested for various diseases . Email: Camino, CA.

The Elegant Pet - ships

Specializing in Hand-fed Baby Parrots
Bluefronted Amazons, African Greys, Conures, Senegals, Blue-headed Pionus, Mini Mcaws Hawk-head Parrots, Meyers Parrots, Parrotlets Email: Modesto, CA.

EMR Exotic Bird Breeder - ships

Breeder of quality Australian keets, all species of conures, prt'lets,So CA
DIFF MUTATIONS of Scarlet chesteds, Elegance, Turquoisines, Bourkes; PENNANTS: Crimson, Blue, Cinnamon, Adelaides, Yellow, Silver, Orange; Cloncurry, Pileateds, Stanley, Mealy, Eastern, Rubino, Lutino, Cinn; ALL MUTATIONS of Red Rumps, Conures; GCC's , CrimsonBelly, RosieFrons, Email: Encinitas, CA

Enchanted Aviaries

I breed several kinds of macaws and lovebirds
I specialize in handfed macaws - blue&golds, greenwings, severes. Peachfaced lovebirds and sun conures. I go the extra mile with my babies. I sell hand made food and have a few used cages. I prefer not to ship out of the state as I like to meet the people that buy my birds 805-423-0490 Email: Atascadero, CA

Exotic Finch Locator - ships

Buy ,sell, trade..all type's of exotic finch...
Lady goulds, owls, cuban melodious, blue breasted cordan waxbill, red cheek cordan. etc..will locate your exotic finch...custom products.Breeding information. Were looking for new bloodlines of green breasted cordan, swee's Please contact me if you have any birds for sale or trade. Email: Central Coast, CA.

Exotic Parrotlets

Pacific Parrotlet Breeder In Sacramento, CA
If you are looking for a Parrotlet, you have come to the right place. We have many color mutations of Pacific Parrotlets in our small flock Please email for availability. We also have cockatiels and conures. Sacramento, CA

Exotic pet birds breeder

Breeder of show quality budgies, cockatiels and parrotletts
Specialized in show quality budgies. Also breed many cockatiels and parrotletts for both pets and new color mutations. Pets are handfed and extremely tame and friendly. Other birds includes green cheek conure, kakarikis, rosellas, senegals, and zebra finches. Email: Alhambra, CA

Exotic Naturals

Exotic finches,canaries and organic and hard to find supplies.
Peters twin spots, red cheek cordans, yellow, blue, normal gouldians, etc..extoic finches. Organic feed and suppliments Custom nesting material, custom blend breeding , moult etc 800-222-4226 leave mess Rhonda C. Email: Lancaster, CA.

F&B Birds

F&B Birds Breeders of Souance ,greencheek , yellow side conures
We breed a few pairs of Souance , green cheek , yellow side and peach front conures in Sun Valley CA Most of are babies are handfed and sold as pets . parent arised available also. Email:


Handfed baby Hahn's macaws and Greencheeks
Sweet loving Hahn's macaw's[mini macaws] and adorable greencheek conures. I only have a few breeders so the babies I have are limited to a few. They are loved and well taken care of. Please write if you would like me to email you photos of these gems. I am in the North bay area of California. Hahns $500 each, greencheeks $150 each... Email: Fairfield, CA.

FayeBird - ships

Sweet African Parrots in Sunny Southern California
Hand Raised Sweet Babies of Congo African Grey, Lesser Jardine's, Greater Jardine's, Cape Parrot, Meyer's, Senegal. Babies come w/ DNA certificate, reasonably priced. Will ship. Call (562)912-7748 or (949)246-1515 Email: Long Beach, CA

Feather Buddies Aviary

Small Hobby Breeder of Quality Birds.
Breeder of Scarlet Chested Parakeets, American and English Parakeets (Budgies), Gloster Canaries, Zebra Finches and Lovebirds. Other species may be added so if you don't see what you are looking for send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible. Email: Fremont, CA.

The Feather Farm - ships

The Feather Farm : Hand raised exotic Baby birds and cages
Macaws large and mini, Cockatoos, Amazon Parrots, Conures, African Greys Pionus, You name it chances we have it. Come see our showroom at 1181 Fourth ave. Napa Calif. We have a large assortment of cages and supplies Email: Napa, CA.

Feather Palette - ships

Small hobby breeder in Southern California
African & Timneh greys, Lineolated Parakeets, and rare mutation cockatiels. Email: So California, CA

Feather Tree - ships

Mutation Green cheek Conures . YELLOW SIDES,Fallows and more
we have many different colors of green cheeks you can see them on our web-site. Also Tres Marias and Greater VASA parrots .we also have Videos on Pyrrhuras and african greys Email:


Featherfarm45 is located in Clovis, California ( Do Not Ship )
We have been raising quality birds 7 yrs. the birds we have are: button quail, diamond doves, normal zebras, white societys from time to time we have extras for sale, Email: Clovis, CA

Feathered Concepts - ships

Quality breeders of Caiques, Mini Macaws, S I Eclectus, and Pyrrhura's Conures
We offer only the highest quality baby birds for the pet trade. All babies are healthy, properly weaned, and extensivelys socialized. Most are Polyoma vaccinated. Shipping available to most areas. Also offering toys, food and other supplies. Call or email for more info. 530-842-5037 Email: Yreka, CA

Feathered Family Avairy

Feathered Family Avairy is selling proven breeders
Prolific proven breeders: 1 pr Senegals, 1 pr Spectacle Amazons, 2 pr Green Cheek Conures, 1 pr Rainbow Lori. single birds: 1 Sun Conure Male, 1 Indian Ringneck female (green split Lutino/cinnimon). Modesto California. If shipping needed (you must make arrangement and pay fee) cages and nest box avail. Email: Modesto, CA.

Feathered Flights

Small hobby breeder of exoit birds and Yorkies
I have a 7yr m blue crown $300, Yellow m & blue F Ringneck $ 250 ea. 2yrs. F Alexandrine 2-3 yrs $ 500. This yrs Princess of wales H F $ 200 ea. This yrs HF F Derbyan $ 450 Email: Visalia, CA.

Feathered Nest Aviary - ships

Hyacinth Macaws, Imported parrotlets and much more!
Lovingly hand raised Hyacinth Macaws, Rose Breasted Cockatoos, Pacific Parrotlets, Black Headed Caiques, Queen of Bavaria Conures, Eclectus & Congo African Grey Parrots. Small aviary in Northern California. Good homes wanted for lovable babies. Will ship. Email: Dublin, CA.

Feathers & Scales

SCARLET Macaw babys, 16 weeks old, big red lovers $1500.00 o/b Blue headed Pionus babys 3months old $600.00 Sun Conure babys $350.00. Plus many more Baby Parrots. Call for more info no shipping. 209-543-3838 Email: Modesto, CA.

Finned and Feathered Pets

Blue and gold macaws, Green cheek conures, and tiels
We breed and sell blue and golds, green wings and soon military macaws. We also have yellow sided green cheek conures and normals, adults and babies. We also have pairs of proven blue and golds for sale. Email: Martinez, CA

Flightsoffinches - ships

Live in San Diego, California--breeding birds for over 35 years----
Red Bellies and Myers For Sale (Breeders 3-5yrs.) DNA Sexed 400.00pr. Will Ship Email:

Fowl Pirates' Treasures - ships

Australian grasskeets, toys and supplies
Specializing in outdoor aviary raised Australian Grasskeets, rosy bourkes, yellow tourquoisines, scarlet-chested, and Stanley Rosellas. Distributor of Avian Missing Link and Veggie Wash, handmade toys, and Email: Torrance, CA.

Fox's Feather Farm - ships

Hand-Raised Parrot Babies in our HOME! 30+ Species to choose from!
Mark and Bambi Fox - Since 1987 on the Central Coast of California! 831-761-0566 African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Conures, Eclectus, Macaws, Hyacinths, Indian Ringnecks, Pionus, Princess of Wales, Senegals. Also toys + cages. DNA sexed, Vet Checks, Disease Testing, Free Wing and Nail clips, Boarding, Email: Watsonville, CA.

From Our Nest To Yours - ships

Breeders of Exotic Parrots
Hand feed and loving raised babies , Caiques, Eclectus, goffins cockatoos Bronze wing Pionous, Patagonia Conures, Greenwing Macaws and Philippine Blue Napes. Selected for their beauty and tremendous pet quaility. Email: Sacramento, CA.

GG Birds

Im A Private Breeder And Broker Of Lady Gouldian Finches
lady gouldian for sale.......(normals, yellows, blues, silvers, pastels) also have societys finches, zebra finches, star finches.. Email: Pasadena, CA

Gold Coast Aviaries - ships

Breeder of fine birds and custom cage and flight builders
Breeders of Indian Ringnecks, Lories, Macaws, Great Billed parrots. Builders of custom flights and cages. Broker of exotic birds, providing services for the entire west coast. Email: Red Bluff, CA

Gold Feather Avian Ranch - ships

Breeders of exotic parrots
We sell hand-fed close-banded baby birds. Many species of conures, congo and timneh greys, blue and gold, and severe macaws, umbrella cockatoos, Blue front and yellownapeds amazons. We ship. Ramona, CA. (760)788-1625 email

Golden Palm Aviary - ships

Breeder of Budgerigars - Pet supply
Selling, Selling, Selling. . . BUDGIES (parakeets) to be sold. All birds are healthy, free of any known avian diseases, and banded. Small indoor aviary that concentrates on bloodlines. We can Ship! For more info, e-mail David at Glendora, CA.

Gomez, Gabriella

Breeders Of Lovebirds
Young hand fed lovebirds, bright green and orange. Nyassalovebird. $50.00 each. Email: Goleta, CA 93117.

Gouldian Finches Plus - ships

We breed and raise Gouldians, Owls, and other exotic Finches
We have a nice variety of Gouldians, Owls, Cordon Bleus, Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Ringnecks and other nice Finches. Please check out our sit and let us know if you have any questions. Email: Riverside, CA

GouldianFinchCentral com - ships

Southern California breeders of outdoor, Lady Gouldian Finches
We specialize in breeding outdoor Lady Gouldian Finches for strength and resiliency through all seasons. We ship anywhere in the U.S. Visit our website for details on green, yellow, or blue birds. (626)827-0679 Email: Alhambra, CA

Granite Bay Exotics

Breeders of quality exotic birds. Specializing in rare colors
Parent & hand fed babies & stock avail. Rare and other mutation colored birds. We raise most every color of cockatiels inc. white faced. Masked, Fishers, and peachfaced lovebirds. Parakeets, Rosellas, etc. Check us out on the web! (916) 791-7592 Email: Granite Bay, Ca

Green Cheek Mutations Aviary - ships

We are Breeders of Quality Green cheeks and their mutations
I specialize in Green Cheek Mutations: Turquoise, Cinnamon, Yellowside, Pineapple, Pineapple Turquoise, Cinnamon Turquoise, Yellowside Turquoise various splits, and Vorens Black Caps. I can be reached best by Email . Agoura, CA

Green Earth Designs Aviaries

Princess of wales, Barraband, Rock Pebbler, Red Rump, Scarlet chested, Yellow Turqoisene, Rosy Bourke, Elegant, White Bellied Caique, Meyers, Sengals, Green Cheek Conyer Visalia, Ca. phone/fax 559-594-1189, Kirk Bergman, Visalia, CA.

Green Valley Bird Farm of Calif. - ships

Breeder of Cockatiels Regular, White Face, Yellow Cheek, W/F Silvers
Yellow Cheeks all are split Cinamon, Pearl and pied splits from #50.00 and up visuals are 125.00 and up. W/F Silver Pearl Males 150.00. Normal Cockatiels Start @ 40.00 we also see hand feds to pet stores in the San Francisco area. Call Janet or E-Mail Phone # 707-823-5075 Email: CA95472@AOL.COM

Green Valley Exotics ~ Penelope's Garden

Small Home Aviary~Specializing in Affectionate Cuddle-Bugs!!
Exceptionally beautiful and sweet handfed babies to Good Homes!! B&G, Greenwings(Lge), Cockatoos&'Tiels, Rare Australian Parakeets, Superb Parrot (Barraband), vibrant Princess, Canaries & more CUSTOM Manzanita Playgyms, Low prices on BIRD-ZERK (707) 386-2796 Email: Fairfield (bay Area), CA.

Hanging Parrots - ships

Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot Breeder
I breed Blue-crowned Hanging Parrots. Periodically, I have babies or pairs. Prefer person experienced with Hanging Parrots or Lories or with a strong desire to learn the husbandry of this species. Contact Beverly Moody at 619/583-5214 or Email: San Diego, CA

Heaven's Birds - ships

Quality, Socialized, Sweet and Hand-Raised w/TLC Pet Birds
We have 12 species of Parrot including African Greys congo timneh and camaroon, Hahns, illigers and yellowcollared Macaws, peachfaced, greencheek, sun and painted conures. Cockatiels including Pastel Face, Senegals and 5 species of Long Tailed Grass Parakeet including Moustached and Derbyan all Health Guaranteed. Contact me at {209}772-0686 or Fax:{209}772-0687.

HM Exotic Birds - ships

We are breeder of Gouldian Fiches & Pacific Parrotlets
Good Quality of breeding stock, Specialize of hand fed Pacific Parrotlets and Gouldian finches. All colors and mutations are available for retail and wholesale. See more information & pictures on my website: or contact Jimmy at (408)646-3888 Email: San Jose, CA

Hollyberry Birds - ships

Domestic exotic birds - Bird food and supplies
Specializing in hand-fed domestic baby birds. all baby's are banded. We Breed: Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazoms, Conures, Aust Parakeets, and more. E-mail, Fax 530-621-0890 phone 530-621-0890 We ship anywhere in the USA.

Hotspot For Birds - ships

We have live parrots and products and information to keep your bird healthy
Suppliers to breeders, zoos and private pet owners. Babies and breeders. We have African Greys, Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, Toucans, Kookaburras, Eclectus, and more. Inventory changes frequently. Sign up for breeder's want-list. Email: Los Angeles, CA.

Hoyle Aviaries - ships

American Parakeet & Show Quality English Budgie Breedersed)
We breed American parakeets, as well as show quality English budgies. There are almost always babies available. I may hand feed on request, depending on my schedule. Ask for pictures of our birds, and hand-pick Will ship with order quantaties of 5 or more. Pickup only for smaller. Email: San Jose, CA

Ingham's Aviaries

Breeders of small exotic birds
we have cockatiels, lovebirds, parakeets, finches, diamond doves, collard doves canaries, bourkes, nandays, red rumps, 7 days a week also cages and supplies Email: Oakdale, CA.

Itinerant Peddler Aviary - ships

Companion & Breeder Birds
Green Nape Lories, Yellow Bib Lories, Duyvenbode Lories, Maxi Pionus, White Cap Pionus, Sun Conures, Green Cheek conures Blue Front Amazons Meyers Parrots and Cockatiels Hand Fed and Parent Raised Email: Madera, CA

J & L Aviarie - ships

I have Normal Gray, Whitefaces, Dom Silver, Albinos W/F. Will ship at buyers expense. Would consider a trade for a pair of breeders Rosie Bourkes Email:

Jace Aviary - ships

Specializes in Blue&Gold, Scarlet Macaw, African Congo, Pacific Parrotletts
Breeder of Blue&Gold, Scarlet Macaw, African Congo Greys and Pacific Parrotletts All babies hand fed, Will ship at buyer's expense call 714-220-2325 eves PST in Buena Park, CA or (714)-220-2325 ams PST email

Jan's Birds 'n' Things

Parrotlet Mutations, Yellowface and Whiteface Cockatiels, English Budgies
Specializing in sweet, hand fed Parrotlet mutations, Yellowface and Whiteface Cockatiels and Spangle English Budgies. (619) 670- 1185. Email: San Diego, CA.

Jeanne's Singing Canaries - ships

Specializing in Colorbred Canaries since 1973.
Bronze, Agate, Red-Brown, Isabel, Opal and Satinettes. Red, Yellow and White Ground Canaries. Email: Auburn, CA (Northern).

JEM Aviary - ships

Breeder of button quails, lady gouldians, canaries, cordon bleu, lovebirds
and parakeets. They are all feed the best food and are happy and healthy. Email: Santa Barbara, CA

Jess's Suns

Specializing in Handfed Baby Sun Conures
Currently I have one DNA female available. Hatch date 12-30-02, and currently on one feeding a day. Will be ready to go home when weaned. Act quickly! My beauties go fast! Email me for more info or pictures. Email: Northern Ca, CA.

Jessica's Birds

Jessica's Birds, Handfed Baby Cockatiels and Sun Conures
Handfed babies raised with lots of love and affection. Located in Davis, CA, I won't ship, but I will drive a reasonable distance to deliver your bird once its weaned. Email me for availability, or to make a deposit. Email: Davis, CA.

Jo Ann's Happy Hookbill's

Small breeder of loveable, sweet hand-fed babies.
My babies are raised with lot's of hands-on TLC in my home. Weaning is never rushed, I let Them decide when their ready. They love to snuggle and be loved. ( I could ship, but I prefer not to as I feel it's hard on the chicks) If your looking for a well-adjusted life-long feathered friend, give me a call! Email: Tulelake, CA.

Jodi's Exotic Birds - ships

Quality Hand Raised Exotic Birds
B&G Macaws, Congos, Timneh's, Senegals, Red-Bellies, Meyer's, Jardine's, Capes, Suns & White-Ear Conures. Nationwide Shipping. Written Health Guarantee. References gladly provided. All babies sold WEANED. 951/776-4402, Email: Riverside, CA.

Kawishiwi Aviary - ships

Breeder Of Indian Ringneck Mutations in Sacramento , Calif
I am a small breeder located in Sacramento, California, all my birds are bred outside under the bright Calif. sun , I own more than 20 different mutations and my birds are for sale , all are reasonably priced and guaranteed healthy Email: Sacramento, CA

Kings Exotic Birds - ships

Breeder in Doves, Peacock Pheasants, Tinamous, & other varities
29 varities of doves, 3 varities of Peacock Pheasants, 3 varities of Tinamou 3 varities of Frankliins, 2 varities of Currasows, Partrige, Plovers, Lapwings, Ceylon & Green Junglefowl, will ship via USPS Contact by e-mail or by cell phone is best 760-996-7169 Email: Brawley, Imperial, CA.

Kirby Aviaries - ships

Specializing in sweet, lovable baby cockatiels
We breed only sweet had fed baby cockatiels, but will soon be offering other species. All our birds are hand raised in a loving home enviroment. They are all comfortable interacting with adults & children, as well as developmentally challenged adults and children. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Email: Bakersfield, CA

KisMe Aviary - ships

Breeder, medium size, various species
Severe Macaws, just weaned, $600.00 White Eye Conures, just weaned, $300.00 Patagonian Conures, just weaned. $375.00 Breeders Available, various species, contact for info Email: Oroville, CA

Kocamo's Exotic Birds - ships

Exotic Macaw, Hand-feed baby's
Most baby are hand fed, very sweet, 12 to 15 weeks old, Blue & Gold, Scarlets, Greenwings, Catalina's Big and beutiful, very smart, talking Email: Laguna Hills, CA.

Krazy Kritters - ships

Homegrown, Hand-fed and Hearty Baby Birds
California raised with quality care for a loving family pet. AFA close-banded & shipped Priority Air. Amazons, Conures, Cockatoos, Pionus, Severes, Moustash & Alexandrines, African Greys, Senegal & Meyers Parrots. Peacocks chased by Caesar and Craig (dog & grandson) Dorine & Tom

L and L Exotics

Specializing in Australian keets & their mutations
Splendids (white chested blues; cinnamon;creamino;silver). Princess of W. Blues;Yellow;White;&Splits. Redrumps (opaline;cinnamon opalines;pied & triple splits). Elegants (lutino;goldenpied;& cinnamon). Bourkes yellow or cream. Plumheads & gouldians. no shipping (310)261-7307 Lyle Email: Buena Park, CA

La Casa del Canto - ships

Breeder of top quality Spanish Timbrados
I enjoy raising Spanish Timbrados for song competition I often have birds for sale after the show season in December Kim Achziger Antioch, CA (925) 706-1134

Lady Gouldians

Gouldians Finches
Breeder of Lady Gouldians, I give my birds a complete diet consisting of Seed mix, egg food, vitamins & minerals, oyster shell mix, greens, exercise excellent feather and health come and see satisfaction guarrantee, I sell only perfect birds, babies and unrelated pairs available, normals $50 yellows $65. Email: Los Angeles, CA.

Lady Hawk Parrots - ships

Small breeder of quality, socialized hand-fed baby birds.
Unrelated young pairs of conures, rock pebblers and eclectus available when reserved ahead of time. Also Congos, Lilac Crowneds, Redsided and SI Eclectus, normal and yellowsided Greencheeks, Suns and Patagonians. Email: Merced, CA.

Laurel's Birds

Breeder of Australian finches & Grass Parakeets
Specializing in colony outdoor breeding of Owl finches, Lady Gouldians, star finches, parent raised. Also Turquoisine Grass Parakeets (normal & yellow) and Rosy Bourkes Email: Arroyo Grande, CA.

Legacy Aviaries - ships

Breeder of Australian Parrakeets
Rock pebllars, princess of wales, red caps, rosellas: stanleys, pennants, golden mantles; alexandrines, moustache, derbyan, albino, blue, and lutino ringnecks; blossom heads. Also Gouldian, zebra & society Finches and Lovebirds. All birds are sexed and bred for quality. call Lou: 714.993.7003 or email: Yorba Linda, CA.

Lima's Exotic Birds - ships

Exclusive breeder of Caiques.
World's largest breeder of Caiques. Handfed and parent-raised babies available of the White-bellied and Black-headed varieties from many bloodlines. We ship worldwide. Contact Ralph, Woodland Hills, CA (818)-703-1112 or Em:

Lisa's Lovies

Hanraised Peachfaced Lovebirds - Manzanita Trees & Perches
Specializing in breeding and handraising Lovebirds for Companions. Wide selection of manzanita perches and tree stands. Feel free to Email us anytime and will contact you asap. Located in Sacramento, CA

Little Angel's Aviary

Breeder of Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Cockatiels and American Budgies
Hobby breeder offering sweet handfed handtame baby birds. Many mutations and species available. Health Guaranteed!! Email for availability Email: San Diego, CA.

Live Oak Macaws - ships

Birds For Sale, Syringes, Cages, Toys, Vitamins
Live oak macaws sells quality birds and bird products. Blue&gold macaws our specialty. Visit Email: Placerville, CA

Lori's Birds

Breeder of Grasskeets
We raise Rosie Bourkes and Scarlet Chested Grasskeets. Some are hand fed and the rest are parent raised. These are wonderful, beautiful, and peaceful birds. Great small house friends. We're located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains east of Stockton, CA Contact for shipping information. (209)795-5026 Email: Arnold, CA.

Lovebird Inn

I breed Peachfaced, Bluemasked and W/F Bluemasked lovies,IRN's,B/G macaws
Currently I have lovebirds available and ready to go ( Bluemasked and W/F Bluemasked) and some not yet weaned but will reserve (Peachfaced Pieds and Dutchblues). Email me for prices, pics and more. Email: Riverside County, Temecula, CA.

Love Birds by Maggie

Love Bird Breeder
Hand fed love birds. Green with yellow and orange, red beak. Email: Ventura, CA

Lovely Parrots

Domestic Parrot Breeder -Tamed and Breeder Birds
Indian Ringnecks, Umbrella Cockatoos, RS Eclectus, Alexandrine, Yellow Collared Macaws, Peach Front Conure, Blue Crown Conure, Red-Bellied Parrot, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Princess of Wales, and Golden mantled Rosellas. (408)504-1308 , . San Jose, CA.

Lovie Dovies

Ringneck/White Dove Breeder
Ringneck and White Doves; **Ringneck Babies & Adults** >Babies: $18 each, Adults: $20 each; $36 **White Babies & Adults**>Babies: $20 each, Adults: $23 each; 40 pair Will NOT ship OR sell unweaned babies. Contact Krystal. Email: San Jose, CA.

Lynn - ships

Breeder and Handfed Babies for sale - San Diego, CA
cockatiels, parakeets, conures, ring necks, rosellas, lovebirds, mini-macaws, afridan grey parrots (congos), derbians and alexandrians - many different mutations. Healthy and beautiful. Please call Lynn at (619) 660-1175. Email:

M & M Avaries - ships

Breeder of exotic finches
We breed Red Cheeck Cordon Bleu, Blue Cap Waxbill, Purple Grenadier, Peter's Twinspots, Green Back Twinspots, Cuban Melodius, Firefinch, Melba, Red Headed Parrotfinch(pied), Blue Headed Parrotfinch, Lady Gouldian, Goldfinch, Red Rump Opaline, Rubino Rosella, Shaftail, Parson, Parrotlets, & Yellow Headed Amazon. Email: Modesto, CA

M N' E Birds - ships

Breeder of Australian Birds
Princess of Wales: blues, lutinos, Rosellas:Pennants&blues, Stanley, Pale heads Golden Mantled, Fiery. Rock Pebblers, Barrabands, Red-Capped, Scarlet Chested Derbyans. All our birds are closed banded, we will ship, shipping and crates are extra. Email: Ceres, CA.

Maldonado's Aviary

Breeders of various types of birds and parrots
Finches, Parakeets, African Greys, Ringnecks. Call for prices and availability. Cages of all types also available. Sorry NO Shipping. Bakersfield, CA Email: Delano, CA.

Mellisa and Veronica Parrot homes - ships

We have been breeders for 6 years now and specialised in Macaws
cute hyacinth macaw parrots ready for new homes. They are vaccinated and vet checked. They come with all health records They are home raised and hand fed. They get along with other pets and They are very clever and quick learners. They can say words in english Email: Merced, CA

Miller's Family Aviary - ships

Specializing in species that make great family pets
We raise Green Cheek Conure mutations, Cockatiels, Senegals, Halfmoon Conures, Budgies and Pionus. Babies are hand-fed and weaned to a high quality, healthy diet. For more information and current availability, please see our website. We are dedicated to healthy, and happy birds. Email: Nevada City, CA

Mountain Top Exotics

Breeders of beautiful exotic parrots - Nevada City
Greys, Amazons, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Conures, Eclectus, Lovebirds, Macaws, Parrotlets. Call our babies are handfed from 2 weeks old with much love and attention .our birds live on an exceptional diet and our breeder birds live in a large beautiful aviary. we only sell to private parties. no pet stores, no shipping. we raise our birds as a much loved hobby not for income. Email: Nevada City, CA

Mnebirds4u@aol Com - ships

Golden Mantled Hens $125.00 ea. Stanley Males $150.00 ea. Barraband Hen Mature $200.00 2-Blue Princess Of Wales Hens $300.00 ea. Princess Of Wales Split To Blue Hen $200.00. All our birds are closed banded, we will ship;shipping and crates are extra. (209)537-BIRD. CA . Call Morris or Elza Email: Ceres, CA.

My Baby Birds

San Diego's Finest!
We specialize in breeding, handfeeding and taming wonderful baby birds! Email: San Diego, CA

Mollie's Garden Aviary

Exotic Australian and African Finches. Australian Grass Parakeets
Gouldians - Normals in all colors, Yellow Backed, some Blue Backed. Yellow Faced, Red Faced Star Finches. Societies [pied], Chocolate and Fawn Selfs. Yellow Turquoisine, Red-Bellies. Email: Los Gatos, CA

Natures Wonder Aviary - ships

Dedicated to the breeding and care of African Grey Parrots
Babies For Sale Nothern California Breeder Email: Placerville, California

The Nesting Grounds - ships

The Nesting Grounds of life long companion babies!
Specializing in Solomon Islands Eclectus. We raise babies that will be a positive addition to your family, bringing you joy and happiness, and receiving the sa me in return. Our babies are banded, and comes with a written health guarantee. We ship nationwide. Email: San Jose, CA/.

Oceanside Parrots & Rat Terriers - ships

Eclectus,Congo Greys,Cockatoos,Lories,Pionus, Conures,Kookaburas,
Parrotlets from Holland imports-dominant pieds, turquoise, blue fallow, yellow fallow, lutinos, blue pastels, yellow pastels, grey greens, American yellow, blue, Yellow-faced Pairs. We hand feed all of our parrot babies. Shipping -Ramona (760) 788-1100 Oceanside (760) 721-5661 Email: Oceanside, CA

Oscar's Cockatiel breeder

Greatest birds ever ! Great pets, Low Prizes
Are you looking for a cockatiel? You found the right place. I have a viarity of Cockatiels ready to go to a home. They are tame and some of them are handfed the rest are parent raised but really good pets. Low prices!!!! as low as $30 Feel free to give me a call or email me. Email: Torrance, CA

Out of Africa - ships

Breeders of African Grey Congos - Handraised Babies
Located in San Jose, CA, we have been breeding these self imported Congos since 1994. We operate a closed aviary and have very satisfied private owners and pet stores who love our sweet, intelligent, food-loving babies. Email:


Breeder of Australian and New Zealand long-tailed parakeets
We breed parent raised chicks. Kakarikis -Red & Yellow fronted, Scarlet-chested, Barnard, Mulga, Bourke's, Elegant, Turquoise, Western Rosella and thier mutations. All breed out of doors year round in aviary's. Breeders only please. Email: Sacramento, CA.

Pam's Little Peckers

Cockatiel Breeder
We hand feed all are baby birds. They are raised on vegetables, seeds, fruit. We have pet and breeder birds, large selection of cages, Supplies, Food, Toys, Leg Bands. All Birds Are Leg Band Regestered. Email: Granada Hills, CA


Southern California Exotic bird breeder
Specialize in Exotic parrots Email: San Diego, CA.

Paradise Exotics

The Place to Find Quality, Hand Raised Baby Birds
Specializing in macaws including hyacinth, greater vasa parrots, cockatoos, african greys, senegals, cockatiels, rosellas, finches and canaries. We are a closed aviary and raise our babies in our home. All birds come with a written health guarantee. Larger birds DNA sexed. We also sell toys, cages and more. Email: Oakley, CA.

Paradise Keets

Breeders specializing in American Budgiergars located in SF Bay Area, CA
We offer American Budgerigars for companion/breeding homes. Colors available- Opalines, Recessive and Dominant Pieds, Greywings, Grey-Greens. Handfed at request. All are tame and taught "Up" before being re-homed. All chicks are introduced to varied diet. We do not ship. Breeder support is guaranteed. Email: Oakland, CA

Parrot In My Pocket Parrotlets - ships

California Home Breeder/Importer of Parrotlets.
Small home breeder and importer of parrotlets. European Imports sometimes available: Fallow, Euro Yellow, Lutino, Pastel. Domestically bred Blue, Fallow, Blue Fallow, Yellow, splits and nominates. Hand raised, occassional breeders for sale. Email: Bay Point, CA.

Parrot Parrot - ships

We Put the "Love" in "Lovebird"
Sweet, tame peachface lovebirds raised lovingly in our aviary. We specialize in beautiful mutations such as blue pied, violet pied, cobalt violet. E-mail or call (310) 786-0010. Also hand-fed English budgies and Pacific parrotlets on occasion. Email:

The Parrotlet Ranch - ships

Breeding parrotlets exclusively for almost 20 years. Also, books & supplies
Specializing in sweet hand-fed babies. We breed Pacifics - green, blue, fallow, yellow, lutino, Green Rumps, Spectacles, Blue Wings, Mexicans & Yellow Face. Parrotlets are banded & have written health guarantee. Also, parrotlet books, posters, toys, play baskets, travel & show cages, nest boxes & breeding supplies. Email: Santa Cruz, CA.

The Parrotlet Store

Breeders of Hand Tame Pet Quality Pacific Parrotlets
Sweet Hand Fed Miniature Parrots. Green, Yellow and Blue. Also carry seed, supplies, toys, and cages We're located in Orange County CA: 2428 Newport Blvd. Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Call us at 949-646-2234 to confirm our availability. Email:

Parrotlet World - ships

Parrotlets - Hand Fed - Best Prices
We Breed Pacific Parrotlets - All Colors WholeSale Prices! Guaranteed Healthy! Email: Los Angeles, CA


Hand Fed Baby Parrotlets for Sale
Green, Yellow, Blue, American White, Fallow and Splits. Contact Soussan at or 925-735-1364 or 925-819-2321. Located in San Ramon, CA. I do not ship birds.

Parrotlets_us - ships

Breeders of Pacific Parrotlets
We breed exclusively Pacific Parrotlets, normals and mutations: blue, American yellow, white, splits. Hand-raised pets and unrelated pairs. (909) 778-9641 email: Riverside, CA.

Pattys Lovely Feathers Breeder - ships

I rasie hand-fed baby birds
I have Cockatiels, Green Cheeks Conure, Sun Conures, Lilac Crown Amazon Red Rump Parakeets and indian Ringnecks. I will ship any where in the U.S. I live in Pollock Pines in Northern California. Email: Pollock Pines, CA

Paul Caronna Cockatoo Breeder - ships

cockatoo breeding program
baby cockatoos forsale, goffins, bare eyed, umbrella, moluccan, out of nest prices or weaned Email: Bellflower, CA.

Pionus Parrot

We breed & raise 6 species of Pionus & Blue Front Amazon
Specializing in the Pionus Parrot gives us great pleasure in raising sweet and lovable babies for you! We do not sell unweaned babies and we do not ship birds. We also have an Online Bird Toy Parts Catalog and an Avian Management Software and a Pionus Forum. Check us out! Email: Pinon Hills, CA

Pionus Plus

Specializing in sweet, handfed Maximillian Pionus and S.I. Eclectus babies
Babies are lovingly raised in our home and are well socialized with children and pets. All birds are abundance weaned on their time schedule, and come complete with a Email: Yreka, CA.

PJ's Baby Birds

Breeder of Exotics Birds - Parakeets to Macaws
Hand-fed baby macaws 650.00 to 850.00 Hand-fed baby Yellow Napes 550.00 to 800.00 also hand-fed very heavy pied cockatiels $75.00 will ship Located in California (909) 824-3678

Powder Creek Aviary - ships

***Specializing in Mutation Cockatiels, Indian Ringnecks and More!!***
Mutation Cockatiels, Indian Ringnecks, Med. Sulfer Crested Cockatoos, CAG & TAG , Yellow Collared Mini Macaws, GM Rosellas, Speckled & Blue Nape Mousebirds, Goldies & Green Naped Lories, Parrott-lets...plese e-mail for currently avail. birds... Our babies are hand-fed and abundance weaned! :) Email: Paso Robles, CA.

Pure Gould Aviaries - ships

Breeder Of Gouldians&other Finches
Small breeder with healthy birds, Mostly gouldians, grasskeets, parrot finches societies, parroletts, shaftails, owls& many more.If I dont have it I can get it for you @ wholesale price. will buy birds. and will ship @ buyers expense Email: Vallejo, CA

R M Birdy Babies

Breeder of Cockatiels, Lovebirds, and Parrotlets
Specialize in Parrotlets, Cockatiels, And Lovebirds NO SHIPPING Email: Irvine, CA

Raj-ameer Exotic Birds - ships

Small breeder with exceptional hand fed babies.
We specialize in Rose Breasted Cockatoos and African Greys. Email: Lakeside, CA.

Reed's Roost Aviary - ships

Dedicated Home Based Breeder
Specializing in Beautiful, Healthy, Loving Additions to your home. Raising English Budgies, Tiels, Redrump Keets, Moustache, Rock Pebbler GC & Red Throat Conures, Redbellied Parrots, YNA's, Congo Greys, Macaws, Button Quail, Pheasants, Pea Fowl & Bull Dogs. Ships Email: Nevada City, CA

Red Carpet Pets And Pet Care Services - ships

Small Hobby Breeder with Local Pet Sitting Service
In-home breeder of BH Caiques, Blue-crowed Hanging Parrots, Amazons (YN, BF, RL, and Magna DYH), Macaws (yellow collar and miligold), Eclectus (SI, VM & Grand), Parrotlets (Blue, Yellow & Normal), Congo Greys, Rose-breasted Cockatoo's in a home environment. NOT a broker. Email: Petaluma, CA.

Ron's Splendid Keets

Scarlet chested parakeets and button quail for sale -- no shipping
4 female and 1 male scarlet chested parakeets (all related, unbanded) ~6 months old $95 each 5 redbreasted and 3 silver pearl button quail (all male) ~2 months old $15 each email: Oakland, CA.

Ronnie's Aviaries

Breeder of Green Cheek Conures, Cockatiels, and Lovebirds
We are a small hobby breeder offering sweet handfed, well socialized b All of are babies are closed banded, and come with a 3 day Health Guar Hatch Certificate. We don't ship. Contact Ronnie at 1(562)322-5256 Email: Covina, CA

Roy's Aviary - ships

Breeder of Domestic Exotic Lineolated Parrots- Handfed Babies and Breeders
Specializing in hand-fed Lineolated Parakeets, (barred parakeets). These birds make great pets and are easy to breed. I work with normal green, sky blue, cobalt, mauve, lutino, creamino, and cinnamon. I also have splits and adult breeder birds avialable Email: San Diego, CA.

Rubin's Aviary (Sells Locally)

Small breeder of domestic and exotic birds
Specialising in handfed baby parrots, Amazons, African greys congo and timneh, Umbrella cockatoos, Eclectus, Pionus, Senegal, Indian ringnecks. For more info on babies availability contact Joe in northcal (510)758-7364 or E-mail El Sobrante, CA.

Rudkin Aviary - ships

Breeder of exotic cockatoos since 1912-- Distributor of Roudybush feeds.
Breeder since 1912 in state-of-the-art facility specializing in Rosebreasted (Galah), Major Mitchell's (Leadbeater), Long Billed Corella (Slender Bill), Red Vented, and the Greater Sulphur Crested (Galarita Galarita) cockatoos. Handfed and parent raised. Bardsdale CA. , 805-524-3519

Ruffled Feathers Aviary - ships

Very Sweet and Much Loved Handfed Baby Parrots
Umbrella Cockatoos, Solomon Island Eclectus, Conures: Halfmoon, Blue Crown, Greencheek, Sun, Patagonian, Jenday, Dusky, more. Maximillian Pionus, Scarlet, Greenwing, Blue & Gold Macaw, Derbyan, Alexandrine, Blue Front, Double Yellowhead Amazon & MORE! Health is always guaranteed (530)644-6022 Email: Placerville,, CA.

Ruth's Wings

Canaries & English Budgies
I currently have many types of Cararies ready to go, Reds, yellow, yorkee, lizard, crested, varagarted, northern dutch, bronze, and others. Also have parakeets/english budgies Canaries 35.00 and up. english 50.00 and up. and supplies. will not ship Email: Southern, CA.

S&C Parrotdise - ships

Breeders of exotic birds: Cockatoos, conures, poicephalus, and others
Handfed baby Bare-eyed & Goffin cockatoos. Double yellow-headed and Lilac crowned amazons. Normal, yellow-side, cinnamon, and turquoise Green cheeked conures. Senegal, Meyers, and Red-bellied Parrots. Maxi Pionus. Barabands. All Handfed and well socialized with men, women, children, and other pets. Email: Visalia, CA

Sandy Gulch Aviaries

Sandy Gulch Aviaries
Raising birds since the 1970's! We offer Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Zebra Finches, Budgies, Indian Ringnecked Parakeets (including violet), POW, Green-cheeked and Black-Capped Conures, Diamond Doves, ect. Yes, we board birds too! Sorry we don't ship the parrots, but dove/finches yes. Email: Chico, CA

Secret Garden Aviaries - ships

Establishing A Breeder Program for Brotogeris
We will have 2003 Canary-winged for sale. I am currently looking for birds to use in our breeding program We need Grey-cheeked, White-winged, Canary-winged And any other species of Brotogeris. I have 26 years experience of breeding Exotic Birds. Please call to talk about breeding and care of Brotogeris. Email: Madera, CA.

Seven Seas Aviary

Breeder Of Loverirds, Cockateils, Parakeets.
We breed lovebirds, peachface, blackmask, lutinos.also we breed cockateils and parakeets, we got different color. All our birds receive lots of love and attention to ensusre that you get a healthy bird. E-mail for picks and prices our aviary is located in Riverside, CA Our E-MAIL IS

Shades Of Greys

Exquisite, hand-raised and socialized African Grey Parrots
Specializing in Congo African Grey Parrots from the finest breeding stock. Babies are hand fed and lovingly socialized to develop the best pet possible. Contact us at and check out our website for pictures and the availability of babies. Brentwood, CA.

Shady Acres Bird Farm - ships

All babies hand raised with love
Health guaranteed. Raised from day one with personal care given to each baby. Will ship, conditions permitting. Cockatoos: Moluccans, Tritons, Umbrellas. Macaws: Green-wings, Red-fronted. Amazons: Double yellow-heads, Red lores. Gloria Perry. Telephone:(909)927-7868. Email: Hemet, CA

Shaw's Macaws & The Lovebird Inn

Small breeder of Lovebirds, Indian Ringnecks, Blue & Gold Macaws
Coming next year: Vos Eclectus Parrots and Senegals & with real good luck, Parrotlets. I specialize in Lovebirds and always have the peachfaced mutations but I do breed bluemasked, Fischers, dilutes and occasionally have babies. Also Indian ringnecks. Please email for more information. Email: Temecula, CA

South Pacific Avaries - ships

Pet Hand Raised Birds and Breeders
We have Eastern Rosellas, $125. Rosey Bourkes, Turquosines, Cockatiels and hand raised Conjure Green Cheeks, $150 and Princess of Wales.$300 Phone (916) 457 3312. (916) 875 0576. Shipping no problem in USA. We're in Sacamento, California. Email: Sacramento, CA

Southern California Cockatiels

Breeder of cockatiels- handfed, parent raised, and breeding pairs!
For sale handefed baby cockatiels of all colors and very friendly parent raised baby birds along with proven breeding pairs for sale! Cheaper than stores for better quality of pet guaranteed! Email: Wildomar, CA

Spectacular Spectacled Parrotlets

Breeder of Spectacled Parrotlets. Also supplies and cages.
Small breeder specializing in Spectacled Parrotlets. All babies are hand-fed and raised with love. Health guarantee. Also sell cages and supplies for small birds. Please contact Lorraine at: . Bellflower, CA.

Stans Birds - ships

Outdoor breeders of beautiful feathered companions located in Southern Ca
Indian ringnecks, Kakarikis, Rosy Bourkes, Tiels, and their mutations. Babies, pairs, breeders, and adult singles available. Hand-feeding, DNA sexing, basic training, and shipping available. *Please note, we do not sell unweaned babies. Email: Ontario, CA

Sunshine Aviaries - ships

Michelle Johnson
Yellow Naped & Red Lored Amazons - Goffin & Umbrella Cockatoos - Hahns Macaws - Senegals - Meyers - Eclectus - Lineolated Parakeets Derbyans Ringnecks - Email: Southern, CA

Swan Lake Farms - ships

California Breeder of Exotic Waterfowl, Peafowl, Cranes and Kookaburras
Mute Swan cygnets: 500/ea, Black swan cygnets: 700/ea., White Faced Whistling Treeducklings 750/ea., Mandarin ducklings 50/ea., White Peafowl chicks 200/ea., East African Crowned Crane chicks 1000/ea., Kookaburra chicks 1000/ea. (call) Email: Granite Bay, CA

Sweeney's Parrots - ships

We breed exotic parrots with love and hand feeding.
Specializing in African Greys. All babies are hand fed in house. We have Conures, Amazons, Ringnecks, Cockatiels, and Plumheads. Please contact Lynn at (530)823-6578 or e-mail at Visit website at

T & T Bird Farm - ships

Breeder Of Australian Keets, I.E. Rosellas, Princess, Red Rump
Temecula, CA (951)-694-3088 Breed/Sell Red Rumps, Bourkes, Golden Mantles, Stanleys, Princess Of Wls And Scarlet Chested Keets. Email:

Thomas' Exotic Parrots

hand fed babies
beautiful hand fed babies, sweet and playful Email: Visalia, CA.

Thomas Lovebird Farm

Breeder of lovebirds, parakeets, parrotlets and gouldians
I generally have black, blue and fischer lovebirds for sale. Please check for availability on parrotlets (pacific), cockatiels and lady gouldians too. I also dabble in Scarlet chested parakeets, Red rumps and Bourkes. Email: La Puente, CA

Tinks Paradise

Breeder of exotic birds and mutations - Cages and Supplies
Specializing in hand-fed baby birds. Silver Lovebirds, cockatiels, parrotlets, Blue Crown Conures, Rosellas, Plum Head Parakeets, Red Bellied Parrots Peach Front Conures, Indian Ringnecks, Canary Wing and Orange Chin Parakeets, Rosey Bourkes. Closed aviary. No shipping. Email: North Hills, CA

Tiny Treasures

Pacific Parrotlet and Peachface Lovebird Mutations
30 years of professional genetic breeding. Outstanding stock. Handfed close leg banded. No garbage. Beautiful mutations. Email: Concord, CA

Toms Lovebird Farm

Toms Lovebird Farm
We specialize in Eyed-Ring Fischers, Blackmasked and Peachface lovebirds : We will have Opal Lovebirds available for sale. Visit us for more details at our website. Email: Mira Loma, CA

Tommy's Aviary

I Raise Only Congo African Greys
I have been raising birds since 1988. I started with cockatiels. Bought my first pair of greys in 1995. Email: Red Bluff, CA

TopNotch Feathers Aviary

Breeder of quality cockatiels
We specialize in raising loving friendly birds with ideal physical attitributes. We breed: Whiteface, Pastelface, Pieds, Pearls, Cinnamons, Lutinos, and Albinos (whiteface lutino) All our birds are fed a diet of fresh veggies, cooked foods, pellets and seed. Our goal is to offer you only the best. Email: Riverside, CA

Twin Willows Aviary

Macaws, Moluccan's and Bare Eyed Breeders
Some baby Buffons for sale along will all our breeders. We are ready t and need to sell everything. Make reasonable offers Email: Byron, CA

Vonne's Tiels - ships

Hand Raised/Hand fed cockatiels
Hand raised, hand fed cockatiels. Greys, Pearls, Pieds, Lutinos, Whitefaces (most mutations), Yellow Cheeks, Pastels. (San Diego area. We will ship at buyer expense. pictures available. please contact us or 619-369 -0685 San Diego, CA.

Wall Bird Farm - ships

Breeder of Exotic Birds
I specialize in beautiful hand-fed baby birds.Budgies, Cockatiels, and Lovebirds. My breeder birds are fed plenty of fruits and vegetables during breeding season to produce top quality chicks. Will ship anywhere in the U.S. (payed at buyers expense). Email: Lancaster, CA

Walter Murray's Canaries - ships

Breeder of Top Quality Red Factor Canaries
red-orange isabel, brown, red, white, yellow, agate, Top Quality, Good Size. Will Ship. Visitors welcome. Email: Healdsburg, CA.

Ward of the Wings Aviary

Breeder of Peachfaced Lovebirds
I breed many different mutaions of Peachfaced Lovebirds. I have Lutino, American Yellow, American Cinnamon, Australian Cinnamon, Pied, Orangeface, Olive, Dutch Blue, Seagreen, Whiteface Blue, Slate, and Creamino, or combinations of above. Please email me for availablity and additional information. Email: Culver City, CA

Wings In The Morning

Breeder of Exotic Birds
Spanish Trimbrado Canaries, Lovebirds Dutch Blues, Violets, Masked Blue , Masked Green and Pieds. Blue Parrollet Split Blue Parrotlets, Yellow Parrotlets, Split yellow parrollets, Tri-colored Parrollets Email: Vista, CA.

Woodie's Birds, Toys-N-Stuff - ships

20 yrs experience breeding hand-fed baby birds Accepts layaways / payments
Macaws (Greenwinged, Illigers, Hahns, B & G), Cockatiels, Greys, Senegals , Conures (Black Capped, Green Cheeked), Lovebirds (Fischers, Peach-Faced) 'Keets Boarding, grooming, cages, feed, supplies and more. Bond with your baby birds by visiting them while they are weaned. 8061 San Miguel Canyon Rd., 93907 Email: Prunedale, CA


Andersen Aviary - ships

Breeder, I specializing in hand fed-hand tame baby birds
I have Quaker's, Sun, Greencheek & Black Cap Conures, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Parakeets, Bourkes out of the nest or finished hand feeding babies. I have finches, canaries, button quail, doves. Wholesale & Retail email for availability or check the web site for what's new and for pricing. Email: Keenesburg, CO

The Bird Hacienda

Specializing in Ladygouldian finches Yellow, black and red heads
The Bird Hacienda has young gouldians and adults for sale. Will not ship. Email: Pueblo West, CO

Birds Have Nests - ships

Colorado Breeder
Handfed babies Grass Keets (turqs, red rump, scarlet chested); Kakariki Conure (suns, painted); Caiques (wb & bc); Barraband Crimson Wing; Ringneck Pionus (bh) Always looking for good stock on any of the above! Contact Michele 719-330-8680, Woodland Park, CO

A Girl and Her Birds

A beginning breeder in Colorado
Three maximillian pionus babies being hand-fed. One parent raised baby While I am just a beginning breeder, I have owned parrots for over a d I follow high standards of cleanliness and practice the closed aviary Please check back as I grow and expand! Thanks for looking. Email: Littleton, CO

A Parrotlet for You

A small home breeder of sweet, hand-fed Parrotlets
Blue and split to blue babies available. Asking $175 for splits and $225 for blues. Babies will be handled often and accustomed to children, pets, noises etc. References available. You can also call 970-686-1478 Email: Windsor, CO

Aspen Leaf Aviaries - ships

Quality Finches and Softbills
Exotic Finches and Small Softbills are our specialty. We have many species of Finches, Button Quail, and Parakeets currently available. Will ship anywhere within the continental US (airlines only). For complete price list, Contact Scott or Nancy Hart @(303)838-8448 Email: Conifer, CO.

Birdie Brains Aviary - ships

Family owned aviary specializing in exotic hand fed parrots
Our aviary is intentionally small so that each baby will receive the attention required to become a well adjusted companion. The babies are accustomed to child ren, other pets and normal houshold chaos. BFA, B&G, GWM, M2, U2, CAG, and parrotlets. Will ship anywhere in the US, Come visit the Western Slope! Email: Grand Junction, CO

Colorado Aviaries - ships

Breeder in most Macaws, Cockatoos, and Quakers
I breed Hyacinthe, Scarlet, Green Wing, and Blue and Gold Macaws. I also breed Umbrellas, moluccan, goffins, sulphur toos. Right now I have a special on a pair of Quakers. They are pets of mine, not breeders. They are 2 yrs. old, and very tame. Price $400/ pair. Email me for more info. Email: Manitou Springs, CO.

Exotic Love Aviary - ships

Colorado breeder of well-kissed, loved and spoiled baby parrots.
Umbrella and goffins cockatoos, severe and redbellied macaws, maroon-bellied and green-cheeked conures, Congo African Greys. All babies are polyomavirus vaccinated, closed- banded and DNA sexed. Closed aviary; we only sell our own babies. 303-423-0132 Broomfield, CO

Fancy Flight Aviary - ships

Colorado Breeder of Hand Raised Cockatiels
Specializing in hand rasied cockatiels. Large selection of colors including rares. Our babies are sweet, affectionate pets accustomed to a lively household, pets and children. E-mail us at or visit our web site at Divide, CO

Feathered Puppies - ships

We are breeders, store and education facility for parrots.
We offer premium diets for birds including our exceptional trailmix, Hagen Tropican, tropimix and gourmet products. We train new bird owners before allow- ing them to leave with a bird, and offer 24 hr support to; our customers and the birds we sell. Best toy parts selection in Colorado Email: Arvada, CO.

Jessica's Budgie Breeding

I am a hooby breeder of budgies and finches
I breed budgies every year. Will have different colors for the budgies. Mostly blue and white. Soon I am going to breed zebra finches. Email: Holyoke, CO

Lisa's Little Tweeties - ships

Small breeder of Pacific Parrotlets
Blue and split to blue hand fed babies available. Adding yellows soon. Well socialized, sweet, healthy babies Email: Windsor, CO

Paradise Found

High quality, loving, companion birds. All local, some from my flock.
Customers are encouraged to interact with the birds so that they may more accurately judge their individual temperaments. All my birds eat their veggies and their Harrison's. Tues 10-8 Wed-Fri 10-6 Sat 10-5 I do not ship. Westminister, Colorado 80021 - (303)456-(BIRD)2473

Parrots Perch - ships

Breeding and raising hand fed birds for a lifetime of love
We breed many species, including but not limited to: hand fed budgies, many conures, senegals, amazons, timnehs, lovebirds, bourke's, red rumps, elegant parakeets, moustache parakeets . . . Raised to love being with you and content to play alone. Member: AFA, RMSA, ICA, Colorado licensed Email: Aurora, CO

Penrose Bird Barn - ships

Breeders of sweet hand fed cockatiels, lovebirds, ringnecks and parrotlets
Babies lovingly hand raised in our home to be a loving part of yours Many color mutations available, call or email for current availability We will ship anywhere in the USA using Delta Airlines Email: Penrose, CO

Rainbow Aviaires - ships

We are breeders of Gouldian finches of all types
We offer all varietis of gouldians-normals, red, yellow, and black heads, yellow backs, and blues, also crested societies and zebras. Email: Denver, CO

Shades Of Red & Green Eclectus - ships

A small Eclectus breeding setup with the birds in mind.
Information and pictures of the beautiful Eclectus Parrot. Babies available on occasion. Red Sided, Vosmaeri, and Solomon Island eclectus. Raised around kids, dog and crazy adults. Babies are fully fledged, fed a variety diet. Please contact: Dean (970)-388-3579 or Windsor, CO.

Summersong Aviary - ships

Canary Master Breeder of Colorado!
Summersong Aviary breeds Stafford, American Singer, Gloster, and Waterslager Canaries all from top show-winning strains at the National Level! Email: Colorado Springs, CO.

Swank Enterprises - ships

Breeder in Eastern Colorado
Babies and proven pairs. Umbrella Cockatoos, Moluccan Cockatoos, Timnah Greys Shipping added to price Email: Wiggins, CO

T&T Parrot Place

Parrots raised in a home for a home, and imprinted with love.
Hand fed, Macaws, Amazons, Senegals, Caiques, Eclectus, Cockatoos, Greys, Hawk Heads. Health Guaranteed, 1 year limited warranty, 24 hour emergency phone #, discounts on toys, cages, and supplies. We also offer free classes to teach you about Parrots. You can't buy a better bird! Email: Longmont, CO.


A Few Good Birds - ships

Breeder of Timneh Greys and Black Headed Caiques
Black Headed Caiques. Sweet, hand fed Timneh African Grey for sale. Available babies are listed on my website. Email: Milford, CT

Alexander's Aviary - ships

Cockatiels, Love Birds, Congo African Greys, Sun Conures
Small scale home breeder of quality Cockatiels - greys, cinnamons, pearls and lutinos. Peach Faced Love Birds - traditionals & fancy mutations. Beautiful Africans & Suns. Hand fed, raised w/TLC. Finger tame & loveable. Email for available birds and clutches - Pomfret, CT

All About Parrots

860-886-BIRD Hand Fed and Home Raised Baby Birds. Health Guaranteed !!!
Congo African Greys, Blue and Gold Macaws, Sun Conures and Cockatiels. Complete Health and Personality Guaranteed, Weaned to pelleted diets and variety of vegetables. Pet Sitting Services Available (860) 886-BIRD Presently accepting healthy parrots in need of new homes. Email: Southeastern, CT.

Allyson's Congo African Greys

Beautiful Sweet and Cuddly hand raised baby greys
My babies are raised with lots of TLC. I do not force wean or sell my babies to unexperienced hand feeders. My babies are sold with hatch certificates and a written health quarentee. Please feel free to call or email me for more information. Thanks! Email: Waterbury, CT.

Beaks and Treats,LLC - ships

Small breeder specializing in handfed exotic birds
I am a breeder of Solomon Island eclectus, blue and gold macaws, scarlet macaws, lesser jardines, and souance conures.Other species and adults occasionally available. All babies are handfed and well socialized. I can ship anywhere in the US when weather permits. Email: Colchester, CT

Beth's Sun Conures

Baby sun conures
Banded, hand-raised, health guaranteed. Parents very friendly. Cute, cuddly and fun loving pets. will not ship, must pick up. Beth at 203-752-1107 Email: New Haven, CT

Beths WBC

12 Year Breeder of Whitebellied Caiques
Baby whitebellied caiques hand raised, parents very friendly. Newly hatched clowney fun loving pet. $800.00 each. Do not ship. Reserve them soon they go fast. Great for families, also condos an apartments, talking abilities very limited. call BETH 203-752-1107 /203-804-2946 Email: New Haven, CT

Crazy Flying Creatures - ships

Hand fed baby birds
I offer hand fed baby Cockatiels and Indian Ringnecks. We are located in Clinton, CT. Visit our website. I can be reached at (860)-669-2577 or e-mail at All of are babies are tame from day one, and come with a personal hatch certificate. Come check us out!!!!!!!!

Connecticut Hobbyist

Birds for Sale
Local Hobbyist in Connecticut breeds Lovebirds, Zebra Finches, Cockatiels and parakeets. Unable to ship. Email: North Branford, CT.

Donna's Darlings

Breeder of hand-fed babies raised in my home
I handraise all my babies at home with lots of love and care. All babies weaned to a diet of pellet, fruits and veggies. All my babies allowed to fly before their wings are clipped for the first time. Lovebirds, Yellow Fronted Amazons, Yellow Collared Mini Macaws and Solomn Island Eclectus. Email: Waterbury, CT

E.A.V. aviary

breeder of the finest hand raised parrots available.
macaws,eclectus,cockatoos,greys,amazons,parakeets,many others available.all birds guaranteed.we also toys and stands at discount prices.located in fairfield conn. 203 333-9467 wholesale inquiries welcome. Email:

Exotic Aviary's

Exotic Bird Breeder---Avian Specialist---Trained Wildlife Rehabilitator
We are proud breeders of Amazons, Conures, Senegals, Rosellas, Indian Ringnecks, Lovebirds and Cockatiels. If we dont have a bird your looking for we can get it for you from a breeder friend! We also do bird grooming starting at $5.00. Please e-mail me if you have any questions. Thanks! Email: Stratford, CT.

Fancy Finch

Lady Gouldian Finches
We offer normal, dilute, yellow, blue, or silver backs. Price list available upon request. We are located in central Connecticut. Sorry, no shipping. Also, society finches and shafttails often available. Email: Kensington, CT

Featherlust Farm Bird Store

Hand fed baby birds Breeder of the Greater Vasa Parrot
Vasas, eclectus, greys, amazons, macaws, parrotlets, linnies, and more. Large selection of cages, playstands, toys, food, and supplies. Boarding and grooming. Open 7 days a week. Visit our webstore. Email: Old Saybrook, CT

Heidi's Parrot Place - ships

Handfed Baby Birds Raised in My Home For Yours!!!
Sell various types of birds such as macaws, cockatoos, amazons, conures, senegals, eclectus, african greys, and more. I offer limited warranties and payment plans on all birds. Sell cages at just above wholesale from along with other accessories. Email: Waterbury, CT.

LC Aviaries - ships

Breeders of handfed exotic birds
Small hobby breeder specializing in handfed/handraised parrots including Congo & Timneh Greys, Eclectus, Meyers & Sun Conures. Our babies are raised around birds, pets & kids. Will ship weather permitting. Contact Lynne @ 860-908-6846 or email Colchester, CT

Little Wing Aviary - ships

Specializing in the Rarer Mutations of Lovebirds, Cockatiels & Redrumps
Closed home based aviary in Manchester, CT. We specialize in Peachfaced Lovebirds, Cockatiels and Red Rump Parakeets in the rarer mutations. We handfed all our babies. We also have and online store. Call for appt! Ph: (860) 432-2533 Email:

Lovable Parrots Ltd - ships

Laurie & Patrick
Lovable, healthy baby birds, sun & blue crown conures, maxi pionus, senegals, meyers, congo greys, umbrella, moluccan & elenora cockatoos, SI Eclectus. Email: Suffield, CT.

The Madison Aviary

Quality Exotic Birds Home Raised
I have I variety of lovebirds mostly peach faced mutatations including pied, lutino, Dutch blue, and normal. There is also White Faced violets, and black masked. I have zebra finches both normal, white and black cheeked. There is also american parakeets Email: Madison, CT

Stephanie's Avian Ark - ships

I am a small breeder of White Bellied and Black Headed Caiques.
Each and every baby is handfed and weaned onto a healthy, varied diet. My babies are raised in a family setting with my companion goffin, dog, and cats. They are closed banded and are vet checked before they go home. Contact me to reserve your clownish, colorful ball of fun or e-mail with your ?s Eastern, CT.

T L C Birds - ships

Red lore amazons, eclectus, and cockatoo breeders.
We hand raise all our babies with lots of love and attention. We will ship anywhere in the U.S. For more information call 860-628-2425 or email at Southington, CT.


Act III Aviary

Quality Breeders of Amazons, African Greys, and Caiques
We lovingly hand raise our baby African Greys, Blue Fronted Amazons, Double Yellow Headed Amazons and White Bellied Caiques, producing well-socialized happy, healthy pets. 302-740-2800 or email to Newark, DE

Barry's Bird Barn - ships

Very Tame Birds From A Small And Loving Home
Greys, Cockatiels and Quakers. call anytime 1-302-668-8771 Email: Wilmington, DE

D Lynns Luvs

Small Breeder of Lovebirds
In home Breeder. Our babies are handfeed so they are sweet and Loveable. We do not ship Email: Newark, DE.

Eclectus House - ships

Solomon Island Eclectus
Small in home breeder specializing in SI Eclectus. Occassional babies available to approved homes only. Solicalized in our home for your's. Located in Newark, DE Email:

K & K Parrots - Birds, Supplies, Svcs

Hand-fed Cockatiels To Macaws! Special Orders Welcomed!
Cockatiels, Amazons, Greys, Cockatoos, Eclectus, Conures, Caiques, Macaws, Pionus and more! Parrots, hand-fed from 4 weeks. Well socialized in home environment, around kids and other birds. Distributors for King's Cages and toys. Also Zupreem, Pretty Parrot Jungle Munchies and other supplies. Email: Wilmington, DE


Breeder of finches, canaries, doves, lovebirds, parakeets, cockateils and
parrotlets. All hand fed babies come with leg bands and free hatch certificate. Email: Milton, DE

Whitepines Aviary

Breeder of small parrots
All of our babies are hatched and hand-fed in our home. We specialize in Peach faced Lovebird mutations and Parrotlets, Senegal parrots and small Conures. Occassionally we offer pairs for sale. Email: Newark, Deleware.

District Of Colombia

Forpusaviary - ships

Breeder of Parrotlets
Pacific Parrotlets - Pastel, Isabel, Blue, Lutino, Yellow, Fallow, Fallowblue, Pastelblue, Isabelblue, Albino, White. Email: Washington, DC.

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