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Exotic Birds 4 Sale II
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------ Classified Ads 08/19/09 - 08/20/09 Posted 08/21------

Baby linnies OHIO
    green and lutino handfed baby lineolated parakeets for sale. The lutino is a hen and the green is unsexed. Mom is mauve, dad green split for blue/lutino. $150 for the green, $250 for the lutino Middlefield, OH. [Email Tiffany in OH].

African Grey Congo Babies Available
    Hand Fed, Healthy, Tame, Well socialized African Grey Congo Babies available from an experienced breeder. I have newly hatched babies and eggs in nest boxes soon to hatch. Babies for sale when weaned. Reserve yours now. $1000 (includes DNA sexing) (608) 697-0206. Email: Montello, WI.

Wonderful Blue and Gold Macaw With Cage - $1,100
    I have a wonderful male (DNA sexed) blue and gold macaw for sale due to an unfortunat change in my living situation. He loves to be held and will lift his wings for his person to rub under them. He just turned 1 in July. He comes with his cage & toys. It breaks my heart to part w/him. Serious Inquires only-no checks or money orders. Drexel Hill, PA. [Email Kate in PA].

African Grey Male
    Was a hand fed pet. Now is a mature 10 yr old that wants a mate.... $400.00. In the area of The Villages and Ocala Fla.... contact - Near The Villages, FL.

Proven prs Sun Conures
    3-Proven prs Sun Conures, $750.pair. Great parents, hatch/feed there babies till pulled for hand feeding. No pluckers. Serious Inquiries only. No trades. Phone calls only * No emails. (772) 571-9604. Vero Beach, FL.Call John.

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo With Cage For Sale
    sulphur crested cockatoo for sale w/cage $800 firm. will consider trading for a macaw will not ship so dont ask. Email: Jesup, GA.

Baby African Congo Greys
    Hand feeding 5-African Congo Greys, 8-10 wks old $950.ea. Super sweet birds! Above babies sold still hand feeding, you must know how to hand feed. Shops welcome. No trades. Serious Inquiries only. No emails * Phone calls only. (772) 571-9604 Vero Beach, FL. Call John.

Breeders for Sale or Trade
    1 pr of yellow naped amazons $1000, 1 pr of goffin cockatoos $1000 1 pr of jenday conures $500 2 male sun conures $150, 1 male senegal $150 Will trade for proven pair of macaws or a baby moluccan Email: Pierre Part, LA.

Proven Pair of White Bellied Caiques
    Proven Pair of White Bellied Caiques. Six years old and just proven. Veterinarian health certificate and Polyoma shot records. Asking $2000. Will ship. For more info about breeder visit Orlando, FL. [Email Rosela in FL].

Green Cheek Conure Babies
    green cheek conure babies. not weaned yet but once they are they will be for sale for $200 per baby. its a great deal! they are very sweet loving birds! any questions call/email email: phone: 716 694 6559 North Tonawanda, NY.

------ Classified Ads 08/16/09 - 08/18/09 Posted 08/21------

Blue & Gold Male
    9 yr old male blue & gold or breeder your choice. $500.00. no shipping. call or text for more information 503 868 8727 Hillsboro, OR. [Email Barbara in OR].

Moluccan Cockatoo
    2yo think she's a female but not dna'd. In perfect feather, talks very well. Prefers men. $800 without cage or $1000 with large Macaw cage. She will make someone a great and beautiful companion. Harrisburg, PA. [Email Shirley in PA].

baby Blue Quaker
    I have a DNA sexed male Blue Quaker for sale. Asking 350.00 for him. He is 12 weeks old. If interested let me know. Staunton, IL. [Email Tammy in IL].

Loveable Goffin Female!
    I have 1 sweet Goffin female, just weaned! Hatched 4/19/09, she is ready to go to her new home anytime! Goffins are cuddly and playful and great family birds. Email for more info or photos! Shipping availale. $1000 Email: San Diego, CA.

Sweet Caique Males!
    We have 2 sweet Black Headed Caique males available. Handfed and lovable, these make great pets and are very active. They are just about a year old and ready to go. Email for photos or info. Only $800!!! Email: San Diego, CA.

Super sweet Blue & Gold babies!
    We have many sweet Blue & Gold babies available! 1 female hatched 6/16 and 2 DNA pending hatched 7/4 and 7/9 plus one more in the nest! These make great pets, sweet and cuddly and great family birds. Email for photos or more info. Shipping avail. A great deal at $1200!!! Email: San Diego, CA.

Handfed Babies For Sale
    Macaws, amazons, cockatoos, and eclectus are seasonally available. Over 30 species. We can ship and we accept Visa/MC. Singles and breeders are sometimes available. Carrell Farms, Inc. Monroe, GA 770-267-0948

Birds Moving must go
    umbrella cockatoo 300 obo cherry head conure 185 blue crown conure 150 pantagonian 100 all with cages cash only no shipping call 727-906-5605 Email: Largo, FL.

Weaned Baby Black-headed Caique
    Male Black headed caique baby (750.00) Baby is totally weaned and ready to go. All Babies guaranteed healthy and free of avian disease. Utilize unique weaning and socializing process. All babies weaned unto Zupreem pellets and fresh foods. All babies are waterbottle trained. This is a great little guy. Cincinnati, OH. [Email Debbie in OH].

Rose Breasted Cockatoo Pair
    $3,500 - Beautiful Young pair, hen laid her first egg last season. Reason for sale: slowly downsizing, selling one pair every six months. All birds have been totally disease tested and are guaranteed healthy and free of avian disease. Will ship at buyers expense. for additional information. Cincinnati, OH. [Email Debbie in OH].

Breeder Lovebird Pr., Cockatiel
    breeder lovebird pr. for sale, $75.00, boned pr., $70.00. 1 male white cockatiel, 2 yr. old, needs alittle TLC. $30.00 Email: Erie, PA.

------ Classified Ads 08/12/09 - 08/15/09 Posted 08/15------

African Grey Congo
    5 year old very talkative Congo. Great temperment for a grey. Comes with 6' x 3' x 2' white cage. Asking $1500.00 Milwaukee, WI. [Email Jim in WI].

Bare - Eyed Cockatoo
    Beautiful 1.5 yr old DNA sexed female. MUST sell b/c of health. Friendly, talks and doing tricks. Contact for photo or video. GOOD HOME ONLY $800. "Will sacrifice at this price to find her a good home quickly" Bellevue, OH. [Email Lana in OH].

Baby birds for sale
    For local pick up only Buffalo & WNY Baby handfed Tiels talking & whistling I have 2 Lutino & 1 Normal Grey. asking $50.00, also have English normal cross Zebra Finches for $5.00. email me at Buffalo, NY.

African grey-congo baby $950.00
    African grey babies available. Ready now and some not for a few weeks. Very tame and Hand-fed. Oregon, IL. [Email Aperfect in IL].

Double yellowhead amazon baby $1200.
    Black Cap Caique, Dna sex male, weaned and mircochip. Buddy is very sweet and loves to play and hang out. Comes with Cage, 2 Playstands, carrier, toys and food. All for 850.00. Call 727-207-4785 or email. Email: Spring Hill, FL.

Selling Out All Breeders
    Selling the following pairs, contact me for details please. Macaws:1pr Militarys, 1pr prvn Greenwings, 1pr Scarlests, 2 single greenwings, 2pr CAG's, 1 male Greencheek conure, several pair of Parrotletts, 6 parrotlett babies 6mos, assorted other small birds, brooders, 3 incubators & more! call Michael 402-276-4646 will ship Southeastern Nebraska, NE. [Email Michael in NE].

Two Macaws
    Must sell our pet birds. Have had them since they were 6 weeks old. DNA sexed. 6 year old. must sell as pair. will sacrifice for 1500.00 Blue & Gold- male Scarlet- Female Email: York, PA.

Double Yellow Amazons
    Small Breeder, 3 Double Yellow Amazons, Hatched 5/23, 5/29, 5/31/09 Just starting to wean. Hand fed since hatched. Located in Tucson, AZ $600 ea.Pictures on request. [Email Dean in AZ].

Lovebirds, Cockatiel For Sale
    1 breeding pr. of lovebirds, -$100.00, various youngsters- $35.00 each. also 1 white male cockatiel, needs a little TLC - $30.00. nestbox included. call (814) 790-5066 Erie, PA. [Email Christy in PA].

Handfed Baby Cockatiels
    Beautiful, healthy, well-socialized hand fed baby cockatiels up for adoption. Website: Email: Mentor, OH.

Two Beautiufl Macaws For Sale
    Two Macaws for sale. One is 2 and a half years old (life span of 70 years). The other is an albino who is 6 months (life span of 12 years). Email me and I can get you pictures. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY! Thank you. Email: Redondo Beach, CA.

Baby Parakeets For Cockatiel
    Looking for female cockatiel and willing to trade baby parakeets. Or will sell babies Blue and whites, yellows, greens and turquoise. 8 weeks to 8 months old. some on eggs My cockatiel lost his buddy a couple of months ago and really needs a friend. Would prefer to trade. No shipping, South Jersey area-don't drive far. Thanx Email: Clementon, NJ.

Amazon Bluefronted Male
    Adult Amazon Very friendly once he knows you. Comes with beautiful black iron cage. Allergies force sale. Need to re-home him ASAP. We are motivated sellers. $995.00 OBO will get you nice bird and large cage on its own stand. 941.379.0101 or Sarasota, FL.

Bonded Pair of Greenwings
    We have a bonded pair of Greenwing Macaws for sale they are un- related and sexed. We have had them from the time they we babies and I hand feed them. Male 14 female 12 we will only sell to a great home. They have never been set up to breed and come with a Kings 506 cage contact In Iowa Des Moines, IA.

Baby Congo Grey, $900
    Babies are flight suit conditioned, socialized with dogs, kids and different adults we are a small breeder who raises all of our babies as if we will be keeping them for ourselves, they are fully flighted and allowed to be with us all the time we are home come see our babies Email: Milwaukee, WI.

------ Classified Ads 08/07/09 - 08/11/09 Posted 08/14------

Female Sun Conure for sale
    I am selling my 2 yr old Sun Conure, she is in dire need of a mate. If you are interested please e-mail me. I have pictures of her and a couple of videos of her. Email: Sacramento, CA.

Handfed Cinnamon Greencheek Conure
    Hand fed Baby Greencheek. Male This small parrot is Very smart and loving. Used to birds and animals and well socialized with people. Will be weaned very soon on parrot mix and fresh fruits and veggies. $225.00 Neg. Email: Jessup, PA.

PARAKEET BABIES hatching now! Call to adopt now
    PLEASE CALL or EMAIL ME f interested. The first chick hatched today, 8-11-09. It will take some time before all babies are available for adoption. Father is bright blue and white; mother is bright yellow-green and white. '08 we had some turqoise/white- all gorgeous. Email: Folcroft, PA

Male Eclectus
    Male Vos Eclectus for sale. Approx 4 to 5 years old. Poly vaccinated. Excellent health and in perfect feather. Last of birds for sale from closed aviary. Hand tamed could be breeder or pet. Also have cage available. Southern, IN. [Email Bruce in IN].

Yellow Nape Amazon
    Yellow Nape Amazon male parrot, 2 years old, hand-tame, talks, raised on pellets, $500 with or without cage, must sell due to life change Email: Ethan, SD.

Breeder Parrots
    Breeding Aviary selling out. 8 pair sun conures, 1 pair jendays, 3 pair blue front amazons, 1 pair yellow nape amazons, 2 pair blue&gold amazons, 1 pair senegals, 2 male sun conures, 1 male blue&gold macaws, 1 greenwing macaw, 2 male goffins. 1 male yellow nape amazon pricing from $450.00 - $1300.00 upon request Email: Kissimmee, FL.

Handfed Blue Baby Parrotlets
    Handfed baby Parrotlets for sale. Blue Male...$175. Blue Females...$150 each. CASH. No Shipping. Will meet within reasonable distance for delivery. Martinsville, IN. [Email Mel in IN].

Love Birds,Cockatiels,Conures,Senegal
    hand fed babys: Love Birds assorted colors..fancy WF extra heavy pied cockatiel, 2 WF heavy pearls cockatiels..Sun Conure, Cinnm. Green Cheek Conures.Fancy Mutation cockatiel pairs..Pet Senegal, Pet sun and Nanday conures bonded Email: Vineyard Haven, MA.

Baby African Greys in CA
    Hand Fed Baby Greys - 4 months old - fully weaned and fledged - ready to go to their new home with you $900.00 each Temecula, CA. [Email Joyce in CA].

Quaker Parrot Babies Handfed
    Quaker Parrots handfed Green, Yellowfaced Cinnamon Pallid Blue Greer, SC. [Email Maria in SC].

Congo African Grey - VA
    Loving pet looking for forever home. Talks and eats anything. 1 yr. old as of June Must move to help with Grandchilden and can't take our loving pet. $1000. obo to good home. Comes with beautiful cage. Email: Woodbridge, VA.

    Young Cinnamon & Pearly cockatiels. $45 ea. Pictures available on request. located in the San Francisco Bay Area Hayward, CA. [Email Steve in CA].

Baby Severe Macaw's
    Just hatched, 2 baby Severe Macaw chick's. Will be very lovingly handfed with lots of hugs & cuddling daily. Vet checked & full written health guarantee. Picture below is last clutch at 8 weeks old. GEOCICIES.COM/DDBIRDS Email: Olympia, WA.

Congo Babys
    we have congo african grey babys just about weaned for 850.00 in central pa. email Shippenville, PA. [Email Bob in PA].

Baby Greenwing Macaws in CA
    Awesome hand fed baby Greenwing Macaws. 3 month olds/5 month olds/1 year old 2 older ones are DNAd females Asking $1,600 ea Located in Southern CA Parents on site Temecula, CA. [Email Joyce in CA].

Parent raised Bodini Amazon babies
    Four months old. As this species is rare best to use as future breeders. If bougth as a pet, will need some work as these birds were never handled. Babies are close banded with AFA bands. Two females available Milwauke, WI. [Email Goran in WI].

Beautiful Green Quaker Parrott
    Female Green Quaker Parrot. About 1 and a 1/2 years old. She is very intelligent and loves attention. Cage, Toys, Food included. $275. E-mail me at Thanks for looking! :) Ashland, OH.

African Grays, Blue And Gold Maccaw And Umbrella
    For sale african gray parrots, 2 males, 1 female For sale Blue and Gold macaw male For sale Umbrella cockatoo male Andrews, TX. [Email Beverly in TX].

Rose-breasted Cockatoo
    This is a DNA sexed hen hatched in 2005. She is in perfect feather and is a great bird. She is healthy with no problems. We must place her due to a allergy I have developed. She must go to a good home. We are asking 1,500.00 for her with all her toys and food, cage is optional. Louisville, KY. [Email David J Johnson in KY].

Sun Conures
    hand fed tame babys- sunconures 300. each greencheeks conures 125 yellow sided geen cheek conures, 200. Email: Tivoli, TX.

Baby Whitebellied Caiques
    Handraised, fun loving, clowney Banded, Health Guarenteed, Great pet for apartment, condos And families with children, hours of comical fun.$700.00 Firm Price.I DO NOT SHIP OR I WILL NOT DEAL WITH BROKERS.If interested contact BETH at 203-804-2946 New Haven, CT. [Email Elizabeth in CT].

Baby sun conures
    Cute, Cuddly, Clowney great familly pets. Parents are very friendly, health guareneed, Handraised, Banded, DNA separet from price. $300.00 Firm price I DO NOT SHIP OR DEAL WITH BROKERS. If interested contact BETH at 203-804-2946 New Haven, CT. [Email Elizabeth in CT].

Green Wing Macaw
    10yr male, tame, talking, healthy. Come with 2 cages, playstand & perch $1200.00 Lansing, MI. [Email Angela in MI].

Proven Pair Red Headed Amazons
    proven pair of red headed amazons these guys are in great feather $800 call for more info can e-mail pics 805-423-7461 805-237-2013 Paso Robles, CA. [Email Travis in CA].

S.i. Eclectus Pair
    proven pair of s.i. eclectus $2000 or may trade call for more info can e-mail pics 805-423-7461 805-237-2013 Paso Robles, CA. [Email Travis in CA].

------ Classified Ads 08/01/09 - 08/06/09 Posted 08/14------

Pale-Headed Rosella Babies
    2 Pale Headed Rosella babies for sale. Already weaned and ready to go now. I have photos for interested parties. please email for more info. $300 OBO Email: York, PA.

3 Yr Old Blue And Gold
    Hand raised, awesome bird.Talks, seed diet, will send current pics if interested. SERIOUS people only. I just dont have the time that should be spent with HIM. ( sexed Male) It does not bother him but I feel bad. Cage and bird 1600.00 OBO email me at NO SHIPPING Copperas Cove, TX

Hahn's Macaw & White Belly Caique Babies!!
    ALL DNA sexed! Handfed & SWEET! - Hahns Mini Macaw babies (1 Male, 1 Female) unrelated if wanting to pair for future mating. Weaned & ready now =) White Belly Caique Babies-Still on 3 feedings/day - 2 females -Absolutely the best darling little clowns there are! 1 left! Email Kat for pix & more info. shipping available. Virginia Beach, VA. [Email Kat in VA].

Breeder Sale Out
    Congo African Greys, Timneh African Greys, Sun Conures, Blue Crown Conures, Parrotlet N Florida, FL. [Email David in FL].

    3 year old greenwing 900., 9 year old scarlett 900. bonded pair b&g with cage 1200 cash or paypal only no shipping. Palm Springs, FL. [Email Mike in FL].

Texas Breeder closing
    After 30 years, . I want to take time for myself and travel. I have a 2 area a bird ranch w/3bedrm 2 bath house. Nursery large and nice setup for customers, I want sell 7 prs provrn breeders, Parrots $15300. Macaws, African Grey Congo. Call if interested. Qwner will finance Ranch .Parrot sept. contract. Email: San Antonio, TX.

Umberella Cockatoo
    5 year old umberalla cockatoo with extra large cage he talks and is tame he like to have someone around all the time. Baton Rouge, LA no shipping local only sorry asking 500 for him and cage. Email:

    1PR of 2 year old white bellied caiques. $1700.00 for pr. Will drop off if close to Ft Lauderdale area. Price is firm. Will ship within the USA. Price includes cage. Email: Southwest Ranches, FL.

Hand fed Cockatiels
    2 cinnamon pearl babies ready now. 1 Lutino baby being hand fed and 1 yellow cheek pearl baby being hand fed now. All 4 are very sweet birds!!! Health guaranteed!!! Email: Lenoir, NC.

Breeders and Babies for sale
    I have all kinds of babies for sale most are not weaned yet but will hold with a deposit until they are ready to go. I have almost any type of Macaw, Cockatoo, some Amazons, lots of Lories & Conures too many to list you will just have to let me know what your looking for. Also have a male GW macaw 4.5yrs old & Male U-2 5 yrs old Email: Columbus, NE.

Selling Out
    I have 2 young handfed greenwings 2yr and 3yr old in 64X32 cages. I have 2 sunconures male and female 3yrs old, same clutch. All birds were handfed. I have 2 playstands, acrylic carrier, one extra large cage, 2 triple stacker cages. Over $7000 invested will sacrafice for $3000 or B.O. I don't have the time they deserve. Belpre, OH. [Email Jon in OH].

Green Cheek Crimsom Bellied Conures
    Beautiful hand raised crimson bellied conures. 8 weeks old and very sweet. Ready for a new home. Wonderful pet. $300 Joyce 301-643-0015 southern maryland Laplata, MD. [Email Joyce in MD].

2 Cockatoo's
    a pair of cockatoo's for sale 250.00 each these birds have been together for 35 years must stay together owner died of cancer. they are great pets, but also have had several offspring. they need a good home where they can get the attention they deserve. i live in huntington beach 714 206 5757 Huntington Beach, CA. [Email Brantley in CA].

Two male cockatiels for sale
    I am interested in finding a loving home for two male cockatiels (can be sold separately or together. $50 each, one white-faced grey, one lutino. Only responsible pet owners need call. Both birds will be sold only to those interested in providing good, forever homes. Email: Charleston, WV.

11 Wk Red Lored Amazons
    I have 3 beautiful red lored amazons available. I am not a breeder. The birds are starting to eat / drink on their own, but are still excepting food from the parents; hand feeding could still be a short term option. Highlandville, MO. [Email Sarah in MO].

Sweet Cockatiel Pair
    Healthy & happy pied Cockatiel pair approximatel 10 yrs old with cage. Friendly & good singers. They spend 1/2 yr outside. Also have pair of black masked lovebirds with matching cage. Downsizing & moving. Dacula, GA local pickup only email: or call 770-338-1401 Dacula, Georiga. [Email Diane in Georiga].

Healthy black masked love bird pair
    4 year old pair with cage. Friendly & good singers, they spend 1/2 yr outside. Also have pair of white cockatiels in matching cage. Downsizing and moving. Dacula, GA local pickup only email: or call 770-338-1401 [Email Diane in GA].

Cockatiel Breeders, Amazon, Alexandrine, Moustache
    I have 28 Pearl/Pied Cockatiels for sale I have 26 Wjite Faced Pearl/ Pied Cockatiels For Sale 1 Proven Male Moustache Parakeet 5 years, 1 Blue Front Amazon, 1 Male Alexandrian, Email: Chicago Heights, IL.

Lady Gouldian Finches
    Lady Gouldian Finches normals and Yellows $50 Silvers and Blues $100 Pastel $150 Sergio (786)326-7698 Email: Miami, FL.

Hand held Cockatiels for sale
    I have Cockatiel baby (4months) birds that I am selling. They are hand held, and will let you feed them as well. They are very well taken care of and you get to pick which one you want. I only ask that they are taken as good of care of as they are now. Babies are selling for 75.00 dollars. If interested call 910-233-5374 Email: Shallotte, NC.

Parrotlet Mutations Young breeders
    Lutino Albino Tuquoise pied Fallow Blue Yellow Pid Green Pied Blue pieds Pastels Dou email for details Taylors, SC. [Email Alex in SC].

Male breeders for sale
    One - Male Scarlet Macaw - $500 One - Male B&G Macaw - $350 One - Male African Grey -$450 Plus shipping and crate. Buy all three for $1200 and shipping and crate are free. All in perfect Feather. DNA certs for all three. May be interested in trades to make pairs. Cages included if picked up Bay Area, CA. [Email Doug in CA].

Congo African Greys/Macaws Babies
    Currently handfeeding 3 weeks old Congo African Grey babies & 5 week old Blue and Gold Macaw babies. Taking nonrefundable deposit to hold until weaned. No shipping. Pictures upon request. Katy, TX. [Email Betty in TX].

Handfed Cockatiels
    1 month old handfed Cockatiels. Very lovable. Serious inquiries only. $75 each. 3 babies available. Email: Rosharon, TX.

come see our baby SI Eclectus and Congo Greys
    We are a very small breeder of babies, our babies are raised as if we would keep each one of them, they are flight suit conditioned and spend every minute we are home with us exploring and running around. They are socialised with kids, dogs and multiple adults, come see us at Email: Milwaukee, WI.

------ Classified Ads 07/26/09 - 07/31/09 Posted 08/13------

Doves For Sale
    3 ringneck doves for sale! 1 is solid white and about 4-5 weeks old and is ready to go now!! the other 2 are a heather grayish color and are about 3-4 weeks old. ready to go now e-mail me and i'll e-mail back with pictures of the birds you're interested in Email: Spotsylvania, VA.

Green Cheek Conures
    Four baby Green Conures for sale. They are just weaning. There are two normals, one cinnamon and one pineapple. These guys are little clowns. Located by Iowa City North Liberty, IA. [Email Helen in IA].

Baby hahns macaws
    Beautiful babies, 8 available with 5 still on 3 feedings per day. Shipping available from South Florida at buyers expense. Well socialized, loveable babies. $595. Please call 561-213-5572 for information. All step up some talking. Email: Boca Raton, FL.

Cockatiel Breeders for sell in Ga
    Cockatiel male Breeders must sell $15.00 each or make offer. Located in Martin, GA. No shipping. Must pick up. 706-969-0901 Email:

African Grey Parrots
    Owning and taming and African Grey parrot. I have two cute and adorable African Grey parrots ready to meet new families. They are very good in identifying letters of the English Alphabet and can repeat word Contact E-mail: ( ) for more information and pictures Oxnard, CA.

Hand Fed Baby Birds
    A Parrot's Cove has lots of hand fed baby parrots available including: Macaws, Congo's, Cockatoos, Eclectus and more. These birds are super sweet, health guaranteed all birds come with a warranty and lay away is available. For more information and information and directions please call 281-469-5455 or email us at Houston, TX.

Breeder Selling Out In Ft Lauderdale Area
    PLEASE EMAIL for complete list for sale. Conures, Amazons, Greys, Cockatoos, Parrotlets, Queen of Bavarias, Caiques, Senegals, Meyers ..... Proven pairs and singles .... ALL MUST GO ASAP Will Ship at Buyers Expense or PU in Ft. Lauderdale area CALL 954/609-5775 Email: Pompano Beach, FL.

Handfed Baby Cockatiels for Sale
    We have about 12 cockatiels that have been weaned out and ready for a new home. We have Cinnamons, Pieds, Pearls, Lutinos, PearlPieds, & a couple of SL Yellow Cheeks. Ages range from 3-6 months. Great for Pets or Breeders. Prices from $40-$100. Will Ship thru Delta PetsFirst. Located in the Ft.Bragg/Fayetteville area of NC. Linden, NC. [Email Angie & Dwayne Pittman in NC].

Galerita Cockatoo pair
    Beautiful feathers. Male talks and loves to dance if you sing to him. Price for the pair is $3,000.00. Will ship at buyers expense. I am in Cleveland, TN Phone # 423-284-7703. Thank you so much. [Email Lorene in TN].

Yellow Nape babies
    For sale 2 weaned Yellow Nape babies. Located in southern WV, no shipping. $500.00 each. Beckley, WV. [Email Carol in WV].

Must Sell Moving
    umbrella cockatoo 375 cherry head 200 blue crown 175 pantagonia 125 must sell moving in august Email: Largo, FL.

Babies,babies and more babies
    umbrella cockatoo's, blue/gold macaws, scarlet macaws, hahn's macaws, severe macaw, alex's, hawkhead parrot, b/f amazon's, rainbow lories, b/h caiques, h/f keets red bellied parrots and more. some supplies available. Venice, FL. [Email Donna in FL].

Congo Grey for sell
    Hand Fed very sweet and loving. Raised with other family pets. NO shipping. Taking deposits. $900.00 Located in Martin, GA. Email:

Still Being Hand Fed
    umbrella cockatoos--sun conures--green cheek conures--quakers--cockatiels--love birds canary wings----will not ship----florida only-----ages vary- Email: Newport Richey, FL.

Pr of Blue Quakers and African Grey Male
    Blue Quakers S/S......Laid eggs in the food bowl.......Must sell due to illness and and moving....$600.00---------African Grey Male 10 yrs. No longer tame. Needs a mate.....$500.00......352-347-2257 or E-Mail Ocala Area, FL. [Email G.Shapiro in FL].

Caquie for sale
    1 yr old caquie very sweet and playful for sale $1200. Must sell because I am moving price is firm thanks Wilson, NC. [Email Barrett in NC].

Goffin cockatoo
    Beautiful ten year old goffin loves to snuggle and dance has good vocabulary. Email: Englewood, CO.

Sun Conyer
    Beautiful 2 yr old male. Very sweet and hand trained. Moving must sell. $350.00 Call Dan@702 635-2291 Email: Las Vegas, NV.

Free Pigeons
    family of 7 pigeons parents and 5 grown babies between 3 mo. and 1 yr. old. They are living in cages. Need to find someone willing to take them and care for them. Can include some cages. They are living outside.Pittsfield, MAss. Email:

Blue and Gold, male 1 year old
    Sweet blue and gold male for sale. 1 year old with beautiful cage and toys. starting to talk. Very loving, but strong minded, so must go to an experienced bird home. Please call for photos and more info. $900 Email: Orlando, FL.

For Sale! Baby Blue Front Amazons!
    For Sale! Baby Blue Front Amazons! To experienced handfeeders only! $425 each CASH or will make deal if you take both. As the birds get older the price goes up! Will meet within reasonable distance for delivery. NO SHIPPING. Martinsville, IN. [Email Mel in IN].

Macaws, Congo Grays, Amazon Babies
    Handfeeding and taking deposits on Congo Grays, Amazons, Macaw Babies, free sexing and vet checked, raised with lots of Love and Children, references available, 301-743-7357 Indian Head, MD. [Email Linda in MD].

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