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Healthy, Handfed, Pampered Baby Birds! We specialize in Amazons, Cockatoos, African Greys and Poicephalus. All babies are well socialized, abundance weaned and come with a health guarantee. Some parent raised birds available for breeder stock.

Umbrella and Moluccan Cockatoos. Congo African Greys. Amazons: Blue Fronts, Double Yellow Heads, Yellow Napes, Lilac Crowns, Mexican Red Heads and Orange Wings. Poicephalus: Senegals, Meyers and Jardines.

A MAP certified aviary. We ship weaned babies from Albuquerque, NM. Contact Kelly. Visit our website, call (999)-555-5270 or E-mail

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Carol Highfill
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Example: Macaws: blue&gold, severe, hahns, green wing, Amazons: double yellow, Cockatoos: bareyed, moluccan, Africans: greys, Parakeets: quakers, Lories, Cockatiels, Finches

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