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Looking for pet parrots or exotic birds - as pets or for breeding?
From budgies to cockatiels, cockatoos or macaws, you'll find it here!

Search for birds 4 sale based upon your criteria. Sources include
over 1500 breeders plus pet stores and classified ads

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It's simple, it's easy, it's quick and it's fun!

Enter any combination of the following in your search: (See samples below)
  • Name - of breeder, store or advertisor on the NET
  • Species or subspecies - examples: macaw, umbrella, amazon, african grey, pied
  • Type of source - breeder, or store or classifieds
  • State - spelled out or Area code - include parenthesis example: (201)
  • Age and type of birds wanted - examples: babies, breeding, adult
  • Only Breeders who ship - ships
Enter Keywords for Search:
Find items containing: keywords
    Sample searches:
  • All moluccan cockatoo sources - moluccan
  • Sources who ship birds - ships
  • Any source which has an older pet bird for sale - adult
  • Classified ads in California - classifieds california
  • Sources in area code 201 who sell indian ringnecks - (201) indian ringneck
  • Sources with macaw breeder birds for sale - macaw breeding
  • Finch or lori sources - finch lori - Then change Find items from ALL to ANY
  • Texas or Louisiana or Arizona sources - texas louisiana arizona - Then change Find items from ALL to ANY
We include parrots & exotic birds, finches, budgies, conures, amazons,
african greys, cockatoos, macaws, lovebirds, parakeets,
lories, cockatiels, eclectus, parrotlets, etc.

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