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africans greys, grays, conures, lories, parrotlets

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Alabama Aviaries - ships

Breeder & Exhibitor of Finches and Canaries
Finches : Gouldians (most mutations), Parrot Finches, English Zebras, Shafttails Diamond Firetails, Cordon Bleus, Strawberries, Goldbreasts, Societies & others. Canaries : Rollers, American Singers, Red Factors, Glosters, Staffords. Colors in Rollers &ASs are yellow, variegated, white, slate blue, fawn, cinnamon, green Email: Birmingham, AL.

Andrea's Critters

Breeder of handfed, well-socialized small parrots
I currently breed and handfeed Peachface lovebirds (many mutations), cockatiels, American and English budgies, pacific parrotlets, and occasionally others. Babies are raised in a home environemnt with dogs, cats, and other birds. Weaned onto healthy diets! Email: Calera, AL

Bamawings - ships

Breeding Exotic Birds
Cute and lovable handfed babies. We breed Quakers, Indian Ringnecks, Cockatiels, and Budgies. E-mail today for available feathered youngin's!!!! Email: Town Creek, AL.

C & A's Little Feathered People

Sweet Hand Fed Babies
Cockatiels; Love Birds; Sun Conures; Meyers; Conures; Bourkes Parrakeets Yellow Side Conures; Moustache; Black Caps; Maroon Belly Conures Email: Mobile, AL.

C-R Finches - ships

Lady Gouldian Finches Breeder
If your looking for Lady Gouldians Finches, please visit my website. Email: Montgomery, AL

Chaneys Bird Nest

Exotic Bird breeder
Bird hobbist and breeder of Budgies, Canaries, Cockatiels, Conures, Finches, Lovebirds... Email: Sylacauga, AL

Christines birds

Breeder of Quakers, Blue and Normals
I hand raise both blue and green Quakers. Sweet babies that come from a smoke free home. After weaning, babies are sociaized daily to keep them sweet. Email: Hueytown, AL

Cindy's Birds

Breeder of hand feed baby cockatiels, lovebirds, parrotlets, and parakeets
Small breeder of hand fed tamed baby birds all raised in my home cockatiels, parakeets, english budgies, parrotlets and lovebirds. Email: Trussville, AL

Connie's Small Birds

Lady Gouldians, Zebra, Socities Finches and Love Birds
Lady Gouldians $110. and up ea. Zebras $16.00 ea. Socities $20.00 ea. Peach Face Love Birds $60.00 ea. "Prices are subject to change" Birds will not be shipped Email: Foley, AL

Exotic Feathers

Exotic Feathers, Hand Fed Cockatiels,Lovebirds, and Conures
We Have Baby cockatiels, lovebirds, and conures that are all weaning, and hatching, for pics and prices check out the site Email: Huntsville, AL

The Fifth Day's Creations Aviary (genesis 1:21)

Pet Companion Quality Exotic Bird Breeder
We are proud of the quality of the birds we offer for sale. They are potty- trained, allowed to fly before wings are clipped, abundantly weaned, & well- socialized with adults & children. We are happy to meet buyer half way from our aviary in AL. We raise, African Greys, Amazons, Caiques, Cockatoos & Macaws. Email: Jacksonville, AL 36265.

Fins & Feathers

Breeder Of Small To Medium Size Birds
We raise Greys (congo, Timneh), Amazons (double yellowheaded, blue fronted), Macaws (hahns, noble, yellow collared, severe), Cockatoos (Triton, rosebreasted), Conures (jenday, sun, cherryhead, peachfronted, halfmoon, blue crown), mustache and Indian Ringnecks and Australian grasskeets (scarlet chested, rosi and blue bourkes). 205-527-2320 email Birmingham, AL

Howell's Exotic Birds,inc

All Our Babies Are Raised In Our Home, With Loving Care In Loxley, Alabama.
We are a small farm in South Alabama. We handfed all our babies so they are super sweet and loving. I have been raising birds for 16 years. We raise the following types of babies. Macaws, Cockatoo's, Amazons, Congo & Timneh Greys, Quakers, Eclectus, and a few Cockatiels. Email: Loxley, AL.

Horse Feathers

Exotic Bird Breeder- We Specialize In Hand-Fed Babies!!
All of our birds are hand-fed. We currently have Quakers, Military Macaws, Sun, Nanday, and Gold-Capped Conures, Amazons, LoveBirds, Parakeets, Cockatiels, and a Patagonian Conure. Call 334-791-6900 or 334-886-3342. We give aguarntee and treat our birds! Our customers are #1! Thanks~~Christie Email: Hartford, AL

Horseshoe Exotics - ships

Small breeder offering hand-fed babies.
African greys, goffins, moustache, quakers, 6 species of amazons, scarlet and greenwing macaws. Kaytee and Sunseed in bulk. Natural cured hickory perches. Great for destructive birds. Holds up better than manzanita. Contact Anita, Verbena, AL. Ph: (205)-755-2258

Irena's Aviary - ships

"Hand fed babies for loving homes."
We have been raising exotic birds for over 12 years. Most species of Cockatoos, macaws, amazons, conures, quakers, ringnecks, jardines, eclectus, loris, plumheads, greycheeks, finches and more. Visit our site to see all the species of birds. We provide the healthiest and happiest babies possible. Located just 30 miles north of Birmingham, Alabama. Call John or Irena (205)647-9790 or Email:

Island Birds

Selling Breeder parrots after 20 years of collecting
We have some babies parrots available. The proven breeders are being sold until all are relocated in other breeding situations. Please call 205-525-5521 or e-mail drjoewilkerson@juno. com any time from noon til midnight. Email: Cropwell, AL.

J-Bird Aviary - ships

Breeder of Sweet Loving Handfed Birds
Breed Indian ringnecks, Orange Wing Amazons, Whitecap Pionus, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Quakers, Parakeets, soon to add more. E-mail for pricing and availability. Email: Clanton, AL.

L & L Parrot Breeders - ships

small breeder offer sweet handfed baby cockatoos and macaws
sweet handfed baby goffins, umbrellas, rosebreasted, moluccans and bare-eyed cockatoos, macaws- greenwing and blue and gold macaws all birds vet checked. we ship if weather permits Bham, AL.

Odd Bird Farm - ships

I am a bird breeder in AL for eighteen years
I raise blue/normal quakers. The following conures: sun, bluecrown, mitred, peach front, painted, half moons, blackhea, Love birds, Pacific parrotletts(blue and norm Timney AG, African Red Bellies, senegals, The babies i have for sale now are suns, normal quakers, peach fronts, and love birds. Birds are health guarenteed Email: Madison, AL Limestone County.

Olive Branch Aviary - ships

Small Breeder - Over 15 Years of Experience Raising Healthy Babies
All babies are fully fledged and weaned before selling. I have Scarlet, and Greenwing Macaws, Congo Greys, Double Yellow Head, and Blue Front Amazons, and Goffin Cockatoos. My babies are raised in my home, with lots of love and attention, and socialization to make the best pets possible. Email: Clanton, AL

Paradise Parrots - ships

Healthy Hand Raised Parrots
We specialize in healthy hand raised parrots weaned using the Abundance Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Amazons, eclectus, Greys, Cockatoos, Conures, Macaws and More. Alabaster, AL 205-621-0411

Paula's Blooms And Plumes

Located in southeastern Alabama, near Dothan. Limited to surrounding areas within 100-mile radius. No shipping. Beautiful and exotic peachface lovebirds. They are pale-lime green or bright green with varying colors of blue tail feathers. Yours to love for $25 each. Email:

Powered By Flight

Pet Female Congo 4 sale
I have a 4yr old F congo Grey for sale with cage( King cage w/ play top) I will take $850 for all.251-446-9449 Email: Atmore, AL.

Rainbow Exotics - ships

All Around pets and supplies !!
We have everything from fish to birds and small mammals Email: Clanton, AL.

Saint Francis Aviary

Saint Francis Quakers Galore
we wholesale to breeders and retailers. location central alabama .three to five week old baby quakers and suns our speciality.reserve your order.256 268 2875 george. quakers 65, suns 150, others available. Email: Talladega, AL

Skyline Aviary

Finches & Canaries
Zebras- Grays, Silver, CFW, Florida Fancy, Florida Silver, Black Cheek & Pieds. Societies- Chocolate Pied, Fawn Pied, Chestnut Pied, Crested in each color. Canaries, yellows and varigated colors. Also, custom cut bamboo perches email for details! Email: Scottsboro, AL

Small Hobbyist - ships

domestic handfed macaws and cockatoos for sale
small breeder offer sweet handfed baby greenwings, scarlets, blue and gold macaws and in the cockatoo family goffins, bare- eyed, and moluccan cockatoos health guarantee will ship Morris, AL.

Tailwinds Birds - ships

We have a few pairs of parrots and raise a few babies yearly.
We have birds that are dear to our hearts, our babies are all sweet and hand fed We have senegals and voss marie eclectus and some orange face/cinnamon/lutino lovebirds. We can most often deliver for a fee! Paypal accepted!! Email: Birmingham, AL.

Tweety Bird Aviary - ships

Super sweet hand-fed babies
We raise cockatoos, macaws, lories, greys, amazons, eclectus, cockatiels and lovebirds. Polyoma vaccinated. All babies raised in our home with tender loving care. Contact Lynda, Huntsville, AL, (256)-656-2019. Email:

Vines Kennel & Aviary

Hand-fed Domestic Baby Parrots
Raised in our home with loving care. Email: Gulf Shores, AL.


Specializing In Handfed Pampered Baby Birds
Raising Amazons, Greys, Indian Ringneck, Lories, Quakers, Conures 21450 Lay Lane Foley Alabama 36535 (334)943-6481 OR E-MAIL

Windy Ridge Aviaries

Show quality babies & breeders at reasonable prices in Alabama
Closebanded baby Congo Greys, Double Yellow, Yellownaped, and Orangewinged Amazons. Selling weaned or unweaned. Quantity discounts available. One year health guarantee in writing. Call Jo at (334) 567-2762 or email at Wetumpka, AL


Alaska Parrots - ships

We specialize in hand-fed babies
Cockatiels, Sun and greencheek Conures. More available. If we don't have it, we can get it. Serving Alaskan bird breeders and buyers. Will ship to major airports. Email: Anchorage, AK

Angelina's Nest Aviary - ships

Breeders of Opaline Peachfaced Lovebirds, Fischer's Lovebirds, and More
Peachfaced & Fischer's Lovebirds, Rosy Bourkes, Scarlet Chested Parakeets, Yellow (Red-bellied) Turquoisines, Elegant Parakeets, Ruppell's Parrots and Solomon Island Eclectus, Panama Amazon. :o) Email: Juneau, AK

Anne's Aviary - ships

Small breeder of exotic finches. Quality parent raised birds
Lady Gouldian normal and color mutations. Owl, strawberry, and more varieties available Email: Fairbanks, AK.

Carmens Classy Claws - ships

Small in Home Breeder Specializing in Handfed Endangered & Exotics
Well socialized , healthy , handfed babies. All babies are closed banded & come w/ a written health guarantee. Scarlet Macaws, Umbrella Cockatoos, Lilac Crowned & Mexican Redhead Amazons. Abundance weaned. I only ship in the US . Buyer to pay shipping. Adult pets & breeders ava. on occ. Email: Soldonta, AK

Derek's Finch Loft - ships

Breeder of zebra finch color mutations
I have most colors of zebra finches. Larger show-type birds. Some self, black-brown and pearl socitey finches Email: Fairbanks, AK

Parrots By Pauline - ships

Parrots By Pauline
Please email or call for complete bird listings and price list Retiring and down sizing to spend time with the family. Email: Anchorage, AK.


Agapornis Aviary - ships

Breeder of Quality Handfed Peachfaced and Masked Lovebirds
Peachfaced & Masked handfed baby lovebirds. Available Peachfaced mutations: Whitefaced, Violets, Australian Cinnamon, American Cinnamon, Seagreen and more! Available Masked: Blue Masked All babies come with Hatch Certificate, toy, and 3 day health guarantee. Breeder birds available sometimes too! Email: Peoria, AZ.

Artemis Aviary

Hobby breeder of Peach-Faced & Black-Cheeked lovebirds & Pacific Parrotlets
Member of ALBS, IPS, AFA and WPT. Babies are closed banded with society bands. Operates a closed aviary - breeder birds are disease tested and free of polyoma & pfbd. Email: Phoenix, AZ.

Ara Aviary - ships

Small breeder specialize in Hyaicinth and Greenwing macaws
We have a few of large macaw babies available year round, all babies are AFA close banded, Vet check, Polyoma vaccinated and DNA sexed, written health guarantee. Lot of references available ps: some mature single birds also available for trade or sale Email: Tempe, AZ.

AZParrots Quality Birds - ships

Raising sweet, healthy, confident baby birds for individuals since 1980
Our unique, individual attention to each baby bird gives our babies the confidence needed to be well adjusted adult parrots; bringing pleasure to their new families. Amazons, Macaws, Derbyans, Hawkheadeds, Greys, Cockatoos, Eclectus, Conures, etc. Details on our website or Dee at 623-266-3991 or email for more info. Thanks. Glendale, AZ

Baby Beaks Aviary - ships

Specializing in Blue and Split to Blue Quakers.
Small aviary in Scottsdale, Arizona which specializes in Blue and Split to Blue Quakers. Sweet, handfed babies. Will ship airlines only. Email: Scottsdale, AZ.

Bird Dreaming - ships

I am a licensed exotic bird breeder and bird sitter in sunny Arizona .
I raise hand-fed, healthy baby African greys, Goffin cockatoos, Lilac crown, Orange-wing Amazons, Cockatiels, Love-birds, Sun conures, Jendays, Quakers Parakeets Open 7 days a week. 12421 N. 44th Dr. Phx. , AZ 85304 Shipping is available. Credit cards welcome. Francine Watts owner Email: Glendale, AZ.

Bird Finder Inc - ships

Bird Wholesaler. Not Broker. Best prices, health guaranteed, Will ship!!!!!
We buy out large aviaries, that want to sell all to one person. Birds come to our 10 acre facility & are feed and watered daily. Each bird has its own roomy cage. We make our own shipping boxes, which are furnished w/ shavings, fruits, seeds, and sometimes nuts. Health guaranteed!!! Many referances available !!!!!! Email: Scottsdale, AZ.

Blue Masked Aviary - ships

Exotic Bird Breeder
Specializing in Indian Ringnecks-African Ringnecks-Nanday Conures-Masked Lovebirds-Priness of Wales-Budgies-Finches-Button Quail ect. Lots of Information on breeding and caring for your birds and babies. Weekly Tips! Email: Apache Junction, AZ.

Bonnie's Birdie Bungalow

Bonnie's birdie Bungalow downsizing!
Breeder cockatiels some tame or semi-tame 1 proven pair split to yellow fischer lovebirds-throws 1- 2 yellows each clutch many colors zebra finches-proven pairs and younger including black cheek, black face, fla fancy, normal, fawn, splits to all previous. No Shipping Email: Phoenix, AZ.

The ChirpnTails of Phoenix - Ringnecks & Amazons

Specializing in Large Array of Ringneck Mutations & Amazon Parrots
Parrot breeder & trainer for over 2 decades. Sweet handfed Ringneck babies when available in Green, Blue, Blue-Cinnamon, Grey, Silver, Cinnamon, Lutino, Albino. Come with color pedigree of known splits. Lovingly raised in our home in Phoenix, AZ. We do not ship. Email

Debs Domestic Darlings

Specializing in hand-fed baby birds
Parakeets and cocatiels. Also will take in any unwanted birds and will give them a home for life with me.I am always looking for breeder teils and keets. Email: Kingman, AZ.

East Canyon Aviary

Located in the center of Arizona our birds are thriving! Finches! Finches!
Zebra Finches of all variations, Including black faced and black cheeked, pied, and more! Society, Spice Finches, Silverbills, and Java Rice Birds. Prescott to Phoenix. Always looking to buy or trade. Email: Mayer, AZ.

eGouldian - ships

Breeder of Lady Gouldian Finches
We are a small breeder located in Mesa, AZ specializing in Lady Gouldian Finches of all colors; normal, yellow, blue, and silvers. Can ship via airlines only. Email:

An Enchanted Feather Aviary - ships

Breeder of rare and other exotic birds.
Coral Billed (Red Billed) Pionus, Blue Throated (Caninde) Macaw, Solomon Island Eclectus, and Blue Headed Pionus. Email: Phoenix, AZ.

Exclusively Lories - ships

Breeders of many types of Lories
Hand raised babies available - e-mail for current listing and prices Located in Scottsdale, Arizona ,

Feathered Friends - ships

Hand Fed babies and breeders available, also cages and supplies!
Hand fed babies, Cockatoos, Greys, Amazons, Eclectus, MaCaws, Conures & Caiques. Some breeders also available. Call 928-692-2473 or email Carol at Kingman, AZ.

FITTH Aviary - ships

FITTH Aviary family owend and operated giving loving care 2 our babies
We have been in Business for over 10 years and have many breeding pairs that need to go. We have collected but need to downsize now due to health reasons in the family. I have greys, macaws, cockatoos and many african parrots. for prices on breeders please call @ 520-576-8721 Email: Tucson, AZ

Fox In The Hen House - ships

Breeders Of True Exotics!
We have anything you can think of.. Hyacinths, black Palm Cockatoos, electus, gresy, b&g scarlets hawkheads and many more of the most exotics you can think of. If you have a bird in mind call us and we can get it Email: Tucson, AZ

Habla Me aviary

Small home based aviary in Bald Knob AR
We breed white face and pearl cockatiel mutations, quaker parrots and coming soon, indian ringneck parakeets. All babies are handfed and socialized. Feel free to contact me about what your looking for or if your looking to trade what you've got. Thanks and God bless you. Email: Bald Knob, AR

Joyce's Birds - ships

Specializing in Congo African Greys and Indian Ringneck mutations.
No unweaned babies sold. Shipping by approved airlines. References available. Email: Payson, AZ.

Kyle Parkey - ships

Bali Mynas
Trade Bali Mynas for Exotic Finches. We are located in Arizona, USA. Email: Peoria, AZ.

Little Ranch Aviary - ships

Exotic Softbills and small Hookbills
Large breeder of Greater Indian Hill Mynahs and other Mynah Species. Superb Starlings and White Cheek Turacos. Cockatiels, all mutations, Peach Face Lovebirds and Parakeets. Babies and young breeders always for sale. Will ship within the U.S. Email: Chino Valley, AZ

Lories And Lorikeet Babies - ships

Specializing in raising sweet, healthy, playful Lories and Lorikeets.
Handfeeding and raising pet Lories and Lorikeets. Closed aviary. Health guarentee with vet check. Will ship, weather and flight schedule depending. Some are available all year due to temperate winter climate. Multiple bird discounts. Email: Scottsdale, AZ.

MT Aviary - ships

Specializing in Lovebirds
Local lovebird breeder, we specialize in breeding lovebirds. All lovebird companion birds are hand fed, parent raised available for breeding. All birds health guaranteed, we offer buy backs for unwanted birds, we offer free basic training and advanced training. You wont regret this purchase! Email: Phoenix, AZ.

New Creations Aviary - ships

Quality bred cockatiels focusing on health, temperament is our standard
Located in sunny Arizona, our birds enjoy their outdoor aviary year round. Quality cockatiels of a variety of color mutations, pedigrees directly related to some outstanding Champion birds bred by Philip Feret. Email: Goodyear, AZ

Orchard Ranch Parrots - ships

Macaws, African Greys, Cockatoos, Amazons & more
Handfed baby birds raised with lots of love and TLC. Including DYHs, YNs, GWs, B&Gs, Military, Moluccans, Umbrellas, Conures, Congos, Timnehs and Quakers. Call 480-206-4683 to reserve your baby today! Email: Queen Creek, AZ

Pamperedpeeps Aviary - ships

Small Family Aviary specializing in rearing exceptionally sweet babies
Due to homeschooling 3 bird-crazed daughters, our babies always have lots of activity around them and they are played w/ in ways that only children can think of. The result is sweet, adaptable babies who are very well socialized. We have purposely kept our aviary small & raise only those we think are great pets Email: Phoenix, AZ

Parrots In The Pines

Hand raised baby parrots from our home to yours!
We abundance wean and fledge all parrots before they leave our loving home for yours. Save money by special ordering the bird you want. We prefer not to ship at this time but offer free delivery within 120 miles of Flagstaff. We also offer boarding, toys and cages! Email: Flagstaff, AZ

Parrotsplus Of Tucson - ships

Parrotsplus Of Tucson
We are a small breeder with a business license, we accept Visa/mc Paypal and U.S Postal Money orders.We give a Health Guarantee Also Refs.((Buy from someone you can Trust)) We Raise Blue & Gold Macaws Senegals, Eclectus, African Greys, Quakers, SunConures Email: Tucson, AZ

Pocket Parrots Aviary

Hand Fed Spoiled Rotten baby birds!
We specialize in parrotlets and cockatiels. Email: Phoenix, AZ.

Quaker World By A C E - Ships - ships

Specializing in color Quaker Mutations
These babies are super sweet and really socialized! Normal greens $150, also available blues, splits, red-eyed cinnamon, and red-eyed cinnamon blues other mutation Wedgwood blue quakers. See are web site for PRICING and AVAILABILITY. Order over $1500.00 ship free. Other birds Cockatoos, Greys & Ringnecks. Email: Scottsdale, AZ.

Rebecca's Cockatiels

Small Family Breeder In Arizona
We are a small breeding family in Mesa, AZ. Babies are handled from day one. I have 3 standing males for breeding with Whiteface, Lutino, Cinnamon, Pied and Pearl genes. Also budgies. You wont find better pets or breeders at reasonable prices. E-mail for more info and pictures. Email:

Rocking - ships

Exotic Bird Breeders and sitters
Bring your bird to camp Rocking available. Call or E-mail for a list or camp information at 480-361-9426 (fax) 480-354-2679. We accept Visa and Mastercard. Email: Gilbert, AZ.


Small scale breeder that concentrates on maintaining happy healthy birds
Proven pair of Greenwing Macaws. Young, healthy, and in perfect feather. Double clutch three eggs per clutch. $2, 500. Will not ship Email: Glendale, AZ.

Snuggle Inn

Cockatiels In Arizona
Hand Fed/Hand Tamed...Sweet Baby Cockatiels....Assorted Colors Email: Glendale, AZ.

Southwest Parrots - ships

Hand-fed baby conures and quakers
Family run aviary in sunny Arizona. We raise hand fed conures and quakers. Our size allows us to give our birds individual attention. Your baby will come tame and ready to be part of your family. Email: Tucson, AZ.

Sue's Qs and More

Small breeder of Quakers and Conures
Specializing in producing healthy, happy babies. Sun, Green Cheeked, BCrowned Conures, Normal and Blue Quakers. Our emphasis is on raising well-socialized, inquisitive, happy pets. Please contact me to see who is in our nursery! Email: Glendale, AZ

Sutton Aviaries

Sutton Aviaries - Glendale, Arizona
We breed top quality cockatiels for pets, shows and breeding. Our babies are large, have great dispositions, are well socialized are spoiled beyond compare. We offer many mutations are are always looking for more! Email: Glendale, AZ.

Sweet Tweets

Small Breeder of Handfed & Parent Raised Birds (No Shipping)
African Greys, Alexandrines, Plumheaded Parakeets, Paleheaded (Mealy) Rosellas Blue Indian Ringnecks, Cockatiels, Finches, Peachface Lovebirds. No Shipping. Email: Phoenix, AZ.

TopTiels Cockatiel Aviary - ships

Big & Beautiful Cockatiels for Pets, Breeding and Showing - Phoenix
We have collected some of the best Cockatiels in the country and we make them available to you on our website. Bred from Top Show Lines such as Phil Feret & Linda Greeson, we have some of the largest and most impressive Cockatiels in the country. Shipping is available throughout the United States. Email: Phoenix, AZ

Tucson Mountain Avairy - ships

Solomon Island Eclectus
Hand raised Solomon Island Eclectus males from 6 months to 1 year old. Tucson, AZ. Email: DHGASSAN@AOL.COM

Vaughan's Greys - ships

Breeder Of Exotic Birds
Specializing in Handfed Domestic Babies. All babies are DNA sexed, Close Banded & Health Guaranteed, African Grey Congo & Timneh, Poicephalus: Meyer's, Red Bellied, & BlackWing Jardine. Mollucan, Goffin & Umbrella Cockatoo's, Macaws. GreenWing, Blue & Gold, Severe. . 520-868-5135. Email: Florence, AZ

Wilderness Aviaries - ships

Domestic Handfed Closed Banded Cockatoos, Macaws, Amazon Parrots.
Blue & Gold Macaws, Military Macaws, (True Panama's) Blue Fronts, Lilac Crown, Mex Red Head (Green Cheek), Toucaman, Yellow Nape, Double Yellow Head, Yellow Crown Amazons. Goffins, Citron, Bare Eyed Cockatoos. Will ship. Babies seasonally available. Contact Lowell, Gold Canyon, AZ Ph: (602)-982-4303 FAX:(602)-982-1983

Wing Of Luv Aviary - ships

Specializing in Well Socialized and Loving Babies!
Located in Chandler, AZ we specialize in handraising our babies with lots of love, socializing and stimulating environments. References are available upon request and we do extensive screening of new, prospective homes. Interested new families please inquire - you are always welcome in our nest! Email: Chandler, AZ.

Yvonne's Cockatoos And Eclectus - ships

Major Mitchells And Rosebreasted Cockatoos, And SI Eclectus
I Sell Major Mitchells And Rosebreasted Cockatoo Babies And Solomon Island Eclectus. All Babies Raised In A Small Aviary And Played With Everyday. Contact Me For Pictures And Current Babies For Sale. Email: Mesa, AZ.


Antoinia's Aviary

Antoinia's Aviary Cockatiels, Rosy Bourke's & Lovebirds
I handraise healthy finger-trained pet birds in an indoor aviary at my home in Hot Springs Village, ARk. They are all parent-fed babies that I cuddle from two weeks old. I show Cockatiels and these babies are out of my Champion and Show Bird parents. Phone 501-915-0078 Email:

Baker's Bird House (ships)

Dayone Handfed Babies..Sell or trade for breeder age birds.
We raise: Amazons, Greys, Macaws, Conures, Pionus, Cockatoos, Lovebirds, Cockatiels and Quakers. We also keep all PRETTY BIRD PRODUCTS in stock. Contact Marshall Baker, 3202 Speedshop Rd., Russellville, AR.(479)-967-3821

Cockatiels And More!

Birds of Different Colors!
Cockatiels $25.00 each or take all and make us a offer, we have diamond doves & Budgies, and Parakeets. We also have Red Rumps and Normal Bourkes and Rosey Bourkes. Email: North East Arkansas

Ennis Parakeets - ships

we are breeders of fine rare and normal parakeets
we have both young and breeder birds for sale. these are top quality birds .we ship or you can pick up for a reduced price. we are located in northern arkansas near russellville. you can contact us at 479 331 3398 ask for john ennis or email at cincity@cswnet .com Email: Dover, AR.

Exotics Are Us - ships

My name is Hazel Mcleskey , the following is what i raise
I raise, BUDGIES< african ringnecks, finches, canaries, cockaties, lovebirds, and more later on , if you want to obtain any of these birds i do not ship so yo will have to come to Northeaster Arkansas to get them , thanks email if intrested thanks Lafe, AR.

Feathered Jewels Aviary - ships

Pyrrhura Conures,Green Cheeked, Crimson-bellied,Parrotlets and Cape Parrots
Sweet, hand-fed pets available year-round. Breeders, also.Yellow-sided Cinnamon, Pineapple and Turquoise GGC mutations, Crimson-bellied Conures, Pacific Parrotlets-Normal, Blue, Yellow, White, Fallow, Green Rump, Spectacled. Cape Parrots. Written Health Guarantee, Shipping on Continental & Delta all year Email: Fayetteville, AR

Fine Feathered Friends Aviary - ships

A small aviary striving to produce the finest companion birds possible.
Currently breeding: Amboina King Parrots, Quakers, Brown Throated Conures, Goffin Cockatoos, Patagonian Conures, and Tiels. Handfed babies and breeders. Can accept credit card payments through Pay Pal on the net. Can ship at buyer's expense through Pet Air. Phone: 501-843-3518 or email: Cabot, AR.

Hot Springs Aviary - ships

We specialize in Hand Fed Babies Pretty Bird Distributor
Macaws, Amazons, African Greys, Cockatoos, Senegals, Asian Parakeets, Meyers, Lories, Quakers, Love Birds, Cockatiels. Some breeders available. We ship & board. All hand feeding supplies available. Discount prices. Hot Springs, AR 501-262-3374 Fax 501-262-3374 E-mail

Ineva's Parakeet Nest - ships

Arkansas Parakeet Breeder
Parakeets in a variety of colors. Breeder pairs for sale at reasonable prices. We will ship at the buyers expense. E-mail me for pictures. Email: Dover, AR.

Lacey's Loft

Breeder of small exotic birds and hand fed hookbills
We raise a few species of finches, societies, zebra's and java's. We also raise doves and bourkes. Hand fed birds include parrotlets blues and yellow along with split blue and yellow, several mutations of cockatiels and green cheek conures and quakers in green, split blue and blue. Email: Benton, AR

Lucky H Farm Parrots - ships

Breeders of exotic birds, large and small
We breed quakers, blue and gold macaws, african greys, conures, and cockatiels. All of our babies are hand-fed, friendly, and healthy. Bird sexing available for an additional charge. Call or e-mail for more information and availability. 479-848-3542 Email: Evansville, AR

Ozark Birdies - ships

Breeders of quality handfed babies of all types
We have a large variety of parrots, 200+ breeder pairs. With more than 40 years experience, this is all we do. This is a 24-7 job. We have to do it right. When you buy from us, you not only get a quality baby, but you get support after you take you new baby home. Email: North Central, AR.

Ozark Exotics - ships

Hand Fed Green-Wing Macaw,Quakers,Cockatoos,conures sale.
Hand Fed Babies Green-Wing Macaw's For Sale. This babies are sweet and BIG. They are very gentle and affectionate. Asking Price 1800.00 Hand Fed Baby Quakers for sale. These babies are sweet to blue and are very sociable. also we have counres, B&G macaws and cockatoos for sale call for more info 870-434-5122 Email: Mount Judea, AR.

Pam's Parrot Place - ships

Breeders of Lories
Specializing in tame hand raised in our home lory babies! Green Nape;Reds;Yellow Back Chattering Lories. Also breed Africian Grey Parrots. Located in NW Arkansas. Ship anywhere in USA. Please email w/ LORY in subject line so your message isn't missed. Email: Rogers, AR

Parakeets From Southern Bird - ships

Large bird breeder specializing in parakeets
We have a large variety of parakeets. Will ship. Parakeets are heavy to rare. For your VOLUME orders, call today! Email us at Russellville, AR.

Parrot Whisper Aviary - ships

Breeder of exotic parrots
Congo African Grey, Timneh and Great Billed Parrots for sale. All are raised in my home with lots of TLC. Reference available from past buyers. Some breeder pairs for sell. Call anytime 479-248-7938 Email: Tontitown, AR

Peewee's Playpen - Linda Kaye

Sweet Handfed Baby Birds & Parrot Toys & Supplies!
Baby Greenrump & Pacific Parrotlets, Sun & Gold Cap Conures, Dusky Pionus, Senegals, Quakers, Whtefront & Lilac Crown Amazons, Lovebirds (violets, assie cinnamon, creamino, cobalt, etc). Our babies are in great feather - fed fresh veggies, cooked grains, pellets & seed. Very Loved & Handled Daily! Email: Berryville, AR.

Singing Wing Aviary - ships

Best selection of quaility birds at affordable prices!
50+ species of Australian, African, Asian, European, S. American Finches & Canaries. Quakers, Conures, Greys, Ringnecks, Parrotlets, Rosellas, Doves and much more. Shipping available. E-mail at . London, AR.
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Wing2fling Aviary - ships

Breeder of Feathered Friends
Handfed Cockatiels and English Budgies.Whiteface Tiels & Spangle & Red Eyed Lacewing Budgies available.Mutations of English Zebra Finches- BlackCheek, OrangeBreasted, BlackFace, & BlackBreasted. Also Diamond Doves. NCS, ABS, BAA, &NFSS Banded.Some Shipping Email: Little Rock, AR.

Winginit Aviary

Winginit Aviary Arkansas
English Budgies, Mutations of Cockatiels and Zebra Finches, Diamond Doves, Parrotletts, African Greys and more! 501-563-8990 Email: Little Rock, AR
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