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Almost Home Ohio

Small Hobby Breeder of Spoiled Baby Parrotlets
As of right now we offer green pacific parrotlets. We will be expanding the types of birds we have in a while. All our babies are handfed, raised in a family environment with children, and are socialized (AND spoiled) to the best of our ability. From time to time we offer rescue birds and other species. Email: Ashland, OH

A Better Bird Inc / Exotic Bird Fair Expo's

Breeders of African Greys, Senegals, YSGC, Parrotlets, Suns, Peach Fronts
Sun Conures on eggs, Peach Front Conures on eggs, Blue/ Blue Parrotlet Email: Medina, OH.

Big & Small Flocks - ships

Psittacine Breeder in Ohio
Specializing in Opalines and other mutations of Peachfaced Love Birds. Breeder of Lesser Jardines, Congo African Greys, & Scarlet Macaws All babies are closed banded, polyomavirus vaccinated, surgically sexed, and handfed Email: Canal Fulton, OH.

Bird Haven Breeders

Breeders of Ringnecks, Quakers, Lovebirds, Tiels and other small birds
All of our birds are bred and raised by us, a family effort bringing you all colors of Indian Ringnecks, Blue and Green Quakers, beautiful variety in Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Keets, and other small birds. Email: Hamilton, OH

The Bird Nerds

We specialize in breeding and hand feeding parrots
Fischer's lovebirds availiable. $65 Sweet and friendly. Hand fed. Email: Akron, OH

Birdfarm - ships

We're Ohio's largest retailer of hand fed baby birds
Canaries to Macaws. In addition to birds, we offer grooming and a whole warehouse full of toys, cages, supplies and food. Including Harrison's, Roudybush Zupreem Pretty Bird, Exact, and Golden Feast. We also offer BIRD SITTING! Visit us on the web or phone us TOLL FREE at 877 808 5472. Email: Poland, OH

Birdie Boulevard Aviary - ships

Private hobby breeder with a closed & tested Aviary in Northeast Ohio
Currently breeding: White Bellied & Black Headed Caiques, Maximillion Pionus, Quakers(Green, Blue, Pallid), Green Cheek Conures (Pineapple, Yellowside, cinnamon, Turquoise, splits), Yellow Nape Amazons, Fallow Cockatiels, We ship! Email: Chardon, OH

The Birds and The B's

Small hobby breeder - Loving baby birds for sale
Currently breeding Blue Front Amazons, Cockatiels,. Lovebirds, peachface, seagreen and yellow pied. Email: Dayton, OH

Birds By Fish - ships

In house breeder.
We are a small, in house, breeder of African Greys, Senegals, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Amazons, & Eclectus...Special attention to our hand-fed babies. Email: Fairfield, OH.


Very small hobby breeder with years experience located in Richfield, OH
Currently we breed Hahn's mini macaws, blue quaker parrots (monk parakeets), yellowsided & pineapple Greencheek Conures and dominant silver & emerald cockatiels. See our website for more info and pictures, and contact us with any questions! Email: Richfield, OH

Brenda Hoover Home Hobby Breeder

Home Hobby Breeder of Small Parrots (esp. conures) & Vet Asst. PT
Blue Crown Conures, Peach-front Conure breeder pair, parakeets, and Lovebirds. All babies hand-fed with TLC. Closed aviary. Hand-raised in controlled healthy environment and fed pellet mixed diet w/fresh foods. No shipping. Email: Akron, OH.

Bullfeathers Aviary - ships

We are a small, professional aviary breeding quality pets and breeders
Located in Columbus, OH. We breed top quality quakers-blues and greens. Crested english budgies, parrotlets-blues and greens, african greys, gouldian finches-all mutations, cockatoos-goffins and moluucans, black headed caiques, cockatiels- olive and albinos. Handfed and parent raised breeders. Email:


Breeders of mutation Parrotlets, Quakers, and Green Cheek Conures
We currently have Blue Pacific Parrotlets on eggs. Hand-fed babies will be ready around the middle of June. The male has a white face, unusual in parrotlet mutations. Babies are $250 ea. Please email for more info. No shipping, may meet partway from Dayton, OH area. Email:

CMG Aviary

Parrotlet Breeder
We are a small parrotlet breeder located in West Central Ohio. We breed the following: Pacific Blues, American Yellows, American Whites, Turquoise, Green Rumps (Deliciosus) and Splits. Check out our website for availability Email: Spencerville, OH

Cockatiels in Ohio

Cockatiel babies and breeders in Dayton, OH
Beautiful hand tame cockatiel babies. Member National Cockatiel Society. All birds have traceable NCS bands and come with birth certificates. Colors are gray /pied, heavy pied, pearl, cinnamon, lutino, and White Face. Prices range from $40-90. Call (937) 236-2372 or E-mail at

Cockatiels in Northeast Ohio

Handfed Tiels And Australian Parakeets
Twice a year we have handfed baby tiels in cinnamon, grey, whiteface, pearl pied Sometimes have parakeets such as bourkes, and other small species. Button quail fairy swallow pigeons, and mandarin ducklings in the spring. No shipping Email: Northeast, OH

Colors in Flight Aviary - ships

Breeders of finches for 18 years
Domestically raised in our Aviary: finches: owls, strawberries, Gouldians, waxbills, society and sea green parrot finches. Also scarlet chested grasskeets. We ship. Email for a price list and availability. Email: Tiffin, OH

The Cutest Finchies

I am 17. I own white society finchies and they are a great bird.
Every so often my Finchies lay eggs. The babys are all white. I sell them for $12.00 each. Email: Newark, OH.

Dalastafarm - ships

Am A Breeder Of A Variety Of Birds
I sell macaws, cockatoos, finches and parakeets at a reasonable prices. Email: Ohio, OH

Della's Exotic Birds

Breeders of Exotic Birds
Specializing in great family pets. We have all sizes from Finches to Macaws. Occasionally we sell babies out of nest to experienced hand feeders only. No shipping. Email: Gallipolis, OH

Denise's Kookoonest

Hand Fed Baby Cockatiels
I have baby cockatiels for sale. Each baby is hand fed with TLC. Different colors available. Email: Amherst, OH.

Ed's Aviary

Specializing In Cockatiels
Hand fed babies, single breeders and proven pairs when available. Various mutations, i.e., recessive silvers, pastels, dom. silvers, fallow etc. Splits also available. e-mail: web site: Mentor, Ohio 44060.

Eric's Finches

Zebra and Society finch in Dayton, Ohio
I am a hobby breeder. I have many mutations of zebras, BC, CFW, FF, PIED, FAWN, DS/DC, PENGUIN, and various splits. I also have society finch and Button Quail from time to time. Zebra finch $5 - $10 each Society Finch $8 each Email: Dayton, OH

Erie Shore Exotics - ships

Ohio Exotic Bird Breeder Nationwide Shipping
We offer hand reared hand fed babies and breeder birds. On site information includes bird care, appearance and resource directory. African, amazon, cockatiles, conures, lory's, macaws, parakeets, ringhecks, quakers & parrotlets. DNA sexing available, photo gallery, diet information and more. Email: Port Clinton, OH

Exotic Finch Loft - ships

In business since 2000 - recently expanded !
Breeder specializing exclusively in finches and canaries. Over 400 birds in stock with 30+ species. Open Tues - Sat, Noon until 7 PM EST. Stop in to see a well-kept finch bird store. Located just south of Dayton. 33 E. Central Ave., Miamisburg, OH 937-847-9765 Visit our website - Email:

Family Friends Exotics - ships

We are a small hobby breeder specializing in handfed baby birds Amazons, Cockatiels, Conures, Lovebirds. babies are raised in a family environment with children and other pets making a well socialized bird to become your newest family member. We accept paypal and will ship through Delta. Visit our website and find your new friend. Bremen, OH

Feathered Playpen - ships

MAP Aviary, Clients my priority, well socialized babies
We produce well socialized pets, references given on request. Our clients are our priority. African Greys, Caiques, Cockatiels, Conures, Eclectus, Hawkheadeds, Jardines, Lovebirds, Meyers, Parrotlets, Pionus, Poicephalus, Quakers, Senegals. Will not sell or ship unweaned babies. Check out our website to view unique 4-phase weaning and socialization process. Email: Cincinnati, OH

Feathered Treasures - ships

Domestic Birds, Cages, Supplements, Toys and Supplies
We breed Congo African Greys, Hahns Mini Macaws; Meyers, Senegals, and Red- Bellied Parrots; Pacific Parrotlet Mutations; Fancy Lovebirds. Our babies are hand fed, tame, healthy, and well socialized! Email: Euclid, OH

The Feathered Zoo

sweet handfed baby birds loved and nurtured for you
Located in Columbus, Ohio ...We are a Christian husband and wife team that enjoy handfeeding and nurturing our birds. We have available depending on the time of the year handfed parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, parrotlets, sun conures, English Budgies, and Quakers...all loved and waiting for a good home Email:

Feathers -n- Treasures

Southern Ohio Bird Breeder
Blue & Gold Macaws, Red Sided Eclectus, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lovebirds....... Handfed and socialized in our living room with children, household noises and other pet birds. Will sell out of nest to the experienced. Cage and some supplies also available. email: Phone:(740)-353-1978 Portsmouth, OH.

Feathers, Pet Supply

We Sell Birds And Raise Our Own,also Sell Most Pet Supplies
African Greys, Amazons, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Conures, Finches, Lovebirds, Macaws, Parakeets, Parrotlets, Quakers. we offer most birds and pet foods medications and toys Email: Ashtabula, OH


Finch Breeder in Cincinnati, Ohio
Lady Gouldians...normal, yellow back, blue back, silvers. Owl finches. Shafttails...normal and cream. Society finches. Email: Cincinnati, OH.

Fish Fantasies And Feathers - ships

I am a small hobby breeder who loves finding quality homes for my babies
I breed and raise the following: Senegals, Umbrella cockatoos, Cockatiels, Lesser Jardines, Lovebirds, Red-Rump parakeets, Mustache parakeets, Derbyans, Rose Breasted cockatoos, Timneh african greys, Caiques, Sun Conures / Mini Macaws: Hahn's, Yellow Collar, Severe's / Amazons: Yellow Napes, Blue Fronts Email: Utica, Ohio 43080.


Breeder of Macaws, Conures and Quakers
Hand feeding b/g macaws, nanday and sun conures, green quakers and zebra finches All babies very socialized, banded , health certificate and very spoiled! No shipping Email for availability and pricing Email: Central, OH.

Forest Park Aviaries

Breeder of hand-reared pet-quality exotic birds and breeder Hookbills
"Personal Integrity is Our Guarantee" ! A Family Venture - with a little help from our Friends! We breed Senegals, Sun Conures, and other conure species: Cherry-Heads, Peach-Fronted, Maroon-Bellied, Greencheeks & their mutations, & Brownthroated Conures, Cockatiels, Quakers & Pacific Parrotlets. Email: Columbia Station, OH

Golden Egg's Avairy - ships

Ohio's Hobby Breeder of Exotic Birds- cages, supplies and ect
My children and I hand raise our parrots. We pride ourselves in raising healthy, well socialized, sweet baby Macaw's and Congo's. We also raise Whitefaced & Albino cockateils, with access to alot of other parrots babies and breeders. Ship anywhere in USA. (440)796-8301/ Mentor, OH

Gouldian And Parrotlet Breeder - ships

Breeder of Gouldian finches (all mutations) and Parrotlets (blues, yellows)
We currently breed Gouldian finches (yellows, blues, dilutes, pastels, silver, and the normals in purple and white breast and all three head colors). Also currently have Pacific parrotlets (breeder birds, pairs, and handfed babies in green, blue, yellow, and splits). Email: Cleveland / Akron, OH.

Grey Parrot Exotics

Congo African Grey parrots hatched and handfed here at our Closed Aviary
We only sell what we produce here, beautiful large quality greys. We have over 20 years experience. Contact me for more info. Wholesale accounts welcomed. Email: Republic, OH.

Hand Reared Cockatiels

Tame! Weaned! Cute!!!!
just started breeding mixed colors! Email: Canton, OH

Hartman Aviary - ships

Specializing in Selectively Breeding for Better Pet Parrots
Over 50 species of psittacines. Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, Pionus, African Parrots, Conures, Lories, Alexandrians, Mustache Parakeets, Caiques , Rosallas, Indian Ringneck & Quaker Mutations. Other species occasionally available. Saturday Open-House starts mid April. Contact for more info. Email: Sunbury, OH.

Hawks Roost Aviary - ships

Lovely quality Lovies: Most mutations
Most from quality show lines; Including opalines. Pieds, orangeface, whiteface, violets, slates, seagreens, etc. Holistic/Natural reared, on healthy diets with abundance of love & attention. Will ship if direct route obtainable when weather permits Email: Fostoria, OH.

Heart to Heart Aviaries

Exotic Finches, Parrotlets and Cockatiels
Gouldian finches, Crested Societies, and Zebra Mutations. Black Breast, Phaoes, Crested, Orange Breast, Penguin, Florida Fancies and CFW. Yellow and Red headed Star Finches and Shaftails. Handfed, home loved, baby Parrolets and Cockateils. Email: Lima, OH

Hiland Acres Canaries

Quality bred canaries & active song competitor with winning stock
Breeder of high quality American Singer canaries from my song competit- ion-winning stock. Also available are red factor canaries. All males are $75; hens, $35, $45 (AS); red hens, $50. I do not ship. Email: Vermilion, OH. Will not ship (at this time)

Hobby Breeder Chris

Whitefaced and Pastelfaced Cockatiels
Young (3 mo. to 15 mo) male and female cockatiels with striking coloration. Finger tamed. Active and curious. They are weaned to a healthy diet of seed, pellets, veggies and bread. $50 each. Will not ship, local sales only. e-mail: Bowling Green, OH

Hoover Petspeak Wings

Hobby Breeder: Blue Crown/Peach-Front Conures/Lovebirds/Quakers/Budgies
Hand-Raised baby birds in home as hobby, by me, a part-time vet clinic asst Special Attention to diet, care, socializing, & good environment with TLC. Blue Crown Conures $375, Quakers $200, Peach-Front $250, Lovebirds $40 Parakeets (budgies) $25 (no shipping) Brenda Hoover 330-733-4723 Email: Akron, OH.

Hornbeam Aviary - ships

Hornbeam Aviary - Cockatoos
Cockatoo Information, pictures and babies of these subspecies: Greater Sulfurs, Lesser Sulfurs, Citrons, Bare Eyed, Umbrellas, Moluccans, and Goffins. Go to our web site or call: 419-588-2279 Katy McElroy breeding Cockatoos for 18 years. Email: Berlin Heights, OH.

Huter Aviary

Breeder of Macaws
Currently breed Blue and Gold babies and hand feed them from day one. They are large Bolivian Blue and Gold macaws and are very personable! Each baby is handled by people early on to have them bond with their new owners quickly! Also, we have a pair of red-front macaws & Umbrellas for sale. Email: Akron, OH

In A Pickle Aviary

Breeder of Quality Peachface and Masked Lovebirds
Breeder of hand fed baby peachface & masked lovebirds and cockatiels. Also English Budgies, Bourkes, Linnies, Parrotlets, Quakers, Ringnecks, Red bellieds, Senegals, Whitefronted Amazons and GC, Sun, Dusky, Painted & Black Cap Conures. Handfed babies are sweet and well socialized! Contact for availability. We have some hard to find mutations of Peachface lovebirds! Email: Cleveland, OH

It's For The Birds

Small In Home Breeder
Close banded American Singer Canaries. Member of the American Singer Canary Club Cleveland Chapter 32 and National American Singer Canary Club . males, from $75 Hens from $65 Email: Harrison Smith at Sandusky, OH Will not ship

J & K Petworld

J & K Petworld
Cockatiel babies for sale one baby will be ready for christmas and others are due to hatch soon being sold for $ 65. A pair of Green Quakers for sale $ 300 or $175 for each. Email: Warsaw, OH.

K&K Exotic Birds - ships

Small Private Breeder
Breeder Of Amazons ( Panama, Y/ Nape, Y/Front) Cockatoos ( Moluccan, Umbrella, Citron, Lesser Sulphur Crested, Rosebreasted), Congo African Greys, B/H Pionus, W/B Caiques Eclectus ( Solomon Island, Red-Sided), Blue&gold Macaws Email: Lakeview, OH.


bird breeder of cockatielsand african greys
I have handfeed baby cockatiels: greys, pearls, pied, etc........ african greys babies handfeed (one left) $700.00 or trade one pair of bonded jendays $600.00 or trade Email: Amherst, OH.

Lake White Aviaries - ships

Breeder of handfed baby parrots Offer cages and supplies
We are a breeder of hand fed baby parrots. We raise: greys, eclectus, quaker mutations, , senegals, cockatoos, rosellas, and many others. All babies have a health guarntee. We also have a wide variety of parrot cages and supplies. Pairs and singles available. Email: Waverly, OH

Laura's Handfed Cockatiels

Cockatiel Hobbyists specializing in hand fed, well socialized babies
We have Healthy Hand fed baby cockatiels in various different colors. Grey, cinnamon, normal, pied, lutino, pearl, etc.Website: Email: Mentor, OH

Locust Valley Farm - ships

We Breed Eastern Rosellas
Questions via email Minerva, OH

London Finch Farm - ships

Exceptional gouldian finches all mutations and normal colors We ship
Prices starting @ 45.00 ea. E-mail for current avaiablity and prices. All our birds are raised in 8'x15'x7' aviaries resulting in extremly strong tight feathered birds. 100% health guarentee on all deliveries. Email: Dayton, OH

Luv My Birds - ships

Small hobby breeder of well socialized, friendly baby birds
Rosellas, Cockatiels, Conures, Lovebirds, peach face and black mask, Moustache parakeets, quakers, red bellies, Senegals and Meyers. All babies are well socialized and spoiled raised with children and other pets. We do ship and accept paypal. Bremen, OH.

Mary's Bird World, Ohio

Experienced, Reputable Breeder of Healthy Handfed Babies
WB & BH Caiques, Congo & Timneh Greys, SI Eclectus, YN Amazons, Conures, Macaws, Tiels, Parrolets, Lovebirds, Budgies, Cockatoos, Pionus, & more. Call or visit to see what we have available at this time. Mary's Bird World, 258 Tenney Ave, Amherst, OH 440-988-2006 Email:

Northcoast Bird Emporium

Breeder of Exotic Birds, Mobile Bird Grooming
Breeder of beautiful baby cockateils-many colors, lovebirds, congo greys. Each baby comes with 1 year limited warranty, hatch certificate with picture, free w/c for 6 mo., and lifetime birdcare consultation. Mobile bird grooming, cage cleaning, food delivery-limited area/Breeders occas. available. Email: Elyria, OH.

Ohio Bird Breeder

Ohio (Scioto County) breeder
Parakeets, Cockatiels (including whiteface) of all mutations, lovebirds, quakers Jendays............ Email: Portsmouth, OH.

P & P Birds

I'm a breeder In Southern Ohio, New Concord area
Scarlet Chested Parakeets $125 Handfed Cockatiels 50.00 English Budgies $20 Handfed Quakers $125 Reg. Parakeets $8.00 or $6.00 If you buy more then one. Email: New Concord, OH

Pam's Perch Pals - ships

Parrot lover...........
African Greys ( Timneh - Congo ) Quakers ( green - blue ) Blue and Gold Macaws, Maxi Pionus, Umbrella, Goffins Cockatoos, White Face Cockatiels, Parrotlets, Conures (suns, patagonians, blue capped, gold capped). Email: Medina, OH.

Pampered Pets Aviary

Hobby Breeder of Pet Quality Cockatiels Handfed Tamed Babies
Handfed and raised in a family atmosphere. They recieve lots of love attention. Our babies are a member of our family until they become a member of yours. We do not ship our babies. They are pick up only in a southwest suburb of Cleveland Ohio. Email: Strongsville, OH

Pandoras Nestbox - ships

Pandora's Nestbox
Breeder and baby birds for sale. Double yellow headed and Blue Fronted Amazons. Goffins and other Cockatoos. All birds good diet, great feather, virus tested, closed avairy. Email: Eastlake, OH

The Parrots Den

Small Exotic Bird Breeder
I raise Blue Front Amazons, Blue Head Pionus, Quakers, Blue Indian Ringnecks, Green Cheek Conures, Cockatiels. I will also have Canaries in the near future (American Singers, Red Factor & Norwich). Also carry a quality seed mix for, Parrots, Finch/Canary & Cockatiel $.50 Lb. Email: Columbus, OH.


Non-smoking family run aviary
Specializing in: Solomon Island Eclectus, Sun Conures, Parrotlets Rosey Bourke's Parakeet and White Cap Pionus Email: Cleveland Akron, OH

PJs Feathered Pets

Baby Birds In Ohio
I am a small breeder of budgie's-diamond doves-cockatiels -parrotlets -canary -peach face love birds (lutino- blue-seagreen)-bourke parakeets zebra normal silver, black cheek-java rice-goulians-society fawn and chocolate. I hand feed Quakers. Email: Centerburg, OH

Quaker Nest

Quaker Nest Blue Baby Quakers
Blue Baby Quaker Parrots available, handfed.. Very sweet and tame. Near Cleve Hopkins Airport. No shipping Email: Brookpark, OH

R&L Aviary

R&l Aviary Breeders Of Exotic Pet Birds
Babies are hand fed and cared for in our home. Socialized with other birds and children. At times we have breeder birds available.Richad Species - African Greys, Amazons, Cockatiels, Goffin Cockatoos, Lovebirds, Macaws, Meyers, Parakeets, Quakers, Senegals, Conures Email: Lorain, OH

R&T's Small Town Aviary - ships

Breeder of healthy, hand fed, GORGEOUS birds
We specialize in Lovebirds (Opalines, violets and more), Parrotlets & Australian Scarlet Chested Grasskeets! We raise each baby with lots of love and care. Our prices are VERY reasonable, We are located in Mount Vernon, OH. 740-504-5099 or .

Ranch Moseley Aviary

Exotic Bird Breeder
We hand raise our babies with love and lots of socialization. We specialize in Congo African Greys, amazons, sun conures, meyers and senegals. We do not ship. We welcome visits with your baby while it is being weaned. We sell only fully weaned babies. For more information call 614-264-9819 Email: Columbus, OH

Rich's Roller

Breeder of show quality German Roller Canaaries
Fine quality German Roller Canaries available at various times of the year. Contact me by email for availabity and prices. No shipping. Email: Cleveland, OH.

Richfield Aviary

I am a hobbyist breeder who occasionally sells birds to support the hobby
I breed mostly Red Factor canaries. On a smaller scale, I breed American Singers, Bronze, and Hartz canaries. I also breed Blue Parrotlets. I have top quality birds because this is for my own enjoyment.. Email is . Richfield, OH

Rosey Tiels

In Home Breeder of Cockatiels and soon Conures
On the border of Ohio/Indiana, raising whitefaced, pied, pearls, lutinos. Starting to breed green cheek conures by 2009!!!! Email, or visit my website for pics. Always here to answer your questions! Email: Saint Henry, OH

Routzon's Exotic Birds

Small breeder of Greenwinged Macaws and yellow naped amazons
We handraise greenwinged macaws and yellow naped amazons. Our babies a in a family environment and are not only loved by family members of al but also taught manners and parrot basics. Email: Findlay, OH.

Scooterville Birds - ships

Scooterville Birds located in Logan, Ohio
Green Cheek Conures, normals, cinnamon, yellowside, pineapple. Crimson Belly Conures, Dusky Conures, Lineolated Parakeets, Masked lovebirds including violet, slate, cobalt and blues. Please see website Email: Logan, OH

Shenandoah Exotics - ships

Breeding exotic birds large and small.
We have the following hand fed babies to offer you. Macaws-Greenwing, scarlet, b&g, military, red front, hahns and noble, Conures-red headed, sun and blue crowned. We have yellow naped, blue front and orange wing amazons, Also black headed caiques and african greys (congos & timneh). Email: Caldwell, OH.

Sky Kings

Hand Fed Babies Plus Cheap Supplies and Some Breeders
baby parakeets, cockatiels, quakers, greencheeks, blue crowns, senegals scarlet macaws, Blue and golds, sulfer crested cockatoos and more! Plenty of cages, food, toys, books, vitamins, ext. WILL NOT SHIP BIRDS can ship supplies at you expense. Email: Kent, OH

Sloan's Aviary

Home based breeder
Breeding cockatiels, budgies, lovebirds, ringneck doves, parrotlets. Check our website for current list of babies available. Email: Fremont, OH

SNL Birds In Ohio - ships

We breed African Greys, Macaws and Conures
We breed Timnehs, Green wing Macaws, Sun and cherryhead conures,and Blue &Gold macaws. Located in Vermilion, Ohio 44089 216-235-1851 Ask for Shaunda when emailing put birds in subject line thanks Email: Cleveland, Ohio 44109.

Takoda Aviary

Educated, experienced breeder
Specializing in healthy, handfed cockatiels. Many mutations available, banded. We believe in educating before selling! Wing and claw clipping sitting. Parrotlets (blue and green) also available. Dominant silver cockatiels available soon! Email: Columbus, OH

TC Tiels

Hooby breeder of Cockatiels all handfeed and tame.We are lcoated in Brown County Ohio. Experienced breeder for six years Sardinia, OH 45171 937 446 4085 Email:

Teeny Birdies

Parrotlets, Lineolated Parakeets, & More To Come
Small hobby breeder of handfed Parrotlets, Lineolated Parakeets, and more to come. All babies come with hatch certificate, and care pack! Visit my website availability, pricing, and more information! Email: Columbus, OH

Tiny Tweets Aviary - ships

Dedicated to raising Quaker Parrots and Lovebirds in a variety of mutations
We are dedicated to raising quality handfed Quaker Parrots and Lovebirds. Each baby is well socialized and raised in a loving home environment, so they are ready to be a part of your family. Babies are close banded with year and go home with their hatch cert. & health guarantee. Several mutations available. Email: Thurston, OH


Tweeties,,birds breeder
Cockatiels, lovebirds, parakeets, bourkes, finiches, We have large selection of babies bird for sale. cockatiels and lovebirds, parrolets , all hand fed. reasonable rate. do not ship. Various Color, Cincinnati, Oh 513-421-2392 Email: Cincinnati, OH.

Twin Creek Exotic Aviary

Sweet Hand Fed Baby Birds
We currently are breeding lovebirds, cockatiels, quakers normal green and blue, black headed ciaques. All babies are banded and come with a hatch certificate. Sorry we do not ship at this time. Visa, Mastercard, Discover .. Email: West Alexandria, OH

Wings of Glori Aviary

Small, hobby breeder of handfed baby birds
We offer parakeets, cockatiels, conures, quakers, lovebirds, cockatoos, macaws Email: Portsmouth, OH

Whispering Wing Aviary

Private Breeder of exotic birds
We have a variety of exotic birds. African Greys, black-headed caiques, Maxi pionus, blue and normal quakers, Pacific parrotlets, cockatiels, lovebirds, red belly parrots, conures. e-mail for availablity. Can deliver to Columbus area. No shipping, pet stores, or distributors please. Email: Canton, OH

Wings And Paws - ships

Bird Breeder for 15 years
Hand-fed and most sexed: Timneh grey, sun, bluecrown and brownthroat conures, lovebirds, bourkes, english parakeets, moustached parakeets cockatiels, parrotlets, gouldian and society finches, cages, toys, food, supplies. Email: Swanton, OH.

Zaneadoo Aviary

Small Breeder of Jardines, Parrotlets, Senegals, Lovebirds
Jardines, Senegals, Derbyans, Parrotlets and Peachfaced Lovebirds. All sweet and hand fed. Check back for new additions. Email: Bradford, OH


5 Oaks Aviary - ships

Linnies 4 Sale
Young linnies(lineolated parakeets) Variety of mutations. Were lovingly handfed and raised in our home. Will ship at buyers expense. $150-350 each. Bonded pairs also available. Greens and Tuquoise, Cobalt, Inos, Dark Greens, Mauves Email: Oklahoma City, OK

Acre A Feather Aviary - ships

All babies are HandFed / Abundance-Weaned / Tamed / Socialized / Banded
Congo African Greys ... and Quaker Parrots (greens - blues - split blues). I ship only weaned and will sell unweaned to experienced feeders. Located in Okemah, OK... south/west of Tulsa... or east of OKC. Please leave message if I'm not home. Email:

Alcolor Finches

Gouldian And Owl Breeder
Gouldians and Owl Finches Normals, Yellow And Blues $65.00 to $175.00 Call 405-386-3821 Email Newalla, OK

Angies Aviary

Hand fed, socialized babies, healthy
We hand feed our baby cockatiels in our home to give the most sweet, Tame babies. Call (405) 872-9685 Email: Noble, OK.

Animalsplanet Aviaries - ships

Avian Veterinarian & Breeder of Exotic Birds
Breeding Pairs and Handfeds available. We offer Color mutations of Pacific Parrotlets, Lineolated Parakeets, Princess of Wales, Scarlet Chested Parakeets, Budgies, and Lady Gouldian Finches. We also have Congo and Timneh Greys, 4 Amazon Species, 4 Cockatoo Species, Caiques, Eclectus, Macaws, and Lories. Email: Okla City, OK.

Bird Farm

Lady Goulds and Scarlet-chested parakeets
Small breeder with young parent raised birds for sale. Normal gouldians, red, black and gold face. Owl finches and red headed parrot finches occasionally. Beautiful, young scarlet-chested parakeets. Email: Newalla, OK

The Bird Plantation - ships

The Bird Lady " Carol "
I have whitefaced cockatiels, pearls, grays, lutinos, albinos, and cinnamons. I have lovebirds Dutch Blues, white-faced, blue masked, and black masked. I have Sun Conures, Jendays, Quaker Parrots, a Blue Crown Conure, and several parakeets that are breeding all year long. I have Green-cheek and Rosie Bourkes Email: Porum, OK

Birds Of A Feather

Bird Breeder also cages & supplies
Hand fed, well socialized babies, as well as food, cages & toys. Email: Lone Grove, OK.

Birds4u Aviary

Northeastern Oklahoma Aviary in Business Since 1987
Breeder of exotic parrots. We carry Macaws, Greys, Amazons, Conures, Senegals, Red-bellied, Eclectus, Meyers, Jardines, Lovebirds, Ringnecks, and Quakers. also are a distributor of Hagen bird feed. Large selection of cages, f supplies, and toys. (918) 243-7474 Email: Tulsa, OK.

Bluedragon Cockatiel's

knowledge of teils for 14 years
We breed whiteface , emld and norm. Starting to breed smaller birds like love birds and canaries. Birds are $250-$50 email for price and avail. babies are handfed located in lawton, okla NO SHIPPING Email: Lawton, OK.

Campbell's Feathered Buddies - ships

Handfed Babies- All around quality companion birds
Our babies are used to children, dogs, cats and everything else you can imagine. So come and check out our babies and others for sale. Cockatiels, Lovebirds-Peach Face, White Face, Orange Face, Fischers, Quakers, Solomon Island Eclectus, Senegals. If we don't have what your looking for we will help you find it Email: Tulsa, OK

The Canary House - ships

Breeder of Quality Red Factor & American Singers, Gouldians, and Societies
21691 E.102nd Street Broken, Arrow, Oklahoma 74014 Phone 918-449-1866 Email: Broken Arrow, OK

Carter's T9C Bird Farm - ships

Breeder Of Exotic Birds
I raise closed banded (with DOB) baby birds. DYH, Mexican RH, YF, YN, BF, OW & lilac crowned Amazons. Congo, timneh & camaroon African Greys. Lessor sulphur crested & umbrella Cockatoos. Cockatiels, Love Birds, sun & jenday Conures and Quakers. Call me at 918-865-5093 or 918-289-9907. Email: Sand Springs, OK

Don Meeker Parrots - ships

Specializing in rare and exotic parrots
We offer hand fed amazons, greys, eclectus, golden conures, macaws, and cockatoos. We guarantee healthy babies and we ship! Check out our web site! Email: Wann, OK.

Eclectus, Plumheads, Hornbill

tame plumheads
Von der Decken hornbill female $1000 or trade for male persa turaco, hand fed plumheads 1 yr old talking and tame $200 each SI eclectus breeder pair male in good feather female slightly plucked and laying $1400. Will not ship. Email: Choctaw, OK.

Fight 4 Flight

Breeder of Caiques (White bellied & Black Headed)
I breed and sale white bellied and black headed caique babies. I do not ship. Local pick up only. Will take $50.00 deposit on babies until weaned to Email: Claremore, OK

Jane Jorgensen

Breeder exotic birds hand-fed Quakers normal, split to blue and blue Q Africa Greys, conures, cockatiels. Tahlequah, OK. 918-453-0107 email Tahlequah, OK.

Johnny Q's Birds-n-stuff

Birds, Cages,Books, Toys and more! If you Need it we probably Have it!
Cockatiels in many mutations, Love Birds, Finches, Macaws, Greys! all handfed! Large selection of cages, supplies, toys and food. Boarding & grooming. Discount prices.Hard to find items. Custom carriers, cage covers, and nest boxes. All of our birds come with a health guarentee, starter food, and care guide. Email: Tulsa, OK.

Just Worth It Finches - ships

We Breed Society Finches and a few Gouldian Finches
Society Finches - 1 - 99 $7.00 ea. 100 or more $6.00 ea. E-mail or call 405 - 380 - 2851 Seminole, OK.

L & L Exotic Birds - ships

Hand Fed Babies
Hand fed Amazons, African Greys, Quakers( Green and Blue), & Conures for sale. Will consider trade on some birds. Some Adults for sale. Email . Will have Web Site soon. Tulsa, OK

Linda's Cozy Corner

Hand fed and super socialized quakers and tiels
Contact me with any questions or if you need help. Email: Okemah, OK.

Mikenda Aviary - ships

Breeder of Gouldian and Owl Finches / Canaries and Parrotlets
We are a small aviary situated in Edmond, OK. dedicated to breeding strong healthy birds. After weaning our young birds are moved to large open flights. We have Gouldians of all colors. Parrotlets, blue/ lutino/splits. Owl finches later. 405-478-1434.

My Pet House

Hobby Breeder of Finches to Quakers and Conures
Home raised and socialized baby birds, adults, pets and breeders Finches: Java, Gouldian, Shafttail, Societies, Zebra American and English Budgies, Lineolated, Scarlet Chested Grasskeets, Bourkes, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Green Cheeks Conures and Quakers 918-696-7480 Email: Stilwell, OK


Small hobby breeder located in N E Oklahoma
We specialize in sweet , hand-fed, quakers, conures, and love-birds. All are raised in our kitchen and are accustomed to children, noise, and pets including cats. Email: Grove, OK

Parakeetsrus - ships

beautiful baby parakeets for sale
i'm selling these babies at wholesale prices.if i can assist you please email me.we have shipping available Email: Tulsa, OK.

Peewee's Playpen

Handfed Baby Parrots
Handfed: Lovebirds (all colors), Parrotlets (Pacific & Greenrump), Sen Dusky Pionus, Moustache, Military Macaws, Goldcap Conures, Cockatiels, We have sweet, abundance weaned babies! Email: Tulsa, OK.

Popeye's Aviary

We love Poicephalus Parrots
Specializing in Poicephalus Parrots including Meyers, Brown-headed, and Lesser Jardines. Located in SW Oklahoma. Contact 580-429-6582 or Email: Lawton, OK.

Precious Parrots Aviary - ships

Precious Parrots Aviary
Breed Different Mutation of Cockatiels and trying to breed Timnah African Greys. Hoping to breed more African Species in the future. Email: Tulsa, OK.

Precious Wings

Hobby Breeder
Sweet, social babies. Eclectus, Lovebird, cockatiels, cockatoo's, Quakers, Macaws, African greys. Email: Wewoka, OK

Scotties-N-Greys - ships

Raising super tame and pre-spoiled baby Green Cheeks, Parrotlets & Linnies
Our babies are abundance weaned, come with their own Hatch Certificate and 3 Day Health Guarantee. We accept deposits upon hatching and email you new photos and updates weekly until weaned, with paid deposit. Email: Shawnee, OK

Shadow Creek Farm Aviary - ships

I hand raise, socialize and abundance wean all of our babies
Cockatiels, green quakers, blue quakers, and split to blue quakers. We are located in Central Oklahoma Email: Okemah, OK

Talking Feathers Aviary

Baby Birds in Oklahoma
Raising sweet handfed babies in our home. Quakers, cockatiels, jendays, greencheek conures, parrotlets, lovebirds, pionus, ringneck parrots, doves, and mustache parakeets. Call or e-mail for availability Email: Alva, OK.

Tooker Aviary - ships

Family owned Aviary in Oklahoma!
We are a well established family owned avairy in Oklahoma. We offer sweet handfed babies in addition to birds that we take on consignment for clients. Amazons, Cockatiels, Conures, Lovebirds, Meyers, Parrotlets, Pionus, Quakers, Ringnecks, Rosellas & Senegals. We are also looking for breeder loans or good deals on new breeders! Email: Oklahoma City, OK

Tropical Treasures Parrots - ships

Small aviary raising healthy, well-adjusted, socialized, playful parrots!
We lovingly raise Cockatoos, African Greys, Amazons, Green Cheek Conures, Lovebirds, Blue Headed Pionus, Eclectus, Macaws and more! We also rehabilitate and rehome special needs birds after a health check and minimun 60 quarantine. Email: Tulsa, OK

Zazu's Birds

Teals and lovebirds
We raise hand fed teils and lovie babies our birds are soclized with kidds for raise them in our home. so they will fit in with you and your faimly. we will ship at your expince. deposit reqired if we hold a baby for you. we have w/f and orange patched pied . email your phone # and we will call you. thank you Email: Okemah, OK.

The Zew

Hobby breeder. Senegals is all I do. Some pieds. Banded with year. Raised my house with kids, dogs, and other birds. Babies are well socialized and loved. References available. $300 Email: Tulsa, OK.


7 Greys Aviary - ships

Providing Hand-Fed Life long Companion Parrots
Specializing in Congo African Greys, Lineolated, Moustached, Alexandrine, Greencheeks and thier color mutations. All Hand-fed and closed Banded. Raised with lots of TLC and well socialized. Our goal is to provide life long Companion for You and the Baby. Email: Portland, OR.

A Bird Above Aviary

Small Breeder, Hand Fed Quality Babies
We offer hand fed babies. Quakers (Green, Blue and Ice Blue), Cockatiels, Rosey Bourkes, Parakeets. Babies are raised in a family environment. They are hand fed, well socialized, and loving! Breeding pairs Available. We have various other birds also. Bend, OR. Email:

A E D Aviaries - ships

Breeder of life-time companions
We have beautiful, handfed green, split to blue, and blue quakers; cinnamon, pearl, pied, and white face cockatiels; and a large variety of playful peach-faced lovebirds. 2232 Donovan Drive, Eugene, OR, Call Julie at (541) 687-7049 or e-mail:

Always Home Aviary - ships

Specializing in hand-fed loving domestic baby birds.
We raise the sweetest most loving macaws. Blue & Golds, Scarlets, Buffons, Greenwings Hand fed by our loving family. Email: Portland, OR.

Beautiful Singers

American Singer Canaries and exotic finches.
Specializing in American Singer canaries, also some colorbred (red factor, blue, yellow, fawn). Finches are Lady Gouldian, owl, society, and zebra. I do not ship but will deliver for a small fee within a reasonable driving distance. Email: Eugene, OR.

Bird's Agree Aviary

Hobby breeder of Parrots.
Vos Maeri Eclectus, Sun, Blue Crown and Half Moon Conures, Timnehs, Umbrella Cockatoos. Blue Front, Orange Wing and Double Yellow Head Amazons. Indian Ringn neck color mutations. mid Oregon, 541-863-3468. Call for availability. Email:

The Bird Barn - ships

Domestic handfed babies - Pelleted Diet
We have hand-fed baby Greys. Also breed African Greys, macaws, quakers We carry Lake's Pelleted Diet which our babies are weaned to. We ship within the USA weather permitting and at buyers expense. Email: Portland, OR

The Bird Nerd - ships

Breeder of Lady Gouldian Finches and Mobile Avian Services
Breeder of Lady Gouldian Finches in all colors and mutations. If you have a need for your bird, we will come to you! Specializing in grooming and behavior, but will also deliver supplies and we offer other services. Email: Gresham, OR

Birds and B's Aviary - ships

Domestic hand-fed baby birds and breeders
Asiatics : Indian ringneck mutations, derbyans and moustache parakeets. Pyrrhura conures: green-cheeked mutations, black-caps and crimson-bellies cockatiels and grasskeets, Maxi Pionus. Ontario, OR


Birds, Cages, Books, Spray Millet, Cuttlebone, and more
Canadian Spray Millet, Large Stocks. 5 lb box $16.95, 25 lb box $69.95. Call for shipping prices as they will vary by distance. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Email: Portland, OR.

Black Forest Aviary - ships

Breeders Of Exotic Birds.
Specializing in hand-fed and parent raised exotic birds for pet or bre Indian Ringnecks, Rare Mutation Cockatiels, English Budgies And Variet Finches: Gouldian, Black Hooded Nun, Society, Strawberries And White Z Can Ship Anywhere In The USA. Discounts On Multiple Birds. Pictures Av Email: Haines, OR.

Bullybuds - ships

Specializing in Cobalt Violet Ringnecks
E Mail for listing, Breeders and 09's Mostly white tail varities . Shipping out of PDX, Oregon Email: Salem, OR

C&N Aviaries - ships

Hand raised with love.....beautiful parrots!
We hand raise gorgeous parrots and other birds. Our specialty is the Eclectus and the Pionus. The species that we raise are Blue Headed Pionus, Red Sided Eclectus and Solomon Islands. Also Bourkes, Caiques and Greys. We usually have babies available so call or email us. (541) 863-6309 or email: Myrtle Creek, OR.

Cheep Trills Aviary - ships

Sweet Baby African Grey Parrots
Breeder of the most loveable, non neurotic, very well socialized African Grey Parrots. I only have six breeding pairs and they are all wonderful. Small scale aviary located in Medford, OR. Also raise canaries and some other small aviary birds. Email:

Chosan Cove African Greys - ships

African Grey Parrots in Portland, Oregon
Proven Pairs for Sale. $1700/pr. Includes Cage. Email: Portland, OR.

Cloudwalk Aviaries

Private breeder in Southern Oregon
Australian Grass Parakeets, Pacific Parrotlets, Diamond and Zebra doves. Email: Klamath Falls, OR


Hand Fed Baby Birds, onsite Retail Pet Shop
Canaries $65, Lovebirds $100/pair, Cockatiels $89, Sun Conure $275 Cages, toys, Food, etc. Call today, if we don't have the bird yoiu are looking for, we may know who does. NO SHIPPING, We report all scams. Email: Vernonia, OR

Denise's Cockatiel Cabin - ships

Specializing in handfed baby parrots and finches
Cockatiels, ringnecks, conures, yellow collar macaws, all handraised with love. Albino, whiteface, lutino, and pearl cockatiels. Gouldians regular and blues, Owl finches, pied zebra finchs. will ship Email: Portland, OR.

Double A Pets

Breeder and Bird Sitting
hand fed babies, very tame... sunday conures, white face cockatiels, peach face lovebirds and canaries. Also black cheeked & society Finches & Parrotlets Email: Tillamook, OR

Emans Glosters

Gloster Canary Breeder
Beautiful Gloster Canarys for sale. I only breed Coronas, Consorts, and yellow fancy canarys. My aviary is growing every year and that's why I need to sell some to fellow breeders or responsible people looking for a high quility singing pet canary call me at 541-513-8516 in Eugene, OR Email:

Fantasy Feathers

Creator of feathered friends
Small home-based business where every baby is hand-fed and raised with love. I specialize in Fischers and blue masked Lovebirds, but also have Cockatiels, Red Bellies, Amazons, Sun Conures, Rock Pebblar, Diamond Doves, White Belly Caiques, Quakers and Parrotlets. Email: Irrigon, OR

Finches Nest

Lady Gouldian Finches and Society Finches
Small Breeder of Normal Lady Gouldian Finches and pairs of Society Finches. Corvallis, OR

Fine Feathered Friends - ships

Breeders of Indian Ringnecks - Lutinos, Blues & Albinos
We specialize in sweet handfed babies available in blue, lutino and albino. All babies are handled frequently and given lots of love so they will be that special bird you are looking for. e-mail : Oregon City, OR

FNF Aviaries - ships

A few good birds
We are a small closed breeding aviary. Our babies are handfed, closed banded, well socialized and come with a health guarantee. We raise congo African Greys --normal, yellow-sided, pineapple Greencheek conures -- Black-capped Lories. Email: Grants Pass, OR

Greenfield Aviary - ships

Small closed aviary specializing in hand fed companion birds
Hand raised Cockatiels, Red Rump Parakeets, Blue Streaked Lorikeets, Budgies, and more! Responsibly hand feeding and caring for all of babi Have some adult birds for sale as well. Will ship at buyers expense. Email: Carbondale, PA

Hawkhead Haven - ships

Breeder specializing in Hawkheaded Parrots
We raise the exotic and beautiful Hawkheaded Parrots. All babies are handraised with love. We spend lots of time and give individual attention to our babies. We are very knowledgeable about hawkheads and will gladly answer any questions you may have. Check out our website for detailed info on these great birds. Email: Medford, Southern Oregon.

Heavenly Hookbills - L Herd

Small breeder in Eastern Oregon
Hand raised Sun Conures, Congo African Greys, & Blue-fronted Amazons Email: Irrigon, OR

Hilda's Birds - ships

For the love of Gods creatures
Breeding Bourke's Parakeets normals and Roseys, Pacific Parrotlets, Nanday + Suns + Mitred and Crimson bellied Conures. Blue Fronted and Yellow naped Amazons. Lady Gouldian, Red headed parrot finches, Owl finches and a few Lovebirds Email: Colton, OR

J & K Aviary - ships

J & K Aviary
We personally handfeed all our babies. From Parakeets to African Congo's, Mealy Amazons, Cockateils, Lovebirds, Senegals, Red Belly Parrots, Indian Ringnecks, Green Cheek, Cherry Head, Mitred's, Nanday, Halfmoon. Phone number is (541) 955-8946. We ship if weather permits. Email: Grants Pass, OR.

J's Lovely Tiels

Huggable baby cockatiels ready for you to take home!
My cockatiels are bred in my home, all babies are hand fed and VERY sweet! Many colors and mutations. Go to my site for what's available. Feel free to email me and ask! I'm looking for more breeders and will have more babies available soon! Email: Salem, OR

Julie Bird

Babies - handfed with lots of love
Cockatiels :-) including fallow, cinnamon, whiteface, pearl, pied, albino, lutino Many!! peachface lovebirds such as violet, orange face, whiteface and pieds Sun Conures & Greencheek Conures, Caiques, Alexandrines, Parrotlets, & Bourkes Email: Portland, OR.

Little Parrot People - ships

Breeder specializing in Lovebirds, Opaline, Lutino, Creamino, OrangeFace, Quakers
We are a closed aviary that specializes in lovebird mutations to include Opaline Lutino, Creamino, Orangeface, Dutchblue, Violet, Silver, Pied, Cobalt, Seagreen and many other mutations. Quakers too. All our babies are hand feed unless requested. Please see our website if you want more information. Email: Sw Portland, OR

Lou's Tweethearts - ships

Specializing in Conures --super sweet babies, and occasional breeders
Green Cheek Conures--normals, cinnamons, yellowside, turquoise, and pineapple. Normal and blue quakers, Black Caps, White Ears, and Ringnecks. Currently have Sun Conures, and Nandays. Email: St Helens, OR

Majestic Aviary - ships

'The Proud Home of Super Sweet Handfed Exotic Baby Parrots!"
We Proudly raise the following handfed baby parrots... Goffins and Bare Eyed Cockatoos and Blue & Gold Macaws.. We will gladely ship! All babies, are handfed, and "SUPER SWEET!" They are all closed banded and Health Certifide prior to shipment. 541-830-5023 Email: Central Point, OR

My Lil Buddies Aviary

Just a Small Aviary
I breed and hand feed Cockatiels anything from normals, pieds, lutinos, white faces Albinos, Rec Silvers. I also breed Green Cheek Counres, Indian Ringnecks, Lovebirds, Parakeets and Zebra Finches. Email: Springfield, OR

Nancys Baby Birds - ships

Handfed babies sweet as can be !
I have cockatiels. parrakeets, green cheek conures, sun conures, and Indian ringnecks, senagals all of my babies are hand fed !! Email: Eugene, OR

Northwest Quakers - ships

breeder of color mutation Quakers
We are a closed aviary located just outside Salem, Oregon. We specialize in color mutation Quakers, we are currently breeding Green/Blue, Blue, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Blue, pallid, pallid Blue and visual spilts. We hand all our babies and abundance wean them all babies are health guaranteed Email: Aumsville, OR

Parrotise - ships

Breeding, consulting,& boarding-15 yrs. exp. 541-218-3249
Specializing in hand-fed abundance weaned Scarlet&Blue and Gold Macaws Congo African Greys, Double Yellow Head&Magna DYH's, + Blue Fronted Amazons. Visit our web for photo's &more. Discounts on King's cages, toys, breeder equip., perches, misc.VISA/MC Email: Wolf Creek, OR Josephine.


parrotsdotcom com N W OR Handfed Green Cheek conure parrots
Most birds are handfed from day one $160.oo each With cage & supplies. Senegals, Greenwings & Severes, also.(Baby birds year round) PICS. Email: Vernonia, OR

Private Bird Breeder

Breeder of canaries and exotic finches
I am a hobbyist breeder of canaries, gouldians, and owl finches. My canaries are mainly bred for color: red factors, yellows, fawns, greens, blues. My gouldians are normal, yellow back, and white breasted. All my birds are raised with lots of TLC. 541-345-2317. Email: Eugene, OR.

Ringneck Doves In Oregon

Ringneck doves.
I have both white and grey. Only $5.00 each, as I have too many!! Sorry I will not ship, must be able to either come to Sweet Home, OR or meet me in Linn County, Oregon. Email: Sweet Home, OR.

Shelley's Birds - ships

Hand fed babies from our home
We are a small but growing aviary and raise our babies in our home with love. No babies are sold before they are ready to wean. We have African Greys, Amazons, Mini Macaws, Conures, Quakers, Pionous, Ringnecks, Senegals and Redbellies Located at 5161 Pear St. Vale OR. Ph# 541 473 2281 Email: Vale, OR.

Snowbird Aviary

Lovebirds - Handfed Blackmask and Peachface
Various colors of peachfaces, Dutch blue, pied, normal green, Australian cinnamon, cremino. Blackmask greens, blues with dark factor. All are handfed and tame. I do not ship. Email: Terrebonne, OR

Sounds Of Joy Aviary - ships

Sounds of Joy Aviary is Oregons premier parrot breeder
We specialize in Amazons, Poicephalus (Lesser Jardines, Senegal, Red-Bellied, and Meyers), Pionus, Congo African Grey, Hahns Macaws, and Cockatoos. Visit our website and look at our babies! Email: Portland, OR.

Spoiled Bird Toys

Breeders of Cockatoos - Manufacturer of Manzanita Jungle Gyms & Toys
Specializing in hand-fed and raised Moluccan, Umbrella, and Goffins Cockatoos and Greenwing Macaws. Contact Sally at (503) 829-5497 or Molalla, OR

Teacher's Pets (Parrots and Rotts) - ships

Handfed babies and well-socialized adults for sale/trade
Congo African Greys, African Senegals, Umbrella Cockatoos, Quakers, Blue Crown Conures, Yellow Collar MiniMacaws, Solomon Island Eclectus, Double Yellow Head and Yellow Crown Amazons. Located in Eugene, OR. Will ship. email:

Totally Lovebirds - ships

"We breed quality lovebirds of all species and mutations"
We breed lovebirds of all mutations including: Opaline, Peachface, Orangeface, Yellowface, Violet, Silver, American Cinnamon, Australian Cinnamon, OF Opaline, And may more e- mail me if you are looking for a specific color. Masked, Fisher, Abyssinian, Black Cheek please e-mail for colors avaliable. Silver Opaline Soon! Email: Eugene, OR

Wool-N-Wings - ships

Hand-raised baby parrots for sale
We breed African Greys Congos & Timnehs, Blue and Gold Macaws, Greenwing Macaws, Military Macaws, Illiger Mini Macaws, Hahns/Noble Mini Macaws, Grand Eclectus, Umbrella Cockatoos, Moluccan Cockatoos and Goffins Cockatoos. We produce large, healthy and well adjusted babies. Come see us at Email:


All About Birds Aviary

Exotic Lady Gouldian Finch and Canary Breeder
We have a large selection of gouldian finch all mutations available. Also red factor canaries, northern dutch frills, mosaics and stratfords. There are societys, gray, eino, perl gray, crested and many more mutations. Ten years experiance in breeding canaries and finches. Email: Whitehall, PA

Allen's Bird House

Breeder of Zebra Finches, parakeets,cockatiels, and parrotlets
Hand raised cockatiels, parakeets (budgies) and parrotlets, and various mutations of zebra finches. All babies are hand raised (exept zebra finches) and are very gentle and friendly and are used to kids and other pets. email or call for available babies and pictures or for prices. Email: Fayetteville, PA

ANR Aviaries - ships

ANR Aviaries is a small, CLOSED aviary located in Berks County, PA
Our hand fed babies are raised in a loving environment. We use only quality hand feeding formulas and allow each baby to wean at their own pace. They must learn to fledge and be socialized before leaving our aviary. We are currently breeding Green Cheek Conures and African Greys. See our website for more detail Email: Boyertown, PA

Arcane Jungle Aviary - ships

Bourkes, Mulgas, Rosellas & Red Rumps, Oh my!
Small, private hobby breeder of parrots - Bourkes, Opaline Red Rumps, Mulgas, Scarlet Chest, GM & Stanleys Rosellas, BIG English Budgies, Red Bellys Moustache Parrots & Green Cheeks. Email me for prices and availability of birds. Shipping via Delta pet first, and that runs around 140.00 in total. Email: Harrisburg, PA

B&J Aviary - ships

Breeding Lovebirds, Cockatiels, and Timneh African Greys
Two clutches of Lovebirds 7 in all One Pied Cockatiel left. Email: Middleburg, PA.

Ballyhoo Aviaries

Quality Hand reared Companion Parrots
Offering weaned babies of several different psittacine species. Breeding pairs available Email: De / Pa, DE/PA.

Becky's Birds

Handfed Baby Birds
Offering halfmoons, greencheeks, yellow sided, blue crowns, black caps as well as peachface mutation lovebirds (violet, whiteface, OF, etc.) Also, nobles, hahns, and yellow collar macaws, & senegals. Vet. & customer references. Breeder pairs sometimes avail. Unable to ship. Contact me for availability. Email: Birdsboro, PA.

Belgium Waterslagers, European Goldfinches - ships

I am a breeder of the belgium waterslagers and the European goldfinches
raising waterslagers and european goldfinches for many years a quality line of song birds. Email: Pittsburgh, PA

Ben's Birds

Breeders of exotic birds Also carry food, toys and cages
We specialize in handfed exotic birds. Lovies, tiels, conures, pionus, ringnecks rosie bourkes. Many more species are available. Large selection of toys, cages and food in stock at low prices. In home bird sitting now available. Carlisle, PA (717) 364-2558. Hours by appointment only.

Birds, Etc - ships

From Finches to Parrots Hand-fed parrot babies Raised with nurturing guidance
We provide only the finest pet quality birds in the industry. African Greys, Amazons, Caiques, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Conures, Eclectus, Macaws, Meyers, Parakeets, Parrotlets, Ringnecks, Plumheads, Redbellieds, Senegals, etc. Also check out our Online store for a full selection of all of your bird supplies! Email: Pipersville, PA

Birds Of Parrotdise - ships

Exotic Avian Specialists
All of our babies are handfeed, well socialized, friendly, and carry a written health guarantee. Shipping avail on all birds at buyers expence.Weather Permitting. Email: Ashland, PA.

Blue Mountain Parrot Farm - ships

Breeder of Exotic Birds
All of our babies are hatched and reared in our state of the art facilities. Babies are comfort weaned & socialized, from our farm to you. African Greys Caiques Hawkheadeds Jardines Macaws Parrotlets Senegals. Email: New Ringgold, PA

Bob's Birds - ships

Breeding for 25 years. Largest breeder in Western PA.
My best birds...selling colection after 25 years of love. 2nd and 3rd of scarlet macaws, proven and egg laying. 2nd generation of hyacinth m Prolific greys, best 10 pair left. 2nd generation of Blue and gold mac Email: Pittsburgh Area, PA.

Boughers Aviary & Supply

Domestic exotic birds - Cages, Feed. Toys & More
Our hand-fed babies are well socialized. We are proud to carry a high quality seed: Higgins Nederlands Vita Seed. We also carry a full line toys, cages of all sizes & pellets. We sell Sandy Perch products. Don't forget to check out our website. Email: Tyrone, PA 16686.

Brown's Birds N Bunnies

Breeder of Handfed Pet Birds
Offering handfed, abundance weaned babies raised in our home with children, pets and lots of love. Parakeets, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Conures, Congo African Greys, and Blue Front Amazons. Located in Central Pennsylvania. Absolutely NO SHIPPING, cash sales only, no exceptions! Email: Turbotville, PA

Butlers Bird Breeders - ships

Breeders of hand fed parrots specializing in Eclectus & African Greys:
Located near Pittsburgh, PA.. We are a small closed aviary specializing in hand fed well socialized parrots. We breed many types of parrots, Eclectus & African Greys are our speciality. We ship anywhere in USA. Cages and all supplies. Visit our website at Email:

C & B Birds - ships

Breeder of exotic birds, specializing in Solomon Island Eclectus.
I raise many species of exotic birds, all with TLC in my home. I have many references I am happy to provide. I am located in Pittsburgh, PA and I am willing to ship. Other species available are maroon bellied conures, grass keets, parrotlets, red bellied parrots, sun conures and senegals. Email:

C&L Aviaries - ships

We breed congo/timneh greys, Goffin, Umbrella, Moluccan, Major Mitchell cockatoos Visit out website We accept major credit cards Contact Len Toll free 1-877-842-4737 we are in Bensalem Pa 19020 E-mail our Hours Monday thru Friday 8-5

C Peters Aviary

C. Peters Aviary
I am a small breeder who takes pride in raising sweet and healthy handfed babies I currently breed Blue Crown, Nanday and Green cheek conures, Congo African Greys and American Parakeets. Sorry but at this time I do not ship my babies. Located in Dover, PA York County Email:

Canaries 4 Me

Small Hobby Breeder of Beautiful Canaries
Bronze, Blue, Red Factor, Yellow, Crested. I do not ship. Your Canary may be picked up at my home in Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Please email me for questions and pictures. Email:

Chanson Aviary - ships

Closed Aviary specializing in family ready IRN's, Conures, Lovebirds
Peachfaced Lovebirds ready for new homes - Duncansville, PA Email:

Charms Aviary

Cockatiels Unique Colors !!!
I am a small aviary in the Pittsburgh, PA area. I breed cockatiels and cinnamon and yellowsided greencheeks. Cockatiels $75 to $95......Greencheeks $275 Email:

Cherry Street Aviary

Gouldians raised by Gouldians!
Large, healthy, parent raised Lady Gouldian finches. Blues, yellows and normals, white and purple breasted birds. Also Stafford Canaries, Peachfaced Lovebirds and Whtiefaced Cockatiels.  Visit my website for more information. Email: York, PA

CG's Birds - ships

Home hobby breeder
I hobby breed cockatiels, conures( greencheek, yellowside, cinnamon , blackcaps) I handfeed my babies and raise them in a home enviorment. They are exposed to all the sounds found in the home. I do DNA sex the conures. Email: Germansville, PA

Consuelo's Cockatiels

Consuelo's Cockatiels
Parent fed hand tamed babies. Double factor dominant silver and pearls Email: Springfield, PA

Conure Heaven - ships

Hobby Breeder of Conures
I hand raise my babies in a home enviroment with all the sounds of a normal home My babies are accustom to the presents of other pets. I breed normal, cinnamon, yellowside, pineapple, & turquoise greencheeks, crimsonbelly, and bluecrown conures. All are DNA sexed, I ship by delta within the US Email: Germansville, PA

Custom Parrot In Allentown, Pa - ships

I Breed Congo African Grey Parrots-Discount: Cages, Food, Toys, Cage Liner
Owner and Operator - Wonderful baby Greys available for you to visit w baby bird is being hand fed and weaned. I am a small operation and take special care to raise loving pet Congo Grey Parrots in my home. I also make house calls for grooming. Greys, Toys, Food, Cages & cage pap Email: I also make house calls to groom parrots and have custom parrot mixes.

Dan's African Greys

Breeder of African Greys - Cages, Toys, Accessories
We specialize in the breeding of Congo African Greys. Each chick is raised with one thought in mind; to produce a friendly, social, lifelong, companion. Email: New Freedom, PA

Danny Cardona - ships

Breeder Of Peachfaced Lovebirds
Specializing in show quality peachfaced lovebirds, all colors! Now available a beatiful group of 10 lovebirds which includes violets, cinnamons, orangefaces & whitefaces. All for only $350.00!!!! Take advantage of this great oppotunity. If you are a breeder, or a bird lover this are the birds you want!!! Email: Philadelphia, PA.

Denny's Aquascapes and Aviary - ships

Family owned aviary raising Caiques, Conures, Cockatiel as companions
We can supply: food, toys, supplies for your birds from one to 100 at deep discount prices. Online only. Low overhead. Specializing in companion birds for your health and companionship. Also larger birds from nearby breeders. Email: Waterford, PA

Deb's Bird Shop

Hand-fed Domestic exotic birds -Bird food ,supplies,cages,toys,&more
We breed birds and now have a new store also we wholesale to other breeders if you are looking for the best price call us or stop in we will beat the price. Email: Port Carbon, PA.

Deb's Birds

Hobby Breeder - Exotic Fnches
I am a hobby exotic finch breeder . Currently available:, gouldians, black cheeked waxbills, parrot finches, cordon bleus, stars, societies, owls, nuns, Albrightsville, PA (pocono's) Albrightsville, PA

Debbie's Birdhouse

In Home Hobby Breeder
In home hobby breeder of Cockatiels, Parrotlets, Lovebirds, Parakeets, Canaries, and Finches, Both handfed and handraised which makes them sweet little pets! I do not ship... Email: Tunkhannock, PA

Debbie's Birds

Breeder of quality hand tamed Cockatiels. Pets and breeders for sale.
Cockatiels many color mutations. Hand tamed babies for sale as well as mature adult singles for breeding available. Call to see what is available. 484-461-3640. Email: Secane, PA.

Dena's Pretty Parrots - ships

Hand fed, well socialized companion birds
Specializing in hand fed home raised baby birds. ALL babies are well socialized, and properly weaned onto a healthy diet. Lovebirds, caiques, conures (blue crowns, suns, green cheek mutations), and cockatiels. We also offer boarding, feed and grooming services. Health guaranteed! Email: Brookhaven, PA

Dianne & Connie's Birds

Small hobby breeder with quality handfed, closed banded babies
Mutation Green Cheek Conures (normals, cinnamons, yellow sideds, pineapples and splits), Crimson Bellied Conures, Pacific Parrotlets and Lineolated Parakeets (green series, blue series and inos). We also occasionally purchase babies out of the nest from reputable breeders. Email: Lancaster, PA

DW's Baby Birdy Buddies

Small Breeder Of Happy Baby Birds That You Will Love
We breed happy healthy birdy buddies that will thrive in their new home. They are raised with dogs cats children and other birds. most babies are hand fed but if you want breeding stock just ask we breed whitefaced, cinnamon, pearl, and normal cockatiels. Email: Danville, PA

Energy Images Aviary

Energy Images Aviary
Offering healthy, happy birds at resonable prices. Canaries with beautiful songs; hand-fed Lovebirds, Senagels, Conures, Caiques, Nobel Macaws & others. Raised in a loving and caring envirmont with only the best food and care. Email: Plymouth, PA.

Esther's Nest

Small Hobby Breeder Of Handfed Cockatiels
Cockatiels: Hand fed, sweet babies. Many color mutations including grey, cinnamon, normal, pied, whitefaced, lutino, pearl. NCS banded, weaned to pellets and veggies. DNA Sexed. Located in Havertown, PA. 19083. No Shipping. Email:

Fawn Grove Tiels

Breeder Of Handraised Cockatiels
Located right off the Maryland-Pennsylvania line. Handraise cockatiels of the grey, lutino, cinnamon, whiteface, and albino mutations. Prices are relatively low. Will not ship. Please let me know if you are interested. Email: Fawn Grove, PA

Feathermen's Aviary

Feathermen's Aviary Specializing In Just Congo Greys........
Specializing In Hand Fed Domestic Congo Greys Babies.... With Lots Of TLC...And Socialization....we are located in Lansdale, PA. 215-362-9897 OR EMAIL

The Finch Farm

Pennsylvania Gouldian Breeder
I'm located in York, PA (Southeast Pa). My Gouldians start at $35.00. My motto is to breed the healthiest birds and to offer them at a low price. Every one should be able to afford and enjoy this incredible species. Email:


Gouldian Finch Breeder
for sale: 2 male Gouldian Finches , 8 months old $75.00 each or both for $ 130.00 Pick up only Philadelphia, PA suburbs Email:

Forest Flyers

Small Breeder specializing in Conures
Hand fed baby Suns, Jendays, Peach-fronts, Nandays, Blue-crowns, Green-cheeks, Maroon-bellies, Yellow-sided, Black-caps and Painted. All weaned to an excellent diet and raised in a family environment with lots of TLC. Health guaranteed. Email: Malvern, PA.


NCS Banded Cockatiels
I have various mutations of NCS banded cockatiels. Present year babies available all year round, single breeder available as well. Shipping not an option. Send me an e-mail at for availability and to discuss delivery option (meeting or pick-up). I am from Philadelphia, PA.

Fred's Finches

Lady Gouldian Finches only!
Lady Gouldian hobby breeder featuring strong line of normal, dilute, yellow, and blue mutations. All breast colors. Birds are parent raised and NFSS closed banded. Healthy and well adjusted. Email: Pike County, PA

Friendly Feather - ships

Breeder of exotic birds Also cages and supplies
We hand raise our babies with 24 hr care. Eclectus, macaws, greys, indian ringnecks, parrotlets. Large selection of cages and supplies. Boarding and grooming. Open 7 days a week. (610)404-4839 email: Douglassville, PA.

Geisler's Pampered Parrots

Raising the sweetest handfed baby parrots you will find!
I am a small breeder of wonderfully loving and well socialized handfed baby parrots.. Macaws... Cockatoos.. African Greys... Conures... Amazons… Brownheadeds… Senegals… Meyers... Check out my web site for babies currently available. If you have something you are looking for, ASK! Email: Pittsburgh, PA

High Spirits Aviary - ships

Specialized Quality Aviary - Pionus Parrots - will ship
High quality Bronze-winged and Dusky Pionus parrots, hand-fed, lovingly raised, DNA sexed, polyoma vaccinated, with health certs. We are very selective. Eastern PA 1-610-767-8595, Jan, email or


Small hobby breeder of cockatiels
Mutations- including Cinn pied, w/f cinn, w/f, Pastelfaced, grey, lutino, albino, etc. Babies handfed, closed banded, very tamed and sweet! Check out website! No Shipping! Lancaster, PA! Thanx Email:

Hyacinth Haven

Beautiful baby Hyacinth Macaws - Online Toys & Supplies
Weaned, healthy baby hyacinth macaws. Sorry no shipping. Our babies are large, sweet, and accustom to a loving environment. Come visit our online nursery, meet interesting people on our message board, use the free classified or shop for toys, food and more.... Email: Saylorsburg, PA.

Goldengate Aviary

Breeder of cockatiels
Handfed babies with personality plus! Raised in our home with one on one attention. We breed for personality as well as conformation and mutation. email us and we'll let you know what we have available. Email: Wilkes Barre, PA

JaG Birds

Breeder of Eclectus
Breeder of Sl, Red-sided and Macgillivray Eclectus as well as indian ringnecks(albino/blue). All babies pulled at 2-3 wks and cared for by exp feeder/handler of 15yrs. Email: Enhaut, PA

Jen's Pampered Pets

Hobby breeder of Pacific Parrotlets Exotic Finches Diamond Doves
Handfed baby parrotlets in all colors some breeder pairs available. Diamond Doves and Finches also see what's available very reasonable. Will not ship. Will consider trade. Email: Harrisburg, PA

Karkeets - ships

We have handfed Cockatiels, Parakeets, and Lovebirds
We have several handfed baby Cockatiels, Parakeets, and Lovebirds. Cockatiels are $65.00, Parakeets are $30.00 and Lovebirds are $60.00. All are handraised by Adults and Childeren Please contact for more infromation and Avaliablity Email: York, PA

Kim's Birds

Hobby breeder in Northeastern PA
Breeder of Parrotlets Blue & Green, Lutino Indian Ringnecks, Alexandrine Parakeets, and Moustache Parakeets. Email: Sorry no shipping. Tamaqua, PA

Kim's Cockatiel Country - ships

Quality Hand Fed Babies in Pittsburgh
Mutation Cockatiels, Pacific Parrotlet mutations, Lineolated Parakeet, Green Cheek Conure mutations, Indian Ringnecks, Rosey Bourkes Parakeets. Email: Pittsburgh, PA

Kocher's Feathered Friends

Hobby breeder of high quality hand-fed baby birds
I raise:Timneh African Grey's, YN Amazons, Senegals, L S Cockatoos, BF Amazons, Red belly's.Green cheek mutations, All babies are DNA tested an closed banded I do not sell unweaned babies or ship. I do offer a payment plan that requires a down payment Email: Temple, PA

Kristy's Tiny Aviary

Small Hobby Parrotlet Breeder
Sweet handfed Pacific Parrotlets. Some color mutations; Blue, Dilute (formally American Yellow), Albino, Lutino, Greens split to colors mentioned above. 610-716-7424 or Pottstown, PA

Lady Gouldian Exotics

Gouldian Finches ready for sale in York, PA
We breed and raise our Goulds in large flights. Not inhumane small cages. We price our birds lower than most breeders to share this beautiful species with as many people as possible. Prices start at $40.00 per bird. Email: York, PA

Lisa's Feathers - ships

Handfed Birds
I am a small hobby breeder located located in NW Pa. near the NY State line. Some of the birds we breed are Cockatiels, Green Cheek Conures, and look for Blue Crown Conures in the future. All my babies are handfed and weaned onto a variety of food. Check out my website to see what is available. Email: Duke Center, PA

Lisa's Tiels

Hobby breeder of cockatiels
Hand fed hand raised baby cockatiels. Greys, pearls, pieds, pearl pieds. All have several splits, prices range from $85.00-$135.00 depending on mutation and splits. Feel free to email or call for information or pictures. No shipping must live or be willing to travel to NEPA area. Email: Mahanoy City, PA.

Little Wings Hobbiest

Breeder Of Small Hand Tame Birds York Pennsylvania
i am a small time hobbiest , that loves raising small birds like parakeets , lovebirds and parrotlets when available, will also help you find the family quality bird that you been trying to locate, York, PA 17401 717-845-3858 ot 717-332-0800, will be opening supply store very soon Email:

Macaw Enchantment - ships

Macaws, Congo African Greys, DYH Amazons, Parrotlets
Hyacinth, greenwing and blue&gold macaws. Babies are raised in a home enviornment and used to all household noises, dogs and TV. DNA sexed, Health Certificate. Guaranteed Email: Elizabeth, PA

Mel's Exotic Birds

Small Hobby / Breeder of 13 plus years experience
Homeraised Handtammed baby birds raised with lots of T.L.C. Congo African Grey Parrots / Senegal Parrot Orange Belly/ Sun Conures / Lovebirds Orange & Yellow Face - Peach Face mutations. All know 'UP" command and be weaned to pellets, fresh foods and seeds. Prefer not to ship. Will meet a reasonable distance from Johnstown, PA. Email:

Mike's Tropical Fish

Breeder Birds For Sale
Macaws, Umbrellas, and Moluccans. All proven pairs. Call (814) 474-5103 Email: Fairview, PA.

Minnich's Birds 'n More - ships

Sweet hand-fed babies, cages, toys, & supplies.
African Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Eclectus, Macaws, Meyers, Poicephalus, Meyers, Redbellieds. All our babies are hand-fed and raised in our home with 3 children, 2 dogs, a cat, and our pet birds. They are DNA sexed, polyoma vaccinated, and disease tested. We also have great prices on cages, food, toys, & more! We carry Higgins, Zupreem, Pretty Bird, Beak Appeite, and Vita Kraft. Email: Hamburg, PA.

Mountain Farm Aviary - ships

Breeders Of Exotic Birds Of All Kinds Cages Also
indian ringnecks many mutations, pink, yellow and rosy bourkes, eastern rosellas , red crested turacos, exotic doves, parrotlets.....most mutations and cockateils .......most mutations 610-588-6945 or 610-297-5986 ( cell ) Email: Bangor, PA

Nicoles Nesting Box

Specializing in hand fed baby birds raised on site
Pet shop owner specializing in hand fed baby birds raised on site. Looking for a bird that will fit right in with your familty then look no more. Each and every bird is as lovable as can be. We speacialize in Cockatiels Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Finches & getting into the African Greys & Cockatoos Email: Youngwood, PA.

Oak Hill Aviary - ships

Breeder of quality, banded ringneck doves (streptopelia risoria)
We are a very small aviary in western Pennsylvania dedicated to raising beautiful, quality ringneck doves (streptopelia risoria) in assorted colors. Juveniles, pairs, proven pairs and single birds. All are sweet, gentle and make wonderful pets and companions. Please e-mail for further info. Email: Hermitage, PA.

Papeckers - ships

Breeder ofQuality Lovebirds and Parrotlets
Specializing in hand fed lovebirds and pacific parrotlets. Many mutations of peachface lovebirds , including orangeface , single and double factor violets, whiteface, pieds, cinnomens, dark and double factor darks, lutinos, and creaminos.BlackMasked greens and blues also available. Email: Coal Twp, PA.

Paws-tiviely Pets - ships

Paws-tiviely Pets
Paws is your Bird and Reptile One Stop place from Greys to Parakeets and Iguanas to Bearded today for you special pet. Email: Shenandoah, PA.

Penny's Adorable, Quality, Handfed Babies - ships

30+ years of experience
Mini-macaw: Hahn's, yellow-collared; Cockatoos: lesser sulphur-crested, umbrella ; Pionus: blue-headed, bronze-winged, white-capped; Goldie's lorrikeets; white- fronted Amazon; Timneh greys; budgies; cockatiels; scarlet-chested parakeets; Avian consultant, toys, cages. (412) 487-1543 email Glenshaw, PA.

Pocono Parrot

Specializing in Quality Hand-fed Domestic Baby Birds.
YN & DYH Amazons, GW, Scarlet & Hahns Macaws, Congos, Timnehs, Sun, Jenday & Greencheeked Conures, Moluccan & Umbrella Cockatoos, Parrotlets, Tiels, Finches, Lovebirds, etc. We are a Closed Aviary. Hours By Appointment. All Babies are weaned to Zupreem Pelleted Diets, Not Seed. We take Deposits on Newly Hatched Birds but will not release them until they are fully weaned. Email: East Stroudsburg, PA.

Pretty Birds (sells locally)

Home to the sweetest most lovable hand-fed baby birds in Pgh., Pa..
107 s. 18th St. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15203 Phone: 412-481-5558

Pretty Parrots - ships

Small hobby breeder of Conures, Lovebirds and Cockatiels
I breed Suns, green cheeks, blue crowns and nanday conures, peachface lovebird mutations and cockatiels (many mutations). I am a stay at home mom and small hobby breeder with lots of time to devote to our breeders and babies. All babies are hand fed, well socialized and health guaranteed. Email: Brookhaven Delaware County, PA

Prizeparrots / Penny J Corbett - ships

30+ years of experience
Mini-macaw: Hahn's, yellow-collared; Cockatoos: lesser sulphur-crested, umbrella Pionus: blue-headed, bronze-winged; Goldie's lorikeet; white- fronted Amazon; Timneh grey; budgies; cockatiels; scarlet-chested parakeets; Canaries, Finches. Avian consultant, toys, cages. (412) 487-1543 email: Pittsburgh / Glenshaw, PA.

Philly Parrotlets

Parrotlets (Greenrumps) --Handreared Babies of the Smallest Parrotlets
Lovingly and carefully raised by experienced bird biologists; New clutches hatching often; Excellent color/feathering; Conveniently located in downtown Philadelphia, PA. Email:

RDF Birds

Cocktiels And More
We are breeders from NE PA looking to buy more cocktiels and other birds. We breed many other birds Also we sell babys. Email: Port Carbon, PA.

Robin's Nest Aviaries, Inc - ships

Premier breeder of African Lovebirds, closed aviary, quantity discounts
Beautiful normal, dutch blue, 'inos' and all variations of pieds African lovebirds bred in nursing home aviaries to clean, healthy parents. Also tiels and finches. Looking to sell to distributor/pet stores along eastern seaboard quantity babies. Email: Fairfield, PA

Rupert's Honeyglass Aviary

Breeder of American-Singer, Crested and Color-bred Canaries
Small home aviary where canaries are bred with love and care. American Singer canaries yellow, white, blue, cinn, citron, fawn and varigated. Crested yellows, whites, varigated. Males will sing! No shipping. Email: Cambridge Springs, PA.

S&S Parrotdise - ships

Loving handfed babies by Shannon
Blue&Gold Macaws Military Macaws Cockatiels - whiteface, cinnamon, grey, pearl, lutino, etc. I am located in Mount Pleasant, PA Email:

Sarah's Baby Birds

Breeder of Macaws, Cockatoos, Senegals, Redbellies
We specialize in breeding quality birds. Our babies are handfed from day one. We are located in the Western Pa. area. We prefer not to ship our babies due to the stress it has on them. We are willing to work with our customers so the transaction from our home to yours is a safe experience. Email:

Severe Mini Macaws

Very Small Hobby Breeder
My babies are all Vet Checked & are closed banded. Price also includes: A book on A Guide To A Well Behaved Parrot & Other info on parrots. These babies are all handfed with love!!! I DO NOT ship!!!! I also raise a few cockatiel babies. Handfed & closed banded. Email: New Castle, PA.

South Hills Breeders

Homebased Breeders
Breeding handfed Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Tiels, Conures, ... Email: Pittsburgh, PA

Sugar Mountain Aviary - ships

Sweet hand-fed babies
Specializing in Duyvenbode Lories. We also breed Green Cheek Conures, White Eared Conures, Blue Headed Pionus, Hispanolan Amazons and Yellow Shouldered Amazons. Wholesale or retail pricing available. Email: Bushkill, PA

Tammy Birds

Handfed Babies Raised In My Home For Yours
Healthy babies come from healthy parents. I not only give my babies exceptional care, it all starts with their parents. Cockatiels, Lovebirds, American & English budgies, Indian Ringneck Parakeets & Conures. Email: Mary D, PA

Teresa's Exotic Birds - ships

Baby Macaws, Congos, Eclectus, Conures, Amazons & more
Hand fed, closed banded & health guaranteed!! Over 12 years experience raising macaws, conures, amazons, africans, eclectus & more. All babies are raised around other pets, small children and receive lots of love! Visa/Mc accepted. Call 570.788.8772 Serious inquiries only please Email: Drums, PA

Terrific Tiels

Speciallize in Raising Top Quality Cockatiels- we call them "terrfic tiels"
We have a couple of birds available right now. One is a beautiful normal girl I have named Rosie, and the other is a WF rec. silver male named Pogi. These birds could be pets or breeders. My webpage is updated, so please refer to it for pictures and a quick description.. please e-mail me for more information! :) Email: Berwyn, PA

Tropical Habitat

I am a Breeder and Owner of Pittsburgh's Largest Exotic Bird Store
Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Sun Conures, Jenday Conures, Variety of Conures, Congo & Timneh African Greys, Umbrella Cockatoos & more Sweet, Abundantly Weaned & Socialized Baby Hand-fed Birds. 412-341-0991 944 Brookline Blvd, Pgh PA 15226 Pittsburgh, PA

The Vintage Golden Pheasant

Hand Raised Pet Birds For Over 35 Years Penn Area Near Valley Forge
hand raising parrotlets rosey bourkes, canaries, pied doves, also pairs for sale call for more details 610 296 5541 ask for michael no shipping pick up only Email: Berwyn, PA

Wendy's Gouldian Finches

Breeder of Gouldian Finches
Beautiful, healthy Gouldian Finches, many mutations. Also Bourke Parakeets, Cordon Blues and Owl Finches. Located near Allentown, PA. Sorry, no shipping! Email: Zionsville, PA

Wind Dancer Aviary

Hand Fed Exotic Birds
Sun Conures, Green Cheek Conures, Lovebirds-Peach Face and Black Mask, Plets, Tiels, Bourkes, English Budgies, and other parrots when available. Dedicated to raising healthly, loving pets for 25 years. Sorry, no Shipping. Visit our website for more information! Email: Lycoming County, PA


Wingzrus pet Birdz
We offer sweet and loving Handfed young birds, For companionship, pets and breeder`s, Email: Lancaster, PA.

Wodock's Wings

Small Amazon Breeder
Handfed Blue Fronts, Red Loreds, Green Cheeks, and White Fronted Amazons. These babies grow up in an adult/child enviornment. I do not currently ship. All of my birds are vet checked. Email: Doylestown, PA

Rhode Island

Australian King Aviaries - ships

A site dedicated to breeding and hand raising King parrots
Welcome to Australian King Aviaries. We breed and sell a variety of exotic parrots, parakeets, and finches. We have been breeding and hand raising birds for over fifteen years, and our main goal is quality not quantity. Feel free to contact us with any questions on our current stock. Email: Coventry, RI.

Chopmist Hill Finches

Small Breeder of Zebras, Owls, Stars, Gouldians, Societies and more
Occassional Owls, Gouldians, Canaries, Stars, Zebras [Crested, Blk. Cheek, Orange Breasted], Red Headed Parrot Finches For Sale. Zebras and Societies [pied, crested] often available. Lovebirds Breeding Pairs for sale. Email: North Scituate, RI

Hobby Breeder In Home - Betty

A Hobby Breeder of Lovely Lovebirds
Lovebirds including Fischers, peachfaceds, bluemaskeds, orangefaceds,etc. Beautiful babies and adults for sale. Hobby breeder, in home raised. $50.00 a pair. Must pick up. Will not ship. Also Rockpebblers & Turquoisines. Email: Middletown, RI

Love Tiels - ships

Breeder of exhibition quality cockatiels for pets or breeders
Breeding most mutations including Dom. & Rec. Silvers, SLYC, Fallow and Pastelface. All birds are handfed. Will ship at buyers expense. Serious Inquires only. Email for more information. Breeder birds will be available very soon also! Email: Providence, RI.

Whispering Winds Aviary

Specializing in Loving Handfed babies
Sweet babies, handfed with TLC in a loving family home. PF lovies, masked lovies, am. keets., ringneck keets, black cap conures, nandays, parrotletts, cockatiels, & amazons. Shipping not available at this time. Email or call for availabilty and prices, or with any questions. Boarding available. Email: Warren, RI.

South Carolina

The Ark Aviary - ships

The Ark Aviary
An Aviary run by a loving family to inhance quality handfed tame and socialized baby's to join a special family as a pet! We raise many species of birds from Quakers to Mini & Large Macaws, Meyers and Greys. At inquire and visit our site to see For Sale, free wanted ads and classifieds! Email: North Augusta, SC.

Backyard Treasures Birds

Backyard Treasures offers a large variety of birds at affordable prices!
Backyard Treasures brings quality pets to quality people at affordable prices! Backyard Treasures raises happy, healthy, handfed babies! Breeders are also available! We do not ship! Sorry :) Email: Moncks Corner, SC

Birds By Cliff - ships

baby an adults for sale amazons etc.
Pair of bonded severe macaws perfect feather $1150.00 will ship ------Cliff myrtlebeach Sc

Birds*N*Flight - ships

Breeder of Pet Parrots specializing MACAWS
Specializing in hand fed babies, from parakeets to macaws. If you cannot find what you are looking for I will try and locate for you. Boarding And Grooming in the SC/NC area also will tell you when & where a show may be coming to SC/NC area Email: Winnsboro, SC

Buzzards Delight Aviary - ships

Private Hobbyist Aviary---Upstate SC
SWEET and LOVING handraised baby birds. We specialize in Cockatiels, Lovebirds, and Parrotlets. Sometimes we have Bourkes, Gouldian finches, American parakeets and Java Rice finches. Birds raised in a family environment with children and other pets & come with a 3 day health guarantee. Contact us at (864)906-6995, e-mail:, or visit our website. Travelers Rest, SC

Cherry's Exotic Birds - ships

Breeder specializing in Color Mutation Cockatiels (Handfed Babies&Breeders)
Affordable hand-fed Cockatiels, most colors including Whiteface & Silvers. NCS banded. Will ship. Call Owen or Christi at (803-324-0271) or e-mail us at Rock Hill S.C. convenient to Charlotte & I77.

Cockateils And More

Breeder of handfed Cockateils- Also Parakeets and zebra finches
Hand-fed Cocokatiels starting at $40.oo for gray and $50.oo for pieds, Pearls, Pearl/pieds, and Latinos. Also have young zebra finches for $10.oo and Parakeets for $12.oo. Sometimes have extra cages for sale. Will not ship. Email: Summerville, SC.

Deja Bird Barn - ships

We are committed to the health and welfare of all our birds.
From day one they are loved as the beautiful babies they are. Here is what we have. Lovebirds($50.00-$55.00) , Cockatiels ($50.00-$60.00)Quakers ($150.00), Lutino Ringnecks ($300.00), SunConures ($350.00), Rock Pebbler ($400.00) We also have african greys, amazons, cockatoos, and also macaws and others. Email: Lexington, SC.

Fanciful Feathers in Flight - ships

Sweet hand fed babies from Lovebirds to Macaws
We specialize in sweet hand fed exotic birds. We are two breeders located near Charlotte, North Carolina. We offer a variety of birds form lovebirds to macaws. All of our birds are raised in our homes with love! We do ship within the states. Check out our website for prices and availability Email: Catawba, SC

Feathered Friends Aviary

Breeder of top quality birds for over 30 yrs
Specializing in small birds--cockatiels, budgies, canaries, lovebirds, finches, doves. Will sell handfed or out of nest box. No shipping. (843)665-0705 or email: Florence, SC

Feathers and Fur

Birds for the feather and rabbits for the fur!
If you are looking for a variety of feathered and/or furry friends then you need to check us out. Finches, canaries, budgies, red rumps, indian ringnecks, fischers lovebirds, rose bourkes, cockatiels, eastern rosellas, tourquosines. Californian and Flemish Giant rabbits. Upstate SC. Call 864-872-8149 for info. Email: Gray Court, SC

The Flutter Nest

Small Breeder with Large Selection in Coastal South Carolina Area
Breeding Blue Quakers, Cactus Conures, Plum-Head Parakeets, Various Colors of Cockatiels(WF & Normals), Canaries, Gouldians, Cordon Blues & Diamond Firetails, Java Rice Sparrows, Lovebirds, Tangerine Doves, English Budgies & Parakeets. Will sell hand-fed or out of nestbox. Sorry, No Shipping - Must pick up. Email: Myrtle Beach, SC.

For The Birds - ships

Hobby Breeder of Parrotlets and Gouldian Finches
Handfed baby parrotlets. Most color mutations available. Lutino, Albino, Blue Email: Spartanburg, SC

Full Nest Aviary

Exotic Birds and More
Specializing in hand-fed domestic baby birds. Greenwing, Scarlet, Blue and Gold, Military, miniture Macaws. Also available cockatoos, conures, greys, amazons, ringnecks, meyers, rosellas, parrotlets and cockatiels. Boarding and grooming by appointment only. Toys, seed and cages available. Email: Aiken, SC.

Galewoodwinds - ships

Small hobbyist breeder of small birds and parrots
Parrotlets, Lovebirds, Bourkes, Grasskeets Scarletchesteds, Red Rumps, Finches, Lineolated parakeets Canaries, gouldians, Java Rice finches, greenchekk conures. Email: Greenville, SC

Georgie Girl Exotics - ships

Exotic Birds Breeder
Indian Ringnecks, Military Macaws, Moustaches. Many babies and some single hens, all have laid eggs. In need of males. Email: Lugoff, SC

Hideaway Farms - ships

Hideaway Farms Aviary is a small select breeding facility
We are in SC near Augusta Georgia. We specialize in Conures seeking to preserve the quality and genetic diversity of each species that is bred here Our breeding collection also includes Pacific Parrotlets and Lineolated Parakeets Email:

J And J Aviary - ships

House Of Birds
We are a small aviary that breeds yellowsided greencheek, souance and crimson bellied conures for sale. Our aim is to have healthy, happy, beautiful birds for those looking for companion and/or breeders. We presently have two 2/1/2 month old females banded, wean- hand fed. $350.00 each. We ship by air at buyers expense. Email: Pageland, SC

Little Branch Birds - ships

Little Branch Birds breeds only lovingly handfed - top quality birds
Lovebirds, blue crown conures, cockatiels, blue quaker parrots, congo african grays, goffins, parrotlets and others. Small hobby aviary. Some breeder birds available. We will ship from Charlotte, NC when weather permits. Email: York, SC

Lovett's Family Of Birds

Small Family Aviary Taking Loving Care Of Wide Variety Of Birds....
Raising hand fed babies from Macaws, Pionus, Conures, Quakers, all the way to Teils. Taking quality care and time in the raising of exotics. Email for avaliabity, and questions North Augusta, SC.

Loving Birds - ships

Small breeder in the Upstate SC area All our babies are handfed and loved
We breed conures, amazons, macaws, and cockatoos. Email: Landrum, SC

Loving Parrots - ships

Small Family Breeder
Hand-fed domestic baby parrots. Amazons, Cockatoos, Conures Email: Greenville, SC

Mike&Robins Nest - ships

(Dont go by give us a try) We are the Hobbiest Breeder
We have Macaws, Cocktiels, Cockatoos, African Greys, Yellow Nape Amozon and more.We ship and accept paypal. Dont go by give us a try Email: Columbia, SC

Palmetto Parrots - ships

Breeder of South American Species
Specializing in Conures and Macaws with a few other South American Species available also. Birds owned and cared for by a Licensed Veterinary Technician and Certified Avian Specialist. Email: Ravenel, SC

Parrot Plantation - ships

Handfed baby birds, cages and toys.
Small professional breeder offering well socialized Moluccan Cockatoo babies. Babies are raised in a loving family atmosphere. Quality cages are also available and can be shipped to your location. Bluffton SC Ph:(843)757-7746 or Em: Bluffton, SC.

Pet Shack Of Northside - ships

We are a breeder of small & large birds all handfed
Quakers, Sun's Jenday's, Macaws, Congo Greys Chihuahuas, Rottweilers & English Bull Dogs We offer Wing Clipping, Nails & Beak, We also offer Bird Boarding 110 North Congress Street, Winnsboro, SC 291

Pugh's Farm - ships

Breeder of Small birds, Parrots, Rare Pheasants, Fancy Pigeons, Exotic Dove
Hand fed baby parrots, parakeets to Macaws. Pen raised breeders in smaller birds.Will ship. Quantity discounts. Email: Edgefield, SC.

Raindance Feathers - ships

Small loving hobby breeder
Specializing in sweet handfed baby DoubleyellowHeadAmazons, Yellowcollar MiniMacaws and occasionally UMBC'toos. Email: Charleston, SC.

This Pet's For You

Breeder of Canaries - Food and Supplies Available
We strive to produce healthy, attractive Canaries as well as Mini Dachshunds and Bearded Dragons. We also have many supplies available for your pets. If we do not have what you are looking for we will assist in locating it for you. Email: Chester, SC

South Dakota

Carmen's Feather Farm - ships

Small, State Licensed Avairy               carmensfeatherfarm

Full time, stay-at-home mom raising various Finches (java rice, society, gouldians), Cockatiels, Pacific Parrotlets, Green Rump Parrotlets, Rosey Bourkes, Meyers and Greencheeked Conures. Also, just for fun, we have a few guinea pigs too!

All breeders are given daily attention and fresh food. Handfed babies are well socialized and participate in family life. We are a growing aviary and are adding new birds.

See our web site at for current pets that are available. Shown by appointment only. Call 605-757-7200 or email Located in Valley Springs, a small community near Sioux Falls, SD.

Rushmore Aviaries  - ships

Midwest Breeder - Hawkheaded, Eclectus and Pionus Parrots

Located at the base of Mt. Rushmore, we're working with Hawkheaded, SI Eclectus, Blueheaded and Bronzewinged Pionus parrots. Lots of fun!

Call Jenny at (605)343-5210 or write us at Box 883, Rapid City, SD 57709. Email:

Beak and Feather Aviary - ships

Jay Huntington 605 728 2277
I handfeed all my babies from 10-14 days old. I don't clip my birds wings either. I breed Black Capped Conures, (for which I offer closed bands, DNA sexing and breeding records) and Cockatiels. They live in clean cages and are fed fresh sprouted seeds, veggies and drink vitamins. Call Jay @ 605 728 2277 Email: Sioux Falls, SD

Dakotah Winds Aviary - ships

Proven Pair of Quakers: Dark eyed cinnamon-blue female and green double split male. Three years old. Perfect condition. She was the second of her kind to be born in the history of the world. $3, 500.00 for the pair. Will consider some possible trades/cash. Call 605-393-1720 for more information. Email: Rapid City, SD.

Diznee Birds

State Licensed Exotic Bird Breeder
Breeder of Congo African Greys, SI Eclectus, Pale Headed Rosellas, Bourkes Parrotlets and Cockatiels. Babies and some breeders available. Email: Sioux Falls, SD

Feather Focus - ships

Breeder specializing in Grand Champion & Show Bloodline Cockatiels
My cockatiels have Grand Champion, NCS Pointed, and top notch pedigrees. Babies are hand fed, bred for personality, and come from a long line of top genetics to pass on to future generations. With their outstanding genetics, they can be Show birds, breeders, or a wonderful pet. My breeders are tame with great attitudes. Email: Brookings, SD

Kocak Exotic Birds

Breeder of Amazons,Macaws,cockatoos,Quakers,Conures and Tiels
we hand feed all Babys from day one with lots of love, Babys are availble year round, all breeder are feed a seed , vegie and fruit . breeders avalible upon request Email: Yankton, SD.

Ogle's Handfed & Spoiled Rotten

We specialize in handfed pet quality birds for the bird lover's home
Macaws, Amazons, Conures, Pionus, Quakers for now (more species coming) We are a small home breeder that specializes in producing pet quality birds for your home and family. All babies are handfed and played with daily to insure a pet you will be happy with. Healthy birds & happy homes.Website in progress. Email: Irene, SD

On Feathered Wings Aviary - ships

Small hobby breeder in Eastern SD specializing in loving, socialized pets
Hand raised, hand fed, with TLC Cockatiels, Lineolated Parakeets, Normal Boukes, Golden Mantel Rosellas, Canaries, and Lady Gouldian finches. Will ship anywhere in the continental US. Payment plans available. Email: Sioux Falls, SD

R & R Sunshine Aviary

Hand fed babies given lots of love and attention
Species available are: Cockatiels, Green Check Conures, Lovebirds and Parrotlets. We do not offer shipping at this time. Contact Brenda in Sioux Falls, SD 57110; 605-367-1420 or email:

Towa's Lovebirds - ships

A hobby breeder of small parrots-Budgies, Lovebirds and Cockatiles
I am a small breeder specializing hand-fed Lovebirds for over 7 years We also have small number of Budgies and Cocktiels but I am planning t midium size and big size parrot in the future along with more color mu Lovebirds. Somtimes pairs are available and wholesale to pet shops. Email: Brookings, SD
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