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Exotic Birds 4 Sale III
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------ Classified Ads 07/20/09 - 07/25/09 Posted 08/12------

Birds needing homes
    Canaries, Finches, American Parakeets, English Budgies, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Sun Conures, Green Cheek Conures, Quaker Parrots, Quail, Doves The owner hand feeds the babies on site so they will make great pets. Email: Keenesburg, CO.

Young Gouldians for Sale
    Normal, yellow, diltue and split to blue Gouldians for sale. Parents & 2009 birds NFSS banded. Reasonably priced, Healthy and Parent Raised. Three new dbl breeder cages 4 sale--30Hx18Hx16D. Will deliver birds/cages within 100 miles. Pls no Camaroonian scams or spam. Pike County, PA. [Email Frederica in PA].

Salmon Crested Cockatoo "kiki" $2500 O.B.O.
    KiKi is 16 years old. He is a salmon colored crested cockatoo that loves to talk and dance! He is a member of the family, we are looking for a good home for him, no breeders! We don not have the time to spend with KiKi anymore, looking for a local Please contact us at 708-839-1858 for more details or any questions! Email: Justice, IL.

Sun Conure, Indian Ringneck, Love Bird
    Sun Conure - $115.00; Indian Ringneck - $50.00, Cream Lovebird - $10.00 Email: San Mateo, FL.

Blue and Gold Macaw Baby $795
    Beautiful Baby Blue and Gold baby available. It is nearly weaned on it's own. I still feed it once a day. The baby fledged (flew) for the first time yesterday. The baby has beautiful coloring just like it's parents.If you have ANY QUESTIONS contact me at and see pix at Email: Oklahoma City, OK.

Hand Fed Caique Babies
    VERY SWEET hand fed CAIQUE babies, only 2 left, FAMILY raised with kids, hobby raised and well socialized!! we spend alot of hands on with our babies, asking $700. small deposit will hold the baby until weaned, call 608-780-9044 NO EMAILS PLEASE I WOULD PREFER CALLS ONLY Viroqua, WI. [Email Tania in WI].

African Grey Timnah
    cuddles is 6 years old she likes adults and children.she is quite spunky she loves ki sses cuddles whistels talks and mimics sounds, i will be sad to see her go.i'm gone 4 days she needs more attention then i;m able to give.cuddles comes with a huge cage will send photos! CALL LISA AT 772-634-2650 asking $800 Email: Stuart, FL.

Gang Gang Cockatoo pair
    11year old Gang Gang Cockatoos, proven pair, perfect feather, somewhat tame. I also have lutino split rose breasted cockatoos ( the gray is replaced with white) Very Rare!! $8000 Bonded pair of Major mitchels, bonded, big fat australian female $9000, call 503-368-4373 or Portland, OR.

Gang Gang Cockatoo pair
    11year old Gang Gang Cockatoos, proven pair, perfect feather, somewhat tame. I also have lutino split rose breasted cockatoos ( the gray is replaced with white) Very Rare!! $8000 Bonded pair of Major mitchels, bonded, big fat australian female $9000, call 503-368-4373 or Portland, OR.

Finches To Macaws
    I can get finches to macaws. Can get all finches that are hard to find. reasonable prices. Call (610) 895-4092 for more info. Email: Kunkletown, PA.

Baby greenwing macaws
    I have a baby boy greenwing macaw baby weaned and ready to go! He is eating great! Likes Zupreem pellets, corn on cob, cherrios and more! very tame! Email: Sioux City, IA.

Rosebreasted Cockatoo, Blue Front Amazon Babies
    RB is a male and one of the finest specimens I have had the pleasure of weaning (deep rose coloration and large), harnass trained, abundance weaned, fledged. The BF is presently on 2 feedings per day & beginning to mimic with an affectionate curious manner Raised in home and well soc: $950 and $800 Rochester, NY.

Great Bill
    Hand feeding now, six weeks old. Wonderful pets and good talkers. Very rare. $500.0 Angier, NC 919-557-6265 Email:

Handfed Rose Breasted Cockatoo male
    I am down sizing my pets and have sold all breeders. Have a sweet male Rosey for sale He loves men or women, says Mic" (his name) and is in perfect health.Not a feather picker . $1800.00 Firm. 830-966-4635 Email: Utopia, TX.

Lilac Crown Amazons in Illinois
    Recently weaned Lilac Crown Amazons. Hatch dates are 4-2-09 & 4-4-09. They are closed banded & come from a quarterly Vet checked aviary. Email: Buda, IL.

Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conures
    Recently weaned hand-fed Yellow/Sided Green Cheek Conures. They can be handled and come from a quarterly Vet checked Avairy. Email: Buda, IL.

Double Yellowhead & Moluccan Cockatoo
    Both are pets, tame, talking and come with large california cages on wheels with play tops and toys. going back to school and can't care for them anymore. Make reasonabl e offer. Asking $750 & 975 with cages, may do package deal if fair or trade? Email: Dayton, TX.

Congo African Grey Weaned Babies
    Already spoiled rotten congo african grey babies for sale. Hand fed in my home and raised with lots of attention 24/7. $900 Ashland, VA. [Email Peggy in VA].

Turquoisine &other handfed Grasskeets
    handfed <3 mo. old.Split to Lutino male Turquoisines $125,normal females $100 Princess of Wales $200, Split to Rubino Bourkes $125, Cinn. bourkes $125 Really red Yellowside greencheek conure females $150 & up, Plumheads $250 We will be at the St.Pete & Orlando shows, Beth 813-983-9865 Email: Tampa, FL.

Mealy Amazon for Sale.
    Surg. sexed male, unknown age, proven breeder but mate was stolen. He is in excellent feather condition, on a pelleted diet, and healthy. $300.00 Email: Lake City, FL.

Blue And Green Pacific Parrotlets Available
    currently have BLUE or GREEN pacific parrotlets available. BLUE parrotlets are $145. each and GREEN parrotlets are $115. each Discounts are available for multiple purchases. Will make wonderful pets or breeders Email: Hendersonville, NC.

Blue Fallow Pied Parrotlet Available
    have a beautiful BLUE FALLOW PIED female pacific parrotlet available. * Hatched on May 28, 2009 * Priced at $325. will make wonderful pet or breeder can produce fallows, blue fallows, greens, blues and pieds if paired properly. Email: Hendersonville, NC.

Fallow Pied Split Blue Pacific Parrotlet Available
    Have a beautiful fallow pied split blue pacific parrotlet available. * Hatched on May 27, 2009 * Priced at $285. will make wonderful pet or breeder can produce fallows, blue fallows, greens, blues and pieds if paired properly. Email: Hendersonville, NC.

Turquoise Female Pacific Parrotlet Available
    have a TURQUOISE FEMALE split YELLOW pacific mutation parrotlet available. * Hatched on May 16, 2009 * Priced at $425. Will make wonderful pet or breeder contact: or call 828-393-0160 for more information Hendersonville, NC.

American Singer Canaries
    Banded '09 American Singers for sale many colors will ship US airlines I can ship early in the day before it gets to hot Amelia, VA. [Email Donna in VA].

female Alexandrine Parrot
    2 Year old Alexandrine, beautiful, sweet, hand tame ....comes complete with cage, one large metal playstand, one wooden playstand, and travel cage . loves attention and children . will not ship, must take all supplies. Asking price, make me an offer.needs a good home, with alot of attention, not for breeding.will email pics. Fort Worth, TX. [Email Mary in TX].

yellow nape Amazons
    2 pair of proven yellow nape Amazons with or without flight cages breeding boxes 1100 per pair or 2000 for both pairs. one pair DBL yellows proven 1300 for pair includes flight and nest box, 3000.00 if you get them all. 916-289-2322 James Email: Citrus Heights, CA.

Baby Blue Crown Conures in NC
    I have 4 baby blue crown conure babies in nest, these are nice big babies from two very talkative parents, we do not ship so you must pick up here in person, anymore questions just ask.Thanks Triad Area, NC. [Email Susan in NC].

Breeder inventory reduction
    Yellow Nape Amazon$600each1 bonded pair1 male.2 pair B+G Macaw bad feather $300 pair. Choco Blue Front Amazons@$500 if take all, 1bonded pair1 proven pair, 1 male, 2 female. Group breeding colony mixed cockatiels@$14 each must take all. 1 bonded pair Severe Macaws $600--Yellow Collar Macaws 2 male $300 each, 1 pair $600 Plant City, FL. [Email Sue in FL].

    I have macaws blue and gold for $ 450. Very good price Call me at phone (239)772-3685 Email: Cape Coral, FL.

Ring Neck- Lutino
Black Capped Caiques
9 Year Old Male Umbrella Cockatoo For Sale
    He is need of more attention then I can give him. He is not a breeder. I am asking $500 for him. His cage would be an extra $100 . I got it brand new for him, but he has since taken some of the screws out. St Louis, MO. [Email Chelsea in MO].

Breeders For Sale
    HawkHeads, African Greys, Cuban Amazons, Bluefronts, Golden Conures, Patagonian Conures, Blackcaps, Caiques, Senegals, Rosebreasted Cockatoos, Double Yellowhead Amazons, Blue Parrotlets, Spectal Amazons, Also Single Birds, Cages and accessories Triple Stack 36in California Cages, Call and Ask if you dont see. Buyer pays shipping Ft Lauderdale, FL. [Email Carl in FL].

------ Classified Ads 07/17/09 - 07/19/09 Posted 08/12------

For Sale Jacksonville Fl
    Hand Fed Sun/caps& Greeen Ring necks $150.00&$65.00 Male Hahns.....$300.00, male white front amazons 250.00 some breeding birds for sale, tiels 40.00 or 904282-0822 Middlebrug, FL. [Email cindy in FL].

Beautiful Scarlett Macaws
    Baby scarlett macaws available. DOB: 7/25/09 and 7/28/09. $650.00 unweaned and $900 weaned. Call for details. Will ship. Buyer responsible. Visa/MC accepted. Can send pictures of what they will look like. References available. Email: New Port Richey, FL.

Hand fed Fischer lovebirds
    Hand fed Fischer babies 40.00 Also Peach face breeders for sale 10.00. 1 grey and black, masked lovebird 50.00, 1 male cobalt blue linolated parakeet 100.00 1 Albino, 1 white with silver on shoulder, 1 yellow with little grey on wing edge and 1 normal grey cockatiel 35.00 each. 3 young diamond doves, ( 2 will be cinnamon) 25.00 Irrigon, OR. [Email Christine A Conaway in OR].

Cockatiels & Green cheek Conures
    3 Albino, red eye, cockatiels, 1 grey cockatiel. (Hand Raised) Very Loving 4 green Cheek Conures (Hand raised) Very Loving Email: Hemet, CA.

African Greys
    1 proven domestic african grey congo male 1,000.00 1 import male grey w/papers plucked 650.00 Email: Hooksett, NH.

African Grey Congo
    gersie is 10 years old.she loves to be petted and sings and says bye bye see you late r when you leave room.she is friendly with everyone owner has gone blind and cannot care for lisa at 772 634-2650 gersie is 600.00 and 750.00 w/cage Email: Stuart, FL.

White Face Pearl Baby Cockatiels
    One cinnamon and one grey. Hand fed and very tame. $50. 602-864-1349 (Phoenix). Phoenix, AZ. [Email Sally in AZ].

Half Moon Conures
    Handfed babies . Very tame. $200 each. Call 602-864-1349 in Phoenix. No shipping. Phoenix, AZ. [Email Sally in AZ].

Quakers- Blue and Split to Blue
    Quakers on the nest, Three babies available, will be handfed and weaned before going home with new parronts. Large, healthy birds as parents, blue father, split to blue mom. Will educate prospective parents and provide list of what they are used to. Chicagoland, IL. [Email Amy in IL].

Citron Cockatoo - Talks - Orange Crested
    I have an Orange Crested CITRON Cockatoo. He is +- 5 years old, & has nice feathers. Sugar is a great talker & very entertaining. Due to illness, need to down size flock Sugar, only $450.00. Large green cage $75.00. USA only. Near Charlotte, NC. E-mail me at [Email Larksue in NC].

Yellow Naped Macaw
    8yr. old YellowNaped Macaw named "ACE". Unfortunately, ACE can't be accepted to our new apt. He is green, with a yellow collar, and various colors on his wings. He laughs, says hi! etc.. Will sell for $500.00. If you want the cage and toys included, the total will be $800.00. A good buy - won't last long ! Email: Stoneham, Mass.

Pair Of Parakeets Need Loving Home
    Two parakeets, M&F, approx 2 years of age, green and yellow markings, large cage incl Moving and looking for someone wanting a pair of sweet birds. $50 College Station, TX. [Email Bryan in TX].

Proven Breeder Birds, Moving must sell
    1 Proven Pair of Rose Breasted Cockatoo's 2,000.00,2 Proven Pairs of Quakers 400.00, 2Proven Pairs of Sun Conures 400.00each, 2 flight or 6 pr.'s proven Cockatiels 120.00 1 pr. of Red Rump Parakeets 100.00,1 Proven Pr. Green Cheek Conures 200.00 1male grn 2 pr. parroletees 300.00 each, 2 pr. proven Lovebirds, 2 single lovebirds 50.00 Email: Ocala, FL.

Selling Out
    I am a breeder goin out of business.I have greenwings, illigers, cockateils, parroletts, conures, quakers, blue an gold.Most where handfed out an most are proven pairs.Looken to sell as fast as I can.Please contact me soon all are goin fast, resonable prices on all.All are very healthy an spoiled. Email: Rockport, TX.

Ring Neck Parakeet Needs Loving And Caring Home
    Young Beautiful Ring Neck Parakeet Needs New Loving and Caring Home ASAP. $265.00 with cage. $215.00 without cage. Please call (804) 908-1655. Only Serious Buyers, please. Glen Allen, VA. [Email Delores in VA].

Baby Quakers - INDIANA
    Handfed baby quakers will be weaned soon. They will be weaned to Pretty Bird Pellets, veggies, fruits, breads...NO seed. Located near Muncie, IN. Will not ship. Email for phone # or if you have any questions. $100 each. [Email Theresa in IN].

Greenwing macaws, military, suns, bluecrowns
    I have babies weaned and ready to go. Sweet greenwings both dna 1 boy, 1 girl, wean to pellets and soft foods. ! baby military macaw baby girl! 1 Sun conure baby, 1 blue crown conure, 1 nanday conure..Baby cockatiels . All are handfed, tame! Located in Iowa. we do ship per Delta airlines Email: Sioux City, IA.

Umbrella Cockatoo - dna female - sweet!
    We have a 1 year old DNA female Umbrella Cockatoo for sale. She is a wonderful, tame 'people' bird. Serious Inquiries only. Email: Lansing Area, MI.

Blue and Gold Macaw Babies $850
    Here at Critterbreeders we had Blue and Gold Macaw Babies again We only have one available. It was laid on Easter Sunday and hatched on May 10. The baby is $850 I will sell it for $950 if I wean the baby. Itis only eating one time a day now Email me at for more info I can ship. Email: Oklahoma City, OK.

------ Classified Ads 07/13/09 - 07/16/09 Posted 08/12------

Umbrella Too named Sigh
    My Sigh is 11 and is a typically loving, loud, demanding, cuddly Umbrella Cockatoo. It breaks my heart but I can no longer keep him. No plucking, tame, prefers women. Will only let go to an excellent home in Southern California. Cage goes with him. Price very low to the perfect home. Canyon Lake, CA.

Breeder Lineolated Parakeet
    I have a female Lutino Lineolated parakeet for sale. She lost here mate. I am asking $75.00 for her. Her head has been plucked some. Please E-mail if interested. Graham, NC. [Email Tina in NC].

breeder Quakers
    I have a pair of Quakers for sale. Female is green male is blue. I am asking $200.00 for the pair and there nest box. They are Plucked some. please E-mail if interested Graham, NC. [Email Tina in NC].

Baby Hahns Mini Macaw
    I have a Hanhs Mini Macaw for sale. I am Hand feeding it. I am will be taking a deposit of $200.00 on it. Total Price $650.00 Balance due when weaned. E-mail if interested. Graham, NC. [Email Tina in NC].

Pair of Green Quaker Parrots
    I don't have enough time to spend with my Q's. They are a friendly pair. Female is 4, male is 3. A person with Parrot experience is best. Their noise level is alot for our small house. Asking $350.00 with large cage included. Will not ship. Email: Orange, VT.

Yellow Nape Amazon
    Yellow Nape Amazon..He is my pet and I have to sell him to a good home who knows how to handle birds. My health is bad and I can't give him the attention that he needs anymore. He sings, laughs Very LARGE vocab. Email or call 607-538-1397 for more info. Located upstate NY..asking $550. to a good home only..No trades ofcourse..Thanks! Email: Hobart, NY.

Moluccan Cockatoo & DYH amazon
    Not sure of sex or age of either birds but Cockatoo is banded, amazon is not. Both are very tame, both talk and like to be held. Can sell with or without large floor cages on wheels with playtops w top & bottom removable trays. $975 w/cage Cockatoo $750 w/cage DYH no shipping, must pick up in Liberty County area outside of Houston Liberty, TX. [Email Bird in TX].

Black Capped Conure
    Patches is very sweet, very out going, and pretty quiet. He is trying to talk, he is just shy over a year old. Loves to sit and cuddle on your shoulder. asking $300.00 Email: Huntingtown, MD.

Suns And Jenday
    i have a pair of suns and 1 male jenday conure for sale $500 for the pair of suns and $300 for the jenday and its tame or will trade, call 770-990-0548 Email: Rome, GA.

Blue Crowned Conure
    For sale 2 year old blue crowned conure starting to talk a little bit very friendly once he gets to know you $400.00 Email: Princeton, KY.

Uniquely colored Cockatiels!
    I am small breeder of beautiful cockatiels.I have many unique colors to offer. My babies sell for $75 to $95. I am located in Pittsburgh, PA. You can email me at or phone me at 412-885-2341

Handfed Baby Senegals
    I have 3 very sweet handfed baby Senegals available. They have just been weaned and are ready for new homes. I'm asking $400 ea. Sorry, no shipping. I am located in Hayward, CAlif. [Email Heather in CA].

Jenday Conure Pair
    I have a bonded pair of Jendays. 1 Male and 1 Female. Both Birds are handtamed but need time spent with them to keep them that way and I do not have enough time anymore These are very beatiful birds. can send pics on request. MUST go to experienced home. asked 400 for the pair 475 for the pair with a cage and some other misc items Brewer, ME. [Email Josh in ME].

Severe Mini McCaw
    800.00 includes LARGE cage, 4 y/o McCaw, and LARGE playstand. Shes is in need of an annual vet check up, and toys. She (not confirmed) is on a people food diet, fresh veggies, fruits, grains, and meat daily. This is well over a 1500.00 value. Bird in great health and full feathering. Chicago, IL. [Email Tracy in IL].

Severe macaw/cockatoo
    Olive is a green severe Macaw that is only 2 years old. Spunky is a 7 year old Goffin cockatoo. These birds are very beautiful and healthy The cage is included please call me for any question 631-208-6538 Harry Long Isalnd, NY. [Email Harry in NY].

Umbrella Cockatoo Baby
    umbrella cockatoo baby----hatched 5/17/09. still feeding 3 times a day must know how to hand feed $650.00 will not ship florida only Email: Newport Richey, FL.

Greenwing Macaw
    Very loving macaw, about 5 years old. Large cage. email for pix and more info Franklinton, LA.

African Grey female
    Very sweet disposition, about 5 years old. Talks a lot. Large cage. email for pix and more info Franklinton, LA.

Cockatiels Rares - hand fed babies and breeders
    I have many babies and breeders for sale. Please contact me via email or phone for more information. Located in San Diego, CA- I can ship anywhere in the US Normals, WF, DYC, SLY, Emerald, Dom Sil, Rec Silver, and Pastel face. [Email Andrew in CA].

Umbrella Cockatoo Pair
    Umbrella Cockatoos, Proven, Last Baby was 2006 $1000.00 No Shipping. Located near Katy, TX Email: Brookshire, TX.

Congo African Grey
    We have a Congo African Grey that is seven years old I raised myself, which we think is a male but not for sure, he is a good talker and loves to sing. If interested please let me know. Asking 600.00 or best offer. Please no trades or scams will ship, at your expense Harrisonburg, VA. [Email Stallings in VA].

Breeder For Sale
    A Proven pair of Scarlet Macaws $1500.00 Two pairs of proven Moluccan cockatoo's $1500.00 each A Male Yellow Nape Male that is a breeder $500.00 Willing to ship, for more information please email. Harrisonburg, VA. [Email Stallings in VA].

Double Yellow Head Amazon
    Unsure of sex or origin. The bird is very tame and talkative and likes to be held. comes with large floor cage. $850 or possible trade for cockatoo or quieter bird! Humble, TX

Buffon"s Breeders Avilable
    selling our pair of buffons. together for 6 yrs. produces clutches 2 yrs in a row. 2006 and 2007. infertile West Field, NJ. [Email Joe in NJ].

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